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Author Topic: Start HERE: Information/Rules -- MUST READ  (Read 1962 times)
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Khiera Meneris
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Human, Hjoria

« on: November 17, 2003, 10:30:22 PM »

Plot & Background


The year is 830 b.S. in the Kyranian Kingdom. Seven years ago, the only daughter of King Aprag, Princess Nalaere, wandered into the Shivering Woods and has never been seen again since.

Ever since the disappearance of Princess Nalaere, ill fortune and strange happenings have plagued the kingdom – mysterious diseases, missing children, strange weather … and the people of Kyrania believe the King to be gradually descending into madness. Over the years the people of Kyrania have speculated on the reason behind the mysterious disappearance of the princess. Some take it to be a sure and final sign of the fulfillment of Arvins’ curse on the Kyranian Kingdom. Others believe it to be the sinister work of the souls of the Silver Hand. There are also those who insist that it must be the Tsváen’mol’khár dark elves in the Shivering Woods that have brought harm to the Princess, while others swear it to be part of an evil plot hatched from outsiders to bring the downfall of the Kyranian Kingdom. Nobody really knows. Rumours are all abound, and depending on who you talk to and what their motives are, you will be told different things.

The royal family believes the disappearance of Nalaere to be a challenge from Arvins, that if they manage to find Nalaere before the curse of Arvins is fulfilled, then the Kyranian Kingdom will be safe once more and the curse will be lifted. Over the years, the royal family has offered rewards of untold riches and also an heirloom magical artifact (rumour has it that it blesses the owner with deity-like constitution) to whoever who may be able to solve the mystery of Nalaere’s disappearance and defy Arvins prophecy of the Kyranian Kingdom’s eventual doom. As the years went by, many have come and go, some have never re-emerged from the Shivering Woods, few have been able to last long enough to even scratch the surface of the mystery, and none have ever succeeded. Still, the royal family harbours hope that Nalaere is still alive, held captive by Arvins or servants of Arvins somewhere within the Shivering Woods.

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Khiera Meneris
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Human, Hjoria

« Reply #1 on: November 17, 2003, 10:41:22 PM »


Below is the map for the various locations where the story will be taking place. I apologize for the blurriness of the map.

The big red "dot" is the small village of Eresh, a fictional village that i have created for the purpose of this game since the two nearest cities (Caelum and Horth) are quite far away from the Shivering Woods. All players start out in the tavern in Eresh, as the nearest cities are 3-4 days journey away. You start out by stating that you have finally arrived at Erest after journeying from <insert location of choice here> and i would assume that the PC would like some food and rest after so many days of travelling ;)  

Locations within Eresh are:
a. The Regal Rusik Tavern and Lodge
b. The Village Centre
c. Sir Olpeg's Abode

The village is small, perhaps only about 200 residents, so the above locations are not represented on the map.

The numbered locations on the map are as follows:

1. Abandoned Outpost
2. Main Encampment
3. Dorrum's Outpost
4. The Shack of Kestrel the Crazed
5. Whistle Brook Clearing
6. Ring of Stones

Distances between locations: Tentatively i'll just say that it takes about half or day or so to travel between each of the "dots" on the map. If problems arise, then i will make further clarifications.

New locations may appear, depending on what the players do or say, and what they uncover ;)  

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Khiera Meneris
Troubled Wanderer
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Human, Hjoria

« Reply #2 on: November 17, 2003, 10:46:22 PM »


1. Joining :

>> This story will be continuously accepting PCs, until either the mystery has been solved, or is very close to being solved.

>> To join, please first post your CD in the Character Descriptions thread, and then wait for approval in the OOC thread. >>> Edited on 9/12/03 to add : There are currently a couple of openings for suitable characters, preferably either a male human non-magic user, or a female elf non-magic user.This story is moving at a relatively steady and fast pace though, so please make sure you can post at least once every other day before posting your CD for approval. Thank you very much!

>> Please note that this game is based on a time that is centuries ago, when the Kyranian Kingdom still existed. You may use your usual character to join and not have to create a special character. As long as your CD doesn’t have any specific Santharian details to it (Santharia didn’t exist back then), it’s ok, and even so, slight tweaks can always be made to the CD for the purpose of this game ;-)

2. In this story, your objective would be to try to get to the bottom of the mystery behind the disappearance of Princess Nalaere. There are many ways to go about doing that, places to explore, people to talk to etc. However, there is no right or wrong way to go about trying to solve the mystery. If you stumble around all the way you might even stumble your way to the answer of the mystery ;-) The game will revolve around you as the PC, and depending on what you say or do, you may either get closer to solving the mystery, or get side-tracked into the various mini sub-plots and sub-quests that will be tailored specifically for your PC.

3. Posting :

>> If you are playing as an individual PC solving the mystery by yourself, I ask that you post every other day. If you have teamed up with other PCs within the story, I ask that you post once a day. If you are going to be away from posting, please post in the OOC thread and notify the mods and the other PCs. If others are kept waiting for you for an unreasonable amount of time to try to get the story moving, I will take the liberty of controlling your PC as an NPC until you return if the need arises.

>> Please only move to a different thread (eg. from Main Encampment to Shivering Woods) when directed to from one of the mods in bold gold text.

>> Please strive to take into account the various actions, speech and other details of the PCs, NPCs and environment all around you when you post – details in the post makes it enjoyable and adds depth to the story and your character.

4. NPCs :

All named NPCs play an integral role in the plot, and thus can only be controlled by the mod. Unnamed NPCs (eg. “the man”, “the two elves”) gives you a little leeway, and during battle – for all you battle-crazed PCs out there – unnamed NPCs are thus dispensable ;)        

5. Background :

I recommend that you read up on the Kyranians and their history, and any other related entries on the main site (such as the Shivering Woods). This will greatly enhance gameplay for you. However, it is not a requirement :)      

6. And one more important thing, if you find yourself getting increasingly bored or uncomfortable with the story, then obviously something is not right. Please do not hesitate to contact me or one of the other mods to discuss how we can make the story work for YOU. This game is meant to be focused on the player, YOU. That means you are not being “dragged along” in relation to a main character or a main plot/quest that must be completed. You control what happens in the story in relation to your PC. How much you get out of the story and RPing equals how much you put in. You don’t have to be super-experienced, you just have to want to really get into your character and have fun! :)      

That’s all! Good luck with the mystery! :devilish      

Any questions, please don't hesitate to post and ask in the OOC thread!  

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