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Author Topic: Character Descriptions  (Read 6691 times)
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Khiera Meneris
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Human, Hjoria

« on: November 17, 2003, 10:56:22 PM »

Please post your character description here, minus the history section.

At the beginning of your CD, please post your contact info (email, ICQ etc.), and at the end of your CD, if you want, you can choose to leave some notes for me regarding your style of RP, developments that you would like to see for your character in the game etc. For example, you can let me know if you are an RPer that likes long dialouges and interactions/lots of place exploring/lots of action etc. Miniplots and subquests will be tailored accordingly to your character ;)  

Please note that my character, Khiera, is not in play in this game.

All in all, your post should look something like this:

<your contact info>
<your CD minus the history section>
<notes you want to leave for me (optional)>

If everything is in order and your character will fit nicely, you should be approved shortly in the OOC forum and can start posting at The Regal Rusik Tavern and Lodge Thread.

The best way to contact me is through e-mail. Feel free to email me at maylissa@fastmail.fm if there's anything that you would like to discuss about the game/story -- suggestions, constructive criticism, requests, announcements or any questions that you would like to ask but do not feel comfortable asking in the OOC thread. I usually respond to email within a day unless i am sleeping for the night or so exceptionally busy that i can't even turn on my computer ;)  

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Kalína Dalá'isyrás
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High Elf, Kaýrrhem

« Reply #1 on: November 18, 2003, 05:11:22 AM »

(Khiera...you know how to contact me but I shall posty here anyways...)
Email: god_is_love15@hotmail.com, Sunnysideup115@yahoo.com, Elves_Live_On@seatofkings.zzn.com

Aim: Sunnysideup115
Yahoo: KalinaMerenwen
Msn: Kalina

Name: Kalina Merenwen

Gender: Female

Age: 63 years

Race: Wood Elf

Tribe: Mélad'rhím/Ylfferhim

Title: Singer

Occupation: none really

Appearance: She, like the other elves of her tribe, is tall and graceful. At a height of about 2.2 peds, she is a little shorter than her older brother. Slender is her build and she only weighs about 9 hebs. She is quick-footed and can out run all in her village. When she was younger, she was given the name Vaiwa (wind) because of her swiftness. Only her brother calls her Kalina now.

Long golden tresses flow down the length of her back and are often held back by a single ribbon. Eyes of a deep-sea blue add to the colour of her face. Her skin is of a fair tone and is smooth to the eyes and silky to the touch. High cheekbones and eyebrows give her a regal expression. Her ears are somewhat smaller than most other elves but do not lack in their pointed tip. They are her sharpest of all her senses. She uses them the most for she listens to vibrations and the sound of her harps. Her nose is finely chiselled to complement her delicate splendour.

Clothing: Most often she wears white or very light colours but on certain occasions she wears dark shades. Most are long flowing gowns made of the finest silk. She often wears a broad, brown, leather belt. If no belt then her scabbard’s belt is used. Few of her dresses are old and worn that she used when she was training with her brother to allow her more agility. Several times, she has borrowed a piar of her brothers trousers, though they were much to big for her. She only has two cloaks in her possession. One is made of wool and is of the deepest black and the other, white linen and is used only for special purposes. Both are hooded and have a magnificently crafted silver clasps. Rarely do you find anything on her feet but when you do it is either a soft leather boot or sandal. A necklace of white gold hangs from her neck. It is shaped as a vine and has a sapphire like stone hanging from the centre. Twenty diamonds are strategically placed throughout the vine. A ring of a similar design is on the middle finger of her left hand. Ten diamonds are inlaid in its vine.

- An eight and three stringed harp. The three stringed is a healing harp. Both in leather bags with straps so she can put them over her shoulder
- A wooden lyre
- Her dagger. Steel blade with a silver handle with a sapphire set in the hilt. It was a gift from her father.
- Her sword, Lírias that was given to her by her mother. It is kept in a dark brown leather sheath and is belted around her. She never parts from it. From it she hangs her smaller possessions.
- 1 set of clothing and a wool blanket are kept in a small pack whenever she travels. Her long black cloak, which conceals her face.
- Water and food enough for a couple of days. She often goes on long walks in the forest and is gone for a day or two.
- A small leather purse with 3 gold pieces and 5 silver
- An empty pouch that she places any small items that she would want to study or anything that she finds and wants to keep.

Personality: She is shy and quiet but is extremely independent. Though she prefers solitude and spends most of her time in the garden tending it or walking in wood singing to it when her brother is away, she prefers to do things herself and will do anything to keep it that way. When her brother is around, she is usually quite cheerful and gentle laughs occasionally escape her lips. It is melodic and sweet. Her songs are filled with happiness when he is home. When he is away, they are filled with sadness and often loneliness. When she speaks, her voice has a melodious ring to it
As a singer, there is a magic aura to her voice. Through songs she can heal, cause pain, and many more things. These things are mostly mental or emotional but, on rare occasions, it can be physical. This of course is only the power of a Namer, which she is trying to achieve and will take time to achieve for it takes many years to reach it. She can also rename someone. This is also a power of a ‘namer’ so it also rarely happens. The renaming is not a complex process and it is often done it in poetry form but it can also be just changing someones name.The person she renames will conform to their new name. They do not make any physical change; it is more of a mental change if even that. (Ex. Achmed the Snake. This would most likely be used to make someone feel more ferocious than they really are. All that will most likely occur is that when in extreme cold, his body will slow down as a reptile’s would.)
As a Singer, she cannot lie. If she does, she loses her musical aura. Also as a Singer, she is learning about the history of things and if she concentrates on an object, listening to its vibrations, she can learn its stories. She does not know the history of the worlds, for many do not know themselves. She instead learns about things from the stories they tell; their history through their vibrations She is prescient, but it is not strong or often so it is rarely helpful. As she works up to becoming a “namer”, it will become stronger and more often but for now, it is really nothing. Instead, she has nightmares. They plague her almost every night, not allowing her a peaceful nights rest. She murmurs in her sleep and sometimes has difficulty staying on her bed.
She is extremely close to her older brother, for he is the only family she has. The only weapon that she has come to be quite skilled in, through the steady instruction of her brother, is the dagger though she has some skill with her sword, which she has named Lírias . She spends more time with her music than the weapons.
Since she lacks great physical strength, she has learned how to be clever and quick. Using her speed and wits to her advantage. The dagger is her main weapon, but she is steadily learning swordplay though she has found it difficult to remain on her feet when practicing with her brother.

- Children; she has always had a soft heart for them. It is not uncommon for her to take in a child and care for it. It brings her comfort to know that she was able to bring a smile to the child’s face again. Though her brother warned her about letting it get too out of hand, she ignored him of rare occasions and has suffered the consequences of it.
- Not physically strong. She has some physical strength that has been built up by swordplay and running but it is not great. She is built much as her mother was, tall and slim. Though it gives her a fragile look, do not make the mistake of preying on her because of her size. Much as her father was, she is very quick with her feet. Through her trianing with her brother, she becoming swifter with her hands and more agile with her body.
- She cannot lie. This is the singer’s downfall. If they lie, they lose all their power and cannot regain it again. Their voice loses its musical aura.

- Power as a Singer; this is her main strength though she is still learning. She is still studying to become a Namer. (Will explain below)
- Speed with her dagger. Her hands move swiftly and effortlessly. Though the dagger is small, she has made her deadly weapon.
- She is also a good runner. It has helped her become fairly agile while fighting.

"...Life is a story that is waiting to be written. It is up to us to make it exciting and unforgetable..." - Shara


Insanity is only a perception made by those who have yet to attain its greatness. While those of us who have already stepped inside its bounds find bliss in our utter madness.
Nai'r en'Lina ar'Kaimel
Glayron Miraewan
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« Reply #2 on: November 18, 2003, 04:39:22 AM »

Contact Info:
Please send me a ezmail

Race ~ Human

Tribe ~ Eyelian

Age ~ 35

Appearance ~
Glayron has deep dark black eyes, a trait of his people. His eyes seem to pierce through ones soul when Glayron feels they have offended him greatly. His hair is a midnight black. His hair runs down his back reaching his lower back. His skin is a dark brown tan.

He wears only a very light white shirt and light black pants. These are very light loose clothing as they make it feel like he is still wearing very little clothes at all. He has no need for armor as he calls the animals about him in his defense.

Personality ~
Glayron has a deep love and care for any creature of Sorren. He calls them all his creatures. This trait of himself leads to explain other traits, mainly his hatred for anyone who wishes harm to a creature. It has been accounted many times where he killed a man for hunting carelessly or abusing a creature of Sorren. But Glayron understand that in order to survive one must hunt, he hunts himself, but he only kills only what he can consume and use.

Glayron will approach anyone with a open hand. As long as he doesn't hear anything bad of that person that person has not wronged him thus can become a trusted friend.

Weaknesses ~
~ can't use magic
~ doesn't have any armor
~ doesn't wield weapons made of mostly metal as he feels they are not pure
~ Doesn't fair well in the cold. He tries to avoid it if possible

Strengths ~
~ He can speak to any creature of Sorren
~ He is trained well in combat with his staff and in hand to hand combat
~ He has excellent reflexes which he developed playing with various creatures of Sorren

Possessions ~
~ staff handed down to him by his father
~ bow made of a rich dark red wood
~ spear used for hunting when needed

Animals/Familiars ~
Glayron can often be seen with different creatures following him.

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« Reply #3 on: November 18, 2003, 02:09:22 PM »

Contact Info:
Email: minaaylwin@hotmail.com
MSN Messenger: minaaylwin@hotmail.com
I'm also on the IRC channel a lot, so you could try that too.  

Name: Mina Aylwin
Gender: Female
Age: 27
Height: 1.68 peds
Weight: 11 heb
Hair: Black
Eyes: Dark Brown
Tribe: Erpheronian
Homeland: Ximax
Race: Human
Class: Wind Mage

Standing at 1.68 peds, and weighing 11 heb, Mina is very slim, but not to the extent that she appears unattractive.  In fact, most would probably consider her quite attractive if not for the seemingly emotionless expression she wears most of the time.  Her straight black hair is very long, extending well past her shoulders, almost reaching her waist.  Her fair skin is smooth and flawless, with no evidence of scars or piercings.  Most of the time, she wears a plain black robe, secured at the waist with a belt, on which lies a dagger, and several pouches containing spell reagents.  When travelling, she usually also wears a xazure cloak which covers most of her body.  

Mina had always been rather introverted, preferring to keep to herself.  While she has often mixed with others during her time in the Academy, she tends to remain to one side while the others interacted, as she often feels awkward in such situations.  This results in her having few friends, though her acquaintences are many.  Another result of her introversion is that she is unsure of how to express her feelings, and thus often keeps them to herself, giving others the impression that she is mostly emotionless.  

Mina is also a curious person, and loves learning new things.  This is the chief reason she is so interested in reading, and is also mostly responsible for her decision to leave Ximax.  Mina reads widely, and is thus knowledgable about many things, though her knowledge often lacks the depth that enthusiast's or expert's would have.  

Mina dislikes making decisions quickly, feeling that such haste often leads to poor decisions.  A logical person, she prefers to think things through, and, if possible, get the exact facts before deciding on anything, rather than relying on instinct or intuition.  Thus, she is sometimes seen as being indecisive, although this is in fact more of caution than indecisiveness.  

Mina is an elemental mage specialising in wind magic.  She has reached level 6.  The spells she knows are generally the more practical ones, such as Enlightenment and Telekinesis.  She has also learnt a number of combat spells, so that she may defend herself should the need arise.  Mina is especially fond of Telekinesis, finding it useful in many occasions, and has had enough practice with it that she usually does not require any formulas or reagents to cast it.  

Strengths and Weaknesses:
Mina's main strength is her magic, having reached level 6 in the element of wind.  However, she has no experience with the other elements, despite her father being a water mage.  This is because her parents would rather she receive formal training at the Academy, and thus never taught her privately.  

Mina is also very well read.  She is thus more knowledgable than most people in numerous subjects.  Unfortunately, her knowledge on most things is also limited to what she can learn from reading alone, as she has seldom had actual experience with what she has read about.  

All this reading however, has taken a toll on her vision, and she is starting to become nearsighted.  While she has no trouble seeing things, she is often unable to make out the smaller details on anything more than a few peds away.  Having read about numerous terrifying diseases, she is also fearful of getting too close to anything and anyone who appears unclean, for fear of contracting one of these diseases herself.  

Mina is also physically weak, having lead a relatively confortable life, which seldom required her to exert herself physically.  In fact, this is one reason she finds telekinesis a most useful spell.  While she cannot lift much more than what she can usually carry with her own hands, using the spell certainly takes less effort.  

Mina is also often slow to make decisions, preferring to carefully consider the advantages and disadvantages of each choice, so that she may pick the best one.  Of course, she doesn't always do this, especially in very urgent situations, such as when a bandit comes charging at her.  

Having no experience with the outside world, Mina can be a little naive.  While she is certainly not stupid, she not always on her guard against trickery, and could be easily fooled by appearances.  Well-dressed and respectable-looking people generally give her a good first impression, and she is more likely to trust their words than that of one with a less decent appearance.  

-a change of clothes, identical to what she is wearing
-a xazure cloak
-several pouches containing spell reagents
-a dagger
-some food and money
-a small bag to keep things in

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New Santharian

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« Reply #4 on: November 19, 2003, 06:24:22 PM »

Contact Info:
I only have a wee little yahoo: soon_jcoming@yahoo.com, I am working on hotmail...

Evelaria "Eve" Madoo





Eve is an expert chef and even opened her own culinary school, but that is not her occupation. She is a almost like a berserker, fighting ruthlessly whenever she calls upon the God of Chaos.

Chaos Bringer

Character Portrait


Detailed Description

Overview (optional)
Eve, she is a natural beauty which is not that rare in this world. When she gets upset she can call upon the Mullog God of Chaos and her mental stability will be replaced witha need for killing and fighting. She has the heart and soul of a mother and the mind and spirit of a warrior. Plus, she is a great chef!!

Physical Appearance
Eve is brown skinned with black hair and brown eyes. She are small in height, about 1.5 peds tall. She is slim, very strong and quite intelligent. Her hair is often braided and decorated with many Mullog beads. Eve is not robust, but she does have a beautiful physique. She loves the way she looks and wouldn't change it for the world. She will often wear dark coloring on her face when she knows that she is going into battle.

Eve's clothing is greatly influenced by the Mullog culture. She generally wears very little, and what she does wear is loose and flowing. She hardly wears dresses, usually putting on pants, or short skirts with short tops without sleeves. She will wear light leather armor on her arms, legs, and chest. She always has a necklace with a simple male human to represent the God of Chaos.

Eve is kind and compassionate, but she fights viciously for what she believes in. She has tried to keep a vow that she made many years ago, which said that she would never kill another being, but that vow has been broken many times. She is often a person that will get in your face if you disrespect her, but for the most part she is often seen as calm and serene. She loves to listen to old famous music but will often be found listening to any new song that the Mullogs can come up with. She is very sharp witted, and will use this wit to get out of a situation if she needs to. She can use her uncomparable beauty to get what she wants but she often prefers to use diplomatic solutions to problems. Eve enjoys the beauty that nature can wield and her personality matches nature perfectly.

While Eve does worship such a vicious god, she does not worship everything that he stands for. Her worship is focused mainly on aiding her in battle, she does not believe that treachery is a good thing. But she does have a bit of hate built up in her. Her hate is mostly for other Eyelians, as it is their fault that her family was exiled.

Eve is extremely claustrophobic. This comes from when she was playing in a river in the Silvermarshes and a landslide occured. She was trapped in the thick mud for an hour, and luckily it didn't cover her mouth, nose and eyes, but everything else was swallowed by the mud. She thought that she would eventually sink into the mud and suffocate. She never tries to get too close to people (physicaly), but she will if it has to do with a battle.

Strengths and Weaknesses

a) Strengths
Eve was raised in the Silvermarshes the home of the Mullog tribe. She was taught to be tough, never giving up and has gained many physical attributes that the Mullogs possess. For example, Eve possesses incredible speed and agility. She has developed a very good constitution from living in such extreme environments, and she almost never gets ill and her body is very resistant to many poisons.

b) Weaknesses
Eve's mind is often unstable, especially during battle. Unstable in this case means that she becomes obsessed with the thought of a battle and rushes blindly into it, highly overestimating her skills and underestimating the skills of her opponent.

Another weakness is that she is claustrophobic. Very claustrophobic, she does not like to be in tight spaces or crowded spaces, they make her nervous and she will fight until she gets into open air. That is why she loved the Silvermarshes, they gave her the space she needed.

Because Eve is an Eyelian it is natural that she is going to be strong, but because of the fact that she has trained only her speed, flexibility, and agility her strength is quite lacking compared to other Eyelians.

See Familiars as far as animals go. Weapon-wise, Eve fights only with two silver axes, that were given to her by Urgoth on her 15th birthday. Her main weapon is her prowess and her rage on the battlefield. While not fighting she seems calm and serene but in battle she is the opposite!

Double-axes (2)
Black Cloaks (2)
Light Leather Body Armor
Large bag
Cleaning supplies
Cooking supplies
Horse "chow"
Blankets (2)
Candles (5)
Water Jug
A Meldarfizz Jug (equivalent of lemon juice)
Some Food- (borrowed from Bard Judy's receipts)
2 goodly size Taenish, plucked and cleaned
1 dipper of Milchbutter
1 dipper of Milch (milk)
2 Weeproot, the size of a man’s fist is best
2 Apples
1 scup of dried Wingecherries
1 scup of dried Bardavos Grapes
1 loaf of any bread and if it be dry or stale so much the better!
Dried sage, thyme, and other herbs to add taste
5-10 goodly-sized carroots
1 quill of Cinnabark
1 pinch Foridite
½ Weeproot
A small piece of Krrahghi branch
1 ladle fresh-cracked Peppercorns

Familiars (optional)
Any animal that she comes in contact with can become her familiar. This is because she has the natural ability to speak to animals, and thus many of them will become her friends. All Eyelians have this ability, whether they are of good nature or tend to commit evil crimes. She can also use the animals as weapons as mentioned before. If she is ever in danger while in a forest or desert she can cry out to the animals in her vicinity and they will come and aid her. Not all animals respond to her call, it depends upon her mood. If she is feeling mischevious and evil, the darker natured animals will come, but if she feels pleasant and giddy the smaller, nice animals will come. If she feels strong and powerful then the mighty beasts will come to her aid.

Ryldor Gadriel
Miscreant Mage
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Gender: Male
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« Reply #5 on: November 21, 2003, 03:21:22 AM »

Contact info: nycroger1972@yahoo.com. I also have AIM (SN: RGSPHD) but unless you're on my buddy list, I won't see you, so please e-mail me first if that's your preference

Name: Ryldor Gadriel

Gender: Male

Race: Elf

Tribe: Quaelhoirhim

Title: Miscreant Mage

Age: 170

Possessions: Ryldor routinely carries various thieves’ tools and reagents for the spells he knows. His clothing is specially made to provide hidden storage, including false heels on his boots. His bright jackets/vests have black on the underside and flipping them over can dramatically alter his appearance. Bands worn on his forearms, under his jacket, hold an extra pair of lock picks and a small blade.

Appearance: To most, Ryldor seems quite the extravagant figure. Seldom does he enter a room without everyone knowing it. “I’m here. Let the fun begin,” is a common opening statement whenever arriving somewhere. Typically clad in a brightly colored jacket or vest and full of exaggerated motions, the eye is naturally drawn to him. At 5.9 fore, Ryldor is a little below average for his tribe, but still taller than the average human. Weighing only 1.4 pygge, his slight frame is typical Quaelhoirhim elf. Unlike others from his tribe, his long black hair is almost always tied in a ponytail, usually with a cloth that matches his attire. His big blue eyes stand out against his golden skin and have melted many females. A short sword hangs on his belt in an ornate scabbard. Ryldor often talks about his skill as a swordsman, but anyone who’s ever seen him draw it or the poor condition of the blade doubts his claim. Boasts of skill as a merchant are also common from Ryldor.

The Ryldor one would see on a job is quite different from his usual image. Blacks and dark grays or browns replace the bright colors. A layer of padded armor is worn under his dark clothing providing some protection, but also helps disguise him, making him appear heavier. A sturdy knife for cutting and prying replaces the short sword, while a dagger is added to the other side. Pouches containing various reagents are also added to the belt.

Occupation: Ryldor generally holds himself out as a merchant, but his reputation as one is not very good. Often times, he will engage in a business endeavors to lend credibility to his cover, but those he deals with, usually find him to be ineffectual. He points to “interests abroad” to explain his livelihood.

Magic: As a former student of Ximax, Ryldor has attained a level 5 casting ability in Wind magic (not sure if I phrased this correctly)

Strengths: Ryldor is an accomplished thief and gatherer of information. As a former student of the Ximax Academy, Ryldor has some aptitude with Wind magic, which he uses mostly to help him in his thievery. Ryldor is very dexterous and has decent stamina, mostly from having to wait for opportunities in odd places.

Weaknesses: Ryldor has no aptitude with weapons, save for his dagger and even then barely. His non-rigorous lifestyle has led to a certain amount of atrophy and Ryldor is physically weaker than most. Ryldor doesn’t put a lot of forethought into most matters, which gets him into trouble, as does the overzealous way he tries to please women.

Personality: Ryldor is a mischievous, capricious scoundrel. He takes little seriously, except for his thieving, and rarely thinks about the consequences of his actions. Wine, women and song would fill his days if he had his way (and could afford it). Practical jokes are common. A true extrovert, Ryldor is friendly virtually everyone until they give him reason not to be. Women have a special place in his heart and he goes to great lengths to try and please them. It’s not always reciprocated, as women tend to find him either charming or condescending.

Getting into places he doesn’t belong gives Ryldor great joy and he has, on occasion, broken in somewhere and not stolen anything. He tries to limit his thieving to those he feels deserve it, either for wrongs committed against him personally or against society in general.

Animals: Probably Ryldor’s most important purchase was a well-trained Rusik named Shadow. One of the darker of his breed, Shadow is Ryldor’s constant companion and mode of transportation. A matte black leather riding saddle and black blanket, along with some soot to darken the lighter hooves help hide the horse and rider at night. Matching saddlebags provide storage.  

Edited by: Ryldor Gadriel at: 11/20/03 19:31

It is not enough to conquer; one must learn to seduce.  ~  Voltaire
Oh dearest Ryldor, dust thou know thy charm?; The clever smile soft upon thy face; Seem like a promise for to do no harm; Whilst I, enjoying thy tender grace; Should gaze in admiration at thy eyes; As azure as where highest heaven lay; Reflections of the clearest, truest skies; They seem to melt my very heart away!; And if thy lovely words were not as true; As thine eyes blue, still I'd believe thy claim; Of magedom. Magic turned a rosy hue; My cheeks. A spell thou cast upon this dame!; Thou art a most capricious scoundrel, yet; The sweetest gentlemen I've ever met.; ~ Rayne Avalotus
Kissing Captain
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« Reply #6 on: November 22, 2003, 11:06:22 AM »

MSN: shareed121@hotmail.com
AIM: BazelBroketail
Yahoo: Aramil_Galanodel
e-mail: Shareed@rangers.silverwolf-den.com
Kiushapo Avi Stetto
Name: Kiushapo Avi Stetto
Age: 285
Race: Wood Elf
Height: 2 peds
Appearance: Kiushapo has long sun-bleached blond hair usually left to fly in the wind. His skin is fair, and his hands dexterous. He is well muscled, but has a lean appearance. He wears a much battered dark green vest, suitable for hot and mild winter weather and black trousers, trimmed with silver at the waist, also the worse for wear. Around his waist rides his scabbard belt which holds two scabbards, a cutlass and a longsword, both plain to look at. On his feet are calf high black leather boots, well worn. His stride is strong and his steps are bouyant. He seems ready to brace himself against the next wave, despite being on land.
His face is strong, angular and youthful. His expression is one of eternal amusement and his hazel eyes are filled with an internal fire, ready to face any challenge. His smile is always ready and his laugh is not unpleasant to hear.
His only adornments are a pendant hanging from a silver chain on his neck portraying an arrowhead, and silver band around his upper left arm.

Personality: Kiushapo is a jovial elf, but he is also driven. When ever possible he is on the move, still living as a nomad, even though that life is behind him. He is quite sociable, but his incomplete mastery of the Santharian tongue and heavy accent sometimes makes him hard to understand. He has a great sense of humour, and if you let him, he'll talk your ear off with sailor tales and bawdy jokes. He may even throw in a song or two. He has a great appreciation for music, especially slow, haunting tunes. Quite often you can find him playing such a tune upon his flute, lost in thought and a wistful look upon his face. Long experience as a ships captain has given him the ability to sense a trustworthy person, but he is not fool-proof. Once you have befriended him, you can trust Kiushapo, for the most part. He will do no harm to good friends, but he is not above "borrowing" from mere acquaintances. Nothing major, just a few coins here, a horse there. And most likely he will return it if he can. Kiushapo is used to people following his orders and will take charge if you let him. When faced with a situation he does not understand, he will often spit out some philosophic saying, which just as often makes no sense what-so-ever. He is highly suspicious and sees omens and blessings in just about everything.

Longsword, scabbard
Money Pouch

Over a hundred years of longsword and cutlass experience
Over a hundred years of sailing experience
Good flute player
Leadership experience
Nomadic survival skills
Simple pick-pocketing skills (could take some coins from your pouch, but couldn't lift your watch for example)


Simple answers to life's questioning. T'would be greater magic then I have ever been seeing!
Kiushapo's Story

Edited by: Kiushapo at: 11/22/03 3:08

Simple answers to life's questioning. T'would be a greater magic that I have ever been seeing.
New Santharian

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« Reply #7 on: November 23, 2003, 11:04:22 AM »

Contact Details:
ICQ 118480051

Name: Quegon

Race: Human

Tribe: Centoraurian

Age: Unknown thought to be in his 20's

Gender: Male

profession: Assassion

Appearance: Quegon apears to be thin and of a small stature though his eyes are a sky blue, which seem to shimmer with innocence when looked at, his hair is black although small streaks of borwn can be seen at the tips of his hair. Quegons skin once white is now tan due to long days under the sun although the area around his neck is scarred white from an injury earlier in life, he wears a black faded cape and hood that looks to be years older than Quegon himself whilst under the cap Quegon wears a full attire of dark clothing form black to brown.

Quegon is very cunning and spends most of his time surveying his surroundings and never sitting still unless asleep, and even then he sleeps lightly, Quegon is slow to trust people except those who attempt to kill him in which case he will trust that they will sometime in the future attempt to try again. Quegon has a liking for forest areas and can happiliy live in them for great periods of time, on the other hand however he dislikes being in citys too long and will often only stay for a day or two. Elves whatever clan or reputation are all considered as a friend to Quegon and he will always strive to become a friend to anyhow he may happen to cross paths with. Quegon has a dislike of necromancers and will be distrustfull to any.

- Quegon, although very agile and fast, isn't able to take much of a beating
- will react before thinking which can sometimes get him into trouble
- Quegon is very slow to make friends and is only trusting towards elves no matter what their intentions
- will not stay in towns for more than a few days
- Quegon isn't capable of killing a person unless that person has killed someone close to Quegon

- Quegon excels in all form of assassination and stealth/infiltration.
- all forms of swordsmanship and unarmed combat and is also familiar with crossbows, bows and throwing dagges and the like
- Quegon is able to dodge attack with uncanny accuarcy and speed
- knows some forms of healing
- able to react well with dangerous situations
- has endurance, agility and speed

-A black faded cape with a hood sown onto the top of which belonged to his foster father Lomar
-the single sided blade that once belonged to his father as well as its special sling and sheath which allows the owner to wear it on their back
-a small about of throwing daggers
-a pack which he wears at his hip in which he keeps any possesions he may have at the time

Indecision kills so decide a Quick death or a slow one


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Celestial Delmar
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« Reply #8 on: November 26, 2003, 04:05:22 AM »

((Ok...trying again...>.< Sorry I messed up before...))

((E-mail: CassandraChere@aol.com. Or IM me on Cassandra Chere))

Name: Celestial Verdana Delmar

Gender: Female

Age: 140

Race: Elf

Tribe: Coór'hém (Ifer'hém)

Occupation: Mage

Familiar: Raven, 'Argôn'

Title: Flame Caster

*Level: 3
*Element: Fire


Standing at an average two peds and weighing nine hebs and one hafeb* makes Celestial a rather small individual. But that, however, does not take away from the uniqueness of her character. Sharing in the physical characteristics of her tribe, Celestial dawns the unique attributes blessed to her kind. Raven hair with a deep scarlet color flecked through falls easily to her waist, usually held back in assorted styles, but commonly a long braid. A closer look reveals crimson hues that stand out remarkably against her pale ivory skin. Beneath her left eye, carved against her pale cheek lays an intricately tattooed marking that was also adorned by her Father. Her features easily reflect the nature of the flame her tribe grew to worship so completely. Full onyx folds of her cloak billow out about her with each intended step revealing only momentarily the small boots hidden partially by long folds of her dark clothed slacks. Drawn securely over her torso she wears a simple silk bodice, sleeves cut short at her shoulder.


*Longsword: A simple yet unique gift from her Father at a very young age, this longsword has been her treasured weapon since the very beginning. Brandishing a usual blade, the markings etched into the metal itself is what gives it real beauty. In the words of her natural Elvish language, it reads: 'True strength lies within the heart of the wielder, and not the blade from which he wields...' The hilt of this sword, twists in elegant curves up and around the user's fist, decorated with elegant elvish carvings of flames burning brilliantly as they did in the Embertree. Finally, on the end of the hilt lies the familiar marking of Celestial's tribe. An inverted tripointed tear being an exact replica of the symbol from the Ifer'hém Coat of Arms.

*Silver Ring: Upon leaving her home a simple silver ring with her Mother's full name engraved on the inner band was brought with her. It is worn on her right ring finger in her Mother's honor.

-Various warm colored shirts (black preferred), mostly cut at the shoulder leaving arms bare.
-Two pairs of black and beige clothed pants.
-One onyx full length hooded cloak.
-Formal Crimson Gown.

-Two pairs of black traveling boots.
-Black belt worn, holding sheathe for her Sword, as well as a Spell Components pouch, and coin purse.
-Spell Book.
-Small Library of Books based on history of the Fire Element.


Because Celestial left her tribe at a ripe age, she was not taught fully in their ways. Although she holds a bit of shyness to those she's unfamiliar with she does not possess that dislike for them that is often expressed by her brethren. Celestial is a quiet and intensive individual keeping her focus mainly on furthering herself in her art of magic. Being a well-centered entity has given her great concentration and control over her mind and magic. Although she's not outspoken, Celestial tends to be a deep thinker, and very observant.

Strengths and Weaknesses:

Being not only elvish but also female makes Celestial's physical strength greatly lacking against most opponents. However, her small size will give her a bit of a speed advantage against those larger than herself. While magic may be her greatest of skills, she still struggles mentally to control her chaotic element of choice even with all her study and practice. With Celestial's physical weakness comes her disadvantage with a sword. At a very young age, when her training had first begun with swordplay, in an accident while sparring against her Father, Celestial's hand was crushed by his blade and never healed correctly, thus her left hand was crippled and she was never able to hold a sword correctly in that hand again, making her actions in swordplay somewhat hindered as she has fought and trained for many years in effort to overcome this handicap. However, from this experience Celestial became somewhat ambidextrous giving her use of her right hand as well in combat. Although her right hand never became as strong, this new ability would make the use of two weapons much easier on her part.

Memories of the past forgotten for it is in the future I have finally found my peace…

Fluffy Ramblers
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« Reply #9 on: November 28, 2003, 06:49:22 AM »

E-mail: randorn@yandex.ru
ICQ: 62524029

Name: Fluffy Ramblers
Gender: Some are male rats. Some are not.
Age: From 2 to 10 years.
Race: Rats
Tribe: Ximax rats
Occupation: Running, jumping, scratching, gnawing, biting, eating and squeaking.
Title: Rodents

Overview, appearance and personality:

Ramblers are a small group of six rats, except one, Fuzzytail, who is, in fact, a mouse. They… uh… ramble around, and get into places nobody expects to see them. That’s the main job.

Sparky is the leader. He’s big and... ah… long and almost two palmspans from his nose tip to the end of his tail. His fur is black with some white spots, and his eyes are red and glowing in the dark. Sparky is always the first to check rooms or crates for traps. Sometimes getting the cheese cost him a broken tail, but to his great joy, it never cost him a broken neck. In his heart, Sparky is a rebel. He would rather die in a fight with a cat, than flee, rather challenge the cunning beast, than accept its superiority. Luckily for Sparky, his feelings of responsibility for the Ramblers stopped him from doing such foolish things, else he would surely have ended up as breakfast long time ago and would never reach his current age of five years, two month, one week and six days.

Smuggles is Sparky’s girlfriend. Ahem… ratfriend. Mating partner. Whatever. She is white and shapely and has very cute pink paws with thin little fingers. As a true lady, she would tell nobody her age, but from her look you could guess, she is just about as old, as Sparky. Smuggles is a sniffer. Sure, every rat is, but Smuggles proved to be one of the best. In a crowded city, full of thousands of different smells striking the nose, she could find something to eat even with her eyes closed. She never tried this, of course, with all those feet around, but she knew she could. She would smell a cat long before she can see it. And, most important, long before the cat can see her. Smuggles is a romantic rat. She loves spending her time swimming in the grain with Sparky, or running together with him through dark mysterious cellars. And in the night they climb on the rooftops and listen to the cat songs, laugh and clean each other’s fur.

Shurshing is one of a dozen or two of Smuggles’ nieces. Her mother hardly had any time for her (which is no wonder), but the auntie, who had no own children yet, looked after the youngster, taking Shurshing on many journeys with her. Shurshing is two years old by now and looks almost exactly like her aunt. Same fur color, same curious expression on her face. Her teeth are a bit longer and her ears are a bit more pointy, like those of the famous elven wood rats. Shurshing has a great pleasure in exploring things. She is always in search of new experiences and new sights. And she is, probably, the first rat, who wears a scarf (that once has been a part of some dress she bitten off).

The only mouse in the pack, Fuzzytail, is the most educated and smartest among the Ramblers. If he were a human, he would probably make a good wizard apprentice, wearing thick glasses and reading books all day long. But Fuzzytail has always been just a fuzzy-tailed mouse, and he likes himself the way he is. Even the tail. For a mouse he has a rare talent: he can speak. To a certain extent, of course. He couldn’t, for example, pronounce the difficult words like “arachnophobia”, “existentialism”, or “pseudosamogon”, but why would a mouse need to use such words anyway? Secretly Fuzzytail has fallen in love with Shurshing, but never said a word (or squeaked a word) about it to her. Partly because he is too shy, partly because he always forgets it all the time, as he forgets a large number of other things.

Smuggles’ little brother, Manymeals, is a huge one. Without taking a close look at him you would certainly think he is a hamster or a cavy. His fur is brown with long white stripes and is missing some scraps, because Manymeals very often gets stuck in the rat tunnels. He is a good-hearted rat and dislikes getting into trouble. In spite of running away from cats or lurking in the dark, he would rather lie in the sun and eat some cookies. But, unfortunately for Manymeals, cookies don’t walk through the streets, so he could just jump and snap them.

Teapot is the granny, grey and old. Nobody actually knows, whose granny she is, because she had been the granny long before Sparky’s or Smuggles’ parents were born. How she managed to stay alive for almost ten years is a big mystery for the rest of the Ramblers. Teapot likes to teach the others how to live and give them advices on everything. The half of her advices is a bit outdated, but some prove to be pretty useful over time. On rare occasions, when she doesn’t give any advices at all, Teapot usually complains about Sparky and Smuggles still having no children she could play with (and teach the basics of ratty life). But, despite of the complaining, as all the grannies do, Teapot adores her grandchildren, and they adore her.


Ramblers are fuzzy little rascals, who can sneak through every open hole. They’re pretty good at stealing food and getting away with it, gnawing through cloth and scaring old ladies to death. Unlike the ordinary rats, they’re also very smart and thus hard to catch.


Ramblers are just rats and the world is often cruel to them. Everyone can kick them when they run on the streets, the cats hunt them and the shopkeepers lure them into traps. There’s no place for them to call home, but cold cellars and dusty garrets.

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« Reply #10 on: December 01, 2003, 07:56:22 PM »

AIM: Cacunai (believe it or not!)
Email: glimme@att.net


Name: Cacunai
Gender: Female
Species/Clan: Elf/Tethinrhim
Father: Tidred
Mother: Danae
Age: 91, should live to about 700
Height: 2.1 Peds
Position: Seer/Witchwoman/Healer
Title: Seer

Appearance: She is a tall, willowy woman with long, straight, auburn hair that carries a single silver streak through it. She has especially long, delicate fingers. Her eyes are hazel flecked with
green, and a scar cuts across her left eye, though she can still see perfectly well through it. Her ears of course are pointed, as she is an elf, and she has a swimmer’s build, slender and strong but
not bulky.

Clothes/Jewelry: She prefers to wear the leather peculiar to her clan, with not much else. She carries a tattoo of vines and moonflowers spread across her right arm. Her only jewelry is a tiny
gold pendant with a luminous green stone set into it.

Personality: She believes that use of names is an important detail. Power over the name gives one power over the individual. This is why she does not often use the name of one she respects,
and she uses it in almost every sentence if she does not trust or respect the one she speaks to. Some do not deserve a name. She is aggressive and cunning, will fight with little provocation, and
though she will not kill without a good reason, she is not above it. She will not harm a child, as she believes that it is an innocent. Of course, some children are positively evil. But in general.

You can bet that if you think you’ve figured out her plan, you’re playing into her hands. She usually has a hidden weapon or three, and she always has a backup plan. She is quite strong, and
equal to most men. Her primary tactic is disguise. She is extremely intelligent and cunning, and usually has trickery on her mind. I know she sounds like a MarySue, but be of stout heart! Read on!

Seek then speak, that is the way of the witchwoman.

She is very loyal. Do her a good turn and you have yourself a bodyguard. But she doesn’t stand for what she calls weakness. No crying in her presence. Honor means a lot to her.

She loves the dark, the evening, the shadow. However, she does not use magic at all and has no wish to learn. Her healing consists entirely of herblore and such knowledge, her divination, of Nature’s signs and omens, and the peoples’ trust (gullibility in some cases).

Weapons: Her weapon of choice is the blowpipe. She carries it at her hip, with a goodly supply of darts close by, with one in the pipe at all times. Her left hip carries the toxic ones, the right hip
the plain old barbed ones. She is also adept with a bow though she does not carry it, and is a master with a short sword. The sword is carried on her hip next to the toxic darts, and a dagger is
strapped to her right leg. A dagger resides inside each of her boots, with another sewn into her left sleeve. Her hair, if it is in a bun or an elaborate hairdo (rare), is fastened with two razor-sharp
long pins. She wears a dark-green, concealing, floor-length cloak with sharp bits of metal sewn into the hem. This is utilized by whipping the cloak edge across an assailant’s face or other
vulnerable area, the metal shards inflicting small gashes. She rarely uses this, ut it is there, so be warned. She has many hidden pockets and pouches sewn into her clothing to hold her worldly
possessions, as well as a bag hung at her hip. The hip pouch holds only bronzes and the occasional silver, so if a bandit somehow overpowered her, he would find little for his trouble.

Strengths: She is (1), extremely intelligent! (2), Very good at stealth and tracking. (3), Proficient with most weapons. (4), She is a seer! This means she is quite good at telling when someone is lying to her, she has had some training as a healer, and she knows how to interpret Nature’s signs and omens. (5), She is an elf. Period. (6), She has an odd rapport with most animals. (7), She is a proficient healer and would be an asset to any group, acting as healer, night watch, and predicting weather and the enemy's movements.

Weaknesses: Pay attention! Okay, (1), she may be good with words, but she isn’t as good with weapons as she claims to be! True, she has the knowledge and the skill, but she doesn’t like to
fight unless she is in a certain mood or you have REALLY provoked her. (2), She’s very moody and unpredictable. Enough said. (3), She cares too much! NEVER let her see you beating an
animal or child, or you will find yourself lamenting the loss of the animal/child, and possibly a body part or two. She has a massive soft spot for animals and children. (4), She has a bad memory. Kapeesh? (5), She doesn’t trust anyone until they have proved themselves. Now, of course it is quite possible no one will see any reason to “prove themselves”. But if you do, she will trust you implicitly, which can then be used as a weapon against her, in three ways: (a), You could betray her yourself, (b), You could be used to lead her off on a false trail, (c), Somebody could kill you. Since she only trusts those who are her friends, by definition, she would then be devastated.

Possessions: Her blowpipe, darts, a short sword, four daggers, two long, sharp pins, two cloaks, several small bags and pouches, with one designated especially for her healer’s paraphernalia.
Quite a fair amount of money. Her greenstone locket of course. She also owns one horse that she raised after finding the little filly alone in the snow. The mare’s name is Daala, and she is black. Those are her main possessions, though of course she has plenty of other little tidbits, but since she wanders, she needs to travel light. Oh yes, and the clothes on her back, plus two sets of similar clothes.


I am online every day without fail and will always reply to any relevant post within 36 hours or so.

Having read most every bit of text in here! except the actual game, will read later, I will lie awake every night until I've solved the mystery!

Bahran the bear
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« Reply #11 on: December 03, 2003, 12:32:22 PM »

AIM: Bahranbigman (Yes I am the same person as Bahran the big)
MSN: Bahranbigman
ICQ: 148731365

Name: Bahran
Gender: Male
Age: 30
Appearance: Bahran is an average sized bear, of about 3 peds tall, which is average for a Cartishan bear. Bahran's fur (or hair, which ever you prefer) is a deep black color, and about 5 nailsbreaths long. His eyes are dark brown.

-Bahran is quite strong, because he maintained his bear strength.
-He has very sharp claws and fangs since he is a bear.
-The fact that he's a bear might intimidate some.

-Bahran is not very intelligent, even though he can talk. He is basically just a regular bear that can speak.
-Bahran is very slow at both moving and attacking. His speed -- or lack there of -- greatly inhibits him from blocking attacks.

Talking bears, can't live with 'em, could do without 'em.

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MSN : supermanas@hotmail.com

Name: Sephariath
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Tribe: Helcrani
Occupation: Swordsman
Title: Mercenary

Appearance: Seph as he is known to by his friends stands 1.6 peds in height and weighs in at 1.67 pygges. He is usually draped in a long dark red coat that stops just before the ground, it is usually done up about mid chest by two buttons and opens at the top and the abdomen; and quite tight material on his upper body, it is a black shirt that wraps itself around him but is completely sleeveless. His pants are a deep black in color but have a tinge of red throughout them as well they are loose fitting for stretching and mobility. He has shoulder length black hair. His milky white eyes are nearly blind as well but his lighter complexion keeps his look in perspective. He is a toned individual that looks to be in top shape for his profession.

Personality: A born leader, he commands the battlefield whenever he steps into it, regardless his handicap. He is an outgoing person, though think him not all too kind, he does his deeds but they too come with a price. He is goal orientated and looks for the positive in any situation, mind you if things become negative and he is angered there will be a price to pay, whomever you are. His allegiance is to himself, his cause and his ideals, he considers himself no better than a peasant and equally that of the nobility; in his eyes we are all the same.

Strengths: His quickness and agility allow him to make a great offence and defense all in one, enabling him to attack much quicker and become readily defensive just the same.

His battle prowess enables him to know where his enemies are around him so that he isn’t surprised and able to defend himself if they were to attempt teaming up upon him. This is also because his other senses have increased due to his eye defect (see weaknesses).

He knows vital areas to strike, from his profession and if given the opportunity is able to make such attacks because of this knowledge.

Weaknesses: Because of his eyesight being so poor, he is only able to make out figures, and if people are within a foot range of eyesight he can actually distinguish features, unfortunately this doesn’t help him work well in combat with people unless there are distinct differences in appearance/figure, or else he may be confused as to if they are friend or foe not enabling him to make an advance at either of them. This is a major disadvantage if fighting with allies for his sense of hearing is the only thing saving him from those around him. It enables him to know if people are around him yet does not enable him to know if they are friend nor foe, so regardless if someone is encroaching upon him in combat his stance against them is defencive.

He is quite nimble but when faced in a situation of strength he is not going to fair well, his body is built for speed, and if it comes down to a blow for blow, he will accumulate more hits but with less power behind them and may be taken down quicker if hit often.

Because of his views on the world he often becomes entangled in situations amongst people in different rankings, usually upsetting those above him (the law) and causing trouble for him and/or whoever he is with.

Weapons: Broadsword along his side, Bastard Sword strapped to his back.

Belongings : He carries a backpack with a bedroll attached to the side, a whet skin and a water pouch; inside the backpack are a month worth of rations.

Familiar : None  

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