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Author Topic: Gararion updates  (Read 5377 times)
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Elf, Ylfferhim

« on: March 06, 2003, 04:42:22 AM »

I am just posting this hear so I can do some work on it.  Mainly I am adding major detail to it where it is missing.  Just got to figure out what I can do with it.  Like I got 135 years of life when he was a child.  300 years at Ximax to detail.  So got a little work cut out for me.  But am working on it.  Here is first update...

Race ~  Elf
Tribe ~  Ylfferhim
Age ~  532

Appearance ~
Gararion's eyes seem to be a mysterious blue color.  Every time one looks within them one sees a different mixture of blue within them, a mixture varying from a sparkling light blue to a rich deep blue.

Gararion only bears two scar from his long life, one which is hidden from view of many.  The one visible scar is a scar that runs across his neck.  The one that is hidden within the shadows of his cloak and his hair is his missing left ear.

Gararion wears a plain black robe mostly when he is seen by other outside of his home at Ximax.  Under this he wears the garment that has been given to him be Ximax showing his status there as  a apprentice and a teacher.  The majority of cloth it is made of is of a black material that seems to be metallic in appearance as it glistens with the same glisten that polished medal produces.  A hood is worn at all times by Gararion, to hide his face in shadows and to hide his missing left ear from view.  The hood is made of the same metallic material as the robe was made of.  Both the hood and robe are trimmed in a delicate silver fabric.  On top of the metallic he wears a article that covers his shoulders and upper chest.  This is made of a exquisite golden material that seems to shimmer even in the darkest nights.  The robe is a shows that he is a teacher at Ximax and the chest piece shows he is a apprentice at Ximax.

Wearing two garments makes Gararion get warmer quicker then other but he has learned to counter this by creating the occasional  cool breezes that surround him keeping his body cool to the touch often.

Personality ~
Throughout Gararion's life he has learned many lessons.  Gararion is a man who seeks to be left alone often, wondering off in the middle of nowhere occasionally alone with his thoughts in silence.  Although he isn't a quite loner, he does enjoy the company of a small party while he is not studying the magical arts.  These groups are to be keep small as Gararion feels uncomfortable when in large groups and in close contact with them.  If he is studying and someone has interrupted him repeatedly or has no true reason  to do so, that person may see a angered state of Gararion that he seldom enters.

Many say Gararion seems to have a human tone in his words often.  This may be for he once had a love, a human.  Though this relationship came to a sad ending as Gararion outlived his love, named Sarah.  Ever since Gararion has vowed never to fall in love again.  Often has the case been where Gararion has disappeared from sight or avoided a person for he has felt he has come to close to that individual.  Once Gararion can see that he or the female has lost interest in him he removes himself from hiding.

Magic ~
Gararion had learned magic early within his tribe, as the Ylfferhim have a natural talent for magic.  After learning all he could from his tribe he moved out to learn more.  This took a while though as he was delayed for a while when he meet his love Sarah.  After Sarah passed away Gararion continued to Ximax to study magic at the Academy there.

Here he learned much and learned fast.  After graduating and spending time after studying he was approached by to become at teacher at Ximax.  Gararion agreed and taught for many years.  He soon earned the respect of the Archmagi of Ximax.  The Archmagus of the white tower came to Gararion and offered him a position as his apprentice.  This is where Gararion stood for a while, being at the level of 8.

After years of teaching and learning under the watchful eyes of the Archmagus Gararion had come to a corner post in his live.  This corner post ended in him having the chance, after a great meeting of the Archmagi of Ximax, to be granted power directly from the Tear of Avá.  With a very short exposure to the Orb Gararion's power grew greatly as he felt new energy flow throughout his soul and body.  Though Gararion didn't know how far his power had fully grown to as he still needed to learn how to control and harness this new power and energy.  With this energy Gararion is a level 10 mage.

His Story ~
Known only as Gararion, he is self-made man. He was born within the Ylfferhim Tribe but he fought to find his place in this world as he left the tribe at the age of 135. He was born with the natural talent of magic, which he trained to a fine art. He has tried to gain as much knowledge in this magic mystery as possible. His fierce drive to win allowed him little time for a social life. Eventually he came to the realization that he hated the attention of others.

His life as a Ylfferhim elf let him learn many things about the world of magic. He has had the luck of being one of the many Elven people of his tribe to be born with the natural ability to sense Oh'mód'hál.  With this Gararion soon learned to respect magic and begun training to become a mage.  He decided to pick the element of wind for he felt it was the element that was the closest to his own soul.  He like the feeling and the energy he felt when he was near it.  Gararion was the son of father Legil-Garion and mother Lómiothiel who were very respected elven mages within his tribe.  He studied under his parents for many years learning all he could from them.  Then he begun to move onto the other mages of the village to see what they could teach him.  He soon learned all he could from his own tribe but still wanted to learn more.

When he reached the age of 135, he decided to leave the tribe that he was born in and travel to see the world and to learn more about the magic in the world he lived in. He just didn't believe that he could learn all that would be needed to master the magic arts within his home tribe any longer.

While traveling the world, Gararion encountered the love of his life. She was a human and went be the name of Sarah. They spent 57 years with each other loving each other to the ends of the earth. They lived within the small village where Sarah lived.  Gararion though knew that his stay here would be uncomfortable but he was in love and nothing could hold him back away from his love Sarah.  Gararion for once was happy and eased on his magic studies for he spent most of his time with his love. Nevertheless, Gararion outlived his human love's life span. Sara died at the age of 77, while Gararion held her within his arms. This took a lot from him for he never wanted to feel this feelings for another ever again.  He vowed never to fall in love or to let his emotions to get to the best of him for it took to much time from his studies. He began to resent ever falling in love with another. He once again began his studies with even more intensity then he had ever had before. For this time he had no distractions that would arise from his life, like the love that he had for Sarah.

After the death of his love, Gararion decided that he had to catch up on the 57 years that he missed in his studies. He decided to go and learn what he could from the teachers at "The Magical Academy of Ximax". He choose to further his knowledge in the school of Wind for he felt that this school had the closest attachment to himself and the deep energy within his heart for learning. He spent 30 years studying at Ximax as a student learning as much as he could from the great mages that taught there. He had the advantage of having prior knowledge from his own village before hand.  

Gararion had always wished that he would someday be as good as his teachers and be able to spread his knowledge in the area just like they had done for him. After graduating from the school he decided to stay there another 300 years after his graduation for this place he felt, would be the only place that he would not be disturbed.  Gararion soon had bought a small place near Ximax, which is said to be used by many great and powerful mages in the past, mages who didn't want to live within the walls of Ximax.  

During this time he had finally came to realize his skill, as well did the Archmagi of Ximax as well. The Archmagi of "The Tower of the Skies" confronted Gararion one morning. Gararion puzzled and troubled by this appearance stood still and waited for what would happen as the Archmagi seldom came to the lesser beings of the people of Ximax.

"Young Gararion, I come here as a spoke person to announce the voices of the other Archmagi of Ximax. We have sensed great skill in you young Gararion. We know that there are few with your drive to learn and thirst for knowledge and this makes you very gifted Gararion."

"I am honored sir by this vast and this news."

"We, the Archmagi as a whole, have seen this and want to se your skills grow. Thus we would like you to learn what only can be learned through teachings. Thus we ask you if you wish to help myself and the other teachers teach the students of Ximax in the school of the wind element?"

"I would be honored sir to help you in any manner possible."

"I am glad to hear that Gararion as I am sure our paths will cross again in time. I will entrust that you will have a great influence on the future students of Ximax."

As the Archmagi had said this he walked away to wherever he was to be, Gararion did not care. He had finally had a chance to teach at Ximax. What a honor would that be.

He taught the students of Ximax for years pleased that he had had the chance to do so. He always wondered why the Archmagi of the Great Towers would be interested in him, only time would tell. During his life within Ximax Gararion always felt a strange presence around him at all times. Almost as if someone had been watching him. There was someone watching him, as the Archmagi that came to him and offered him the job at Ximax watched him closely. He was truly interested in Gararion and his skill.

The Archmagi watched Gararion closely and found it fit to confront him once more to address him. Gararion sensed his coming and prepaid himself as usual. He tidied up his paper from the following class and waited for the Archmagi to enter. The doors opened slowly with a slight breeze entering, turning the corners of the paper up.

"Welcome sir. What brings me the honor of your visit?"

"I have been pleased with your efforts young Gararion and wish to offer you a proposal."


"As my current apprentice has come ill lately I am in the need for a apprentice till his return.  I come to you Gararion as you skills seem to be growing and I wish to help them."

"I am honored sir. Does this mean that I no longer will have the privilege of teaching the students?"

"If you wish you can continue but when I am in the need of your services I will demand your full attention. Is that understood?"

"Yes sir, I understand fully as when ones mind is distracted it leads him astray from his purpose."

"I am glad that you agree to these terms. I am sure that my need for you will be small as these times are quite calm but who knows what lies in the future."

"Yes sir."

As they finished their conversation the Archmagi had left him in a slow pace toward the door.  Gararion was quite pleased with the efforts that he had shown and the results that he obtained from them. He had now only began to realize what he was capable of.

After many years teaching at Ximax and helping the Archmagi when his aide was needed Gararion was beginning to have strange feelings that he had never had before. Gararion felt a strange urge to leave his home within Ximax for a short time. He felt a pull towards the outside world, as if something wanted him to leave. Not sure of this Gararion packed his stuff ready to leave. He did not know how to announce his departure to the Archmagus of Ximax. But like it had always been the Archmagi of "The Tower of the Skies" came to him. As if he knew what he was doing along. Gararion felt the power of the Archmagi coming closer. He yearned that someday he would have power like that of the Archmagi.

"Gararion I understand, there is no need for worry. I also have felt a strange presence about you, though I nor can the other Archmagi tell what it is. I now that you are puzzled by this presence as I am also. I understand that you must go out and see where this presence takes you."

"You have felt it also...there is nothing that you can tell me that might help me in my journeys?"

"I am afraid that there isn't Gararion. This presence has brought great worries to the Archmagi of the Towers. I can only ask you to follow this presence and see what it desires.  I hope that some day you will return to Ximax and tell us about your journeys and your findings."

"I will.... But where do I go friend? Do you have any word of knowledge that will help me on my journeys. This would be the first time I have truly left to explore Sorren. Where should I start?"

"All that I can tell you is to follow the presence from within yourself. That shall be your compass. Listen to it carefully Gararion."

"Farewell trusted friend. I will return to Ximax with news of my findings when I find them...."

Gararion picked up the few belongings that he had and headed out on his own. He left his home and Ximax both at the same time. He only knew that he would follow the presence in what ever direction it may take him. Thus his journey began.

After the hundred years of study, learning and teaching, he finally set out again to see what the world had to offer. Although he continually travels back to a keep that he had built for him near the Academy, to have the chance of learning more without being disturbed by fellow mortals.  During these trips he tells the Archmagi of what he has found out. He yearns the day when his journey is complete and he is able to return to the side of the Archmagi in his study.

Gararion had set out. He did not know where to go so he traveled southeast. Not having any sort of direction form the presence from within. He continued to walk without stopping long within a city to meet anyone new or anything. He waited for a sign or something that would help him in his cause. He received what he thought to be his first sign within Santhala.

He had stopped within a Tavern to rest from a long walk. He had sat by the fire eating a warm bowl of soup when a man confronted him.

"Sir I noticed that you carry a staff that seems to burn with a blue fire. Puzzled by this I looked closer and it seems to not harm the wooden staff. How can this be?"

"Magic has many possibilities..."

"So it is magical....does that mean you are a mage?"

"You assume correct."

"I have never seen a mage before. It is a pleasure to have finally seen one and of one of such power I presume..."

"Power is only what one desires...strength is what one has."

"Correct you are....I have been looking for a man for my boss. He is a wealthy person and wants to use of a powerful.....strong person. I wish to take you to meet him as he would be quite pleased with you I assure."

"I have no use of him nor do I have the need for wealth. I am on my own journey that must not be interrupted."

All of a sudden Gararion saw a strange glow about the man. It seemed that no one else within the Tavern had seen it nor did the man which this glow surrounded. Gararion puzzled by this remembered what the Archmagi had said. He decided that this was the doing of the presence within himself wanting him to follow this man.

"I am sorry that I bothered you then sir. I must be on my way then. I need to find a man by night fall."

"Wait....I might need money after all on my journeys. I will go with you to this man and see what he has to offer."

"Change of mind I see. Well meet me here at this table tomorrow morn and we will head out.  It is way to late to bother him tonight."

Gararion watched the man leave from the tavern. He asked the Tavern owner where he could get a room for the night. He had said that he has a spare room that he would rent to the man.  Gararion gave the man the correct coin, 5 sans, and took his key. He walked up the stairs to his room and placed the book that he carried under his cloak on the table beside the bed and placed the staff that he carried leaning against the same table. The blue flame that burned on the staff seemed to affect the wooden table at all. Gararion laid in his bed wondering what the glow that he saw about the man meant. Was it truly a sign from the presence within himself or was it of some other means about the mysterious man. He assumed that it was a sign from the presence as he had never seen anyone glow like that man had nor he had not sensed any magic about the man. He lay in his bed for many hours thinking about this which he had finally grew tired from his travels and fell to sleep.

He awoke in the early morning ready to return the key and set out on his journeys once again when he remembered what had happened to him the following day. He went down stairs and returned the key to the Tavern Keeper and ordered a breakfast. He then sat at the same table with his breakfast and began to eat it waiting for the man from yesterday to come and meet him as he said he would the following day.

Then man had come as he said he would. He came and waited for Gararion to finish his meal and then they left for where ever they were to go.....Gararion did not know as the man wished not to say anything further about what would take place that day. They walked across the town of Santhala and stopped in front of a large estate. It was the largest estate that he had ever seen.  It stood high over the rest of the city. The man lead him past the gates guards, it seemed that they expected him or knew him for they offered no resistance to his entrance and only quickly opened the gates for his arrival. The man lead Gararion to the front door of the estate and then whispered something to a servant who stood in front of it. The servant handed him a small pouch and the man walked off after speaking to Gararion.

"This man will take the rest of they way. I bid you farewell."

Gararion puzzled, his gaze following the man till he was out of site. Then his gaze turned toward the servant who would take care of him as it seemed to be.

"Then shall we continue?"

"Yes we shall Lord."

Gararion followed the servant inside wondering why he had called him "Lord". Was this estate so formal that everyone was called lord or was there a purpose behind this title.

The servant took Gararion deep within the estate and they ended up stopping in front of two big wooden doors.  The servant knocked on the doors and waited.

"Yes, you may come in."

A door opened slowly as one of the many servants walked in. 

"My Lord, the man who you asked for has arrived. Shall I let him in, my Lord."

"Yes let him in, I wish to speak to with him."

As the man walked in Delnar looked him over. Yes it seemed this was the man he had asked for, though he wished he would've been less suspicious. He wanted someone who could blend in with a crowd but that would be impossible. That staff and book he carried stood out. It seemed to burn with a blue fire. What was this he wondered. Delnar signaled the man to take a seat. The figure walked in front of his desk and stood. He looked at the what the office had to offer. He then took his seat in front of the desk and sat waiting for the man who forced him to meet him.

"You are probably wondering why I insisted for you to meet me. You see, I am training a new group of men to run one of my trade routes for me. I want to make sure that this group has what it takes to handle the hardships of this life. This is here you come in my friend. You see, it isn't always that a trade route runs into trouble. There is a good chance that they might not come across any troubles on their journeys. This I don't want to happen, you see if they don't run into trouble than how will I know if they can handle it. So to get to the point, I need you to tag along with the journey and if things seem to easy for them, then make some difficulties for them. I don't care how you do it, cost is not a problem. So will you do this for me. I will pay you as well."

Delnar waited for the mans answer.

Gararion straightened up in his chair and then leaned forward toward Delnar.

"So let me see here. You wish for me to make there journeys hard enough so that you can tell that they can handle all the hardships that they might face in the future. Well I don't see why this would be a problem...but there is this one thing...I won't do it. I do not perform tasks for anyone unless there is something that I get in return that truly interests me, money is not something that can hold my attention."

"Than may I ask you what does interest you. I can offer you anything that may be of interest to you I assure you. Just name it and I will abide. I truly need your help, it will be hard to find a replacement on this short of time."

"What I need is to quench my thirst for knowledge. And this is not just any ordinary knowledge, for it is a thirst for magical knowledge. This is the only thing that matters to me. If you can quench my thirst during the time that I spend here doing your biddings then I will be interested in helping you with your task."

"Well let me see here. This is a something new. Usually someone asks for money, property or power but you ask for knowledge. Or are you asking for power my friend. Do you hope to gain more power in the magical arts than most. Is this what you..."

"MY INTENTIONS ARE NOT YOUR BUSINESS HUMAN!!! I do not need to explain myself to a human who cannot comprehend the paths that I have taken. If you wish my services then don't ever challenge me again. Though you might be able to sway the public with the snap of your fingers you cannot control my own actions. I do not need to listen to this."

"Whoa my companion, I did not mean to challenge you. I simply wanted to understand what you wanted from me. It is not my intentions to challenge you, for I know that I have no control over the likes of you like I have over most people that I meet.

But lets leave this touchy topic alone. Well let me see, maybe I can interest you. My family has kept a fairly large library of ancient tome and other books. I will get my servant here to take you to it and let you search the library to see if anything interests you. I don't have a clue what is in that library for I haven't the taste for reading. But maybe you can find something that will interest you."

"Did you say ancient. We will see what I can find here. Maybe I can find something that may quench my thirst for the duration of the quest."

"Hopefully you can, for I will be grateful for your services. Kevin, please take this man to the Keeps Library. Let him be alone for he is our guest and I want him to be comfortable. Stay outside the door and serve him in what ever way he desires."

Gararion began his search of the library for many hours. Gararion continued his search within the library of the keep. He had not seen anything that interested him to much that would make him sign on to such a quest. It was turning out not to be worth while endeavor for himself.  The door to the library opened as the servant in which Delnar whispered to earlier came through.

"My Lord...."

"Yes what is it?"

"....Lord Delnar has asked me to tell you that dinner has been served. He has asked if you will join them Lord."

"Join them? Why I see nothing worth staying here for as my search for anything useful has failed. Why should I stay for a dinner. I must be on my way."

"My Lord?"

Gararion looked about the large library once again. Indeed there was a large collection on texts, but still nothing of use to him.

"Show me the door!"

Just as he turned his head to the direction of the door out of the library his eye caught something.  It was area where the light of the library seemed not to reach. He looked in the direction of this area cloaked in darkness. His eyes strained to see if he could see through the darkness. He walked closer to the darkness. Even though he was closer he still couldn't see through the darkness. He walked right into the darkness disappeared from sight of the servant. The servant had never seen this darkness before. It seemed to have just came from out of no where.

"My Lord.......Lord...."

Gararion was now within the darkness. He still couldn't see anything. He began to feel around within the darkness. After a while of walking within this darkness that seemed not to end he reached something that felt like a wall. He slid his hands up and down the surface of this wall.  He felt something protruding from the wall. It felt like a door knob. He placed his hand around the handle and tried to turn it. With a little effort it turned and Gararion pushed the door open.

There was a light within but it seemed not to have broken the darkness as he turned around and only saw the same never ending darkness that he had traveled through. He had never seen such a thing. What could this be. This was a true darkness, one that he thought would not have been possible. He had only one choice for his thirst for knowledge got the better of him.

He walked within the light and was hit with a even brighter more powerful light. This light hit him with a powerful force which blinded him. He could feel the energy of the bright light but all he could see was the deep darkness that he just came out of. But he could sense that he wasn't alone. There were other being, being more powerful than he was. Beings with a greater knowledge that he had. He could not tell how many there was but only that they were there. He looked about rubbing his eyes trying to get his vision back.

"There is no use in trying to recover your vision for we have taken it to protect you...." spoke a deep magical voice.

Gararion turned around quickly trying to see the figure that the voice came from.

"Who are you!?"

"In time Gararion.....for now other matters are of importance..."

Gararion turned around again as the voice had became even deeper voice spoke to him from another location.

"Why have you taken my sight? What are protecting me from!?"

A new came from another direction. This voice was a female voice.

"This is not the time for question Gararion....please listen to what we have to say...."

"I will..."

"We will visit you often...you will recognize us as the same darkness as before...only you will be able to enter this place as it is a place conjured from your mind..."

A new voice spoke. This one had a voice that seemed to sense that he was the oldest among them.

"...a great evil will soon rise from the forgotten past...this evil must be stopped...but alone you will not be able to stop this evil........you will have to complete journey that will take you to places that you have never been to....we will offer our help as we see fit....but mans future rests on the hands of you Gararion......we will return soon to complete your knowledge for this is only a preparation for the future that you have been destined to complete.....farewell..."

"Wait!!!! What is this evil that you speak of? I need to know more!!!!"

But as he said this he felt the power of the light slowly vanish. As it vanished his site returned.

He was no longer within the darkness but once again within the library. He was facing abookshelf.

"My Lord? May I ask what happened?"

"Take me to Delnar......"

"Yes My Lord..."

The servant lead Gararion to Delnar and Gararion entered the dinning hall. Still shaken by what had happened he sat down in a chair and remained motionless. Delnar asked him what was wrong but Gararion did not answer him. He waited for a moment then stood and left the Dinning hall without eating or drinking anything.

Delnar excused himself from the table leaving the others to themselves for a short time. He went after Gararion. After a while searching for him he found him on the topmost floor standing by a window looking out it still motionless.

He asked if he had had his services. Gararion sure that this was one of the largest signs that he had ever received told Delnar that he had earned his services for this one quest. After that he must be on his way. Delnar agreed hoping that he could convince him after to stay longer. Delnar then returned to the dinning hall and left Gararion there staring out toward the window.  Unknown to Delnar he was staring out in the Direction of Ximax. He wanted to go back to Ximax and tell the Archmagi what had happened but felt it was more important to follow this presence to see what else he could find out.

After the quest Gararion returned to Ximax and told the all Archmagi of the great towers of what had happened. Worried about the near future they thought it would be best if they could prepare him in some way to protect the future of Sorren. They would have decided to do this themselves but it seemed that this presence had picked Gararion to carry out this quest. Thus they thought of some way that they could protect and prepare the mage for what would lay ahead of him. They thought together for days and finally came to the decision that they must raise his magical powers faster than they themselves could do by just mere teaching him. The Archmagi of "The Tower of the Skies" came to his apprentice to bring him the news of their decision.

"Gararion we have come to a decision. As this presence has seemed to pick you as its gateway and protector we see it fit to let it remain so. But we feel it is our job to protect and prepare you in any way we can do so. Thus we have come to the decision to bring you within the Tear of Avá, the Uarná'ésh-dél or what ever you wish to call it as I like to call it simply the Uarná'ésh-dél. We will allow you only a short time within the Uarná'ésh-dél to allow your powers to grow. 

Although your powers will grow you will still need to learn how to harness them correctly. Thus we ask to travel to Aeruillin to meet the Archmagi there, who we hope will help you as well in your control of these new powers as well in providing any knowledge that he can to help you on your quest."

Gararion agreed to these terms and went along with the ritual of the Archmagi. After the ritual had completed Gararion could sense the great power that he was given. Though still not as great as the Archmagi of Ximax but greater than any he had ever felt within himself. Bidding his farewells to the Archmagi of Ximax he once again set out south, toward Aeruillin to meet the Archmagi there.

He had traveled for days wondering the lands of Sorren. He had not had another signs since the last one during his time serving for Delnar. He wondered if he was going in the right direction.

He was heading toward Strata to board a ship to Aeruillin but stopped off at a Tavern just outside of Strata. Within this Tavern his story begins......

Other Historical Stuff ~
Through out his life Gararion has the misfortune of getting in a few fights in his early years of his magic studies. Unable to cast the powerful spells that are needed to help defend him as he can now cast, he has had the misfortune of a few scars here and there. One of these scars that are most noticeable is a scar across his neck. He received this scar while he was in a Tavern with his wife Sara. While drinking a few cups a fine wine celebrating their twenty-fifth anniversary a stranger entered the Tavern in rampage manner. Gararion wanting the stranger to quite down asked him to please take a seat and settle down. Before he knew it the stranger had a small dagger across his neck applying increasing pressure with the sharp edge of the blade. With blood drizzling from the open wound the blade inflicted, Gararion only could stand there and watch the look of terror that Sara had as she watch the pain that her husband was going through. A friend of Sara's saw what was going on and came over to interfere. He grabbed the dagger out of the hand of the stranger's and tossed him out of the Tavern. The friend followed the stranger outside and after a few minutes came back in with a grin on his face. Helping Gararion walk to the towns healer the stranger left to go home after making sure Sara was alright and ensuring her that Gararion would be alright. He told her that he has seen Elves recover from worse wounds than the one Gararion had suffered. Nevertheless, Gararion did recover quickly but retained a scar that ran at least 5 inches across his neck.

Another of these scars that Gararion has in a missing ear. Before he met his wife and was traveling, he traveled through a forest; he cannot remember the name of the forest for he does not want to remember the pain that he suffered during his stay. While venturing through the forest strange creatures attacked him by surprise and held him captive. While he was held captive, his torturers tortured him while seeming to remain in darkness. Hours and hours of pain upon pain did the elf endure before they finally freed him. However, before freeing the elf they cut the left ear off as kept it as a trophy. The elf now hides this deformity from others as he position hi hair in such a way that it seems that he still has he ear. He has only shown this to his wife Sara as he tries to avoid conflict that may result in the discovery of his missing ear.

The one thing that makes Gararion stand out from a crowd is his Staff and Spell Book. They both seem to burn with a strange Blue Fire that does no harm to the Book or Staff, nor any other things that has not done any harm to Gararion himself as long as he is in the area. This fire prevents anyone other than Gararion to touch them for it inflicts a burning feeling deep within the body that only Gararion can heal. Gararion being a peaceful person often relieves this pain from it victims under the condition that they be careful around his stuff. Anyway he cannot be bothered by someone continually bothering him to remove the pain, he hates the attention. The story of how Gararion acquired these items begins before he entered the Academy. A human traveling through the Quallian Forest found himself lost within the forest. Gararion was out on a stroll when he met the Human. The human had been lost for several days now and was desperate to get out of the forest. Gararion asking no questions lead him out of the forest. The human vowed that sometime in the future he would pay the Elf back in some manner. While studying at Ximax, Gararion once again met the human. Although Gararion cold not remember where he met this strange man before, the man insisted that he would do something for what he had done before in the forest. Not sure what to expect Gararion agreed to his terms but did not know what the human could do for him. The man insisted in testing his magic on the Elf's personal belongings. He said that this magic that he would imbue in his Spell Book and Staff would protect them from theft. Thus Gararion received his enchanted items.

Weaknesses ~
Remembering his past life will often send many into a moment of reflect. However, of Gararion case this will often make him lose some of his great concentration and will power. However, if someone mention his the name of his wife, Sara, he will lose all of his will power and concentration for a long period, an hour to be precise. During this period, he will try to retreat from the situation and recover from the bad memories.

From years of training though, he has learned to avoid any sort of emotion for he feels that emotion is the weakness of ones soul. So forth it is almost impossible for anyone to bring any sort of emotion to this man's face or being in matter of fact.

Although he can talk to people once in awhile he does not enjoy long conversations for they take to much time from his studies. On top of that, he does not want to let any bit of information pass that will effect him the future.

Gararion has a hard time hearing from the left ear when it comes to direct noise. He can hear the quite noises from nature but cannot hear someone when he whispers or speaks into the left ear itself.

Strengths ~
His control of his own will is his greatest accomplishment in his eyes. He has trained years to master his own will. With only a few and rare moments that he loses this control he is known around the world for his control.

He has learned how to keep his past secret from others quite well. For if he didn't he might be weakened to such a degree that he might as well stay indoors for the rest of his life for the fear of what will happen.

He has the ability to learn things very quickly and with great results. The intensity he puts forth in learning something helps him in this area. While learning something he only takes time off to eat and sleep though he gets very little of either. After learning the desired thing, that was the object of his study, he will have to spend a few days to help restore his health to its original state for he suffers from lack of sleep and lack of nutrition.

Possessions ~
~ Staff
~ Spell Book
~ Spell Pouch - containing needed reagents for casting spell and the such.
~ Small Carry Pouch - containing a few healing potion and herbs.
~ Leather Water Bottle
~ Clothing from Ximax
~ plain black cloak
~ Stone of Sorren (increase abilities.  Obtained in the Story Stones of Sorren)

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« Reply #1 on: March 06, 2003, 09:03:22 AM »

Sometimes you just sit down and type, don't you?  I mean even when you're not really in the mood, hmmmm....another thing I must force myself to do more often.

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« Reply #2 on: March 06, 2003, 03:34:22 PM »

Well well well.
Can you really elaborate? :b
Should prove fun. :D  

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« Reply #3 on: March 06, 2003, 03:48:22 PM »

well I am working on it :D

Bt also working on other CD's currently being commented on.  As well as working on Nyermersys and the characters that will be main characters there :p  

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« Reply #4 on: March 07, 2003, 03:03:22 AM »

Ah well it all falls together.

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« Reply #5 on: March 07, 2003, 04:11:22 AM »

now THAT`S a story...haven´t read it though :rollin  

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« Reply #6 on: March 07, 2003, 07:59:22 AM »

well just to let you know it will be undergoing a major face lift.  I am going to try to re-write the entire thing adding much more detail.

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« Reply #7 on: March 10, 2003, 03:11:22 AM »

Oh my GOD NO!! Gararion you'll kill us all under the size of your CD one of these days! and its getting longer?! :eek  *faints*


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« Reply #8 on: March 10, 2003, 04:13:22 AM »

Gar........Aylix speaks the truth, we will all be gone! Pushed away from the massive cd! :eek  

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« Reply #9 on: March 14, 2003, 02:02:22 PM »

Well it may take a little longer then expected.  Just spent $200 dollars on a game and reading the 288 page rule book at this moment.  But in my spare time I am going to work on Nymeresys and Gararion's CD, along with the new CD I am thinking of designing which will only live about ten RL days I am hoping, and will cause a whole lot of damage to someone and the Tavern ;)  

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