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Author Topic: Character Description Archives ~ J  (Read 1856 times)
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Bahran the big
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« on: October 29, 2003, 08:24:22 AM »

Character Description Archives


Welcome to the Approved Characters Archives.  In here you can find most of the approved characters that have come through this board.  Please note that some may have been lost or some may not be added to the archives yet.


  2. If you wish to edit you CD {Character Description) you will need to copy it from here and edit it in the original CD thread at the top of the board.  It will then be either edited in this archive or the thread will be moved once you are finished to this forum.  Then if I am in the mood I update it in the archives.

  3. Once a CD has been placed in the archives it original thread will be removed.  So if you first see that your original CD is no where to be found check out the Archives here.  If still you see no hint of it, it may be that it has been pushed off the end of the world and been lost forever.  This Archive is created to prevent that from happening.

  4. Only Admins are allowed to post within the Archives, with the few exceptions of Mods who we grant.  This is to prevent people from messing this Archive up in their process of editing something..

  5. Each CD that is in the Archive has been obtained from the thread from the CD with the newest date on it.  If there was more than two CD's in one thread I have taken the one with the newest date on it.

  6. Please note there there is always a place of mistake.  So if something isn't the way you want it don't start yelling at a admin who tried to do something good.



Indifference will be the downfall of mankind, but who cares?

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"Man, being reasonable, must get drunk; The best of life is but intoxication."
- Lord Byron
Bahran the big
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Gender: Male
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« Reply #1 on: October 29, 2003, 01:08:22 PM »

Name: Japok Tiner

Gender: Male

Age: 33

Race: Hobbit

Tribe: Helmondsshire

Class/Title: Minute Berserk


Japok is basically a normal looking hobbit. He’s a tad bit on the short side for a Helmondsshire hobbit, however. He stands an under-whelming .9 peds. This is not an intimidating height for a berserk, so Japok does not tend to frighten his opponents. An adversary might even laugh and snicker at this miniscule warrior. His weight does not bode well for Japok’s intimidation skills either. He only weighs around 38 ods, quite an unimpressive stature. This berserk is a tad on the skinny side, so he might even force the question: how can this little guy be a berserk?

His hair is a musty shade of brown, with the occasional regular brown highlight. Japok’s hair is a little curly, but not as much as most hobbit’s hair, and somewhat coarse. His hair seems to straighten out at the ends, for any number of unknown reasons. This berserk found that he doesn’t really need too many hair cuts, because for some reason, his hair just barely grows at all. Japok’s eyes are a natural brown, they have an odd distinction to them, however, because it seems as though most people have odd shades of brown.

Japok usually wears the same bedraggled clothes. He dons a white, long-sleeved shirt that is stained with blood – mostly his own – in various places. He keeps the sleeves rolled up around his elbows most of the time, in an attempt to keep his arms in a more flexible state. On top of the shirt, the berserk wears a brown vest, that is almost the exact same natural brown color that his eyes are. His pants are a lighter brown color, with a few splotches of blood randomly scattered along the legs.

His face is pretty devoid of scars, as is the rest of his body. He does have a few scars on the top of his head though, as the preferred way his enemies like to use to dispose of him is a sharp club to the top of the head. To look at him, besides his clothes, one would tend to think that he is a normal hobbit. Japok has somewhat pale skin. He doesn’t display any nervous tics, usually, and keeps a calm demeanor. Japok is a cool, calm, and collected hobbit, or so you’d think.


Japok is by no means normal. Just thinking about the fact that he is a hobbit berserk, would lead one to believe that. The only reason he is a hobbit that attacks people in the first place is the fact that he is utterly insane. Japok is a madman that hears voices in his head. This all stems back to an incident when he was a child (See History). He hears three main voices, and even though he has had them for years, none of them have names. Japok simply thinks of the three as Scrupus, Occisor, and Insolitus. Japok usually talks aloud to these other personalities.

The voices have grown familiar to Japok, and he thinks of them as friends, very close friends. Scrupus instills another disorder within him. Japok is paranoid as well as hearing voices. Scrupus tends to point out odd things that people are doing, and puts them in a negative way. He can make Japok think the nicest person ever is out to kill him. Scrupus does not do this intentionally, however, he just represents Japok’s over imaginative imagination.

Scrupus likes conversing with Insolitus, because Insolitus doesn’t scare him. Insolitus tends to talk about completely random things. He’ll bring up pointless subjects, and entertain Scrupus for hours on end. Japok likes to talk to Insolitus and Scrupus almost as much as they like to annoy him.

Occisor just plain frightens Japok and Scrupus. But he loathes Insolitus, in a way that could only be understood by Japok. Occisor is the main reason that Japok is a berserk. He doesn’t talk much, but when he begins, Japok just wishes he would shut up. Mostly, Occisor just comes up when Japok sees someone he (Occisor) doesn’t like, for various reasons. Japok only attacks the person to shut Occisor up, although when Japok attacks someone, he rarely wins.

Because of the paranoia that Scrupus puts into Japok, Japok is usually untrusting of everyone. Occasionally, Scrupus will take a liking to someone, and those are the only creatures that Japok trusts. Basically, Japok dislikes everyone, until Scrupus ‘helps’ him to see otherwise.

Once you become friends with Japok, he might annoy you, not purposefully though. He is constantly talking out-loud to himself, and this can sometimes be construed as him talking to you. Once that is gotten past, however, he can be an interesting hobbit to befriend.


Japok was born into a long line of bakers. His parents were bakers, and their parents were bakers, and it went on like that for many generations. So, him being the third young one born to the sweet little bakers, that were his parents, he was expected to be a baker. His parents owned their own bakery, so as soon as he was old enough to walk, they started to teach him the trade. He didn’t have quite as much of a knack for cooking as his older siblings had, however. After a few years and many botched baked goods, his parents decided that maybe it would best if he was apprenticed to a worker of another trade. Japok cried for days as his father went around the shire looking for a good, upstanding hobbit, to take Japok in. Luckily, Empok – for that was his fathers name – found a nice man that Japok hadn’t yet given food poisoning to. The young hobbit cried even harder once he’d learned who it was. And this man just so happened to live right next to the family of bakers.

The man was a smith who dabbled in both wood and metal working. His name was Rugary, and he wasn’t at all cruel or mean, some might even call Rugary a model hobbit. Japok, on the other hand, hated him. Rugary, or Rug as some called him, had little slight quirks that drove Japok into fits of rage. When Rug spoke, he had a lisp at the end of every sentence. It didn’t matter what the letter at the end was, he just couldn’t help but add his signature lisp to the end. Rug had numerous tics as well, the most noticeable ones were his eye tic, arm tic, and neck tic. These mostly came from hot rivets and sparks landing on his exposed skin, causing short term physical reactions and long term mental reactions.

Besides the obvious bickering between Japok and Rug, the two led a normal life. Japok was doing exceptionally better at metallurgy than he was at baking, although that wasn’t really saying a whole lot. Japok was doing almost as well as his aging master, but that again was not saying very much. Throughout his stay with Rugary, Japok kept close ties with his parents, visiting them at least once a day. He nearly spent more time bumming food from his parents bakery than he did at Rugary’s shop, and this almost makes one wonder how much better he could have gotten at metallurgy had he actually put his mind to it.

In Rug’s smithy, he had an aged mule, named Rag. Rug and Rag were the best of friends. Late at night, Japok often caught Rug petting and talking to the old horse. Most hobbits would find this sweet, and heart-warming, Japok however, thought of it as a form of bestiality and was sickened by it. He, by no means, disliked Rag, the senile donkey, he just loathed Rugary. Japok was quite fond of the old jackass, Rag that is, not Rug, he despised him. The young child, of about 15 at the time, would often feed Rag table scraps and other food he found lying around. Japok would also confide his deepest and darkest secrets in the old mule. Rag was much too far past his prime to even listen to Japok, however, although Japok wasn’t expecting the donkey to understand anyway.

A few more years went by, and Japok was 16, then 18, and still nothing eventful happened. Japok almost begin to feel as if he was reliving the same day, over and over and over and over again. He began to grow weary of his black-smiting days, and longed for a change. He didn’t know in what form this change would come, so he decided that if he waited, it would find him. In the end, this proved to be a bad decision for the miniscule hobbit man-child.

When Japok was but a lad of 13, something life altering and tragic occurred. The donkey, known as Rag, was pronounced dead. Apparently, some troublesome hobbits had gotten into a bit too much wine, and felt like taking a cart for a joy-ride. Around this time, Rugary had just let Rag outside for a walk and some food. Japok was strolling merrily back from his parents bakery, just as he always did, when he heard thundering cart wheels. He turned around to see two screaming young banshees thundering towards him, shouting obscenities and taking Ava’s name in vain. He dived out of the way, prematurely, the cart was still a few hundred peds away, and landed safely on the ground. He looked up, and about 30 seconds later the cart went by. The horse that was coming his was whinnying, and attempting to buck, all the way into Rag. Japok watched in horror as the back tire of the cart plowed over Rag like he was a soggy vinterberry. Nobody else saw it, the young hobbits on the cart felt it, but Japok was the only one that saw it. He was in a state of shock, and just couldn’t stop staring.

Suddenly, a voice rang in his head, “You know, they meant to hit you,”
Japok turned around frantically to see where the voice had originated, because last time he noticed, nobody else was around, except for the two half-donkeys. Once he had confirmed that there was nobody around that had said it, he stared wide-eyed at the donkey.
“Rag! You spoke!” He screeched at the donkey. He jumped up off of his knees, and ran over to the donkey. But, as he approached, he noticed the state that the old mule was in.
“You know, they meant to hit you,” The voice restated, this time more matter-of-factly.
“Who said that?” Japok yelled out into the empty area. A hobbit woman popped out of her house, stared at Japok, shook her head in a disapproving manner, and then returned to her dwelling, hands on hips.
“Who said that?” The same voice repeated.
“Why are you doing this to me!” Japok sobbed, falling to his knees and putting his hands over his eyes.
“Kill them…” A completely different voice hissed quietly, sounded as if they were right in his ear.
“Who?” Japok shouted, turning around.
“Them.” That same voice stated, as if it were saying a well-known fact.
“Who are you?” He yelled, grabbing his head and spinning around.
“Who are you?” Another voice replied to Japok.
“I asked first!” Japok shouted at the apparently non-existent person.
“No,” The third voice said. “I did.”
“Kill them…” The same second voice hissed.
“They were trying to kill you, you know.” The first voice said, sounding kind of nervous this time.
“Just shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!” Japok screeched, running to his vacant house. He ran into his room and jumped onto his bed face first. He grabbed the pillow and held it tightly over his head.
“What are you trying to do to us!” The first voice Japok heard said. Japok screamed and jumped up, frightened out of his mind. The voice he heard sounded like it was directly next to him, but he had the pillow over his head.
“Kiiiiiiiillllllll them…” The third voice from above said. Immediately, Japok ran out the door to his room, then, forgetting that there was a door in the front, smacked head first into it at a high speed.

The next thing he knew, he was sitting in his bead, looking at the ceiling of his room.
“-alalalala…” He heard the third voice from the other day singing. Apparently, he had been singing for awhile, and Japok caught him in the middle of the song.
“Oh! You’re finally awake!” The same voice said merrily.
“You where trying to kill me! Weren’t you! Weren’t you?” The first voice shouted.
“Who are you?” Japok growled quietly at the voices.
“Well, we thought about it long and hard, and we decided that I’m Insolitus,” The third voice said.
“And I’m Scrupus. Not gonna try to kill me again, are you?” The first voice said.
“Smite them!” The second voice screamed.
“That’s Occisor.” Insolitus said, matter-of-factly.
“Smite and then kill them! Then burn their corpses and throw them other thems!” Occisor screamed at what sounded like the top of his lungs.
“Why?” Insolitus asked.
“Kill, smite, maim, disembowel,” Occisor added quite evilly.
“They tried to kill you, you know.” Scrupus whimpered. At this, Insolitus giggled quietly. Japok’s eyes began to water, and he jumped out of the bed. He immediately fell to the ground, so he stood back up. Insolitus giggled insanely at this and Japok forced himself to get up. He staggered to his door and it squeaked open. His mother jumped up and ran to hug him, but the young plump hobbit pushed her away. He ran in a stagger to the front door, and opened it. Japok’s mother was stunned, and waddled after him, yelling for him to come back.
“She’s trying to kill you!” Scrupus screamed over and over again.
“I like,” Insolitus said calmly, in the middle of Scrupus’ yelling, “ferrets.”

As Japok ran, he ignored the ranting of the three imbeciles. He thought that he figured out what they were. The young hobbit figured that they were voices inside his head.

Eventually, actually quite soon, Japok ran out of breath. He wasn’t in the best of shape, as he frequented his parents bakery much too often. When he stopped to take a rest, he had no idea where he was. He didn’t even know if he was still in the shire. He looked around cautiously, wandering if he would see any of these ‘Orcs’ that people were always threatening to feed him to.
“You know, they tried to kill you,” Scrupus said matter-of-factly and yet worried at the same time.
“Take a spoon, and cut out their spleens,” Occisor added a few seconds later. Japok still had no idea who either of the ‘they’ that they were referring to were. Out of nowhere, a rather tall human, appeared.

The man had just rounded a hill that was on the path Japok was on. Japok had only seen one human before, and that man was rather nice, so he figured that this one might be as well. The man hadn’t noticed him quite yet.
“He’s trying to kill you!” Scrupus screamed repeatedly. Japok jumped into the woods upon hearing this, and hid behind a tree. He was a hobbit, so he was quiet doing this. The man continued walking, not even looking Japok’s way.
“Rip out his spine!” Occisor began shouting over-and-over. Japok was going crazy because of all the voices shouting different things, so he jumped out. The man stopped for a second, but he didn’t turn around. Japok began running towards his back, and this only took a couple seconds, seeing as the man was quite close. Japok was astounded when he had the leg power to jump up and latch onto the man’s throat from behind.
“Snap his neck! Beat him to death with a rock!” Occisor offered to Japok. The man was struggling to get Japok off, but the tiny hobbit had a grip on him so tight that Japok couldn’t even let go.

Japok felt nothing, heard nothing, saw nothing but blackness as he did this. He had the vague feeling that he was shouting, but couldn’t be sure, because all he could hear was nothing. Almost a minute later, the man collapsed, and Japok let go, falling nearly a ped and a half to the ground. The miniscule hobbit was back into his usual state now, and wondering what he had just done. The man was face down, so Japok couldn’t tell if he was alive or not.
“Cut his tongue out with a spoon!”
“I don’t have a spoon!” Japok retorted loudly.
“He tried to kill you,” Scrupus puled feebly.
“Oooooh,” Insolitus squealed happily, “He’s got a pretty sword,” Japok looked at the man’s waist, and yes, the man did in fact have a nice looking short sword. It was practically a long sword in Japok’s hands, and when he put it in a loop on his pants, it fit perfectly, the sword was just a few nailsbreadths from the ground. Japok slowly kneeled down beside the man and reached towards his face. The man was breathing, just very shallowly. Japok was relieved, Scrupus on the other hand, was not.
“He’s gonna kill you!” He began screaming again.
“Gouge his eyes out with a fork!” Occisor shouted passionately.
Japok stood up quickly, and began walking the way the human was headed. He figured that there must be something that way if the man was going there. As he walked up the road, he encountered very few people. On the way, he had a very pleasant conversation with his voices, and he learned some more about each of them. He ate berries from bushes as he walked, defing Scrupus' notions that the berries were poisionous and that Japok would not wake up if he fell asleep.

After a few days of walking, the forest thinned out and he could see a large city in the distance. A few people were around, and Scrupus was going crazy. Japok put his hands over his ears and began shouting and singing anything he could think of as he ran to the city. He had his head bent forward as he ran, and his eyes closed, so he had no idea where he was headed.
“Hey! You there! Little boy! Stop! Stop in the name of the Earl of Nyermersys!” The gate guard of the gate that Japok was approaching shouted. The young hobbit couldn’t hear the man, however, and plowed right into him. Japok fell down, but the man stayed standing up, because he was heavily armored, being a guard and all.
“You alright little boy?”
“He’s trying to kill you!” Scrupus shouted vehemently. Japok jumped up and began beating on the guards armor. He was in rage. All was silent for him. Soon after Japok started beating on the guard, the guard clubbed him over the head and the young hobbit was knocked unconscious.

When he awoke, he was in a bed in a tiny room. There was one human woman standing next to the bed, looking down at him. She had a big smile on her face. For once, Scrupus wasn’t screaming at the top of his lungs either. He actually seemed to like the woman.
“Little boy? Are you feeling alright now?” The sweet young woman asked politely. He was after all, a little boy of only 13 years old. Occisor seemed to be sleeping or something, as Japok didn’t hear him saying anything. And Insolitus was also quiet. After awhile, Scrupus’ voice slowly faded, and Japok was all alone with the woman.
“Erm… err…” The young hobbit was finding it difficult to talk, and could only mumble and sputter.
“You might find it difficult to talk, little one. You were hurt quite badly, so we had to give you quite a few healing herbs. That might have affected you a little bit.” The young woman was very sweet. Japok got a weird tingling feeling all over him whenever he looked at her, but the well informed young berserk figured it was just the drugs they’d given him.
‘M… ame. ist.. Japok..” He managed to get out. That seemed to fully exhaust him, and he immediately went into a comatose state.

He awoke a few days later. He was now in a bigger room, with two nurses. Both of them where not sweet young women, but cranky old women.
“The little snot is finally up!” One of the two plump old women snorted to the other. He was hoping Occisor or Scrupus would spur him on, but the drugs still seemed to be affecting him.
“Ger’ up ya lil’ hobbeter!” The second one shouted. He closed his eyes tightly, and began to shout hoarsely. After about of minute of the old women screaming at him to shut up, he passed out again.

The next time he woke up, it was about a week later. He was in an average sized room, with a short, quiet, scholarly looking old male elf.
“I see you are awake young Japok.” The old said tenderly. Japok began to speak, but the old man interrupted him before he could begin.
“No! Don’t talk. I want you awake as long as possible.” He laughed at this, but Japok decided not to, because it wasn’t funny to him.
“I want to ask you a few questions. Blink once for yes, and twice for no. Got it?” Japok blinked once.
“Very good! Now, the first question; do you hear voices in your head?” Japok blinked once.
‘I thought as much…” The old elf sighed, “Now, the second question; Do you feel alright?” Japok had no idea how many times to blink to indicate that he was tired, so he simply closed his eyes.

Before he knew it, he was awake again. The old elf was now accompanied by the young nurse from before.
“You should feel much better now Japok.” The sweet young lady chimed in. “Try to speak!” She urged indulgently.
“I do feel much better.” Japok squeaked out. It was quite an improvement from before, however.
“If you take this herb at least once a day, those voices will be gone.” The old elf added politely. “It should be working now. It is, isn’t it?” Japok nodded meekly. He didn’t know whether or not to be happy. The old sage started to leave, but Japok yelped for him to stop.
"Why was I brought here after being knocked out by the guard?"
"Oh, that's simple. They had you in jail for attacking a royal guard. I saved you from there. I have quite a bit of influence in this old town." The old elf replied, smirking as he left. Japok let out another sharp yelp before the aged sage could leave.
"Who were those two old women nurses, and why was I switched to that room?"
"Ahh, that also has a simple answer," The elf replied, "I save many people from execution at the hands of the guards. There was another young man who got in trouble and was thrown in jail. I brought him here, and you got my master bedroom. The elderly women weren't nurses, but my maids, and they said it wasn't part of their job to look after 'bratty lil' chillings'. You were moved back here because the boy got better." The elderly elf winked and Japok and bounded off suddenly, as he didn't feel like answering anymore of Japok's questions at the moment.

Japok grew up with the old elf. The man lived in the house in which Japok had been staying. The man was a well-to-do scholar, and a very kind hearted old soul. The young nurse worked for the old man, and Japok found this quite appealing. He grew up around her, and she was only about 5 years older than him, so he felt very comfortable around her. Her name was Arela, and Japok thought it was the most beautiful word to say in the entire world of Caelereth.

As he grew up with Ther'Ath, for that was the old elf’s name, he was happy. Much happier than he was with Rug. He didn’t have to work quite as much, and when he did, it was only odd jobs. Japok was treated surprisingly well by his Nyermersysians, even though he was a hobbit. He lived this way for 10 years. It was very peaceful and serene. Besides the rare odd happenings, he led a much more normal life than he would have had he lived in the shire.

So, when he reached the age of twenty, he decided to leave the city and travel the world. He didn’t know it, but even though he couldn’t hear the voices, they were still very much there. The three insane voices were influencing his every thought, but he had no idea. He hadn’t actually heard the voices in 10 years, so he had all but forgotten them. A normal hobbit would never seek to see the world, but when you have a psychotic telling you and coercing you, you are much more likely to do irrational things. He did, however, incredibly regret the fact that if he left, he would have to leave Arela there, at Nyermersys. He begged and pleaded with her to go with him, but she was still completely sane, so she had no desire to go. She wasn’t in love with Japok anyway, as Japok was with her. He waited for a week, trying to win her over, but it was not to be. Arela married another, and Japok’s heart was crushed. The relatively young hobbit decided that he must leave now, to get his mind off of her.

Japok left in a hurry. He told nobody he was leaving, not even his old dying mentor. In leaving, he forgot to grab his herbs. These were the herbs that he had grown accustomed to taking everyday, the ones that kept the voices away. He was fine the first day after he left. The mini berserk had brought food with him and a change of clothes. He didn’t know where he was headed, just that he had to go somewhere.

After about a day, he suddenly heard a very familiar voice.
“You tried to kill me!” The voice shouted.
“Scrupus?” Japok screamed in surprise and alarm.
“You tried to kill me!” Another familiar voice shouted.
“Insolitus?” Japok shouted with exasperation.
“Kill…” The last familiar voice moaned, drawing out the last syllable.
“Nooooooo!” Japok moaned hoarsely.
“You were trying to kill me!” Scrupus shouted accusingly.
“Why? Why did you come back?” Japok asked.
“Why, my dear Japok, we never left!” Insolitus replied happily.

After the initial shock of having his voices back was over, he became more comfortable with them. But, on the other side, as he grew with them, and listened to them, he conformed more with their beliefs. When Scrupus would shout about people trying to kill him, Japok would heed these warnings. When Occisor would begin to rant about brutally murdering things, Japok would go into a berserk fury just to get him to shut up. When he this berserk mode, Japok would be completely oblivious to what he was doing.

Following this lifestyle, the tiny berserk grew very paranoid. He would often attack people at Occisor’s command, only to wake up in an infirmary or some kind of hospital. Japok went on roaming around, attacking people, only to end up in an infirmary.


Japok is relatively strong for someone of his stature.

He is quite agile, this compensates for his lack of strength.

Japok is somewhat proficient with a short sword or dagger. He just doesn’t have much strength so swing them with.


Japok is a hobbit, so obviously he is not strong compared to a human or elf.

His problem with the voices is a big draw back.

When in a berserk rage he is oblivious to the world around him, and he gains no added abilities in this stage.

- One pair of clothes, which he wears all the time
- A sack in which he carries food, when he has it (this is usually tied to his belt loop)
- A finely crafted short sword  


Indifference will be the downfall of mankind, but who cares?


"Man, being reasonable, must get drunk; The best of life is but intoxication."
- Lord Byron
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