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Author Topic: Character Description Archives ~ V  (Read 1672 times)
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Bahran the big
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« on: October 29, 2003, 08:36:22 AM »

Character Description Archives


Welcome to the Approved Characters Archives.  In here you can find most of the approved characters that have come through this board.  Please note that some may have been lost or some may not be added to the archives yet.


  2. If you wish to edit you CD {Character Description) you will need to copy it from here and edit it in the original CD thread at the top of the board.  It will then be either edited in this archive or the thread will be moved once you are finished to this forum.  Then if I am in the mood I update it in the archives.

  3. Once a CD has been placed in the archives it original thread will be removed.  So if you first see that your original CD is no where to be found check out the Archives here.  If still you see no hint of it, it may be that it has been pushed off the end of the world and been lost forever.  This Archive is created to prevent that from happening.

  4. Only Admins are allowed to post within the Archives, with the few exceptions of Mods who we grant.  This is to prevent people from messing this Archive up in their process of editing something..

  5. Each CD that is in the Archive has been obtained from the thread from the CD with the newest date on it.  If there was more than two CD's in one thread I have taken the one with the newest date on it.

  6. Please note there there is always a place of mistake.  So if something isn't the way you want it don't start yelling at a admin who tried to do something good.



Indifference will be the downfall of mankind, but who cares?

Edited by: Bahran the big at: 10/29/03 3:39

"Man, being reasonable, must get drunk; The best of life is but intoxication."
- Lord Byron
Bahran the big
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Gender: Male
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« Reply #1 on: October 29, 2003, 01:19:22 PM »

Voltaire Terenos

Gender: Male

Age: 346

Race: Elf

Tribe: Aellenrhim

Title: Lieutenant/Elite Archers with Injèrá Battalion
For Class/Title Area under name: Elite Archer is fine (not to say I’m a very good archer but to say simply what my official title is)


Physical- As is the average for his tribe Voltaire is shorter than most elves toping off at only 1.8 peds. His skin is a bit darker than most of the members of his family but only because of the fact he spends much time out of the forests and has built up a slight tan. His eyes are a dark blue also not uncommon of his tribe. His hair is a threaded combination of dirty blonde and gold with both hews easily visible leaving the effect that his hair was dyed although it certainly has not. Voltaire usually keeps his hair held back with a simple cloth string from his forehead tied behind his head with some feathers. His overall body type is slender yet muscular which is usual for a person of his race/occupation.

Clothing- As stated earlier Voltaire keeps his hair behind his head with a woolen cloth string, which is tied tightly from his forehead to behind his head just above the neck, a few feathers are also tied to the string which he keeps mostly for decoration. During most of the year he wears a thin woolen long-sleeve tunic, off-white in color. The sleeves are exactly one ‘palmspan’ longer than normal. Each side of tunic for the same length has two slits on the sides so that the tunic can be folded over the over-coat. Worn above the tunic is a dark-green over coat made of cowhide dyed green by grass stains. The over coats sleeves are right where the should e so the excess material of the tunic can be fold over right at the wrist to make the outfit look slightly more decorative. Voltaire’s trousers are held up by simple brown leather belt. The trousers themselves are made from the same material and of the same color as the overcoat. When the weather turns colder Voltaire also has a heavy woolen hooded cloak. His boots are made also of animal skin of which even he doesn’t know which, they are brown and go about a quarter the way up his leg so that they reach high enough up so his trousers can be tucked in them at the bottom when the weather becomes cool, during the majority of the year he just keeps his pants over the boots.


Generally Elves are more conservative in emotion than are humans, not to say they have none, but they can be control them. Voltaire is no exception, usually he is rather mellow as he has nothing much to be sad about. He has very few likes or dislikes, most people find him conservatively optimistic. When he comes across a new person he is neutral in his feelings toward the person no matter their race, so he lets their actions speak for their personalities. Most people find him to be a good-hearted elf that is generally honest and trustworthy. He is not perfect, but he isn’t a scoundrel either.


The following short history of Voltaire’s Life is direct excerpts from a series of novels entitled “The History of the Elite Archers” by Nevaria Terenos 2052 a.S.

“On a foggy morning over 346 years ago an elf was born to a respected family, his name Voltaire Terenos. After twelve hours of labor he came into the world after a complicated birth. His umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck and it took the local healer to revive him, from the day he was born he was lucky, lucky to be survive his birth, luckier still to be born into a family of prominence and of power in the community. His Mother, a bard and a scribe, taught the histories and languages in his the Aellenrhim village. Voltaire’s Father was a farmer by trade but also the elder of the family in which gave him political control over his village maintaining peace and order throughout his rule. Voltaire was not an only child; he had an older brother and an older sister. His brother was twenty-eight and his sister thirteen when Voltaire was born, they were not so a happy as his parents on the day of his birth.

His Siblings were not evil but were jealous of the attention Voltaire received, no love was withheld from them but they were children and these things a just natural. For his first few years they picked on him a little, just enough to get themselves noticed. Voltaire was never really harmed by this; in fact it made him a little bit tougher. There were a few times when his older brother would get out of hand though, one such example happened on Voltaire’s 24th birthday. A family fried had given him his first bow, while Voltaire was running around and playing with another toy, his brother grabbed the bow and took some arrows from his father’s quiver, he began shooting at Voltaire not to hit him but just to scare him a little, unfortunately his aim a bit better than he thought and one fateful arrow met its unintended target. After a few moments of pure terror and screaming by Voltaire, A healer was able to get a look at the wound. Luckily it only scratched his right cheek just a flesh wound, it would scar slightly but he would be fine.

For nearly ten years Voltaire wouldn’t not touch a bow, his friends began practicing to get ready to be a elite archer all of them dreaming but knowing only a select few would even get to officially try out. The begged him for months to come with them down to the creek to do target practice on apples they laid out along an old stone fence. Finally after he could take their pleas no further, Voltaire agreed t go with his friends down to the creek. Five arrows and five apples later Voltaire had a grin form ear to ear and his friends couldn’t even raise their jaws back. Being actually good at something was new to Voltaire, he found that magic escaped him, and his singing voice was about as beautiful as a drowning cows. After his lessons in various Elven and Human languages Voltaire ran down to the creek to practice. Till night took the daylight away he would try new ways to better his skills moving targets consisted of placing various fruits on top of wood and floating them downstream, later as he progressed further his friends were coaxed into running with apples on their heads. I’m not saying he never missed but at least when he did he never killed anyone.

When he finally came of age enough to try out for the elite archers, Voltaire could hardly contain himself as he and his father departed for a nearby village where a defensive battalion was holding trials for those who wanted to enter their training school. At the age of 130, Voltaire had is one chance to become an elite archer, to become the dream of every Aellenrhim youth. The trials were unimaginably difficult and the pass rate was non-existent of the dozens who tried out only three of the youths had passed. Now Voltaire had to choose whether to move from his home to train to become an elite archer or to stay home and farm his fathers land, he returned home. Once his belongings were carefully packed, he said his goodbyes to his family for it would be some months till his first leave from training, his dream had come true, but his nightmare was only beginning.

When I say he went to their training school, I should have said they allowed him to follow an offensive battalion and train with some of the archers while they were on patrol. It was a portable school. At other times he would be instructed to return to The Bolder Forest to stay with the defensive battalions, he usually slept outdoors which was miserable at the start but then he grew accustomed to it, in fact he can now rarely find comfort in beds. After nearly forty-five years of non-stop training he was finally allowed to take the graduation trials, this series of tests would decide whether he would be allowed to become an active member of the Elite Archers and if so whether he would be placed with the three defensive battalions, or if he would be skilled enough to join one of the two offensive battalions.

Just to give you a hint of an idea of how hard these trials were, I will give you an example of on e of the tests. It consisted of 5 moving targets which were 5 targets (approx: one ‘palmspan’ in diameter) placed on ropes that were on pulley systems each target was 10 feet behind the next one with the closest one to Voltaire being nearly 100 ‘peds’ away. Each target had its own pulley system operated by some archers. Voltaire was given 5 arrows but only 10 seconds to hit all 5 targets, he could not miss one shot and the time limit meant he had only enough time to take 3 maybe four shots at the targets which required him to shoot at least 2 arrows at a time. He was given 2 chances to pass the test, which he passed the first time in 8 seconds flat. This was the level 6 test of exactly 20 levels, the higher the number the higher the difficulty. After 3 days of these grueling trials cross-country sprints, he was allowed to take a week off to visit his family before he was to move out with his new battalion named Injèrá after the sun, this was an offensive battalion, he could not have hoped for a better placement.

The first years of being an official Elite Archer were quite dull, he was mostly sent to be a messenger between the different units among the battalion, and was also given grunt work by anyone who wanted to pick on the “rookie”. He spent over sixty years before his first major skirmish. It seemed an large party of bandits, were heading south just outside of the Thaelon when a elven scout group stumbled upon them. A messenger and two other elite archers were on messenger duty and were just walking through a glade on route from delivering a message between the Thaelon and the Bolder when they happened upon the evening camp of the bandits, they were quickly spotted and hunted by the bandits as they fled to return to the elf base, than ran like the wind but it seemed the Bandits came from no where, one elf was caught by 3 cross-bow arrows and went down, another elf, lost his balance and tripped to the ground, trying to get up he was overcome with several of the thieving warriors, he reached for his arrows and was able to fell two bandits before he was finally killed, with 2 of the three scouts dead only one was left all hope of getting the message through rested on him.

As he got closer to the elf base camp he passed by a sleeping elf archer and screamed at him while never losing a step, “get up for the grace of the gods, run for your life depends on it!” The elf, Voltaire startled by the yell stood up and turned to where the scout had come from, bandits by the dozens were only seconds away, he drew his bow back and began to fire, he felled at least six of them before they got to close and he had to run, the elf camp was only half a ‘dash’ away and he was able to make there. When he crossed the clearing just before the encampment over a hundred elite archers stood bows fully drawn, it was quite a sight and the happiest of his life. Over forty of the thieving warriors were slain before they even knew what had hit them, the rest fled north and most of them were picked off by he other offensive battalion that was called in.

For his acts of bravery and skill in combat Voltaire was given command of his own unit of men within the battalion, with this new power was given a new title, Lieutenant. He was now an officer in the Elite Archers; he now reached the height of his career within the Elite Archers. Fortunately or should I say un-fortunately for him a general peace swept over the land for decades, the job became boring and Voltaire spent more and more time on leave visiting the lands of other elves to pick up new techniques for archery. Also during this time he had to spend more and more time repairing his own bow since he didn’t have the luxury of an Aellenrhim Fletcher. He became almost half decent at making his own arrows and bows.

After a rather long trip visiting the Tethinrhim elves and teaching advanced archery to their famed Kaierian Warriors, he was summoned to his Battalion Commander, the Captain of the Bowers. His commanding officer instructed Voltaire to spread his wings even further, during such times as these being a soldier was particularly boring, so Voltaire was allowed to leave the Elite Archers to teach Archery to other Elven and Human tribes in order to help create a more friendly relationship between the Aellenrhim and the rest of the Kingdom.

Now at the age of 330 he was now on his own, still an Elite Archer but now also a representative for all of his tribe. He was hired to teach archery workshops and clinics to human peasants and noblemen alike. Two years after he was out on his own he has hired by the City of Ximax to teach its town guard the finer points of Archery, there he met a recent graduate of the magical school their, Ephin StormCast was not similar to Voltaire in any matter but for their pointy ears, but they become best of friends.

Now Voltaire spent his free time hanging Out with his new friend hitting the pub and placing bets with young mages about how many times he can hit a stationary target with his head facing back words, only using a mirror to aim. His best attempt to date is fourteen and that’s when the target is 25 'peds' away. Voltaire is almost done working with the city, and is currently in search of another job, he has considered returning home, but now both his parents are dead, and his siblings have both moved away, so he just doesn’t see any good reason. He has also considered officially quitting the Elite Archers top become a full time mercenary, but he feels that would break his sacred oath to his people. For now he’ll hire himself out for any good cause as long has he has permission from his battalion commander.”

This takes us to the present time of the current world, to find out how this story ends check in a hundred years or so.

-Voltaire is an expert Archer and is decent with a short sword, although not an expert with it by any means.
-Voltaire being normal for most of his tribe has a vast knowledge of most major languages of Santharia, he can speak fluently all known elf tongues and is very good with Human as well his Dwarvish is not bad, but he struggles with all Orcish tongues.
-Voltaire has superb stamina and above average strength for an elf of his age and tribe.
-Through necessity Voltaire became a novice Fletcher/Bowyer, he is good enough to sell his own bows and arrows but he isn’t a master craftsman either.

-Voltaire has little knowledge of Magic and unlike most elves he has almost no sense of it at all so he cannot sense if something has been changed by magic, or created by it.
-Voltaire doesn’t see people as good or bad until he sees what they do, so he can be too trustworthy at times, but he does now an enemy when he sees one.
-Voltaire is not very comfortable in very small spaces, maybe even enough to be considered claustrophobic.
-Voltaire never saw the ocean until after he turned 200 years old, he cannot swim at all.

-Clothing (previously described)
-A long bow
-A quiver full of arrows
-A simple yet well made short sword
-One over-the-shoulder carrying bag with some food rations, herbs for basic healing and a journal for personal notes.


Indifference will be the downfall of mankind, but who cares?


"Man, being reasonable, must get drunk; The best of life is but intoxication."
- Lord Byron
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