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Author Topic: Side Plot-Ch. 2: Leaving Ximax (Hier, Talin, Shaendru)  (Read 1668 times)
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Hieronimus Kupfdrubus
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« on: April 22, 2004, 04:06:22 PM »

Hieronimus hurries down the street, following the man who has addressed him -  with his old name, Will Weatherman, Hiero had used when he was well known in many parts of Santharia. He was a cleric of Grothar from the local  shrine, and he brought a message from an old friend.

Will, my friend, I‘m in need of your help. Please come and see me immediately - I‘m currently in the shrine. Maybe it is not too late yet.  SM{}

SM{}, that was the signature of his old friend Silent Man. There was no doubt.

After a walk of about half an hour, they reach the entrance of the temple.

Hieronimus had wanted to talk to the man who lead him to the temple of Grothar, but obviously he was far younger than Hiero and in a better condition - so Hiero needed all his breath to follow the young man.

„Please follow me! The one who wants to speak to you is in the upper storey!“ the young man tells hiero and makes short inviting movement with his hand, then turns round without waiting for a reaction.

Hieronimus‘ eyebrows are furrowing another time this day, but he follows without commends to a room in the back of the building.

There , in an room with just a bed, a chair, a small table, but a shelve full of books, an old cleric paces through the room till he notices the new arrival. His hair is white, and his eyes look wise, though a bit forlorn as well. When seeing Hieronimus, he stops and hurries to them, taking Hieros'‘ hands and saying a warm welcome - without mentioning his name. Then he turns to  the messenger saying:

“Thank you Kuri, you may go to bed now. Good night.“

The young man leaves. Only when the door is closed entirely, the old cleric takes Hiero at the shoulders welcoming him again:

“I‘m so glad Kuri found you and brought you back. But come and have a seat on my bed, unfortunately I can‘t offer you a better seat - but a jug of fresh spring water.“ He pours water in two mugs, giving one to Hiero.

“ You know, that I‘m as well used to hard beds as you are. What is your concern, my friend?“ Hiero asks.

The old cleric starts pacing  the room again. After a short time of silence, he starts to talk to Hiero.

„After you left yesterday morning to buy your travelequipement for your voyage a messenger arrived from Horth. He reported, that there again somebody is disturbing, influencing the weather - but he seems to hide in the Shivering Woods or at least at their rim. They wouldn‘t bother, if the changing weather would not endanger their crops. They also think, that it doesn‘t look as if it is a mage from Ximax, but a crack brained cleric of Grothar. But my suspicion is, that there is more brewing than this. Horth stopped recently its support for the temple of Grothar, and I‘m afraid, we have some young apprentices among us who still miss the wisdom of age. So I need somebody to look after the problem. I don‘t know, whom to send, because I‘m not sure, if some of our young men sympathise with those in the woods. You are my only chance. They don‘t know you any more, you were away in this Manthrian province for too long: And I advise you, no I beg you, be careful. Change your clothes, hide.  Will you do this for me?“

“ How can I decline a wish from an old friend? I owe you so much. But you know, why I‘m no longer an active cleric, Will Weatherman is no more. So what could I do?“

“ Just observe, report back or send an reliable messenger. You might not be able to intervene, but you will detect the truth behind the happenings. Don‘t hurry, take your time tomorrow to find an approbate guise. I don‘t want to see you hurt.“

“ Well, that fits well to my plans. I met a couple of young folks today with which I wanted to travel anyway. They will start this morning, but with Grey I will overtake them soon. good, my friend, I will leave when Injèrá will rise the second time from now on. And tomorrow I will find some new clothes, unfortunately they can‘t be grey - I won‘t be my own self.“

“ Thank you , my friend. Please stay overnight. And Grothar shall be with you! “

Both old men hug again, then Hiero leaves to find an empty guest room with a simple bed to lie on.

The next morning, after sunrise, Hiero wakes up and finds a pouch with quite a few sans on the chair next to his bed.

That is really a nice prospect - that will enable me to find a good cover! he thinks.

He is dressed soon and hurries out of the temple, when he hears someone saying to him:

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« Reply #1 on: June 03, 2005, 02:21:22 PM »

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