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Author Topic: Quegon (new and improved,,, well new at least)  (Read 1669 times)
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New Santharian

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« on: April 19, 2003, 08:47:22 PM »

Name: Quegon

Race: Human

Tribe: Centoraurian

Age: Unknown thought to be in his 20's

Gender: Male

profession: Assassion

Appearance: Quegon apears to be thin and of a small stature though his eyes are a sky blue, which seem to shimmer with innocence when looked at, his hair is black although small streaks of borwn can be seen at the tips of his hair. Quegons skin once white is now tan due to long days under the sun although the area around his neck is scarred white from an injury earlier in life, he wears a black faded cape and hood that looks to be years older than Quegon himself whilst under the cap Quegon wears a full attire of dark clothing form black to brown.

Quegon is very cunning and spends most of his time surveying his surroundings and never sitting still unless asleep, and even then he sleeps lightly, Quegon is slow to trust people except those who attempt to kill him in which case he will trust that they will sometime in the future attempt to try again. Quegon has a liking for forest areas and can happiliy live in them for great periods of time, on the other hand however he dislikes being in citys too long and will often only stay for a day or two. Elves whatever clan or reputation are all considered as a friend to Quegon and he will always strive to become a friend to anyhow he may happen to cross paths with. Quegon has a dislike of necromancers and will be distrustfull to any.

Quegon spent most of his young life in a small hamlet north of Nyermersys, of which now no longer exists. Although Quegon hasn't much memory before his villiage was destroyed the night of its destruction still haunts him. Quegon was just a young boy when his villiage came under attack by an small army of undead, in retaliation of the monsters the villiagers were forced to set fire to their homes to stop the hoard, Quegons father the only warrior in the villiage did his best to fight off the hoard and was winning the battle till the creaters of the undead hoard showed himself. Quegons father fought the Necromancer with everything he had but was killed in the battle the necromancer then turned to making the villiagers apart of his army, Quegon the whole time watched helplessly at the base of a small fountain in the villiage, he went to his fathers side and for a moment was filled with sadness that his father had died, but soon took his fathers sword and attacked the necromancer. This caught the necromancer off guard and Quegon was able to deliever a fatal blow to the necromancer making the magic binding the undead to his will fade. The necromancer was forced to retreat, unfortunatly for Quegon he was the last person alive in his villiage, this inturn drove him away from his long time home.

Quegon walked for 3 days and night before collapsing in a forrest where he was found by an oucast, A drow, the drow took him into his care. Quegon spent many days in a coma of which he awoke only after he was near death. The drow introduced himself as Lomar, he had been outcast by his people for he had followed a path of kindness and virtue after living amonst humans for too long. Quegon at first was weary of Lomar but as the days and weeks moved on he eventualy came to think of him as a second father and Lomar came to raise Quegon as his own, Quegon learnt skills such as swordsmanship and tracking from the Drow and as the years moved on began to learn the arts of the assassin from Lomar, with the desire that one day he may use this to finsih what he had started the night the necromancer attacked.

After many years Quegon grew closer to both Lomar and his sword when Lomar announced that they would be travelling to a nearby city, Nyermersys, Quegon knew this city as it had been apart of his fathers life as a farmer. Lomar lead Quegon through the forest in which they had lived and south to the city, but a day before they reached the city they camped and Lomar readied Quegon for one last leason, "Quegon even the smallest stone can make the largest ripple" he said quietly standing infront of Quegon "you must never let the events of the past come about in your future as history is just a repetion of itself" and with that Lomar stepped forward towards Quegon "never let your guard down and always trust those of akin" with that said Lomar struck Quegon across the head making him fall unconscious. When Quegon awoke Lomar was gone, Quegon instinctivly headed towards the city and upon arrival found the body of Lomar hanging from a tree. Quegon filled with anger spent days finding the ones responsible for killing his foster parent and eventualy found who he was looking for and in the night he went to their homes whilst they were sleeping and slashed their necks then hung them like a woodsman bleeding a pig.

After that Quegon set out knowing that there was no turning back for him, nor would he ever rest safly till the creater of his present was dead. He set out to kill the necromancer that kill his soul...

- Quegon, although very agile and fast, isn't able to take much of a beating
- will react before thinking which can sometimes get him into trouble
- Quegon is very slow to make friends and is only trusting towards elves no matter what their intentions
- will not stay in towns for more than a few days
- Quegon isn't capable of killing a person unless that person has killed someone close to Quegon

- Quegon excels in all form of assassination and stealth/infiltration.
- all forms of swordsmanship and unarmed combat and is also familiar with crossbows, bows and throwing dagges and the like
- Quegon is able to dodge attack with uncanny accuarcy and speed
- knows some forms of healing
- able to react well with dangerous situations
- has endurance, agility and speed

-A black faded cape with a hood sown onto the top of which belonged to his foster father Lomar
-the single sided blade that once belonged to his father as well as its special sling and sheath which allows the owner to wear it on their back
-a small about of throwing daggers
-a pack which he wears at his hip in which he keeps any possesions he may have at the time

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New Santharian

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« Reply #1 on: April 19, 2003, 09:49:22 PM »

plz escuse my spellling and grammar, skool not well did do I at subject those.
so feel free to mention any spelling/grammar mistakes I might have made, my spell checker still isn't working and has a tendency to delete whole sentences :(


New Santharian

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« Reply #2 on: April 20, 2003, 02:42:22 AM »

Hmmm it needs something....maybe...a ferret!:lol  

In the begining I was weak.  Now I have purpose.  Stay me from my path and the Gods themselves cannot save you.

New Santharian

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« Reply #3 on: October 02, 2003, 03:16:22 AM »

Just putting a note here so I remeber to update my profile to include my Characters race in the furture.



Indecision kills so decide a Quick death or a slow one


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