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Author Topic: Character Description Archives ~ D  (Read 2393 times)
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Elf, Ylfferhim

« on: October 20, 2003, 09:39:22 AM »

Character Description Archives


Welcome to the Approved Characters Archives.  In here you can find most of the approved characters that have come through this board.  Please note that some may have been lost or some may not be added to the archives yet.


  2. If you wish to edit you CD {Character Description) you will need to copy it from here and edit it in the original CD thread at the top of the board.  It will then be either edited in this archive or the thread will be moved once you are finished to this forum.  Then if I am in the mood I update it in the archives.

  3. Once a CD has been placed in the archives it original thread will be removed.  So if you first see that your original CD is no where to be found check out the Archives here.  If still you see no hint of it, it may be that it has been pushed off the end of the world and been lost forever.  This Archive is created to prevent that from happening.

  4. Only Admins are allowed to post within the Archives, with the few exceptions of Mods who we grant.  This is to prevent people from messing this Archive up in their process of editing something..

  5. Each CD that is in the Archive has been obtained from the thread from the CD with the newest date on it.  If there was more than two CD's in one thread I have taken the one with the newest date on it.

  6. Please note there there is always a place of mistake.  So if something isn't the way you want it don't start yelling at a admin who tried to do something good.


*Dwana Ahlam ~ last updated on 4/19/03 ~ titled
*Daermion Ere'andalar ~ last updated on 4/7/03 ~ titled
*Dine Meridan ~ last updated on 2/25/03 ~ believed to be abandoned
* on this thread

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Wind Waker
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Gender: Male
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Elf, Ylfferhim

« Reply #1 on: October 20, 2003, 10:40:22 AM »


My Website ~ ~Santharia~ Live the Dream


Wind Waker
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Gender: Male
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Elf, Ylfferhim

« Reply #2 on: October 20, 2003, 10:41:22 AM »

Name: Dwana AhlamReturn to the top
Race: Human
Tribe: Caltharian
Age: 18
Desired Title: Assassin
Occupation: Wanderer and Assassin
Gender: Female

Eyes: very light snowy blond in colour, quite small and narrow in shape, good for giving people piecing glares.
Hair: very long hair ,around about 4 palmspan ( about 30 cm.) , worn in lots of small plaits on her shoulders, same colour as eyes, wild but straight in texture.
Skin: very milky white and pale skin, almost transparent can see veins underneath skin very clearly.
other: thin and quite small for age works at an advantage because she is still agile so can become more unnoticed. Attractive if you like the mysterious look.
Clothing: white hood and cloak covering grey tunic and trousers.

She wanted to be free but now that she is. She does not know what to do in the future, . Her perfect place would be a cliff on a windy ridge with a stormy sea below because it is unique but beautiful. She loves Riding, Favourite animal is a horse because there gracefulness and elegance (things she doesn't have). Her perfect house would have no windows or doors and be made of stone, so even though Sou'cald moss might grow on its surface in would still be there .
She hates tradition for example dying cloth, rules and anything homely and warm.
Her Mother dying when she was 13 years old, made her see she was not meant for the life she lead, she knew she was no warrior or no house wife, she realised she was different.
She is quite a depressive and quiet person. Very sad and unhappy. She was a rebel to traditions and customs but now has learnt to just dislike them deeply. Not very trusting, scared to make friends. Suffers from nightmares on her childhood ever since she ran away from home at the age of 14.

Born in Carmalad. Lived with Mother Jeannie and Father Heath ,traders and makers of dyed cloth and three sisters Lily (3 years older), Judith and Jade (twins, 2 years older). She was the youngest which meant she had to try hardest to please her father. Her mother, she formed a close bond with because she understood how hard it was to try and be respected because she had to do it in the past when she was the youngest in her family. She would listen to her and answer all her curious questions about what happens after we die? and why can birds fly and we can't? Her sisters acted as if she wasn't there or too young to do talk to, she tried to please them and act grown up but they just laughed at her. Her father didn't listen to her, he didn't have the time to talk to his youngest daughter, and he had to make sure the family survived.

13 years old, She gets sick of being ignored by her father and sisters. In the middle of the night, she sneaks past her sleeping family and out of the house, runs away and getting to the edge of the city before her mother and father finds her and start chasing her.
She stops running when she sees her mother being trampled to death by a carriage and horses when she runs into the road trying to catch up with her daughter. She becomes rebellious, blaming herself for her mothers death because she was the one that lead her there, if she hadn't of runaway, her mother would still be alive. Her father and sisters are treating her badly, her father is now ignoring that her sisters are bullying her, telling her it's all her fault.

14 years old, Her father is beating her up now and the family is in poverty, he says they can't feed all of them, so only him and the oldest sister eats. She makes a final break from the prison of her home while her father is trading with a merchant. She take goes though the window and steals her father's horse Sacra, she'll gain more ground if she rides, her realises she'll need a weapon for protection. In the cart belonging to the man her father was trading with, she found a dagger, she takes it. She then rides to Santhala, where she finds out she has stolen a Sliverphial or Crystal Dagger (go here - www.santharia.com/compend...dagger.htm ). When she meets a sick old man in a broken down jewellery shop, he was the assassin when he was younger so teaches her how to use it.

16 years old, The old man teaches her how to adapt the dagger onto other weapons and how to work the mechanism inside for the poison. But soon he dies from old age and sickness. She has to leave, she is poor and has no money. She assassinates widows and widowers for there heir's while adapting her crystal dagger with a iron chain so when the dagger is thrown or shot into someone as soon as the poison penetrates the victim's blood stream (about 1 second). The chain pulls the dagger back into the users hand so she never loses the dagger.

18 years old, Hearing about how the old man was an assassin and how to kill a victim made her decide to be one. She builds up a bigger reputation as one working in Sanguia, She has assassinated 26 important people already (7 widows, 8 widowers, 5 merchants, 5 officers and one mad gambler). Soon has to face competition so she decides to look for other lines of work having to sell her horse and leave the city.....

Terrible at being polite and is not very strong.
Also hates onions, They makes her skin go pinkish white compared to normal milky white. They makes her cry very easily (she can't cry except when she is near them). She can smell them from far away.

She can ride a horse. Like a normal Caltharian brought up she was with the skill to dye cloth.
Her skill is to become unnoticed, (no will notice her so no one will see her for example stealing something or sneaking into a house). She does this stopping anything that is unnecessary, that makes a impact on the world e.g. she slows her breathing down and does not run, She imagines that all the impact she is making on the world has disappeared. She developed this when she was a child and bullied by her father as her defence.
She is very skilled with her Sliverphial (has raw talent for the skill in using the weapon on its own or adapted).

Normal bag containing daily essentials; Water bottle, comb, soap bar.
One Sliverphial, her most prize possession with her wooden long bow, long sword and spear.  Return to the top

- Daermion Ere'andalar Return to the top

- Male

- 28

- Human

- Erpheronian

- Stormscape Mage (Male Human)

- Daermion?s hair is long and has the colour of a black raven but recently he has been dying a hint of purple into it. His eyes are two dark blue orbs always reflecting his ambitious nature. Daermion is short, only standing about 1.70 peds tall and he weights a little over 15 hebs. His face is pale and dark circles can be seen under his eyes. His sickness has been wearing him down giving him a tired and worn look. The rest of his body is frail and thin. Daermion?s hands are delicate and small, showing skin stretched tightly over bone. They easily resemble the hands of a skeleton.

Over his frail frame he wears a long dark blue robe and blue cloak with a hood. Due to his bad health he always dresses warmly, even in the middle of summer. Daermion has taken it as a habit to flipping his hood over his face when he is among strangers. His most frightening feature though, is the wound on his stomach. It is about half a fore long and black (see history). This wound feels cold to the touch and dark veins of corruption can be seen running under the skin near it.

- Daermion has a very cold personality. His horrid background has left him withdrawn and ?dark? but also incredibly ambitious and power-hungry. His only true passion is his pursuit of power. Ever since he was young, Daermion has desired to wield great power over others. That is the only thing he truly cares about and other people are just tools to reach his goal. When among strangers he is usually silent and brooding. He despises all sorts of compassion and views those who have a sense of mercy with disgust.

When in the company of people he respects (usually more powerful mages) his dark and sarcastic sense of humour comes out in the open. Daermion is willing to work with anyone as long as it brings him more power, and he is fiercely loyal to those whom he sees as stronger then himself. If those persons would prove to be weak though? he usually finds ways to ?remove? them and take their positions for himself.

- Level 6 Water Mage

In The Pursuit of Power

A Travel Journal Composed by:

Daermion Ere'andalar

Daermion that is the name my father gave me at the time for my birth. That is the only thing he has ever given me. I despise him for his lack of engagement in my mother and myself, but I have to agree that he was as great a mage as he could ever have been. It is pretty ironical that I soon will surpass him in both power and knowledge.

Anyway, I was born in a small village belonging to the province of Xaramon and located about a day's journey from Ximax. My mother was the daughter of a wealthy merchant and my father was one of the teachers at the Magical Academy. As you might figure out he didn't visit me and my mother as much as one would wish. Not that I cared. Ever since my tenth birthday I have realised that the only love I desire in this world is the love of power. That is the one thing that will ever appeal to me. You might ask what it was that changed me to become this way. So cold, as some less-intelligent would call it. There are plenty of reasons for that but one in particular came to change my fate most drastically.

When I was ten years old and out wandering in the countryside on one of my adventures when I came upon a cave. I heard strange voices emanating from within the darkness. Curious as I was I decided to investigate. Walking slowly into the cave I felt exhilarated with tension and excitement. Smiling to myself I ventured further. After I had descended for a while I came upon the source of the voices I had heard.

Peeking around a corner I beheld a strange sight. Two men were arguing in the cave. One of them was dressed in a black robe with his hood up, so I couldn't see his face. The other one had a chain-mail and a sword at his hip. He seemed a bit anxious of talking to the robed figure. I wasn't close enough to hear what they were saying but the robed figure pointed at a crate lying in one corner of the small cavern and then started shouting: "You cannot do anything right!" Curious as I was, I started to crawl closer.

A few moments later the man in the chain-mail shook his head and left through the cave exit. He passed me on the way but I lay hidden in the shadows behind a few rocks and he did not spot me. The robed man was muttering something to him and then walked out himself, leaving me alone in the strange cave. Smiling to myself I crept closer to the crate. Listening a bit I found that the robed man's footsteps had faded away, and thus I thought it safe to peek inside the crate. Maybe I would happen upon some strange and fabled treasure?

I pried the top loose with the small dagger from my belt and peeked inside. On the bottom of the crate, wrapped in some sort of blanket, lay a book. I lifted it up and my eyes widened. The book was large and its covers were made out of leather bound with iron. Strange runes and signs covered it. I had spoken to my father on several occasions about magic, and I knew enough to identify a spell-book when I saw one. Putting the book in my backpack I smiled.

That smile quickly faded when a voice behind me shouted: "What are YOU doing here? Thief!" Turning around I spotted the robed man standing in the entrance to the small cavern. His hood was down and his face was a mask of anger. I was terribly afraid and was just going to say that I'd return the book when he started chanting something. With a scream of anger I threw my dagger at him. It hit him square in the shoulder but he finished the spell, aiming a slightly wrong. A ball of green fire missed my heart and instead struck my stomach.

I screamed and rushed out of the cave. On my way out I noticed that the robed man had fallen, hitting his head on the cave wall. He was now lying unconciously at my feet. My side felt numbed for a moment but then the numb feeling was replaced with pain. I started to get dizzy too. When I came out of the cave I started running for the village, blood running down my side.

The next few hours are a bit hazy. What I remember next is being found by a kind woodsman. He tried to bind the wound as best he could while bringing me to the village. The pain made me feel confused. After a while it went black again.

When I next woke up I was lying in a bed at my mother's house. My stomach felt like it was aflame and I quivered with pain. When I looked at my stomach and I spotted the long black wound, I felt terror creeping unto me. But then a cup was put to my lips and I drank greedily, feeling the pain lessening with every gulp. After a while the pain was a mere itching and I stopped quivering.

Then I looked at the person sitting at the side of the bed. It was my father. His face was locked in a mask of disappointment. While my father was busy yelling at me I noticed my mother coming into the room, dropping the backpack in a corner and then leaving again. My father didn't notice and the scolding went on. He demanded how I had managed to hurt myself in such a terrible way.

From that moment my heart hardened. He thought I was foolish no doubt, that I deserved the tragedy which had befallen me. He thought he was so superior with his power and magical might. Well, I'd show him! I would gain more power then he had ever had. I just looked coldly at him and said I didn't remember what had happened. I would keep the spellbook secret from him so he wouldn't steal its wonders from me.

The accident had left me sickened for the rest of my life. My health deteriorated and my once-fair appearance changed to the hideous form I possess today. I have aged prematurely and nowadays I don?t have the vitality of a normal human. The spell the man used against me must have been powerful. The corrupted wound has never truly healed and it never will. I have accepted that and so I have begun to train in paths devoid of physical performance. I have hardened my Will and made it my tool.

A few years later I convinced my father to teach me about magic. His expertise was the Element of Water and thus I chose that as my element as well. He taught me well and by the time I was 16 he arranged for me to begin my formal training at the Academy. As I entered my teachers quickly discovered that I had a talent way beyond my years and thus they accelerated my course of training. My father did try to put a halt to my training though. He felt that I didn't have the "responsibility" necessary to wield the powers of magic. A few weeks later he suffered a terrible accident, falling ill and dying within a few days.

In a mere 8 years after that, I graduated from Ximax, a fully fledged Water Mage. I chose a new title after my father, calling myself the Stormscape Mage. Since I discovered several of my fathers friends at Ximax suspected I had something to do with his timely demise, I left the academy. Through the help of my mother I acquisitioned a small house a few hours walk from the village I once had grown up in. I filled the house with books and things I needed for my new career in magic. When finally my mother refused to pay for the reagents I needed, she died in her sleep. Apparently a terrible fever had beset her and she died quickly.

That left me with her inheritance, a quite hefty sum of money. With that I bought all the reagents I needed and started my new life. Unfortunately it wouldn't last long. A mere year after I had begun the magical experiments which would unlock the secrets of the spell book, a man came knocking on the door. I opened and was greeted by a familiar sight. A man dressed in chain-mail with a sword on his hip. He looked at me and drew his sword. His voice was like death when he said: "The spell book. Give it to me! My master wants it!". I screamed and slammed the door in his face. This didn't stop the marauder however, as he kicked in the door and assaulted me in my own home. I was forced to defend myself, killing him in the process. Unfortunately he had managed to set the house ablaze first and since I felt totally drained after the fighting I could do nothing but scurry out of there quickly before the flames could claim my life.

I have still not been able to unlock all the secrets within the spell book. Although I have been able to discern a few of the simpler spells within it. Apparently the book contains knowledge related to Virus Magic. And it must be powerful, since I several people have shown up wanting the book and forcing me to fight them.

And now I stood there with only a handful of coins, my walking staff, a pouch of reagents and my mysterious spellbook. The next two years was a living nightmare I tell you. I travelled wide and far trying to find a new way to increase the power I so badly desired. After a while I came to Horth, the city located in the northern part of Xaramon. There I found housing at one of my mother?s cousins. He was nice enough to grant me a room above the inn he is running and I could stay as long as I wanted. He guided me to many powerful healers and wise women. None of them could heal my wound however. But I managed to get a recipe from one of them, an herbal mix which would help lessen the pain I felt in my stomach occasionally.

That is exactly what I did for the next year. I used that year to practice my magic and to gain more and more influence in the city. A few very respectable people in the town came to me for advice and some occasional magical influence. The lifestyle didn?t fit me though. I had spent too much time on the road travelling and I realised the only way to truly increase my magical potential and personal power would be to travel. That is why I am writing this journal now, as a way of keeping track on my life as I am now venturing out into the world once more.

In the pursuit of power.

- Fragile body and poor health.
- Hates all weaker then himself. Terribly arrogant.
- Will think through every plan at least twice. Never agrees to anything unless he has at least three contingency plans ready.
- Paranoid.
- Devoid of all compassion, sense of mercy and morality. (Maybe a strength in some cases.)

- Powerful Mage.
- Imposing and intimidating personality.
- Coldly logical and a talented manipulator.
- Careful and intelligent.
- Plans everything to perfection.
- Commanding presence. When he gives an order it gets done.

- A walking staff painted with blue lightning bolts.
- A wanderers backpack containing:
- His spellbook.
- A pouch of reagents.
- A flask of water.
- Trail rations.
- A special herbal mix (which eases the pain in his stomach.)
- A pouch containing a couple of dozens coins.  Return to the top

Name: Dine MeridanReturn to the top

Race: Human

Age: 30

Height: 2 peds

Weight: 180 od

Title: Adventurer

Magic: Level 5 wind mage

Appearance: He is tall but he hunches a bit. He has good muscular attributes. He looks thin. He has long blond hair that reaches to his ears and his eyebrows. He has a small nose and small ears. He has dark green eyes and mid-sized eyebrows. He wears a blue shirt and over that he wears a black breastplate and a blue, hooded cloak. He wears black jeans and black boots. He wears red bracers and he has chainmail gloves. He carries two finely crafted short swords. They hang from his brown leather belt.

Personality: He is very shy. He likes to talk but isn’t good at it. He usually lets others do the talking. He is quiet and rarely speaks unless spoken to. He is quick tempered and makes fast movements. He usually runs or walks fast even if he is in no hurry. He is very impatient. He hides his emotions and usually follows the crowd. Definitely not a leader, he was a born follower. He can be funny when he speaks but not often does he speak so seldom is he funny. Few people know him well and few people care to. He might come off as cold and evil at first but he is really a kind and gentle guy except for when he seldom gets angry.

Likes: He likes to practice using his swords. He enjoys reading when he is in the mood for it. When he’s along he likes to sing, kind of to express his emotions. He sometimes enjoys teaching others some skills with a sword. He likes to run but he doesn’t often. He likes finding adventure since there is nothing better for him to do. He likes to scare himself sometimes when he is bored by going to the edge of high places and similar things.

Dislikes: He hates it when people talk too much, especially when its gossip and rumors. He doesn’t like people who put down other people because he thinks they could be doing something better with their time. He hates having to work or do things that are long and boring. He dislikes all religions and believes them to be a waste of time. They are peoples’ false hopes for a better life that will never come.

Strengths: He is a good wind mage. Because he has excellent concentration he can control his power better. He is fast and agile. He is slim and doesn’t gain weight easily. He is strong and speedy. When he gets angry he overcomes his fears. He has high magical resistance. When he is not out of energy he is very swift and has much better chances of dodging attacks. He can run short distances quickly when necessary.

Weaknesses: He has lost a lot of his skills with swords over the years because he doesn’t practice his skills enough. He is often rusty on his swordsmanship. He doesn’t attack enough and is often afraid of getting hurt so he takes a defensive position. His hand-eye coordination isn’t quite good enough sometimes, especially when he doesn’t practice. He has low stamina. He would be a much better sprinter than long distance and so he gets fatigued rather quickly in battle, so he might try and finish too quickly.

Possessions: He owns two short swords that are 56 nailsbreadth in total length, a pair of red iron bracers, a black iron breastplate, chain mail gloves, a container for water, a pouch for food, and of course his clothes which includes a hooded cloak.

History: Born to Rita and Nathan Meridan in the small town of Horth. His father was a wealthy merchant and his mother stayed at home to attend to him and his two brothers. He attended school and had lessons in sword fighting. He did not have many friends and did not spend much time with the ones he had. He spent most of his time reading books on magic and myths. He didn’t usually practice with his sword much and never really got any better at his skills.

At school there were many kids who made fun of him. He would try to ignore them but sometimes he got angry which only made their provoking worse. Sometimes they would push and shove him and he would shove back but he never had the courage to fight back. One day one the kids that bothered him challenged him to a fight with swords and Dine accepted. They fought, not to the death of coarse, but until one of them was in a position to kill. Unfortunately the challenger was much more talented with his blade and he won. Dine could have beaten him with ease if he had just practiced more. That was one of his main problems with everything he did: he didn’t try hard enough; he never gave it his all.

After being humiliated like this in front of many other kids, he decided that for once he would try, he would practice. He had a determination like he had never had before. He did practice, and he gave it all he had. He practiced many hours a day and really concentrated. After many months he had become adept with his blade and had impressed his trainer with his skills. It wasn’t like he could beat his trainer, but he had really achieved what he wanted. He was finally skilled in something, but he wasn’t going to stop there. He wanted to not just be good, but to be great, to be excellent. Also he decided he wanted to duel wield. Not just because it looked cool, but because he hated wearing a shield and it had some powerful advantages. His trainer helped him with this and he was on his way. He never did get back at that kid, he kind of forgot. He was so caught up with enhancing his skills he forgot to get revenge. He didn’t really want to direct that much attention in his direction anyway. He was glad he was defeated, in a way at least. It had helped learn to try and excel at things. It showed him that he needed to shape up and start working for the things he wanted.

At home things weren’t going so well. His mother was very religious but his father was not. This sometimes caused tension in the family. His two brothers had always just accepted religion but Dine was always questioning everything he was taught. He found it silly that he was supposed to believe everything he was told by his parents just because they were older and supposedly wiser. He never liked the thought that there was someone who was all powerful and better than everyone else. He had thought about what was to come after this life and he had no idea what would, but he just couldn’t believe in a supreme being that would dominate him. He mother always tried to teach him but he would reject it and she would punish him. His father would sometimes back him up, because he wasn’t the biggest fan of religion either, but he didn’t want his wife angry at him. It went on for a while until his mother finally subsided and accepted that some people just believed differently and not everyone shared the same thoughts. There were still problems between them but Dine managed alright.

Dine really wanted to get out and be out on his own. The first thing he wanted to do was to travel to Ximax to study magic. He didn’t know what type just yet but he would decide when he got there which was best for him. His mother and father didn’t want him to go though. He had to stay for another year, but by then he had persuaded his parents to let him go out and pursue his own dreams. They even gave him money to get a good start. This would help a lot. When he was twenty-two he bought a horse with some of the money he had gotten from his father and traveled to Ximax. He said goodbye to his family and friends and headed southwest to Ximax to study magic.

When he had arrived and settled in, the first thing he did was start overlooking the different types of magic that were taught at Ximax. He spent a few weeks researching and then finally came to a decision; he would study wind magic. It appealed to him as being the best suited to him. He couldn’t explain exactly why he chose it, but he knew it was right for him. He got himself a teacher and started studying and training. He trained for many years with the same kind of determination he had to learn to fight with a sword. He was doing good and trying and hard and it was paying off. His trainers said he had chosen well for picking wind magic to learn. They said he had a natural talent for it. With all the time he was spending on magic, he was losing his talent with swordsmanship. Over the years he got rusty but at least his magic was steadily getting more and more powerful. He worked on his blade sometimes of course but he wasn't quite as good as he had been before.

After eight years of this he felt he was ready to move on to a new lifestyle. He wanted to find adventure in the world. He had trained and prepared, now he was ready. At his last training session with his teachers they had declared him a level five wind mage. He felt he had trained enough to face whatever may come. Before he left he wanted to be prepared with some armor and new, better weapons. He got a pair of red bracers and a black breastplate. For his weapons he got two new short swords that were finely crafted and made from good metal. He was set, now his new life lay ahead of him and it was about to begin. He got on his horse and rode away.  Return to the top

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