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Author Topic: NPCs  (Read 2346 times)
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Phiona Whitefire
New Santharian

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« on: August 07, 2003, 05:16:22 PM »

This thread will be for NPCs only.

"Fear not that thy life shall come to an end, but rather fear that it shall never have a beginning."    -John Henry Cardinal Newman (1801 - 1890)

New Santharian

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« Reply #1 on: August 08, 2003, 03:05:22 AM »

The Caravan

Name: Crestus Voltaire
Race: Human
Age: 39
Appearance/manner: A heavy set man with black hair and a beard. Wears plenty of gold jewelry.  Dresses in finery well above his station. A wealthy merchant that hired Severine, Phiona, Tierria, and Zeadon as guards to help him bring his caravan to his destination safely. Also hired Gromelson, Jacques, Lilas, Ducsil, and Ren.

Name: Gromelson
Race: Human
Age: 26
Appearance/manner: A dirty-looking lecher with a toothless grin.  Shoulder-length, dark blond hair with a receding hairline and pale brown eyes, almost yellow.  He wears various armor pieces, taken as trophies, and carries a broadsword. This mercenary hates Severine with a passion, and wants to have Tierria and Phiona.

Name: Jacques
Race: Human
Age: 32
Appearance/manner: A long-haired, hairy man that is tall in height. Brown hair and black eyes.  Proud of his hairiness, he wears clothing that shows his chest, arms and back most of the time. He is a lecher, barbarous in nature, and follows Gromelson without question.  He carries a longsword.

Name: Lilas
Race: Human
Age: 23
Appearance/manner: A lean, short, lecherous mercenary with curly, brown hair and blue eyes. Dresses in black leather and carries a shortsword and shield.  This man is out for himself and is loyal to no one.

Name: Ducsil
Race: Half elven
Age: 51
Appearance/manner: Black hair, green eyes, and somewhat handsome.  A clean mercenary who seems to think that all the women want him. He carries a bow as well as a broadsword.  His true motivation is greed, pure and simple and his loyalty goes to the highest bidder.

Name: Ren
Race: Human
Age: 18
Appearance/manner: A young redheaded mercenary who has some class compared to the rest of the guards. Brown eyes and freckles.  He is a flirt, is compassionate for a young guy, and is out to make a name for himself in the world. Carries a worn longsword, probably a hand-me-down.  


"Once again, the lone soldier walks off into the sunset..." -Anonymous

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Phiona Whitefire
New Santharian

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« Reply #2 on: August 15, 2003, 05:05:22 AM »

The Legion of Rage

Name: Marlus Blackwine
Race: Human
Age: 28
Appearance/manner: Thick, blond hair and bright blue eyes.  Highly charismatic, strong, clever and very handsome.  A military-minded, obsessive and cruel individual.  Overly possessive, jealous and vindictive, he will go to any length to take what is his- rightfully or no.  He wears finely tailored clothing and the best armor for any given situation.  He wields the black-bladed greatsword called "Iniquitus", a sword described as having "the power to steal one's soul... a blade like the midnight sky, complete with twinkling stars, its rumored that each man's death creates a new star, adding power to the sword." Is ranked 4th among the top officers.

Name: Shrive
Race: Half-Elf
Age: N/A
Appearance/manner: Long, white hair. Has grey eyes, and fair skin. A very handsome face that very few men could compare with. A very intelligent individual that loves beautiful things, and is a very excellent swordsman, and very fast as well. He wields a falchion, will attack non-stop when he sees the opponent's weakness with incredible speed. When he's not in his black leather amor and pants, he wears finely tailored clothes, and is usually seen drinking wine. He is ranked 3rd among the top officers.

Name: Sharnish
Race: Dark Elf
Age: 322
Appearance/manner: A tall, dark elf with very gothic-like make-up. Usually wears long purple dresses that leaves little to the imagination. Has long black hair with purple dyed streaks, and eyes of the same color. She is a level 6 earth mage, whose power is feared by many. Her attitude is also responsible for this response from those weaker than her. Is ranked 5th among the top officers.

Name: Grulbar
Race Orc
Age: N/A
Appearance/manner  A large, violent orc, Grulbar loves war. He loves to kill anything that opposes him, hacking away with his large battle axe. He was one of the finest soldiers in his army, and was considered nearly invincible among his tribe. He became a soldier-for-hire, and ended up joining the Legion of Rage. He wears heavy iron-plated armor when fighting. Ranked 6th among the top officers.

Name: Snake
Race: Human
Age: 27
Appearance/manner: A rather short, reptlian-looking fellow, Snake is a former thief who is handy with blade-with-chain. His arsenal also includes knives and poison darts. Even though his attacking speed is not as fast as Shrive, but his movement speed and agility is uncanny. His enoys stealing and robbing, and has an attraction for young elven women (but then again...who doesn't? ;)    ). Is ranked 7th among the top officers.

Name: Hawkeye
Race: Human
Age: 33
Appearance/manner: An excellent archer with every kind of bow, Hawkeye is the Legion's main sniper. He is a rather silent fellow, who observes a situation silently and considers a reasonable action. Wears a green hunter's outfit with a brown cloak, Hawkeye has brown hair with hazel eyes. Is ranked 8th among the top officers.

Name: The Ivory Fox
Race: Human
Age: N/A
Appearance/manner: Not much is known about this deadly assassin, except that she has white hair, and is presumebly Kasumarii. Very few who saw her in action has ever lived to tell about it...
Is ranked 2nd among the top officers.

Name: Kalyn
Race: Human
Age: Late 40s?
Appearance/manner: Kalyn is a former pirate, who started an organization called the Legion of Rage. He was cursed a long time ago with a beserker rage, but with the help of some clerics, he learned to control it. That gave him an idea to try and form an army of 'controlled beserkers' to enhance is plan of controlling Caelereth from the inside through the government. He is a very vicious man who feels only the strong can survive in this world. He has a thick, black beard, with long black hair. Wears an eyepatch over his right eye. He also wears a black pirate's coat without a shirt, showing off his very muscular body. Wields two enchanted cutlasses called The Spirit Wind Swords. Not mcuh is known on its origin, but it is said that the bearer can manipulate the winds around him/her when using the swords. The stronger the will of the bearer, the stronger the wind.

The strongest warrior in the organization...undefeated by any foe who crossed his path.

"Fear not that thy life shall come to an end, but rather fear that it shall never have a beginning."    -John Henry Cardinal Newman (1801 - 1890)

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New Santharian

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« Reply #3 on: September 24, 2003, 01:39:22 AM »

The Freedom Hawks

A tall, brunette woman who is one of the high commanders of the Freedom Hawks. Sometimes it seems that this woman is in fact the main leader, for she takes command of most of the situations. She is very stable, and rarely shows emotion when taking action.

In a way, you could say that Darman is second to Julia. This older bearded man is a very experienced warrior, and is one of the best fighters in the Freedom Hawks. He is usually in agreement to what Karla says, being that the two go way back.

Carak is another commander of the Freedom Hawks. He is very good at archery, and is more laid back compared to everyone else.

This man is usually seen wearing a cloak. He wears the cloak over his head to hide the scars on his fac he recieved when fighting The Legion a few years back. He is mostly quiet, and prefers to observe situations rather than take action.

Yullius is the youngest commander of the Freedom Hawks. He is the cousin of Darman, and is more sympathetic compared to the other commanders in the council.

One of the youngest members of the Freedom Hawks. William was one of the few surviviors of the caravan attack that his group planned upon Severine's group.

A brown haired woman with a fiery attitude, Julia is very passionate about her people and her beliefs. Even though she is not a commander, Julia holds a high position in the Freedom Hawks. She is also in charge of their spy group.

A member of the freedom Hawks. Ardan is very close with Dray Ducriox, and was actually the one who called him to Sheren village.  

"Once again, the lone soldier walks off into the sunset..." -Anonymous

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