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Author Topic: READ FIRST!  (Read 1495 times)
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« on: July 24, 2003, 02:05:22 AM »


In Severine's group, the beginning party will be about 4 or five characters (including Severine and Tierria). The party will get bigger over time. Probably up to 6-7 characters. As for the others, they will formulate a plot that leads them into Severine's group. The skills will need to vary as well. like one character be different from the other in some way with their fighting style or their skills.


The plot is Severine finding the murderer of his family. This leads up to a plan where a secert organization is using dark priests to cast berserker spells upon their memebers and is teaching them to 'control' the curse, making them into 'controlled' berserkers. Along the way, Severine will meet people (that's you guys!). Please, have something to offer to the story other than "I wanna join". Have a purpose. Going in the same direction isn't a bad idea...but why are you going into the same direction? Maybe you need Sevy's help. Then that could add more juice for the story! Don't be afraid to offer ideas either! If you have a side quest or plot when your character comes in, tell us the idea when you apply in the joining thread. If you don't know a plot for yourself and want one, just talk to me and the other mod about it. And you don't have to be in the plot from beginning to finish if you don't want to...he/she can leave whenever they feel like it. Just make sure you do it with taste.  


You really just don't need any experience...just be creative! Also...make sure your character's personality is a tad different from everyone else's. A group of loners is fine...just at least have something that makes them different from the next loner! Don't be afraid to fall in love either...or losing a friend or two...or any of that drama stuff. And just to let you know...your character should develop a bit...depending on what part of the story they appear in. You might not also develop in personality, but skill as well. I would like it if anybody would pick up a new skill or two (trust me, towards the end, you'll probably need those new skills!)


When you apply to join this rpg, please tell me how often you post! That way, I can have a different waiting period for each person. I'm not a bad guy...just don't mess up the story for everyone else! Also, at times (when things get exciting and fast-paced), I might need for everyone to post more often than they normally do. But since we all have lives...I can understand if you are tired from working all day, have a vacation, classes, and all that busy stuffy-stuff...I have those things as well. Just tell me ahead of time. Or any of the other mod. Every week, I'll need an update from everyone. By that, I mean an update of supplies, weapons, skills, etc. These things will play a large part in the story. There will be a separate thread for that. I will also have a conacts thread where everyone will have to post where you can reach them. As for posting in the story...I will need at least one paragraph (for parts where nothing is really happening). That is at least five lines right there. Should take like a minute or so. If you don't know what to do, then just ask any of the mods about it.


Expect for everyone to play an important role at one time or another. I would like it if Severine's party would have the focus on all the characters (one each time) at one point or another. There is no spotlight hogging...except for Sevy at times. But even then, characters could affect this story! I want to make this fair for everyone. As fair as I can. Expect this story to kick pure, USDA approved, pasturized, grade-A ass as well (with no pulp either!). I just need all of your creativity and cooperation for that to happen. I'm just this setting this train into motion baby! Also, expect to have some kind of commitment to this story. Not a big one...but a commitment none the less. When the story is not at fast pace, I don't mind a person posting within a week.

"Once again, the lone soldier walks off into the sunset..." -Anonymous

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