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Author Topic: Story #16: NPC Descriptions  (Read 1468 times)
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New Santharian

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« on: October 15, 2003, 05:34:22 AM »

This thread will be a permanent record of this story's NPCs.

"There is serenity in Chaos.
Seek ye the Eye of the Hurricane."
- so says the Principia Discordia

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New Santharian

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« Reply #1 on: October 15, 2003, 05:37:22 AM »

"The captain's features were not human. They were at once, finer and more powerful than those of either the elves, or the subdivision of the Elder who inhabited Eilenach. His eyes were inclined to taper, as did his face, toward the chin. The captain's long hair fell to his shoulders in red-gold waves and was kept back from his brow by a circlet of Blue Jade. His tunic and breeches were of the same quilted deerskin of the Steersman, who was either the same man or his twin."

1: The Captain. He gives, nor responds to anything else.
2: The Steersman. He is deaf and mute. So obviously gives nor responds to anything else.

Race and Age
-Both are unknown for certain.

1-The Captain has narrow, almond shaped slanted eyes, and a fine boned narrow face. His hair falls in red-gold waves to his shoulders, and is held back from his face with a circlet of blue jade. His eyes are milky white, flecked with blue. He wears a brown tunic and hose, with sandals of silver, and silver thread. Although completely blind, his movements are graceful and sure, and he always knows his way.
2- His brother, the steersman, is the captains exact twin. Except where The Captain is blind, The Steersman is Deaf. He also wheres the same clothes as his brother.

-They speak little, save to each other, and even then, no words pass between them. They are both strong yet kind, they have no memory of before the ship and diligently believe they were born with the sole intent to sail on it.

-Neither the Captain or Steersman are mages, however, the ship is covered in enchantments. The section below contains that information.


- The Captain and Steersman are quite unexperianced in hand to hand combat.
- They are not as powerful as they appear, and infact if their Golems are defeated, they would be defenseless.
Water Golem. Golem made of pure Water, a very non-caring one. Uses icy water breath when fighting, but are completely ineffective in melee combat. Water Golems are mainly used by wizards at sea, either to move ships during those times when the wind fails to fill the sails or to toss over enemy ships when at war. Mostly located along the coast of the Southern Santharian continent.

The Captain
- A Blue jade circlet. This gives him enhanced telepathic ability, however he can only transmit for receive from The Steersman.
- A gold Rapier. He does not use it often, nor does he know how, it is mainly for decorative pourpouses.

The Steersman:
- A Red jade circlet. This gives him enhanced telepathic ability, however he can only transmit for receive from The Captain.
- A Gold and Ebony quarterstaff. Although the weapon could be used in combat, the Steersman is not familier with these uses. When it is inserted in a small hole at the stern of the ship, it can move the rudder according to his thoughts. That is it's inly use.

Original discussion of The Captain and The Steersman

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New Santharian

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« Reply #2 on: October 25, 2003, 04:37:22 AM »

Human, adventurer who is known by many names (Urlik Skarsol, John Daker, Ilian of Garathorm, Gaynor Womanslayer, etc.)  Age: 33  
Tall, thin and rugged.  Black hair and eyes.  Tends to stick to the shadows.  Wears black leather armor and a long, sweeping cloak.  Weapons: Short sword and dagger.

Brut of Lashmar
Human warrior.  Age 46
Tall, muscular, with short blond hair and brown eyes.  A rather grim fellow, the others fighters tend to look to him for direction due to his age and experience.  Wears scalmail armor.  Weapons: Longsword, mace and dagger.

Otto Blendker
Human, warrior.  Age 28
The tallest man on board, except for Gaynor, he is a black-skinned man with a scar running like an inverted V from his forehead and over both eyes, down his cheeks to his jawbones.  He is a bold and curious man who is not prone to impulse.  Wears chainmail armor and coif.  Weapons: Quarterstaff, scimitar, dagger.

Human, warrior. Age: 24
Short, curly brown hair and blue eyes.  Despite his young age, The Brigade follows his orders faithfully.  Wears splintmail armor and a short, brown cape with cowl (covers the head and back).  Weapon: Longsword and dagger.  Carries a shield.      

The Brigade
All are human warriors.  Ages range from 19-27
All wearing chainmail armor and weilding longswords and daggers unless otherwise noted


Skol Redhair, blue eyes.  Green dublet.  Tells off-color jokes.  Age: 24

Bernt Brown, wavey hair kept short.  Hazel eyes that were sometimes blue, sometimes brown.  A light, healthy tan and a slim build with an average height.  Very plain in appearance, no distinguishing characteristics.  Age: 23

Fulgrend Big & stocky, black hair & beard.  Generous and good-natured. Age: 26

Tork Short and stocky (but still bigger than most dwarves) and solid muscle.  Bald and whiskerless (does have eyebrows, though, they are light brown) Eyes are hazel. Age 23   Weilds a heavy war-axe and wears plated chainmail in battle.

Jenar A shy, black-haired man with extremely pale skin.  Age: 25  [Status: Dead]

Ike A swarthy-looking fellow.  Age: 27

Zak Thin and wiry, of average height.  Age: 20

Nigel A blond man with gentle, blue eyes.  Age: 25


Name: Laen Chant- Olive

Race: Human.
Tribe: Ashmarian.
Age: 26

Appearance: From under his hood, dirty blonde fair falls. His eyes can be either cold or piercing, or warm and full of strength. He wears a jerkin and breeches, with a long flowing robe of a similar shade. His quiver his held to his back by a strip of pressed leather, and the sheathe containing Akeno’s magnificent Moonblade is held to his belt, though it is often concealed by his cloak.

Personality: Somewhat of a loner, he is content to spend time in the wilds. Most people find him approachable but often leave him to his own. When in the presence of company, he is easy to get along with, though he may not say much. Given reason, he will smile, though only ever so slightly.

His sense of honor is very strong. He gladly helps those in need. He never attacks the defenseless, be they of light or darkness. He is slow to anger, but is very judgmental of those around him.

- He has a deep fear of Undead, as his earliest memories are of his people being massacred by them.
- He has a deep spiritual connection to the forest, and will immediately attack any who threaten it.

- Adept at both melee and ranged combat.
- Adept at both heavy and light melee combat.
- Impressive Tracking skills.
- Has developed an immunity to Krakenweed.
- Very strong, despite his light frame.
- He has a deep spiritual connection to the forest, and will immediately attack any who threaten it.

- An ornate Long Bow.
- Akeno’s Moonblade.
- Quiver with 25 arrows.
- A pipe, a short supply of "Yellow Gold" pipe moss. And a longer supply of "Green Haze". Which he smokes much more often.
- A pack of healing herbs and approx: 10 gold nune.

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