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Author Topic: Story #16: The Dead God's Book  (Read 1298 times)
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New Santharian

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« on: October 15, 2003, 08:48:22 AM »

The Book of Knowledge

"Ten lay sleeping in the west. Black hands folded chest on chest. Please please grant them longer rest."

Gaynor the Damned searches for a sorcerer- One cursed to eternal life like him.  Legend tells of a book, kept by the Ten Seers of Modocia, a dark wasteland on Yamalquain.  When this book is opened the pages are all blank, but pose a question to the book and your answer will appear in front of you.  To find this Book, Gaynor enlists the help of the elusive Captain and Steersman of The Dark Ship of Ghosts, as well as any others who choose to come along.

What awaits them on the ancient and mysterious continent is unknown... but the voyage is sure to be as perilous as the destination!

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New Santharian

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« Reply #1 on: October 15, 2003, 08:58:22 AM »

-Every spare inch of The Dark Ship's woodwork, save for the occasional grotesque gargoyle upon a beam or rail, is covered in complex geometrical carvings engraved deep into the timbers.  These sigils generate the mist which surrounds the vessel and contain the essence of magic.  Without the protection of the mist, the Dark Ship could not glide with such speed over the waves.  The Dark Ship is followed, high overhead, by a dim red star wherever it sails.  The star faintly illuminates the deck with a dim, bloody light.  The Captain once spoke of the star to a passenger on the ship, saying that It was the watchful eye of a vengeful god and that fear of the star was why the mist always encased the ship, for it protects The Captian and Steersman from it.  Whether or not this tale is true, it is a certainty that the star does follow them constantly, and that it's baleful radiance is never truly hidden- no matter how thick the mist surrounding the vessel might be.

-The Dark Ship sails with a speed and sureness to make any other mariner envious.  It has a single mast with a great black sail, which billows taut even when no wind can be felt.  From stern to prow, the ship is 41.6 peds long, while it's high decks fore and aft stand 10 peds above the waterline.  The main deck, considerably lower, is only 5 peds above the waves.  There are steering wheels atop each raised deck, and The Steersman usually stands on the fore deck.  The hold can store 100 tons of cargo and is guarded by mysterious magics.  Bunks exist below deck, in four separate cabins, but these are rarely needed.  Two large cabins with sliding doors are constructed on the deck, fore and aft of the mast.  The cabins are lit by lamps of red glass hanging on silver chains, and hold large tables which are bolted to the floor, each with enough chairs to seat ten people.  These are the common quarters for any passengers of The Dark Ship.

-Save for the Captain and the Steersman, The Dark Ship has no crew.  If there is need for extra sailors, The Captain and/or Steersman can call upon the ghosts of heroes who have sailed on the ship in times past.  To visitors, such diffuse phantoms may be mistaken for living men and women in the mist that surrounds the ship.

-The Captain's luxurious cabin is beneath the forward deck.  The cabin door consists of a smooth reddish-brown metal, which is warm and almost electric to the touch, and has neither lock nor handle.  Within, the cabin is richly scented and lit with ruby lamps affixed with dark paneled walls.  It is furnished with fine, brightly hued carpets, a large sea chest, a polished desk with rails of gold, upon which lay navigational instruments and charts, and a curtained bunk.  A single porthole looks out into the mist. The Steersman has a similar cabin beneath the rear deck.

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