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Author Topic: The War, yeah THAT one. With the blood.  (Read 674 times)
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Bahran the big
Approved Character
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Gender: Male
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« on: November 17, 2005, 01:29:22 PM »

So, we were thinking, why don't we make a story with fighting. That's a great idea, we say to ourself. There's lots of fighting in war, we say. Especially wars with blood.

And what war had the most blood? Take a guess. Come on. NO, not that one. That's just silly. Keep guessing. No. Try again. What? No, definately not that one. Fine, you're so terrible at guessing I'll just tell you: THE WAR OF THE BLOOD. Yeah, it makes sense NOW, huh? Sure, I knew you'd say that.

To sum up, who would be interested in a story about the War of the Blood? Yes, I know there's a ban on stories now, but I want to know if anyone would even be interested before we go writing up an entire plot and official story proposal. Just be aware that you'd all need new characters if you wanted to join because this is in the PAST.

Necro would be co-moderating this with me, be tee double-you.


"Man, being reasonable, must get drunk; The best of life is but intoxication."
- Lord Byron


"Man, being reasonable, must get drunk; The best of life is but intoxication."
- Lord Byron
Luca the Thief
« Reply #1 on: November 17, 2005, 03:15:22 PM »

As I've already mentioned to you, but thought I'd post here, I'm interested in this story as well should it get running.

Contact me: or all us admins:

Grunok the Exile
Approved Character
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Gender: Female
Posts: 401

Male Losh-Oc Orc

« Reply #2 on: November 17, 2005, 03:51:22 PM »

Ooh! Me! Me!  I don't have an ultra-violent character yet, and this would be a great excuse to make one.  Although... doesn't this kinda impinge on WotF's territory?  Correct me if I'm wrong.  Either way, if you can make it float I'd be in.

Grunok's CD


The Shadow of Death
Approved Character
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Gender: Male
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Elf, Injerín

« Reply #3 on: November 17, 2005, 03:53:22 PM »

I would also be interested in joining, though I haven't yet created a char. I just can't resist the opportunity to play an extinct elven tribe.:biggrin  

The sun falls from the evening sky,
this life I cannot abide.
The eternal night draws nigh,
I seek the loving embrace of my lost bride.

Darien Gulath
New Santharian

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Posts: 837

« Reply #4 on: November 17, 2005, 08:11:22 PM »

I would only be interrested with my Darién char. He is the best warperson/killer/destroyer/assassin but he doesn't live at that current time so i won't be joining. :p  

Hm but when i wanted to create Darién i would've found him more fitting in a war-age then in this current time at 1660, When we have to chase and find out about myths instead of creating them by our own hand...

Hm and i could also create my char Drulock,.. A Demon-spawner/necromancer who would be an artwork nevertheless to create... It's about Darién's grand- grand- grand- father. Hm but he was only there at the 3th sarvonian war...  Even tough he lived a longer livespan then other humans i really don't think he would allready have been born at the first sarvonian war... :s Other then that i have no interesting idea's that could improve Darién's status as a bad guy (after all, every char i am going to make extra are people centered around Darién, To build an oncoming plot for a future story) :evil  

Edited by: Darien Gulath at: 11/17/05 14:37
Marvin Cerambit
Carvin' Marvin
Approved Character
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Gender: Male
Posts: 1122

Orc, Gob-Oc

« Reply #5 on: November 17, 2005, 09:32:22 PM »

If I have more time by then, I'm interested. Wonders a little how he could get an orc into that :noidea

Maybe the more violent version of Ungra :devilish  

Marving Cerambit ~ Do not tease my Warg, because you are crunchy and tasteful
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