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Author Topic: *** NEW TO THE TAVERN? ***  (Read 4356 times)
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Artimidor Federkiel
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« on: October 22, 2003, 03:38:22 AM »

Please pay attention to what happens inside the threads. Read the posts on the last pages to get an idea what's going on before you start posting.

Suggested / Recommended readings!
Greybark’s 10 Commandments of Role Playing
1. Thou shalt not play God
2. Thou shalt not solve all the problems of the universe all by yourself.
3. Thou shalt add details to your writing to keep it from being boring.
4. Thou shalt be true to the character of your character.
5. Thou shalt make sense.
6. Thou shalt not kill other characters or decide what damage they get.
7. Thou shalt be patient for other characters to post.
9. Tho shlt nat us fels spillin n gremmmer.
10. Thou shalt not decide thy neighbor’s actions, or his wife's actions, or his ox's actions....

Roleplaying Tutorial
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Artimidor Federkiel
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« Reply #1 on: October 22, 2003, 03:39:22 AM »

Welcome to The Thirsty Herald, a rather good tavern just a few hours ride north of the city of Strata. Here all kinds of people meet: travellers from the north who have crossed the unforgiving desert, be it the long way through from Bardavos, or the shorter from Thalambath, coming to the famous harbour of Strata, artisans from the city itself wanting a cool glass of ale before going home after work, merchants, traders and smugglers trying to sell their goods to you. And don't forget the strangers, who maybe disembarked just yesterday, coming from the west or south or east. Strange people they can sometimes be, those wanderers from other continents, but everyone is welcome at the tavern, as long as you don't disturb the merrymaking with quarrel and fight.

The owner of the Thirsty Herald is a young woman named Tristessa Stonebridge. Her father had originally owned the place, but had left for the big city with her daughter, Claudia. Triss is in charge of the kitchen, as well as the common area activities. One can also find her preparing rooms for guests. She has hired two people to help her out, Synder Nytefall and Ash Tyr. They are mainly there to help the guests when Triss cannot and to keep the peace.

Pictures of the Thirsty Herald provided by the Santharian artist, Seeker.

First floor

Second floor

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Artimidor Federkiel
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« Reply #2 on: October 22, 2003, 03:40:22 AM »

There are four rooms with one bed, costing 10 sans. There is also a room with two beds, which costs 15 sans.


Desert Wine - Made from wild grapes growing in the South, this expensive 'Pride of the Shendar' is as seldom liked by the casual drinker, but rather requires a fine taste for the highest quality wines. ~5 san

Medlarfizz - A fruity, pink sparkling drink loved by little children. ~3 san

Prickling Fruit - A cocktail made of one of the cactus plants from the Rahaz Dath. It prickles the tongue when drunk. ~3 san

Rosemint Cordial - A more sophisticated, herb-based alternative of the Medlarfizz targeted for an older drinker. ~4 san

Tuborger Brown - A fine but strong dwarven beer renowned for its strength among the other races. ~4 san

Tulimon Grape Juice - A soft, sweet fruit juice often liked by children. A house specialty. ~3 san

Tulimon Grape Wine - The alcoholic version of the juice, this wine is the pride of the establishment. Though not well known by connoisseurs it's a fine southern wine. ~4 san

Ximaxian Rainbow - This cocktail, made by one of the experimental magic schools of Ximax, is specially imported from the north. It is advised that those with a weak stomach avoid this drink. ~5 sans

New Ale - Your basic beer, often made by farm women ("alewives") seasonally. ~3 san

Sour Mead - An unusual mixture, Sour Mead is a concoction made by Gnorians using both malisehoney and Gromar vinegar. The mead starts with a pleasant, sweet flavour, but when swallowed leaves a sour aftertaste and has been know to burn many a man’s throat. ~4 san

Water - Cool, clean, crisp water drawn from the well outside. First cup is free, refills are 1 san.


Doch Nuts - An addictive little snack which has a very pleasant nutty taste and a soft, buttery aftertaste, with a slight natural saltiness to the shell. ~ 1 Bowl for 2 sans

Peppered Hearthberries - A succulently hot, crispy nugget with a fiery core, which stimulates the tongue and encourages appetite. ~ 1 Bowl for 2 sans


Pango Cactus Soup - A strange but sweet soup has its origin in the Shendar culture, where aka‘pi‘s milk is used. ~3 san

Travellers Stew - The rudimentary blending of easily grown vegetables with the first tamed beasts has been consumed by people of many races. ~2 sans

Northwoods Wild Rice Soup - A flavorful and quite popular northern soup. ~3 san

Thyrón Chowder - Made from clams and oysters picked off the coast of Strata. ~3 san


Desert Plate Meal - a meal derived from meat and vegetables found in the desert. Most note with displeasure the small portion. ~4 san

Garthook Stew with Celeste Red Beans - Small chunks of Garthook meat soaked in a savory stew mixed with the Onn’garg from Celeste. ~6 san

Krakalimari with Weeproot Rings - Rings of Kracken flesh and weeproot dipped in batter and cooked until golden. ~5 san

Roast Taenish with Forcebread Stuffing - A small, but plump Taenish bird roasted to perfection and stuffed with and surrounded by homemade Forcebread. ~4 san

Thergerim Carroot Mash - A dish made of carrot pulp mixed with weeproot, cinnabark, foridite and peppercorns. ~2 san

Local Specialties:

Aberan Loaf - Meat mixed with various spices, onions and peppers that never seems to come out exactly the same each time it is made. It is an adventurous meal for the hearty. ~4 san

Snake Fillet - Plump snake cooked to perfection with various vegetables found in the desert. ~5 san

Vegan Roll - A variety of stewed and steamed vegetables rolled in a thin bread crust.  This non-meat dish is locally grown. ~5 san


Ashden's Roasted Pineapples - Fried on a hotplate, tender, sweet and mouth-wateringly good! ~4 san

Bardavos Grapes - A large vine of delicious grapes imported from Bardavos. ~2 san

Broken Crystal Candy - Shards of sugary crystals made of melted sugar, syrup and foridus juice that can either be served on a stick like a lollipop or as independent slivers. ~1 san

Chozh Cake - The imported kao kao that fills this heavy pastry is said to make even the bitterest tongue tingle. ~5 san

Fruzail Sweet - Fruit sauce dripped over flaky bread. ~2 san

Kao-Kao Fruitballs - A collection of berries and fruits dipped in kao kao. ~2 san

Maple Candy - Walnut-sized balls made of a mixture of Dochnut spread, syrup and foridite sugar. ~1 san

Santharian Mint Kisses - A tasty desert made of kao kao and sour cream. ~3 san

Thyslan Spice Cakes - Hot-fried little cakes originating from the streets of Thyslan filled with nuts and sugar.  ~4 san
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