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Author Topic: Chapter 1  (Read 1239 times)
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« on: August 20, 2005, 01:07:22 AM »

Chronusians day had an interesting beginning...

It has been quite some time since the young mage ventured into the city from his lovely dwelling in the Wind tower in the famed Ximax Academy. Chronus, being the wonderful student he is, has worked hard in his training to become a powerful mage. VERY hard. His schooling has amost become an obsession. And while some would say that there is nothing wrong with such an obsession, the wise would say that an obsession is NEVER good... particularly in the area of magic.

So Chronusian's professors, and his colleagues decided that he should take a small break. He would go home and help run the humble bookstore his father owns, and give his studies a little rest. Knowing Chronusian's (well, Chronus is what they call him) dedication to his work, they assumed that he would need a bit of convincing, however he was more than eager to agree. His colleagues had no idea why or neither did they care, Chronus has always been a sincere person, so there was no reason to believe trickery was involved. And so Chronus left the tower, appreciative of the caring counsel of his friends and instructors.  It would be quite a suprise to his father when he unexpectedly arrived at the bookstore (which doubled as their living residence). But little did Chronus no that the suprise was to be all his...

Glad to be home... I hope, Chronusian thought as he approached the bookstore on the bustling street of the grand city.  Though his friends reasoning was quite adequate, there was another reason Chronusian wished to return home. The morning he left, a fuzzy jolt ran through his brain, a sense that someone he cared about was in danger. He had no idea who, but it was someone within Ximax. The academy itself was to well guarded to be the place of the danger, and he doubted anyone within the academy would attack another. That meant all that he had left was the city of Ximax itself. Chronusian did not have many friends in Ximax, but enough good friends to worry. Not to mention old Terranus, his father.

Chronusian atempted to open the door to his home but found it locked.

Closed on a beautiful day as this?

He quickly reached into a pouch and pulled the key which unlocked the door. He gasped at the horror that was before him. Books and furniture were thrown everywhere. Papers were strewn all about the floor. There was not a single candle or lamp lit. Chrounus silently moved further into the room. There was no sign of anyone here.

I must check on dad...

As he walked toward the stairs which led toward the living area he noticed someone sitting at a desk on the upper level. After further examination...

"Father!", he cried.

"Ah, Chronus, a welcome suprise this is!" He said without moving.

"What happened here?"

"Come and I shall show you."

Chronusian qickly climbed the stairs and immediately noticed that something was missing though he could not quite pinpoint what it was.

"Don't you see Chronus, there on the pedestal?"

"There's no-"

And then it made since... or not. What was missing was a journal that had been there as long as he could remember. It was white, and only a palmspan in length, and a palmspan wide when it waas fully opened. The pages were always blank, and Chronus was told that it was meant to be that way, though Terranus never told him why.

"The journal is gone. Why would someone cause all of this mess for a blank journal?"

"Chronusian, if it was just a simple journal why would I not sell it? No, its much more than a journal with blank pages, I assure you. But its not safe for me to tell you, not yet. But I will tell you this, you MUST retrieve that journal."

That hit Chronus a bit to hard.

"I... father whats going on?"

"No time to explain."

Terranus reached into his desk and pulled a sealed envelope.

"Deliver this to Guideon Featherlight in Horth. He'll aid you."

Chronus slowly took the package, utterly confused and a bit distraught.

Suddenly Terranus began to cough violently.

"I am not well. The brutes who stole the journal have done quite a number on me. But their intention was not to kill me so I will not die. The journey I have sent you on is extremely dangerous, and if I were well I would do it myself. But It cannot wait till I recover. You must go. NOW!"


"No buts! I Know that this is a bit sudden Chronus but you must trust me. If It's any consolation It has to do with your mother."

Silence filled the room and Chronusian's head began to spin... for a little while.

I know I must go... But why? What is all of this so suddenly? I suppose I should know in time. But father...

"I will be fine, Chronus, I can take care of myself ," he said as if he knew exactly what his son was thinking.

"As I said, this will be a dangerous journey. Do not travel alone, and DO travel by foot. Do not attract attention to yourself. I trust that your judgement is sound Chronus. Be careful. I have some supplies ready for you but you may want to add to them. I have given you money should you need a hired hand for your journey. The best place to look would perhaps "The Old Wizard." I know you need answers Chronus, but now is not the time. Do not worry about me, do not ask me any questions just GO!!"    

Edited by: Chronusian at: 8/19/05 17:18
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