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Author Topic: Characters  (Read 1639 times)
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New Santharian

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« on: September 21, 2003, 04:59:22 AM »

Post Your Characters Here
Remember to not include your history!

Name: Chronusian Delmian (Goes by Chronus)

Gender: Male

Age: 22

Race: Human

Tribe: Centourorian

Class/Title: Windasage in Training


About 1.8 peds. Short black, straight hair that comes to the top of his ears and a smooth pecan complexion. Eyes are dark brown (coffee with a drop of cream). Wears light colored robes and sandals, usually white and blue. He travels in heavy cloth pants, light shirts, and a sweater. He also has old brown robes (of my own design) weaved by a friend of his father specifically to travel in. His arms and legs are long. His face is about the size of a Guilo fruit. It comes to a point on the chin and is round at the top (Wait- Thats an EggHead!).


Calm cool and clean. Chronus is a determined student. He's very optimistic. He cares about people the welfare of the world in general. He chooses his friends carefully. He would befriend a thief, if he believed that he/she was trustworthy. He doesnt like to fight alot, but if he has to he does it it very strategically. He uses plans that he comes up with either well thought out or on the spot. He is an ideal student. He always does everything his teachers ask him to do, without much question. He is known to his classmates as the "teachers pet", especially because he is an assistant. He has a great fear of suffering, and watching others suffer- good or evil.


Teachers Asst. At Ximax (Hasn't graduated- Just helps the teacher out)


Not very strong, relies more on speed. Vulnerable in the chest area. A nice blow there would most likely take him out. He has breakdowns at the sight of death. This will more-than-likely get him killed in the middle of a battle. He can't use sword-Bow-Knuckles or anything besides a rod staff or pole because he doesn't have the strength or the skill. He rarely will fight a larger/stronger opponent unless he has a plan. For other students and animals he can think up a plan quickly. He hates fighting alone, and is most likely to retreat if a friend is hurt. The only exception is if there is no other possible way to get away. Then he will try and stall untill he comes up with some kind of plan. hough he has the ability to detect danger of a friend/ family member from miles away, he can never tell exaxtly who it's coming from in a closed area. So if he's in a room with tons of friends and his sense goes off he would have a hard time finding who's in trouble.


Excellent student. Makes top marks in everything and never fails to follow though on teacher instructions. A brilliant thinker, he is adept at formulating plans and creating strategies. What he lacks in strength he makes up in speed. He's pretty good at magic, above average- but he cant take on an experienced necromancer or whatnot. He is proficient with rods or staffs in two ways: He can use it to channel his carall through, and he can spin it and whack people upside their heads with it. He has the ability to detect danger of a friend/ family member from miles away. This was, at one time, purely instinct. When he discovered it was constant, Terranus boosted the effect a little by magic so that it would send a pulse through his brain, instead of the original thought.


1 Silk pouch for stones- (to be used as reagents)
1 Leather pouch for small regeants
1 Leather pouch for Herbs
1 Bacpack, in which he hooks his pouches to, and stores larger regeants and potion ingredients in.
1 Spellbook, kept in backpack
1 Pair of traveling robes, kept in backpack
1 Oak Staff tipped with a transparent Sky Blue stone that belonged to Chronusians mother. The stone has a tendency to dissapear due to the dominance of wind carall in the stone.
Items recieved in story
1 crude dagger with leather hilt and palmspan long iron blade


Magic Level 3

He is interested mainly in the sphere of movement. He knows by heart 5 spells:

Reflection, Vanish, Sense Aura, Clap of Thunder and Telekinesis.

In his spellbook has recorded all level three spells and Aura Sight. He records every spell he's learned. For simple spells, he doesnt use his carall (unless of course he has to). Instead he uses the carall in his staff.

His Spellbook includes the following spells + The aforementioned spells.

Shape Smoke
Wind Walking
Cloak of Shadows
Insubstantial Shield
Spectral Sight
Static Trap
Aura Sight

Random Extras

His goal is to become a master of the wind element (that is, master it the best he can).

The History is in the Approved Characters section (somewhere).

Edited by: Chronusian at: 8/19/05 20:11
Slye Yunkia
Approved Character
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Gender: Female
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Human, Erpheronian

« Reply #1 on: March 19, 2004, 02:03:22 AM »

Real Name- Aslye Yunkia ( AS-LIE YUN-KEY-AH)  
Name She Goes by- Slye Yunkia
Gender- Female
Age- 23 Years
Race- Human
Tribe- Erpheronian
Occupation- None- is a Traveler for the time being
Title- Traveler

OverView- Slye is a head strong young women Brought up by her Father..Who just wants to find her place in Life...

Appearance- Slye is tall for Most Human Females, Standing at an astonishing  2 peds. She likes the fact that she can stare most men in the eyes with out tilting her head and makes a point of doing so often. She has long wavy Brown hair that she keeps tied loosely over one shoulder. Wisps of it are continuously coming out, but bothersome as it maybe, she’d rather just tuck them behind her ear then to take the time of coming up with a new hairstyle, this one fit her as did everything else about her appearance. She was slightly tan; making it seem like the sun had barely kissed her perfectly smooth skin And dusted her Nose with light Freckles. She has full plump lips which she keeps a light plum color with the help of crushed berries and water .She wears plain traveling close, Brown or Black Breeches tucked into black boots. a white button up shirt and a green hooded cloak.She carries a very plain sword at her side and anything else she can fit in a sac slung over her shoulder.  She's not the most beautiful in the world but she's not so unfortunate not that she cares Anyhow..Beauty never got her anywhere....

Personality- Slye could be a good deal hot tempered at times (They say she got it from her mother). She wasn’t the type of person who thought before they spoke…in all actuality she was the exact opposite. She could often be seen in the middle of a heated Discussion because she couldn’t or wouldn’t hold her tongue. Most females found her abrasive, too much like a male for her own good and so she didn’t acquire too many friends of the same sex. But on the other hand Men found her intriguing, so many had tried to be the one to tame the fiery lass but to no avail. She liked the idea of being free with no ropes holding her down and so she decided to stay unmarried regardless of what some had hoped for. She wasn’t at all uncaring, she always had a soft spots for those more unfortunate then she and could be seen doing as much for them as she was able.

Strengths/Training/Ability- She has training with a sword and cross bow from a very young age, but is still No where Near a master of either. Her physical strength is exceptional for a woman and her height only adds to it..She couldn't pick up a 2 ton rock..But her Right hook can make even a grown Man Cry...She fights better defensively at paring attacks and calculating others moves mostly to try and preserve her strength..

Weakness- She is a little to Headstrong for her own good, and will jump into things with out thinking of the consequences...She never holds her tongue which can get her into a bit of trouble. She cannot fight when she is enraged...Forgetting any training that she was taught...making it sometimes hard and sometimes easy for an enemy to do some damage....And as with most when fighting Offensively her strength will only last so long

~Her Fathers Long Sword that She got for her 13th Birthday incased in a simple Sheath
~A Leather Coin Purse, With her Initials Sewn On
~Her Mothers Hooded Traveling Cloak (Hunter Green/ with Fine Golden Embroidery along the Hem) Her only Prized Possession
~A Traveling Bag equipped with Water Jerkin, A Light Blanket, An extra Set of clothing, Brush, Soap and Small Knife
***History has been left out for the Sake of Everyones Eyes****

You dont have to Die to get to a better Place..........Just walk 50 miles in Any Direction...

Edited by: Slye Yunkia at: 3/22/04 5:55
Hieronimus Kupfdrubus
Cleric of Grothar
New Santharian

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Gender: Male
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Human, Stratania

« Reply #2 on: March 19, 2004, 07:59:22 AM »

Name: Hieronimus Kupfdrubus

Age: 61

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Tribe: Helcrani/Eyelian

Occupation: Restless Wanderer

Title: Cleric of Grothar

Height: 1 ped, 2 fores, 2 palmspans

Weight: 1 pygge, 4 hebs


Hieronimus is a former famous cleric of Grothar who lost his faith in his abilities at one point in his life. He regained it to an certain degree, but doesn‘t normally work as cleric anymore now, but wanders through Santharia investigating the needs of the population of Santharia for the clerics of Grothar in Carmalad.


Hieronimus Kupfdrubus is a rawboned, thin, but sinewy old man.  His nose is protruding a bit more than he liked when he was young, his ears have starting growing again with the coming age as well, his eyes lie like grey lakes on a rainy day deep in his wrinkled face . They are accentuated by the nice dark tan of his skin which he has required through his former occupation as a cleric of Grothar and his recent wanderings. This grey of the eyes is a strange color, it seems to change with his mood and can well darken to a stormy turbulence. You better look for a hiding then, in case an unsuspected rainshower falls out of a blue sky. Hiero‘s lips are thin, but they seem  to smirk somehow all time. Most times. Not when his eyes take on this stormy color. To Hiero‘s despair his hair has lost its former glory, and though he is not bald by any means, it gets thin on top of his head. But nevertheless, it is thick enough to allow soft silvery grey curls to fall on his shoulders.

Grey is his color as it is the color of the god he worships. Grey, white and silver. Grey are all his clothes, dark grey his pants, a slightly lighter grey has its hooded robe, which he cut to a length just  under his knees, hoping that not everybody would see at once a cleric in him. A rope serves as belt, he has various pouches with useful things hanging from it. He says, his hair is silvery, and so he needs only something white to have all colours of his gods with him. For this purpose he carries a piece of cloth with him, nearly the size of a ped in each direction, a blowrag, which he uses frequently. Sandals grey with dust and bleached by the sun complement his clothes, summer as in winter, what he wears underneath his robe nobody has seen yet.


Hieronimus has a heart of corn, he is a merry old man, somebody who is good to have most of the time. Though he can be annoying quite often as well, it is not meant as an affront , but happens unmindful, he just doesn‘t notice, that he is a pain sometimes. However, what he likes to do is teasing the people around him, be it his friends or companions on a journey, or somebody he has just met in a tavern. This trait is strongest when he is in a good mood.

There is a time in the day however, when he is a grumpy old man - that is in the morning, when he awakes and all his muscles are stiff and it is a pain for him to get up. Better not talk to him, till he had his morning tea!

Our cleric is not easy to frighten. Though he has sometimes doubts concerning his abilities as a cleric, he believes strongly in his god Grothar, he has laid his fate in his hands and after a filled out live full of experiences and adventures he has lost the fear of  death.

He has a weakness concerning woman - not young ones, those he regards as kids, but woman around his age or not much younger have his deepest respect. Being always too shy to approach somebody of the opposite gender he never married and doesn‘t know how he should treat women. So if any of these older women tell him to do something, he will hurry to fulfil her wish, regardless what it is - as long as it is not connected with him being a cleric of Grothar . Fortunately, not many know this due to his travels, otherwise it could end easily in a disaster.

This merry and gay nature however, which he shows most times, has to give way sometimes to an earnest and serious personality you would never expect. Then the famous Grothar priest he has once been shows, his serenity, his wisdom, his knowledge, his passion towards people. Even his facial expression is different then. But the occasions to meet the Will Weatherman, as who he was known then are extremely rare.

Clerical Magical Abilities

He is,  though not practising it now, a cleric of Grothar, a priest with all the knowledge how to influence the weather by praying to his god. However, due to his lack in believing in his own power his prayers will only be successful when  small things are asked, like

- stopping a heavy rainfall , a blizzard or storm for a short time
- letting it rain for some time, if the weather isn‘t too dry, snow, if the    weather isn‘t too hot, call a heavy wind for some time.
-  produce a lightning, if he is emotionally strong in this moment, though directing it is problematic.
- gather some clouds where there were none before.
- predict the weather very reliably,

and not even then.

In extreme occasions of need and emotional tension, when a friend would be in danger to die because of his lack of faith his abilities may surpass this.
And of course he could teach an apprentice all the prayers and rituals used by the clerics of Grothar.


His strengths lies mainly in his personality. Being afraid of not much helps him to react wisely in  difficult or dangerous situations which could otherwise be deadly. Most people like him and help him therefore due to his merry attitude and his friendliness. That is a great advantage when travelling with not much belongings through the world.

Hieronimus is quite good to defend himself against occasional robbers or other not very well trained looters with his staff which he uses normally for walking. He has of course no chance against a good fighter or warrior with a sword. But he never came into trouble so far, being a canny coeval.


Being not a young man any more, he suffers from stiffness of his limbs in the morning and generally feels pain in his joints on rainy or cold days. And though he doesn‘t admit it, he is hearing not as well as he used to - though sometimes his friends have the impression, that he pretends only to be a little deaf -  his sight has waned as well and other limitations of his age like a decreased strength and endurance add to his weakness.

Apart from the weakness caused by his body, others lie in his personality:

Though he is a full trained priest of Grothar, and is rooted deep in his faith to his god, his prayers fail very often, not because he doubts Grothar or his ability to help, but that his faith is strong enough to move Grothar to help. So when he prays he believes that he will fail at the same time. And so he will, the more complicated the prayers are, the more often they will fail.

On the other side, he is able to call a shower out of the blue sky, but he does this without intending to do so. His inner bond to his god is so tight, that every thought , every emotion is a prayer to Grothar. Especially when his feelings overwhelm him, this connection seems very close. So if anything makes him very angry - which is not the case very often, but happens now and then, he uses to call out: „Grothar will chastise you with...!!!“ And what ever has come just to his mind will happen, be it  a shower of three minutes or an icy blizzard for an quarter of an hour. Some of his few friends think, that the capricious Grothar must find pleasure in fulfilling him just these prayers coming out of his subconsciousness.

Hiero has a weakness, which is not very grave, but nevertheless a pain to his comrades. He has a wonderful voice, a full , deep baritone. But he is not able to hold the tone pitch for more than a few seconds and he can‘t  memorise a melody not only roughly. He always liked singing, and so he does it with fervency and a loud voice while wandering along his path, be it in company or not. The listener is just able to identify which tune it is he wants to vocalise, but otherwise it is so terrible wrong, that it hurts. Some say, the reason why he was so seldom ambushed on his wanderings is, that he scared the bandits away with his singing, because only looters as bad in music as he is were able to go after him.
Due to his habit of singing  he sometimes has to abandon the security which brings travelling in company. Despite his merry nature, people may chose to travel without him.


There is not much a cleric of Grothar needs. He has just the pant , the robe  and the sandals he wears. On his back he carries a leather rucksack which contains nearly all he has, which is an additional shirt, a woollen waistcoat and one pair of long woollen socks which he only uses when the weather is extremely cold - and his food. A woollen blanket and an additional thin one out of leather for sleeping in the open are fastened on top.
All he needs for his meals apart from his knife is a pan, a bowl, a mug and a  flask made out of a pumpkin which are hanging from his belt  - along with a variety of pouches. The bags are containing several things  which are too personal to mention.
He has two staffs which he uses for walking. Now having acquired a horse, they are fixed behind him on the saddlebags, which contain nothing. He is used to carry all his belongings on his back and doesn‘t change this habit.


He has a horse, if you want to call this animal a horse. Sharp tongues claim, that a baneg must have been one of its ancestors, because it s back is so broad and its head looks weird. But otherwise it is more build like its master: Thin, rawboned, stronger  and more persevering than expected. His back is sacking, but its legs are strong.  The hair is scrubby and its mane shaggy,  but it is grey, overall dark grey, just the mane and tail is of a lighter shade.
Hiero has called it „Grey“, not being very inventive when choosing a name.
It has one disadvantage, it is a bit short which has the effect, that Hiero's feet are  nowhere near the belly of the beast when riding, but are reaching a good bit down to the ground. But all that doesn‘t hinder him to develop an affection towards it, for most times it is willing to do what he wants.


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