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Author Topic: Evorg's Mansion(Voldar)  (Read 1432 times)
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« on: October 08, 2003, 06:46:22 AM »

There are many farms in this area. In the center is a very large house, almost the size of the King's Palace in the center of the town. <p>_____________

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« Reply #1 on: January 12, 2006, 02:53:23 AM »

Fire shadows danced along the thick brick walls and up along the finely polished thick wooden beams that criss-crossed the cathedral ceiling in the den.  A man sat upon a thick deep red cushioned chair. His gray stockined feet rubbed slowly against one another as they faced toward the fire.  He held a silver goblet filled with deep ruby red wine.  Deep in thought; steel blue-grey eyes stared deep into the red pool; as if he could somehow divine the future.  

The door opened up and a white haired gentleman stood there waiting to be noticed. After a few moments he coughed.  The man in the chair looked up from his wine, turned his head slightly and said. "What is it Roland."

"My Lord I thought you should know that the town criers are saying the King is dead...murdered."

"Murdered! Are you sure?"

"Aye, My Lord. That is what my boys say the town criers are saying."

"Do they say by who?"

"No, but I am sure Lycheus will already have guards looking for the murderer."

"Yes, and also probably making plans for his own coronation, as well" Lord Voltigar muttered.

"What shall we do, my Lord?"

"See if your boys can find out anymore information about who murdered the King.  Also see if they can find Damien Scar."

"My Lord since you just arrived just a few hours ago. You do not know what has happened to Commander Scar."

"What do I not know? Except that Commander Scar was to meet me here when I arrived."

Roland quickly told Lord Voltigar what had happened to Commander Scar and his involvement with an Orc and how he got stripped of his command because of this involvement.  That was all Roland knew at the moment. "My Lord, do you think Commander Scar would murder the King."

Lord Voltigar took a sip of the wine and a grim smile crossed his face. Secretly we have been trying to murder the King for months now.  But with his being stripped of his command would Damien outright kill the King? "No, Roland. Damien, Commander Scar is much too smart to do something like that. No, someone else did the murder and we need to find out...soon. Understood?" Lord Voltigar looked up into Roland's eyes.

Roland knew perfectly well what Lord Voltigar wanted and needed. "Yes, my Lord. I will get my boys on it right away." He bowed as he walked backward out of the den, closing the heavy polished Eur'Oak doors behind him.  He then quickly went through the hallways of the mansion until he found his boys. They were really boys ranging in ages from nine to fifteen years of age.  

They were not his own personal family; he had found them running the streets and he took them in, fed them, clothed them and then taught them to be the best spies on the street.  Even Malgion envied Roland's boys and he gave strict orders to all of his own guild that no one touches Roland's boys.  

The ones awake looked up when he walked into the room and they quickly woke the others up.  Roland smiled, "Boys we have work to do."  He quickly told them what they were to do and as soon as he was done speaking the boys bolted out of the mansion running here and there, like scurrying rats, sniffing out any information available.  Roland knew that by the rising of the sun he would have all the information Lord Voltigar needed and wanted.


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