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Author Topic: Character CD's and Contact Info for Nyermersis.  (Read 4250 times)
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« on: January 31, 2006, 01:09:23 AM »

Please post your CD link or CD and contact information after you have put your name down in the list.  Thanks.

My contact information is wrighter_608@hotmail.com.  If you need anything or are confused about something that I cannot answer in the OOC's then please contact me by email and I will try and help you out.  Thanks.


Sinister Beauty
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Orc, Chyrakisth

« Reply #1 on: February 02, 2006, 05:37:23 PM »

you can catch me @ Kain572@graffiti.net, or just leave a ezmail thingy on this profile, for the CD, if you really want to waste half an hour of you life, click on the sig.



She is suddenly a whirlwind of graceful death. Where there was once a steel monolith, there is now an eruption of violence and wrath. Her singing blades rend the stale air with their battle cries, as sirens they call to those who dare stand before her. Her blood is molten hate, and it churns in her veins like the rage of the gods. There is no mercy, there is no forgiveness, there is only salvation through shed blood. Fountains of sand meet her every movement, dance beside her as a partner to her power. Ne'iav'rine's prowess seems almost supernatural; as if even the earth applauded her ability with a display of divine preportions.

Machrebs Ork
New Santharian

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« Reply #2 on: February 09, 2006, 08:50:23 AM »

Ah, just noticed this one. Contact: gduvel@gmail.com

Orcs is made for fightin'

Manik Targin
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Human, Erpheronian

« Reply #3 on: February 09, 2006, 11:38:23 AM »

Here is my updated CD - here

you can leave one in my ezinbox, or if its real urgent/important or whatever, you can email me at tigerknight00@hotmail.com

Manik Targin

Edited by: Manik Targin at: 2/15/06 21:30

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Half-elf Diorye’oleal / Erpheronian

« Reply #4 on: February 09, 2006, 07:05:23 PM »

Contact me at blessed.elysia@gmail.com

Click the link in my sig for her CD.;)  

Elysia the Blessed


Tulpje Sweetshade
Grey Bomber (Brownie)
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Brownie, Llaoihrr

« Reply #5 on: February 15, 2006, 06:04:23 AM »

Capher asked me to join on Nyer's side, so I'll post my cd/contact info here. Mail: verana_01@hotmail.com


Name: Tulpje Sweetshade

Age: 31

Height: just about 1/7 of a ped, like most Brownies

Race: Brownie (greybark, from the LLaoihrr Brownies)

Appearance: Grey skin, of course matching hair and eyes. As many of her people, she wears mouseleather clothing, protecting her from the cold. She also possesses a coat made of woodowl feathers (with thanks to Nash, fabricated herself).

Character: Although already adult (she joined her parent's clan) she is still very mischievous. She enjoys playing tricks on others, preferably on big races. She might leave hobbits alone, them being small enough, were it not that she has never seen them before. Despite her tricks, she is a little too trusty and naive, though it'll take longer to trust an elf than to trust a human.

Magic: Nothing but the first level of lifemagic, which is simple enough to learn for any brownie. She can't do much with it, except make a plant grow a lot taller. Otherwise she doesn't know real magic.

History: Her youth has passed just like the youth of all the young LLaoihrr. Before her Age of Choosing she learned many things, like hunting, reading and writing, and so on. At 15, she chose the clan of her parents. She was accepted, and then sent to train as part of the flying militia. Always had her parents told her about Greybark Ferretmaster, the greatest brownie hero, after Keeko. She admired his adventures and courage very much, so she accepted this with pleasure.

As part of her training, she had to capture and tame an owl. This is not a simple task for a brownie, being smaller than the owls. She managed to capture Nash when he was still a very small owl. He got used to her, and now they're very good friends. He gave her the feathers for her coat. When flying, it was (and is) funny to see the grey of her skin against the brown of his feathers, but they are a good team.

Another part of her training was the knowledge of herbs, both healing and poisonous. Many Brownies know already the beginnings of this, but if ever the brownies were needed again in a war, this knowledge would come in useful on the battlefield. Of course she hoped there wouldn't be another war to fight in, she wasn't that fond of fighting and killing life, yet this was exactly what she was training for.

After she had concluded her training, she was accepted as full member of the flying militia. Triumphant with her acceptance, she was a little too sure of herself, with as a consequence that she was belligerent to a commander of the militia. It was only after knocking him unconscious that she came to her senses. Seeing the commander unconscious she fled, taking only what was most necessary to survive, and the weapons she had trained with for the past years. She didn't stay to find out what was to happen with her, so soon after she had been fully accepted into the militia. Together with Nash she then roamed Caelereth for about a year, picking up bits and pieces of the human language where she went.

Weapons: She wears two knives in her boots, after the fashion of her people. She also carries a bow and arrow, and being part of the flying militia also the blowpipe, because that's the easiest way to attack from on top of an owl. In her belt are pouches with herbs, which could also be described as a weapon, if mixed in the right way. Otherwise mixed, she can use them as healing herbs. One pouch contains poisoned tips for her blowpipe.

Strengths: Her biggest strength is of course her band with Nash, which has only bettered after they fled together. Also her knowledge of healing/killing herbs. She has taught herself to make the darts of the blowpipe, although that had not been her task back home. But this way she might be feared, she won't lack of ammunition. That is, if you see her. This brings us to the

Weaknesses: Due to an injury in her youth, involving a broken leg that never quite completely healed (Brownie healmasters had their hand in their hair because, inexplicably, it wouldn't heal as it should under the given treatment), her right leg remained very weak. This renders her less agile than most Brownies, although it is not a problem to fly on Nash with that leg.

The only language she is really good at is Browniin. In the fugitive year past, she has picked up some words of different human dialects, which makes her capable of somewhat making herself understandable to others, yet it's still lacking in grammar, verb use, you name it.


The language of friendship is not words but meanings.

Tulpje Sweetshade
Dagon Fai Ur
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« Reply #6 on: February 17, 2006, 09:16:23 AM »

MSN & E-mail: the.seraphim@hotmail.com

CD should be my sig.

-*Dagon Fai'Ur*-

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Xaod Shadow
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« Reply #7 on: February 17, 2006, 10:55:23 AM »

Just contact me at my Ez-board address for fastest reply.

Check the Sig for my CD.

I am the Shadow that clings to you like death
I am the Silence behind your back
I am the Stalker following your every move
I am the Slayer that ends your life without hesitation

 Xaod Shadow

Ilaróls, Nyerismysy's Pet
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Wolf, Mithral (Ilaróls)

« Reply #8 on: June 06, 2006, 05:24:23 AM »

-Contact info- Either Ezboard account or Email of rpginfool@yahoo.com is the fastest.

------------CD INFO---------------
Simply named Sammy


1 1/2 years

Domesticated Mithral (Ilaróls) Wolf

Ilaróls, Nyerismysy's Pet

Physical Appearance
A glisten of silver is the only thing which at first the eye will see when she enters the room. Strong paws propel her forward as her lean muscles ripple beneath her ebony and silver pelt. Sharply angled ears perk forward as she looks at you, bright eyes glistening. Then you notice it... one eye is a deep shade of amber, the other, a milky pale blue. She stands 1 1/2 fores at her strong shoulders and her steps are graceful and slow. Strong muscles ripple beneath her coat much like the ocean waves ripple against the side of a sailing ship.

Sammy stands 1 1/2 fores at the shoulder and weighs a slight 75 od. She glistens silver in the light of day, though her undercoat is actually a deep black and her over coat is made up of empty cylindrical hairs which catch light and give her a glistening silver-white color.

One of Sammy's eyes is deep amber; a bright yellow brown mixture of life. The other is a pale milky blue, almost deathly white. Her face is bright white and beginning half way up her muzzle, between her eyes, is a blackish silver cape which cascades over her skull and covers her back. Only a "V" shaped patch of white rests on her chest, the tips of the "V" resting on her shoulders.

She is very strong and her strong muscles ripple beneath her beautiful pelt. Her paws have soft fur between the pads which help keep her feet warm and her bushy tail sometimes flops over her flank and rests slightly curled upon her hips.

Sammy is a very calm and quiet wolf. She enjoys nothing more than lying by the feet of her master in her master's home while grooming herself with soft strokes of her crimson tongue. She can be very protective and is extremely loyal.

She has, in the past, run with animals of her own kind, however due to her inability to see through one eye, Sammy was often picked on and had to fight to eat. The other wolves sensed her weakness and it was her blind side that they would always attack when feeding, dropping her and pinning her to the ground before she could even fight back. The pack accepted her as long as it was not meal time at which point, even for a completely healthy wolf fights usually broke out over food. During feeding it was to each their own. Needless to say, she did not enjoy the wild much... too much fighting within the pack ranks was not the type of life Sammy wanted. Sammy would much rather live within the company of the two-legged kind where they keep her fed, groomed and warm.

Stamina, Sammy has been wandering for a long time and has, on certain occasions, run all day and night, stopping only for quick drinks of water while she followed prey with her pack.

Sammy has a great sense of smell and can often sense things over a stral away. This helps her to know when things that she possibly would not be able to see, are close to her. Also her sense of hearing is slightly better due to her blindness.

Sammy is first and foremost an animal. She knows how to be a wild wolf though she prefers not to live in the wild. She is quick and pretty agile and has a quick bite, propelled forward by strong jaws and a strong neck.

She can bring large animals down with a bite to the throat and has great stamina in which she has followed animals over long distances until they have grown exhausted enough to bring down.

Sammy somewhat understands what people are saying... at least when they are telling her to do something. Not so much understands but comprehends what they want of her, especially when they use hand gestures and body movement as well. She understands a list of thirteen commands from her Master.

Sammy is blind in her right eye, the eye which is pale blue in color. This sometimes can make it hard in very crowded situations for her to know if someone is coming up on her right side or not. This also makes it hard for her to defend herself if someone attacks her right side suddenly.

Sammy has a somewhat abnormal fear of fire. She gets a little skittish around it and has been known to get completely out of control if forced to be too close to it. Her fear of fire goes far beyond that of a normal animals fear... if the fire is not confined, for example to the hearth of a fireplace, she will get uncontrollable as she tries to get away from it.

Sammy is not overly fast, reaching a maximum speed of approximately 1 league per hour.

Being that she is an animal, her main weakness is the inability to communicate with humans, with anything other than other canines for that matter. She can usually get her point across with the sounds she makes, and with her body movements but she still has no ability to form human words.

Sammy was one of three pups born to a pair of lone wolves in the wild, some 2 leagues outside the fishing village of Parthanul. Her parents were the outcasts of a pack of wolves, having left due to the violence bestowed upon them after the pair attempted to overthrow the ruling alpha pair.

(to some extent yes this does happen... if they are not banished, they are normally subject to becoming such a low rank that they are constantly picked on and will often leave, becoming loners)

Sammy's parents were killed after they raided the fishing village of Parthanul. In the raid, they killed a young Avennorian child of a mere 2 years old. The wolf pup was not there during the hunt as she was still too young, she had remained behind in the den. The Avennorians came within a day, making rounds in the area to be sure there were no more wolves and to protect their family. Luckily Sammy had an insatiable curiosity and had actually wandered out of the den not long before the clan came, so when they set the den on fire she was not within the confines, though she did see it and heard her pup mates scream as the fire licked at their pelts, killing them.

An older Avennorian woman found Sammy outside her den, when A pup still, Sammy was only about 3 months old. The woman knew it was cruel to kill the pup, for a crime it did not commit and the woman also believed Sammy had some magic in her due to the dual colored eyes. The woman tucked Sammy into a bag and took her to her home. This home is where the old woman raised the wolf until she was full grown. The woman's fellow clan mates wanted to kill Sammy when they found out that a wolf was living with the old woman, but the old woman would not hear of it and protected Sammy.

When Sammy was about 9 months old, some of the younger kids within the clan got their hands on her and tied a burning stick to her tail... as she ran the fire licked at her hind quarters, fed by the air as her lean body ran through it. To this day she is still scared of fire unless it is controlled and when the old woman died, Sammy left the clan as she instinctively feared for her life.

While Sammy was domesticated, she had always still had the hunting instinct and had remained slightly territorial, becoming a great "watch" dog for the woman, watching over her carefully. Sammy lived with the old woman until she was about 1 year and 2 months old. When the old woman died Sammy ran into the forest and found solace within a pack of wild wolves... but she never truly fit in. She hunted with them, killed, ate, drank with them but she was never really one of them. She had been raised as a pet and she knew she would always be one. She preferred to be comfortable and did not like having to hunt and kill to eat... she did not like having to dig a hole in the snow for warmth... did not like having to spend hours grooming herself with her tongue to become clean.

So not long after coming into the wolf pack, she left... Now she is in Voldar. She has since been staying with Nyerismysys as his faithful pet and companion after coming across him within the city limits and following him home in desperation for a good meal. Nyerismysys, though he does not know about her past seems to understand the wolf and seems to have the ability to keep her calm around people and fire.

Sammy normally stays by Nyerismysys' side at all times, though there are times that Nyerismysys does not bring the wolf with him to meetings, and she remains back in his room alone.

Teeth and claws

A simple leather collar with her name burned into it.

Commands Sammy Understands

All of these are understood in both spoken tongue and in non verbal hand communication.

Down - Lay down
Sneak-Down but crawling forward
Speak- Bark
Sing- Howl
Up- Sitting up on her hind quarters
Dance- walk on her hind legs, though she only can do so for a minute or two, if someone holds her forepaws as if dancing with her, she can perform this trick for a little bit longer.

I am Wolf.
It is my cry you hear in the night,
My eyes that gaze at you from the shadows.
It is my heart that beats in your Soul,
My strength that makes you whole.
I am Wolf. I am in you.
You are in Me. We Are Wolf.
- WolfDreamer

Edited by: Sammykins at: 6/5/06 21:33

"I am Wolf.
It is my cry you hear in the night,
My eyes that gaze at you from the shadows.
It is my heart that beats in your Soul,
My strength that makes you whole.
I am Wolf. I am in you.
You are in Me. We Are Wolf."
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« Reply #9 on: June 07, 2006, 12:41:23 AM »

@Sammy, great CD, however it is Christian she belongs to not Nyermersys, as Nyermersys is the city in which they live.

Also please change your sig, the rule states only three lines long, sorry.  But I would hate to have the admins come down upon you.


Morghan Nichole
Christian's Mute Servant
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Human, Zarathian/Ordian

« Reply #10 on: August 11, 2006, 10:31:23 PM »

Ezboard Msngr is the best- Email is Rpginfool@yahoo.com

Name- Morghan Nichole
Gender- Female
Race- Human
Heritage- Father- Ordian Tribe/Mother- Zarathian Tribe
Occupation- Servant
Title- Christian's Mute Servant


Standing 1 and 3/4 ped with deep grayish/green eyes and soft tan skin Morghan definitely takes after both her parents. She has long soft brown hair which hangs to her knees and in the summer, when the sun is upon her often, appears to lighten to a paler almost blond color.

Morghan is slender but strong, tight muscles align her body, rippling beneath her tan skin. She often keeps her hair loose, except for two strands, one on each side of her face, that are wrapped with leather and hang freely.


Morghan wears a deerskin tank top dress and has a cloaked elk fur, that her father gave her, that she will wrap herself up in when it is cold.


Morghan is obviously very quiet. She can be considered a watcher. When you look at her you can tell she is absorbing everything going on around her.

She tends not to bring too much attention to herself and actually will attempt to get out of eyesight if possible.

However, she is now over coming her recluse like nature and heading to a kingdom to look for work as a servant, or blacksmith, or something... anything.

Morghan tends to avoid situations where people will learn too much about her... She avoids letting people know she is mute if she can because she does not like being treated the way they treat her, as if she is handicapped for she isnt.

Morghan also occassionally seems to get frustrated though there is nothing near her to get frustrated with. In honesty she is getting frustrated with her "demon," her calico cat- imaginary friend. She sometimes swats at it, which would make her appear to be swatting at the air as there is actually nothing there.


Her father taught her how to throw daggers.

While she is completly mute, Morghan is very intelligent and easily understands what people are saying.

Morghan has an odd ability to communicate with animals. Her communication is obviously not verbal, but a sort of mental link which seems to feed off emotions and instincts. There is no true form of communication passed between Morghan and an animal it is more like the animal will trust Morghan because it can sense her weakness, and animals tend to not consider her a threat. Though, prey animals are always cautious around her regardless of her appearent trustworthy nature.


Morghan is unable to speak, matched with her inability to write it is very hard for her to get her point across to people when she is trying to tell them something, or ask for something. Because of this she tends to get a little frustrated with herself and her inability to communicate. She hates the fact that she is uneducated and so she will often just give up if trying to communicate with someone rather than keep trying.

Morghan tends to assume that animals will trust her and let her come up to them all the time. She has gotten into trouble because of this and has almost lost fingers when trying to go up to a strange dog once or twice.

Morghan is somewhat snotty. She tends to judge books by their covers so to say. She doesn't tend to give people a chance if they don't seem like they will be very useful to her. She is looking for work and if she comes across someone who doesn't seem like they can help her find it, she most likely will just pass them by.


Morghan's parents met while her father was visiting the second largest port city of Aeruillin, Shan’Zarathan, to trade with the people of the city. Dahlia, Morghan's mother was with her parents as the were trading with Zularus' tribe when they met. Dahlia was 17, Zularus was 30. It seemed to be love at first sight, but ended up being nothing more than a one night stand. Zularus left the next day, and Dahlia never saw him again.

Zularus never knew he was to be a father and when Dahlia began showing her parents sent her "away" to avoid questions about her growing belly, though she never really went anywhere, she simply was locked in their home without the chance to go anywhere or do anything. Morghan was born 9 months later and whisked away from her mother and sold to a somewhat wealthy gentleman and his wife who had traveled from overseas to trade.

Tanal and Beatrice brought Morghan to a quiet home, overseas in their small village of Yar'Dangs, and when she was a few months old they realized she never made any noise. They thought perhaps she was just a happy, quiet baby but when other babies were normally screaming, Morghan made the motions of crying but never made a sound.

As Morghan grew she remained eternally silent. Never speaking a first word, never crying. Tanal and Beatrice took her to a healer who said she was mute. While she heard everything, was not deaf, she could not speak a word or make a sound.

Tanal, who was an educated man by the normal standards of households throughout Santharia taught Morghan many things as she grew, he began teaching her how to write, and how to read to help her jump the gap they had with her inability to speak. Tanal taught Morghan how to hunt with daggers, how to skin meat and how to cook it upon an open fire. He also taught her how to preserve the meat in salt and ice as well as how to make clothing out of the skins of deer and such. Tanal was not over adept at hunting and things of that nature, but he was familiur with the general ways of doing such things, as he did run his own household and had his own family to take care of. Tanal taught Morghan how to use a dagger and often promised to teach her how to use a sword but he never got around to it...

When Morghan was 7 years old Tanal was killed by a group of raiders as Beatrice and Morghan hid. When they found him they were both very aggrieved. Morghan had not gotten very far into her learning of how to read and write and considers herself uneducated because of it. She can understand what people are saying, but never has a reply.

After a few years Beatrice was wooed by another man named Garous. Unlike Tanal, Garous was a mean angry man. Once in the relationship with Garous, Beatrice was afraid to get out and ended up marrying him. Garous took Beatrice and Morghan from their home, moving them just outside the shivering woods where he built them a new home and told them to forget everything about their past. Garous made Morghan his personal slave, forcing her to make his meals and even, when he was feeling particularly cruel, making her feed him else she would get a whipping. Beatrice tried to protect Morghan, but when she did, Garous would turn his wrath on her, eventually Beatrice stopped trying to protect Morghan.

When Morghan was 16, Garous laid his hands upon her for the last time. Morghan pulled a dagger on him, leaving a deep gash in his side. Morghan was promptly promised to one of Garous' friends, to be his wife and servant, in exchange for some land. Morghan bolted and never turned back, leaving her home in the middle of the night so as not to be seen. Ever since she has been on her own. Eating whatever she can catch in the forests.

Morghan has wandered through the Shivering Woods, through the High and Low Fores and through the Heath of Jernais. During her travels she has often heard that Voldar is one of the most influential cities in all of Santharia and so she has heading that way, hoping to become a servant in a comfortable household, if not an influential one.


Her dagger which is made from thick, strong steel. The Dagger is silver-gray in color and has a solitary gemstone in the handle. The dagger was a family heirloom, passed down to her from Tanal. It has been in Tanal's family for many centuries and was probably the "richest" thing he owned.

The top three points of an elk's antler which she can use to stab someone. She has had no training in using such an item, but she found it while in the forest and kept it.


The clothes on her back and her weapons. She also has a  deerskin pouch on her hip and she carries with her a heavy cloaked elk fur at all times. It is her main source of heat unless she is camped for the night and makes a fire.


Though Morghan does not have a permanent familiar, she can be seen often with animals. She seems to have a way with them though she obviously can not speak to them through any means. Morghan thinks the animals can just sense her weakness and so tend to be calm and gentle with her, though she has not really been around any dangerous animals, mainly horses and other domesticated beasts.

She also has what she calls her demon as explained in personality, though she is the only one who knows about it.

Where she is now...

Morghan is outside Zocharras' Gate in Nyermersis. She has been wandering a long time and has come to Nyermersis to see if she can find work. She knows her chances are slim as she is of no importance and can not even speak or write her request but if you don't try, you will never know.

Edited by: Morghan Nichole at: 8/11/06 14:33

"As I was going up the stair
I met a man who wasn't there
He wasn't there again today
I wish, I wish he'd stay away."
Simonne Miller
« Reply #11 on: August 30, 2006, 04:00:23 AM »

Hello! The easiest way to contact me is email, verana_01@hotmail.com . Here's my CD:

Name: Simonne Miller
Gender: Female
Age: 65
Race: Human
Tribe: Caltharian
Occupation: Herbalist
Title: Meddling Herbalist

Appearance: In the full bloom of youth, Simonne measured about 1 ped 7 palmspans. As her age advanced, however, she seemed to shrink a little, making her now stand between 1 ped 4 palmspans and 1 ped 6 palmspans – depending on whether she is bent over her cane or not. Usually, her back is still straight, unless she is acting the weak old woman.
She never was a great beauty, her features being rather plain, but wrinkles have given her face a kind of elderly wisdom. From among the wrinkles, two shrewd brown eyes are directed at everything around her, still quite alert for her age. Her hair is grey, kept from her face in a ponytail that reaches her hip. She is rather thin, but still strong enough to roam Santharia.

Clothes: After the manner of her people, Simonne wears very colourful clothes, in her case often red and blue. They make her look a little younger than she really is. Her skirt is light blue, and comes down to her ankles, while her shirt, which covers everything from her neck to her wrists to the line of her skirt, is a bright karikrimson. Over her hair she wears a waterberry blue shawl. The only time she wore black, was during the period of mourning her husband’s death. When she started travelling, she returned to the bright colours.
However, her clothes are less of rags and better made than what most Caltharians wear. They hadn’t been when she was still living among her people, but after she started travelling, she noticed that other people often regarded her with some distaste because of them. The better dressed those others were, the greater their disgust. She still cared for her own looks and what other people thought of her, so she bought better clothes, paying attention to their state. This habit has never faded, even though the caring has a long time ago.

Personality: Simonne is a rather friendly woman, trying to be nice to everyone. She tries this because it is in her nature, not because she wishes others to think well of her. Still, she can sometimes say things rather blandly, hurting people without knowing it. She also has the very annoying habit of knowing things better, and correcting people, which isn’t always appreciated, even though she means well. People will sometimes feel her to be meddling, despite best intentions.
Despite being friendly, she doesn’t trust people easily. She used to be very naïve, but when she left her village to travel, and had been taken advantage of a number of times, she stopped trusting. However, she does give trust to those who she thinks are worth it, after they have proven it in some way. In general, she has a rather sceptic view of life. She didn’t used to, but the older she became, the more sceptic. This scepticism, however, she usually keeps to herself.

Strengths: Simonne is a skilled herbalist. She first came into contact with herbs as a means of healing during her husband’s illness. After his death, she travelled Santharia, trying to extend her knowledge.

She is still quite strong for her age. This doesn’t mean that she can lift a heavy sword or whole hebs at a time, but she is capable of walking large distances and sleeping on the ground at night, if necessary. Sometimes she feels she begins to be too old for such a lifestyle, but she still hasn’t given it up. After her husband’s death, she never really wanted to return to a settled life.

Her alertness is a strength too. Despite her age, she hasn’t been affected with Thought Burn, and her memory is still quite as good as it used to be. After learning that people were not to be trusted, she quickly learned to discern whether people were being honest to her, or not, by observing them. She is often right, although the occasional mistake is not to be wondered at.

The experience of a lifetime. Although the first part of her life, namely growing up and being married, wasn’t much of an experience, the latter part (travelling through Santharia) has given her the wisdom of age. She has talked to many people, and formed her own decided opinion on just about every subject.

Weaknesses: Although Simonne is strong for her age, she is of course not very strong compared to the young. This is a disadvantage, because when she is somehow under attack, e.g. because of bandits robbing lonely travellers, she is not able to defend herself. For the same reason, it is a disadvantage that she doesn’t know how to wield a weapon.

Her natural naiveté being replaced by thorough scepticism, she does not easily trust people. This can be a disadvantage, as it often leads her to reject help which might have helped her on her travels.

History: A born and bred Caltharian, Simonne followed her mother’s footsteps and became a dyer. From a very early age she had a good playmate, a boy who lived two houses next to her, called Tom. As they grew up, friendship turned into love, and they married when she was 19. As many Caltharian men, he was a woodworker. Simonne was at this time still rather naïve, but this didn’t signify much, as she never went far from her home.
After some years of happiness, fate took a hand. Tom started to complain of headaches. At first, they didn’t seem to matter much. They would come and go, with large intervals. After a time, however, they would last longer and stay away for a shorter period of time. The couple decided to leave their home and search for someone who could help him, as there was noone within the community who knew any cure.
They met a helpful traveller who directed them to a hospital of the Order of the White Knights. Tom was taken care of by the healers, and Simonne helped them as much as she could. Like this, she first learned about the possible healing properties of herbs. For a while, the healers were able to relieve some of Tom’s pain, but in the end, they couldn’t help him. When Simonne was 40, Tom died. They had then been living with the Order for almost five years. They had no children.
For a while after his death, she returned to the village. During this period, she wore black to mourn him. However, she found that she no longer fitted in the village, after her long absence. After the period of mourning, she left again, remembering her fascination with the herbs that the healers had used. She travelled Santharia in search of people who could teach her. In the twentyfive years that she has travelled now, she has seen the important places of Santharia, as well as many of the less important ones. Santhala, Voldar, Bardavos... they are only a few of the places that she has visited.
On one of her travels, she met a Baveras Aid, who she continued her journey with. Among other things, this Aid tought her midwifery. They stayed together for a while, until Simonne felt the call of the road again.
Another time, she happened upon a hospital of the Order of the White knights, another one than where her husband had been tended. Here she stayed to learn for about two years. It was the longest period that she had remained anywhere.
She learned to make all kinds of potions to cure diseases. In her backpack, she carries all kinds of salves and herbs. Even now, she searches for new people who could teach her things she hadn't known before. She earns money by curing minor illnesses. She doesn’t do some things, such as broken bones or arms out of their socket, because she doesn’t have the strength to heal them. She does know how it is done, however, and she can instruct those who are strong enough. Apart from curing illnesses as much as possible, she has learned to be a midwife thanks to the Baveras' Aid, if no other is available. So if she is at the right place at the right time, she knows how to deliver a baby.
When she was about 55, or something close by that age (by this time she had given up thinking of her birthday, as she had nobody to celebrate it with), she bought a cane from a travelling merchant. It was beautifully carved with plants and leaves, and had a rose for a handle, which had a perfect feeling. Ever since she bought it, she has carried it with her, although even to this day rarely leaning on it. Often, during conversations, it seems to be used more as emphasis of her words than as a cane. She only uses it to lean on when she is very tired or playing the old lady.

Weapons: none, unless one counts the cane. Which, admittedly, can hurt rather much when administered in the right fashion, but which still isn’t a real weapon.

- A backpack filled with herbs, salves, potions, and food that she bought at the last town or that was given by the last family where she helped to cure some illness.
- A belt with even more pouches to carry herbs in, together with one pouch for her money.
- A walking-cane, decorated with flowers and plants.

Youth is the gift of nature, but age is a work of art...
Simonne Miller

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