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Author Topic: Your Character Descriptions/Your Contact Info  (Read 37421 times)
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Human, Erpheronian

« Reply #60 on: November 27, 2007, 04:47:49 AM »

Contact - PM best way to get ahold of me

Name - Kurret Daraan

Gender - Male

Age - 19

Race - Human

Tribe - Erpheronian

Occupation - Wanderer

Title - Cur

Overview - Cursed by the gods, scared for life, hunted by his father and more. Kurr, as he is now known finds himself on the road, running from men hired by his father to bring back his son. He started running after a hunting accident that ruined his face, and convinced Kurr that he has been cursed by the gods. Somehow Kurr survived an encounter with a wolf that took off almost half his face and left him blind in his right eye. He knows this is some cruel joke to leave him alive and able to see the remains of his once handsome face. Kurr can't return to his old life like this so he is finding his own path, with his horse, Titan, and dog, Drake, as companions, while running from the constant danger of his father's henchmen.

Height - 1 ped, 2 fores, 1 palmspan, and 4 nailsbreadth

Weight - 1 pygge and 3 hebs

Hair Color - Red-brown

Eye Color - Deep Blue

Physical Appearance
          Kurret is a tall and slender youth, standing a little over a ped, two fores, and a palmspan and weighting about a pygge and three hebs. He is slender but still well muscled, without a bit of fat on him. His slim build allows him quick and graceful movement, unlike men with larger build that tend to be fast and strong instead. Kurret's red-brown hair is cropped just below his ears. In the mornings he usually just pushes his hair out of his eyes, and keeps a bed rumpled look to his auburn locks. Piercing, deep blue eyes look out from under stray strands of reddish-brown hair, dancing with a mischievous glint. Before the incident that scarred his face, he always had a grin playing across his lips, showing off straight, white teeth, and giving him an adorable roguish look.

          After the incident a lot of that changed. His face is now marred by four long, deep scars from a wolf's claws cut across his face from left to right. One of four scars stretch from the middle of his forehead down and across his face, going past the outside of his right eye, and ending a near the bottom of his right ear. The second scar cuts across the bridge of his nose, past the inside of his right eye, and finally ending near his jaw bone. The third scar runs from his left cheekbone down across his lips, leaving a split in each lip before ending near his chin. The final scar cuts across his jaw line to end at his chin. One deep blue eye saw its end that day. The wolf's claws sliced through flesh on both side of Kurret's right eye, leaving him blind in that eye. His left eye was spared that day but Kurret sees that as a curse rather than a blessing. Since the incident he doesn't smile as much, but he still can't help grinning often. When he does grin, it is within the depths of a dark grey cloak, since it makes the wounds look much worse. He had been growing a thin reddish-brown beard before the accident but that attempt was forsaken afterward since hair wouldn't grow in the gaps in his face, leaving the auburn growth looking pathetic. Now he tries to take the time every other day or so to shave.

          At his home in Nyermersys he has wardrobes full of the most fashionable clothing, but that is out of his reach. Now that he is on the road the settles for the most durable clothing. He has a small array of plain, v-neck shirts with sleeves just above the elbows. He has two of each of the following colors: blue, grey, white, and black. With that he has a set of leather armor: a hardened breast plate, shoulder guards, bracers, and soft leather leggings. To add to that he has a pair of soft, calf-high leather boots, a double wrap leather sword belt, a leather quiver and case for his bow across his back, and finally a long, dark grey, hooded cloak that he always wears. To finish it off, he has a small gold ring on a sliver chain that he wears around his neck.

          Kurret has always been a rebellious, mischievous youth.  When he lived with his family, he was always in style, and very popular among the young nobles.  His good looks, natural leadership, and fun loving attitude attracted people to him. He was the young rogue: charming, cool, mischievous, funny, and more. All the boys his age envied him and all the girls loved him. There was never a lack of attention, and at that age he thrived on it. Underneath his vain appearance, he is a rather thoughtful and talented youth. During the days he trained with sword and bow, even though they didn't interest him, and had has become fairly skilled with both. He also spent a lot of time reading and learning when he had nothing else to do. Dragons fascinated him from a young age and he would devour information about the mythical creatures when he could. He never showed off his knowledge of history or mythical beasts since his reputation preceded him and none of the elders wanted anything to do with him, thinking that he was a dunce.

          Now Kurret is more reserved, though not much. Since he left his parents house he has given up being fashionable and his old friends. After being scarred he believed that he no longer had a life there and so he left. Now he keeps to himself more, hiding in the shadows with his hideous visage hidden. The vain boy turned into a vain young man, he rarely pulled off the dark grey hood that hides the scars. He interacts with others but not much. In no way is he shy, and is at ease around others but he keeps his face hidden most of the time. He still loves to have fun, and finds trouble at times, the roguish lad still alive. Like all Erpheronians he is very proud and won't stand insults and once his mind is made up it won't change. He is very kind once people get to know him, and is always joking with those he knows and trusts. Kurret isn't the kind to not trust anyone or be too trusting of everyone, he it in the middle and trusts people after a short time, but if his trust is lost there is no getting it back.

          - Swordsman: Kurret has been training with a sword since he was six. He was required to train with swords. His trainer worked with him with the longsword, bastard sword, and two-handed longsword. He took to the longsword and bastard sword the best and became fairly skilled with both, and knows the basics of wielding a two-handed longsword. He has the ability to become a talented swordsman but he has never taken much intrest in fighting.
          - Archer: He has been training with a longbow since he was six. His father hired an archery trainer for his son at the same time he started learning with a sword. Kurret liked working with this weapon more than the sword and spent a little more time practicing and always found time for hunting trips. He didn't have much intrest in fighting but he loved hunting, and that pushed him to better himself with that weapon.
          - Tracker: Kurret loves hunting and used to go on many hunting trips. During those trips he was close to the scout that usually led the hunt, and Kurret learned as much as he could. After a year learning from the scout, Kurret struck out on his own and learned more. He has become a fairly good tracker, and earns some coin selling the pelts of animals he hunts down.

          - Horse: Kurret took his Rusik Horse, Titan, from the small stables behind his father's house before he left. This horse has been Kurret's friend for five years. Titan carries him where he needs to go, and the horse warns Kurret when he feels uneasy about something, even though Kurret doesn't listen part of the time.

          - Hound: Drake, his Jhomcholan Diver refused to be left behind when Kurret left home. The hound has been trained as a hunting hound and helps Kurret earn his living. He is also trained to obey. The hound never has a problem causing trouble in public places and often has to keep his owner out of trouble. Drake has been a great help since the loss of sight in Kurret's left eye. The hound warns him when something isn't right, and he listens to Drake more than to Titan.

          - Half-blind: Due to a hunting accident, Kurret is blind in his right eye. This limits his ability to fight and hunt a bit but he finds ways to do both even though it is very difficult for him. This also limits his awareness of his surroundings, which can be very dangerous for him.

          - Pride: Kurret is a very proud youth. This gets him in fights often and some times he finds himself in tight spots. He also won't change his mind once it's been made up. Even if he is wrong he won't admit it most the time and that can endanger his life or the life of others sometimes.

          - Hunted: After leaving his father's home in the middle of the night he has been hunted. His father sent people after him, and Kurr constantly has to look over his shoulder to see if he is being followed. Kurret's father doesn't want him dead, but wants him returned home. His father gave orders for Kurret to be returned by any means necessary but wanted him alive. This could endanger others and himself if he puts up a fight.

          - Drinking: Kurret has trouble with drinking sometimes and when drunk tends to do very stupid things. He will start fights for no reason or provoke a fight with someone. Once in a while he starts a barroom brawl and has been thrown out of a few small towns for that. Before the hunting accident he was almost killed in a brawl once and was only survived because one of his friends stepped in.

          - Hate: Kurret hates wolves. He blames the creature for taking away his life. Kurret's face was marred by the claws of one of the beasts and was left alive by some cruel being. His hate overpowers any other emotion most of the time. He will go out of his way to kill one of the creatures even if he has important business.

          Kurret was born into a very wealthy family of lower nobility living in Nyermersys. He was born the son of Lord Thon and Lady Merdda. His father was a very well off noble and had always gave Kurret what he wanted. Growing up as the son of minor nobility had its ups and downs. He had to show up at all his fathers dinner parties as a little kid and was expected to behave. To get a five year old to sit still, be poliete, and quiet doesn't work very well, and after a couple of times his father gave up and allowed Kurret to skip them. When he grew older he was better behaved and made his father proud, if he bothered to show up. While growing up Kurret had problems with obeying, but his father let him run wild. When he turned ten, he began to straighten up a bit.

          When he turned six his father hired a tutor for archery and swordwork. Every day Kurret had to attend lessons before he was allowed to do anything else. He didn't really like the sword that much but he still trained during the time set aside for it. He took to archery faster and found a love for hunting and thanked his father for forcing him to learn the weapon. When he finished his training in the mornings he had nothing else to do untill early evening when his friends where finished with their lessons. He had learned to read and write a year or so earlier so during his spare time he would wander off to the library and read about history and stuff. Once he had crossed a reference to dragons he couldn't stop reading about them and would devour every scrap of information about the mythical beasts.
          At ten years old, Kurret was already very popular. His father's hall was always filled with his visiting friends and laughter.  After the day, the hall was usually a mess from games and rough housing. As he grew up that changed, going from rough housing to cards to talking. Most of his friends' parents had refused to allow Kurret at their homes until he grew up.  A couple years past and he still hadn't changed his ways, and fathers found they had to watch their daughters closer. Most nobles agreed that Kurret couldn't be trusted with their daughters, so to keep their children happy, the troublesome youth ws invited to dinners at other nobles houses. His father didn't like the rumors that came to him about his lawless son but he didn't do anything about it. Kurret was his heir and Thon couldn't punish him.

          When he was twelve he was invited on a hunt with one of his friends. Kurret had been taught to ride a horse around the same time he started swordwork and had taken to it quickly. On this day he took his father's large black horse for the hunt. At that time he was already obsessed with being in style and was the best looking boy out there. His leather leggings were split done one side from the knee to the bottom and connected again with laces on both sides, and his soft leather shirt was laces from the chest up with sleeves cut off and cuffed just below the elbows. Most wondered how he was going to manage but it worked out fairly well, and the next week on the hunt everyone was dressed similar.

          Whenever they went hunting Kurret was always around the scout that lead them, learning what he could. He became very skilled in tracking under the trained eye of the scout and was one of the best hunters among his friends, adding to his populatity. His father had many trophies put up in his hall during that time because of his son's prowess, and when his friends came over he would brag about the lad. Kurret found that he just loved hunting, with his friends or alone. Spending the day in the peaceful forest, tracking an elusive creature. Thoses were the best days for him.

          At fourteen his father bought him a Rusik Horse. Titan, was just a colt when they bought him and Kurret had a hand in training the animal, learning and bonding with the animal under the stablemasters watchful eye. After gaining possession of the wonderful animal he spent more time in the woods and out of the libraby during the day. Titan was a wonderful animal and Kurret thought the horse knew him better then he knew himself sometimes.

          When he was fifteen he rounded up his friends one night and they headed out to one of the nearby taverns. The bartendere's eyes widened when the number of people in the room doubled in a matter of moments, but after seeing their expensive clothing he calmed down. At least he would make some good coin this night. Kurret and his friends took over the tavern, taking in mug after mug of ale as the night wore on. Sometime during the night Kurret found himself in a fight with a really big man, the argument having been about some girl of his on Kurret's lap. This ended in punches thrown, then knives drawn. In the end Kurret almost lost his life but one of his friends had dragged him out of the tavern before things to too bad. They managed to make it back to Kurret's home, only to be met by angry parents standing in the doorway. After that his friend were confined to their homes for a month or two and none of them were allowed at Kurret's home again. But Kurret still acquired invitation to his friend's homes.

          At sixteen he was always into something, his roguish nature inspiring followers like always. Mostly he made visits to his friends' homes when they had large dinner parties. Kurret had made friends with some of his buddies' parents, and a few of them found it a pleasure to have him over, but it was only a few. He had tried his best to impress them, acting like the young gentlemen and flashing one of his charming smiles in their directions. A few of them fell for this, but most others were still wary of the rebellious youth. During theses dinner parties he joked with friends and flirted with girls under the watchful eyes of protective fathers.

          After he turned seventeen his father commissioned a portrait painted of him. After weeks of sitting in place for this artist during the day it was finally done. It had turned out alright and just the way his father wanted but Kurret didn't think it captured his personality. The stern look wasn't him, but his father liked it, and as long as he didn't have to sit still during the day for weeks again then it was good enough for him. After that he went back to life like it had been and was happy. More of his friend's parents began to trust him and his father was immensely proud of him for changing.

          About a month after the portrait was finished, Kurret went on a hunting trip with his friends. That morning he had saddled Titan and decided today he would take Drake with him. He had gotten Drake shortly after he had turned seventeen; the pup was trained to hunt before he got him. His father's stable hand was helping to train the dog further with his help. Kurret decided that it was time to bring the hound with him. He headed to the gates where the scout and the rest of his friends waited, riding Titan with Drake trotting along beside them.

          The hunt started out like normal, Kurret riding up ahead a bit. He spotted some track leading off the path onto a smaller deer trail. It looked like a lone wolf, Kurret thought about leaving the animal alone, but he couldn't just let it be. He thought of what the others would say if he downed a wolf by himself and that made up his mind. When he looked back, he saw that the others were still pretty far behind. Kurret dismounted and knelt next to the tracks. They were pretty fresh, so he turned and climbed back onto Titan's back and turned the beast toward the path.

          They crashed through the undergrowth, following the tracks, Drake trotting ahead, his nose going to the path occasionally. They came to a clearing, and Kurret turned Titan in a circle looking around. He dismounted once more, kneeling down to find the trail again. He turned toward the left, following the faint trail into the brush with his piercing blue eyes. A pair of amber eye looked back at him and before he could do anything the wolf leapt from the bushes.

          Kurret quickly stood and took a step back as the wolf came at him, hitting the beast's snout with the back of his hand. The wolf back off for a moment before attacking again, claws stretched out. The beast paw slashed at his face, slicing through flesh. The next thing Kurret remembered was the sound of a horse crashing through the forest and he thought he was dead after that. Everything was black in one eye, and his vision blurred with red in the other, blackness ready to take over. Then the blurred wolf in his vision disappeared and a great weight fell across his chest but he didn't care. Then the weight was lifted and the scout came into view.

          "Lone wolf?" someone asked.

          "I think not," the scout said, and then a noise could be barely heard in the distance, "pack, you three catch up with the others, they will need your help."

          At the edge of his hearing Kurret could tell that a few men had ridden off, but others still remained. The blackness was beginning to overwhelm him, and sounds, words, and images began to fade.

          "Let's get him bandaged up, if he loses too much blood we might not make it back," the scout said.

          Movement around him and the scout's words were the last things he remembered before waking up in his room, six weeks later. His father was asleep at his bedside as opened one eye, the room spinning a bit. Well at least he thought he opened one eye, but both eyes were open when Thon opened his eyes to see his son awake, the right eye staring blindly ahead. Kurret closed his eyes and opened them again, knowing that he had opened both eyes, but half the world was black. His left hand went to his right eye, wondering if something was over it. His father stopped his hand, looking down at him with sad eyes. Kurret jerked his hand away and brushed it over his right eye, strips of cloth ran along either side of his eye but his eye itself was free of cloth and open. He tried to sit up but the world spun faster and he fell back into the pillow, everything going back once more.

          Over the next few weeks he slowly healed, slowly getting back on his feet. He was confined to his room during that time, none of his friends were allowed to visit and he wasn't allowed a mirror. The weeks crawled by slowly, and at the end the bandages were removed. His father tried to convince him to keep from looking into a mirror but he couldn't keep him from it any longer. He got a hold of a mirror as soon as possible and looked within the glass at his reflection. His hand strayed to his face, tracing the deep scars that marred his features, his good eye straying to his sightless blue eye reflected in the mirror. Without warning he threw the mirror against the opposite wall, shattering the glass. The noise brought his father and servants to the room. They found the shattered mirror on the ground and Kurret lying on his bed staring at the ceiling with a hint of a tear glistening in his eye. His father and the servants left the room, leaving the youth alone.

          Kurret stayed in his room for a week, the servants leaving his food at his door and leaving the youth alone. He didn't know what to do, it seemed like his whole life had come crashing down on him. Kurret wondered why the gods had inflicted this upon him, and wished the wolf had killed him. He couldn't stand for anyone to see him like this, his friends where turned away, his father and mother turned away, even the servants were turned away from his door. Kurret shut out the world. At the end of that week he decided he couldn't stand it. That night he packed as much as he could into his saddle bags and a leather pack, taking all the coin he had on hand and anything valuable that he could sell and carry. Lastly he buckled on his sword, slinging his quiver and bow case across his back and strapping his hunting knife to his calf. After all his stuff was packed he took one last look around the room, his one good eye landing on the shattered remains that had never been removed. That ended all debate and he picked up his bags and headed to the window. He eased it open and climbed out, glad that his room was on the first floor.

          He crept around the house to the stables in the back, quietly opening the heavy wooden door and allowing rays of moonlight and starlight to penetrate the darkness. Titan woke when the stable door opened and looked up at Kurret. The youth crept over to Titan's stall, the horse neighing as he approached. A quick shush from Kurret quieted the animal, the young man looking toward the stable hand's quarters. Once sure they hadn't awoken he opened the stall door and saddled Titan then grabbed the reins and started to lead the horse out of the stables.

          As he approached the door he heard a small yip, and turned to find Drake jumping to see over to stall door at his retreating master. Kurret shushed the pup then turned to leave again. The hound let out another yip, louder than the one before, and a loud snort and movement could be heard from the stable hand's quarters. Kurret relented; knowing the dog would never let him leave. So he opened the dogs stall door and he pulled the hound's collar and rope leash from a hook on the wall. Leading the hound and horse from the stables he quietly slipped through the city streets. Leaving his old life long behind.

          He wandered through the city, heading toward the gate. He pulled the hood of his dark grey cloak to hide the scars from the peaking glare of the moon and starts. As he approached the gate and guard called out for him to halt.

          "Who are you?" The guard asked.

          "A traveler trying to leave the city good sir, and would appreciate it if you didn't block my path," Kurret said coolly.

          "Name?" The guard asked.

          "Kurr …" the youth started, before cutting off short. Most knew of the rebellious young noble and knew his father would want the run away back. He left it at that. The new name fit him now.  His appearance made him feel like a street mutt. Yes, the name fit. The guard let him pass unchallenged after that and he let Kurr and his animals pass that night. After that he wandered, roaming from town to town, trying to escape his life.

          When his father found out that his son had gone missing he was distraught and immediately called in soldiers. Kurret's mother was struck with grief when she found out about her son's disappearance and hid herself in her room. Thon sent men after his son, demanding they bring his heir back by any means necessary other than killing him. Kurret was his only son and he needed an heir. Merdda was furious with her husband for the orders about capturing her son and fell into deep mourning, and slowly emerged from her sad state. After a few months she was almost back to herself, a deep sorrow dwelled within her but she worked to set it aside. Thon was struck by grief as well, though anger at his son stood clearly forth. He was determinded that he would get his heir back.

          Kurr found himself dodging hunters all the time, finding himself spending time hiding in small villages along the way. The first city he had arrived in after leaving his home was rather small but it was still a nice place. He sold off all his valuables and greatly increased the amount of coin in his pouch. All his rings went as well. Well most of his rings, he kept one gold ring on a silver chain. With some of the coin he bought a small array of shirts, leather leggings, leather boots, and a set of leather armor. After that he continued traveling, keeping his face hidden in the depths of his dark grey cloak when around people, and sometimes when he was alone. He continues to wander, hunting and fighting for coin when he needs it. He hasn't had much need of coin since he had left home but he knows that his funds will run low one day.
          - Longsword
          - Longbow with quiver of arrows
          - Hunting knife

          - Clothing
          - Armor
          - Weapons
          - Gold ring on a silver chain
          - 4 waterskins
          - Titan's riding gear
          - Drake's collar and leash
          - Thick blanket
          - Food for a week
          - Feed for Titan and Drake
          - Three wooden bowls
          - Thin dagger
          - Flint and steel
          - Coin pouch

          Titan: Kurr's reddish-brown Rusik Horse. This animal and Kurr have become close in the five years they have been together and take care of each other. Kurr keeps Titan well fed and cared for. Titan watches Kurr's back and warning him when things don't feel right. Titan is a little over five fores at the withers, and is covered in mostly in a short reddish-brown coat with a white mane and tail.

          Drake: A Jhomcholan Diver that Kurr acquired shortly before the accident and has grown close too. This hunting hound is a little under two fores tall and about a ped and three fores long. His short coat is a brownish-gold color, with black eyes completing the typical apperance of this hound. Drake and Kurr work well together and the dog is very protective of the half blind youth.
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