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Author Topic: Your Character Descriptions/Your Contact Info  (Read 36647 times)
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Half-elf, Quaelhoirhim / Eyelian

« Reply #15 on: November 07, 2005, 06:47:22 AM »

MSNIM: chucky(underscore)schwarz(at)yahoo(period)com
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¾ elven

29 yrs(actual age)

After her father's murder, Aueniteri adpoted the title Crusader, due to her vow to eliminate all thieves and assassins from Caelereth.

A bard by profession, Aueniteri, when not hiding or defending herself, entertains to small audiences for what few coins she does possess.

Haunted by her brother's crimes, Aueniteri, or 'Teri as she generally refers to herself, spends her time fleeing or defending herself from the various low-lifes that inhabit Southern Sarvonia. A gentle girl, plagued by frequent bouts of nervousness due to the battles she is forced to fight.

Aueniteri stands at  1 Ped, 2 Fores, her youthful countenance sporting thin, slightly elongated face, high, somewhat flat-ish cheeks.

Her figure is not highly pronounced, the bust a definite yet light ripple from her otherwise nearly blade-straight form. This appearance, however, may be intentional, as it seems to change drastically, and at her will, as she dances. A choice accentuation either way is her knee-length forest-brown hair and bright green eyes.
Her attire is drastically different pending two kinds of activity. When traveling, or expecting to travel, she dons a loose-fitting leather vest over spun pants and blouse. Over that, she usually, although not always wears a steel breastplate. Boots reaching nearly up to her knees and her hair braided tightly and tucked beneath her vest finish the look.

When not expecting to travel, she wears a long dress, a collar covering just the bottom of her neck, the sleeves coming to just shy of her wrists, and a skirt falling roughly mid-way down her ankles. The dress tightens in front with a pair of laces through carefully sewn couplets, actually a jacket attached as part of her dress, from a palmspan above her navel clear up to just below her collar. Either barefoot or in open, silent sandals and her hair brushed, clean and free, and she is ready to become again what Garrek has tried to take from her.

Pyschological :
Shy, although not reclusive; frightens easily, tends to trust those she considers friends without reservation, cyinical, especially when with an unfamiliar group, almost instantly suspecting every shady-looking person of being an assassin sent by her brother to kill her. Prone to nervous spells, particularly after battles, but also triggered at times by the attention of large crowds. Tender, polite, and well-mannered. Although trained in martial-style fencing, prefers to take any and all possible approaches to avoid a confrontation, except possibly where a friend's well-being is concerned. Has a deep hatred against thieves and assassins, even to the point of prejudice.

Aueniteri's three most notable strengths are firstly, her prowess with song and dance. At times, she will fully entrance an audience of the unaware, inebriated and/or simple-minded.

She is extremely agile and dexterous, allowing her to react to nearly anything she is aware of, even to, at her best, possibly dodging an arrow after it is fired.

Her martial style with her longsword is not to be underestimated, either. Best one-on-one, she twice defeated her former trainer, when he in all earnestness informed her she would not be.

Aueniteri possesses little physical strength, particularly for an elf.

Her gentle nature shows through easily, and with stress, she tends to undergo a nervous break-down, some times remianing unconsoled for days.

Among her greatest weakness is her psychological necessity for a protector, and at times when one seems to appear, she will attach herself easily to them. The same is with allies of any kind, whom she quickly misconstrues as friends.

Aside from this, though, she sees most any person of a darker nature that she may happen to cross as a hunter, whose sole purpose is her own destruction. This paranoia is definitely one of her greatest weaknesses.

In a fight, she has a problem trying to focus on more than one enemy at a time. This problem is compounded to its fullest whether there are two opponents against her or some unspecified mass of enemies. Combating any number of opponents greater than one at a time is severely problematic for her.

Aueniteri's history begins with her ancestry, particularly her grandfather, one Dinik Driel. Dinik was a son of a poor farmer from a long line of poor farmers; his mother, however, was the daughter of a not-so-poor Eyelian merchant. His mother took special interest in her youngest son, Dinik, and taught him much about financial maintenance, so that by the time he was twenty, he possessed what, in his neighborhood, could be considered a small fortune. Dinik was a hard worker, and any leisure time he might have had was spent focused on how to make more money. Then presented itself to him the idea of a lumber farm.

Wood was not truly scarce, but Dinik knew that to make it even more accessible, and with finer types of wood, would make him a fortune beyond his wildest dreams. Time and again, he petitioned the Yllferhim elves for a tiny plot on the borders of their beloved Quallian to begin his dream of a lumber farm, and time and again he was coldly refused. Then he tried the Zeiphyr, testing the Quaelhoirhim for several years, with roughly the same success. Many a time he tried even underhanded methods to achieve his dreams, but each time they failed.

Finally, at the age of forty, he succeded and under a heavy supervision of the elves, took his first lumber farm, and plotted it out in a section where he knew the trees would grow well. The first harvest was ready, and nearly again he lost his business when the harvest was made, but true to his promise, he replanted everything that was cut down. His plots, eventually, broke down into a set of three plots, each in a different season of growth.

His first and second sales were a success, but he would see no more. His adventures in the Quallian had worn hard on his small, fragile body, and at sixty, he failed, and died. His only son, through the daughter of one of his elven partners, named Sean, took control of the business, but his taste in it waned.

Not having his father's passion in favor of the lumber farm, Sean Driel passed on the farm to sub-contractors, keeping a large portion of the proceeds for himself, and took to the sale of elven arts. These brought the frugal Sean even more income, and soon his resources were nearly inexhaustible.

He bore two children, a son, named his heir, and a daughter. Garrek, in honor of the human bloodline, and Aueniteri, the name given by her mother's father. Garrek, although the chosen heir, seemed to have other things in mind.

Aueniteri was a charming, intelligent and innocent child. Wanting her to have and be the best, Sean filled her days with learning of all kinds, and she could soon fluently speak several languages from across Santharia, dance like the flowers in a summer breeze, sing, both by voice and with her violin, to melt a heart of stone, sketch a scene as though it were straight from reality, and fence adequately with even the guards of Dinik's mansion.

A dark scheming seemed to overtake Sean's heir, and several times he was imprisoned for involvement in some crime. Then, the indictments ceased, but Garrek grew ever darker. Sean said nothing of it to anyone, except Garrek himself, that he had renamed the heir, and it was to be Aueniteri. Knowing this, Garrek struck into action.

Aueniteri turned 23, and a large celebration was had at the mansion Dinik had created. This celebration was to last three days, the first with the extended family, the second with the closer family, and finally, the last day would be to Sean, his wife, Garrek, and Aueniteri alone. Great feasts and festivities were had, and most, if not all, of the relatives and business partners left the first day feeling pleased to know Sean. The second day was a little les gleeful, and a bit more intimate. The third night, although planned, never took place.

Garrek had ill planned for them, and his blackened heart carried it into effect without the least cringe of remorse. At roughly midnight, during a change of guards, a horde of assassins overtook the place, plundering and vandalizing everything they touched. Aueniteri, who had been unable to sleep and was caught wandering the mansion, was dragged up to her room, and thrown in front of a trunk at the foot of her once-lovely and well-kept bed, which had been torn to pieces in their rabid search for any kind of treasure. On her way, she witnessed a good portion of the death of her father, who had been outnumbered and bludgeoned to death. She could hear her mother's screams and wails as with a trembling hand, she opened the trunk. In it, two things of marked value lay. One, a necklace given her by her grandmother, who was still in elven terms a blossoming woman. The other, her longsword. She tossed the nearest thief her necklace, and as he reached out to catch it, she brought the pommel of her sword deftly into his groin. He buckled, laying on the floor before her, and in an instant she was on her feet.

With a quick step, she stood on the groveling man, and from there leaped onto the back of another, forcing him down as she did so. Her next move was to make her way to her father. Reaching his corpse, she slashed at one of his murderers, tearing a huge gash from his left shoulder almost down to his right hip, deep enough to reveal the spine. Oozing and spewing blood, the man fell. Without hesitation, she shoved the murderer's corpse away, and for a second shed tears over her father's mutilated figure. Then, knowing they would not be stunned forever, she took from him a pendant, and his longsword.

Then, as she stood, the mob came from their shock and sprung into action. Three of them grabbed her from behind, and several closed in on her. Struggling was futile, and she was certain she, too, would die. However, fate would not have her that day, and she, through some strange providence, was knocked unconscious and hidden under some shrubbery in the mansion's garden. When she awoke, human soldiers from the same Eyelian outpost as the mansion's guards and their familiars were scouring the place, and among them her brother Garrek, looking genuinely worried. She could have swore a dark quizzical look stole across his face when he first spotted her, but it was gone in an instant, and he was poring over his "poor, yet fortunate sister."

The story was one of all too great conveniences. The soldiers arrived just in time to frighten away or kill all the assassins, though none were captured alive. Frequently Garrek told relatives the tale, and as frequently Aueniteri watched in horror and surprise as each of them offered their condolences and support to the supposedly grieving Garrek.

Things grew continuously worse, as together the two of them alone occupied the mansion. The tension rose to such extremes that often Aueniteri would break into tears, but Garrek kept a face of stone. Never would he say a word of the death of their parents directly to her; never did she dare breathe a mention of it in his presence. The tension was to culminate in her breaking eventually, but providence again asserted its hand in her behalf, and her grandmother sent for her. Willing to go, she took everything she could find that was still of use, and petitioned her grandmother for replacement of those things that were ruined.

The party that came for her were not well armed, as they expected no danger. Offering as presents the items she had requested, gladly she moved with them. It was late on the third night of travel that suddenly a realization of Garrek's plan struck her. He had allowed some of the assassins to survive, and now they were sent to finish everything they had started. Her eyes clouded with tears, she quickly gathered her things that night, as everyone slept, or at least as she supposed, and feld.

Everyone had not slept, though. The leader of the camp had called for a guard, and the guard called for her as she ran. This awoke others, but the next thing she heard of them was the one set to guard screaming in pain. The tale was told in the next elven village she passed, how everyone in the camp had been killed, maimed beyond recognition, and had been spotted by a patrol only a few hours after the massacre.

She left the elven forest, it was hard for her to feel secure there. Soon, however, she learned that even as she traveled eastward, nowhere was safe for her. Garrek knew she had survived, and since has never ceased plaguing her with assassins and mercenaries of all kinds. Somehow, providence has intervened at every path, and cautiously she walks the fine line between being the trusting, gentle girl in her heart, and the deadly, defensive woman fate has chosen for her.

Aside from her clothing and armor, Aueniteri carries with her a pack, capable of containing
A bedroll,
Her violin,
Sketching equipment,
All of the clothing/armour she is not currently wearing.

Around her neck at all times is the pendant from her father's corpse, a circle containing a perfectly symmetrical cross, a bright green gemstone set in the center.

Her father's longsword. Although lighter than most, and constructed more for parade than combat, it is a deadly weapon regardless.

Silence! You could give your excuses until Injèrá hides her head from all Santharia, but it will never preserve your life.
I have so sworn...

Listen to the songbird, don't ignore it...
Legacy of the Songbird


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Elf, Co'orhem Kayrrhem

« Reply #16 on: November 21, 2005, 11:11:22 PM »

Contact me via my ezboard email (fast responce) or @ kain572@graffiti.net (slower responce)

The best way to get access to my most recent CD, is to click on the link at my sig.

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-Kain Cristar, Divine Aspect

Edited by: Kain Cristar  at: 1/31/06 6:41

You have lived a life of cruelty and atrocity, you have bathed in the blood of the innocent, you have considered every act of depravity and your corruption knows no bounds. I am the angel of justice, I am the accumulation of all of your sins. Prepare for your redemption.

-Kain Cristar, Divine Aspect
festrath Blackmoor
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« Reply #17 on: November 22, 2005, 06:02:22 AM »

For quickest response, just contact me at my ez-board address.

Name: Festrath Blackmoor
Race: Human
Tribe: Avennorian
Gender: male
Age: 34
Height: 1.6 peds
Weight: 1.5 pygges
Title: Pirate Prowler
Occupation: Pirate Captain

Overview: A charming pirate captain who gets what he wants through lies, charm, and guile.

Appearance: Festrath is slightly shorter than the average male, standing at 1.6 peds tall. His skin is tan from a life at sea, and his body is well muscled. His black hair is shoulder length, and tied into a ponytail while on land. While at sea it is left to hang down so as to whip about his face in the wind. Faint scars cover his front and back. His face is heart shaped and handsome. He wears a very short, rough black beard that covers his jawline. His intense eyes are a stunningly bright blue, and the fire of mischief dances in them. His teeth are a flashing white, which he uses to give dazzling smiles. On his back he has a tattoo of a green dragon coiled around a ju'bat cat.

Clothes: Festrath is well dressed. A dark green silken shirt covers his torso, and ends at his elbows. This shirt is very loose and flaps in the wind. Around his waist he wears a red silken sash. His satin pants are a rich, dark purple and very baggy and loose. The pants are tucked into his navy blue, leather boots, which go half-way to his knees. Around his hairline he wears a dark green satin headband. On his head, Festrath wears a large pirate captains hat. The hat is navy blue and has a large, fluffy green feather on the top. On his shoulders Festrath dons a long golden cape made of satin. At his sides, Festrath wears four white, satin pouches carrying various items. One bulges with his latest spoils. He usually carries a large amount of coin, often ill-gained. The next carries a deck of playing cards for use in various gambling games. The cards have beautiful pictures of dragons, sea serpents, and ships. The third carries several prized dice made of metal, wood, stone and other materials. They are in several different shapes and colors, also used in gambling. The last holds a case of red-fletched darts. These are used in battle or gambling.

Weapons: On his left hip, Festrath wears a saber. The blade is long and thin, the hilt and wrist guard golden colored. At his right hip, Festrath wears a rapier, also long-bladed, it has a silver wrist guard. Strapped to his back, Festrath has two cutlass's crossed. The cutlass's are slightly larger than the other two swords, with  jeweled golden wrist guards.  On the back of his sash, Festrath holds an intricate hand-crossbow.

Personality: Festrath is charming. He knows how the human mind works, and has refined his mannerisms to appease people. He can carry pleasant conversation, and uses flowery, articulate words. He is usually kind and polite, pleasant to be around unlike most of his crew. He is usually courteous, especially to females.

He is however, a pirate, and as such can have a somewhat rough personality at times. He is quickly angered when someone makes negative comments on his lifestyle. He loves to drink ales and wines, sometimes a little too much. He often reverts to pirate mannerisms when drunk. He can be reckless, and takes unnecessary risks.

He enjoys gambling, and often indulges himself to gamble. He likes having pleasant conversation with other travelers, hearing of the adventures they've experienced. He especially loves talking to females, often trying to woo them.


Sword Play- Festrath is trained well in all pirate weapons. He knows how to wield them with expert finesse, and has had his talent hardened by being in many fights at sea or in bars. Festrath knows how to feint and make false moves with ease. He is exceptionally skilled at both offense and defense, making for a well balanced fighter.

Agile- Festrath learned long ago that if someone can't hit you, you have little need of troublesome armor. Festrath has above average dexterity, though not too exceptional. He is fairly good at keeping out of reach of enemy blows.

Charm- Festrath is very charming. He can throw disarming smiles and win over trust easily. He is polite and generous, usually. He isn't as rude as many would expect from a pirate, and can carry pleasant conversation easily. He also uses his calm, pleasant speech to avoid dangerous fights.
His charisma makes him an excellent leader. His crew respects him, and would do most anything he asked of them without question.

Guile- Festrath is an expert in the art of lies and beguiling. He can work his charm into his lies with beautiful effect. Festrath is skilled in bribing, charming, and getting the information that he needs.  He can tell lies particularly well, often using this skill to get past questioning guards, inquiring on his cargo and such. He is especially good at charming females, knowing how to work his charm on them with even greater effect.

Dual-Weapon Fighting Festrath is trained in using two weapons at a time. He can dual wield any of the pirate weapons on his ship, for they are light and easy to maneuver. This makes it harder for opponents to block, and easier for himself to parry oncoming blows.


No Armor- Though he is fairly agile, Festrath can easily be hurt due to the fact that he wears no armor. He can't sustain blow after blow and count on his armor to deflect it, and if he takes a powerful direct hit, chances are he'll be knocked unconscious.

Alcohol- Festrath enjoys drinking fine wines, or strong ales. He likes to spend his spoils in taverns, and quite often drinks one drink too many. He loses his good sense when drunk, forgetting his manners and letting his temper run high. He can make foolish mistakes while in this state, or lose his temper with someone talking ill of his lifestyle.

Pirate Problems- Being a pirate of some renown, he is infamous and wanted by many. His victims want to see him caught, and would go to great lengths to do so. In large cities he must go incognito, and keep a constant watch on his back.

Reckless Nature- Festrath can be reckless. He takes dangerous risks and chances. He likes to prove his meddle, as well as his charm. He is sometimes overly daring, and often gets himself into trouble that he has difficulty getting out of.

Gambling- Festrath is fond of gambling, especially when drunk. Unfortunately, he can get extremely angry during games of chance or risk. He often tries to cheat, and is quite good at it. But when drunk he makes stupid mistakes and is often caught. This often leads to many bar-fights.

Familiar Faults-  Festrath's familiars can be a weakness at times. Torch the Fire Drell is quite skittish in battle. The noise of steel on steel makes him jittery, and he can lose his morale in such situations. This usually results in him running around Festrath's legs frantically, causing his owner to trip up in a fight.

SwiftFang can also be a nuisance. SwiftFang has an ego, and thinks he is in charge. When he doesn't get what he wants, usually food or grooming, or he is made to do too much work without reward, he gets quite agitated. In times like this, SwiftFang usually refuses to obey Festrath, even in battle situations.

Familiars: Festrath has a golden fire drell named Torch. It is about the size of a large house-cat, and can normally be found sleeping on his shoulder. The large, oval eyes are  bright red. He has four legs with razor sharp claws at the ends, and a strong, flexible, pointed tail. He has the ability to store light energy and release it in bursts of fire hot enough to melt steel. Torch is friendly and playful, but overly skittish around battles.
Festrath's second familiar is his Ju'bat cat, SwiftFang. This cat stands 3 fores at the shoulder, and 4 fores long, with a 2 fore long tail. He weighs 1.4 pygges. He has a slender body, small head, and long muscular legs. His under belly is spotless white, the rest of his coat a rich gold covered with black spots. He has tear-shaped stipes that run from his eyes to his mouth. The mouth is round with razor-sharp fangs. The feet are tread shaped with semi-contractible claws.
Ju'bats are among the fastest land animals of Santharia. This is because of their semi-contractible claws, which provide traction;spring-like spine which allows it to make quick starts and continued acceleration and their enlarged heart and lungs which allow it to run for longer distances.
Swiftfang is a loyal feline, but has a knack for mischief, and a big ego. He can be quite a nuisance when he doesn't get what he desires.

History: Festrath grew up in a wealthy merchant family. His father owned a sailing ship which he used to travel Santharia, selling wares. He specialized in exotic animals trading, and expensive silks. Festrath often accompanied his father on his exploits, having a great love for the sea. Festrath was fairly content, but he did desire more action than just being a merchant.

One day when Festrath was 17, The look-out noticed a large shape against the horizon, coming their way at a high speed. Soon recognizing it as a pirate ship, the crew redoubled their efforts at making the ship quicken it's pace. The pirate ship proved to be faster, however, and soon drew up along side the merchant ship. Festrath watched in fascination as the pirates threw grappling hooks over the railing and pulled their ship closer. The pirates leaped aboard the ship, chaining all the crew. To Festrath's dismay, none of the crew seemed to have any thought to fight back. When three pirates came to subdue him, Festrath fought back. Grabbing an oar, he lashed out at the men. The pirates obviously weren't expecting a fight, especially from one this young. They were caught off guard and quickly fell as blows from the large oar fell upon their skulls and stomachs. The other pirates aboard quickly drew their weapons and chased the young upstart. Festrath had no intention of being taken easily, leading the pirates all across the ship, hiding behind the mast, climbing the ropes, and keeping them at bay with the oar. The more experienced pirates eventually caught him however, and held his arms behind his back. Still he struggled. The captain came aboard then, a fearsome man to behold. With a shaggy beard, mane of unruly red hair, and a patch over one eye. Watching him in awe, Festrath continued to struggle, until he felt a splitting pain in the back of his head as darkness overcame his senses.

Groggily Festrath opened his eyes slowly, reaching to touch the back of his sore head. Looking around he saw that he was in some kind of cabin, richly furnished.  Sitting in a chair directly beside him sat the captain. The man was watching him with amusement, and with a grin splitting his face, he spoke.

Hey, look who's finnally awake! What's yer name son?

Dazedly Festrath answered. Er, Festrath, Sir. Festrath Blackmoor

My name's Cap'n Glint. Nice to meet ya, Blackmoor. He said holding out his hand.

Confused, Festrath shook it, and remained silent.

Well, I suppose I might as well get to the point. You've got a fiery spirit, and a feisty determination, ya showed that back on yer ship. I could use someone like you in my own crew. Interested?

Festrath's eyes widened in shock. This captain wanted him to be a pirate? This could be the chance he always wanted, action and adventure. But what about my Father and his crew, Sir?

Well, I was goin' ter sell 'em back to their families. But, if you join my crew, I'd be glad to just drop 'em back ashore at their home port. How about you work for me fer abou' eleven years? I'll be able to retire by then, and then I'll let you have pick of my ships and you can be a captain of yer own crew. In the meantime I'll teach you evry' thing ya need ter know abou' bein' a pirate.

Seeing no problem with this arrangement, Festrath eagerly agreed. Consider it done. I'll work for you for eleven years, Captain Glint!

Glint smiled broadly. Aye then matey, welcome aboard the Sea Jaw!

So for the next eleven years, Festrath worked under the captain. While aboard the Sea Jaw, Festrath learned to operate a ship, how to fish, and climb masts. Glint and his crew educated him in swordplay, teaching him to fight like a pirate. Festrath eagerly learned how to do fancy footwork, intricate swordplay, and even dual-wielding. He developed a muscular build, and improved his guile and charm. Glint treated Festrath like a son, and taught him everything he knew about pirating
At the end of his eleven years, Festrath was a respected pirate, his crew and captain admired his daring and charm. Glint stayed true to his promise, and let Festrath choose a ship of his own. Festrath chose the Maelstrom, a large warship. Glint and Festrath worked on the ship, for Festrath wanted his ship to be the fastest on the sea, able to moe at breakneck speeds. Much of Glint's crew joined Festrath, and Glint retired to live like a king in Strata. Festrath prowls the seas, Pirating the greedy or cruel. Occasionally he pirates lone ships from various navy's as they patrol.

Ship: The Maelstrom is a warship, 22 peds in length. The  hull is made of thick black oak, making it hard to penetrate. The ship was modified to Festrath's liking, making it extremely fast. The ship has three masts, the mizzen mast and  main mast are able to pivot, allowing the ship to turn better and catch more wind. The ship is designed to cut through water and wind like a knife, and leaves water foaming in it's wake. The ship has two ballistae at the front, two at the back. The sides each have five ballistae, each of these fire iron spheres attached to chains, used to damage masts. The ship has a weapon room below-deck hung with falchions, scimitars, cutlasses, sabers, rapiers, chains, hooks, grappels, and crossbows. This is in the center below-deck, with crews quarters around it. Right beside it is the store room, containing cargo such as barrels of salted fish and meats, dried fruits, and ale. The large sails are dark green in color. The mizzen mast has a flag bearing Festrath's symbol, A green dragon coiled around a Ju'bat cat, on a navy blue background. The front of the ship is carved to resemble a huge dragon rearing up, jaw gaping, claws reaching out. The claws and teeth are painted white, the scales green. The eyes are fiery red, with a slitted pupil. The wings are folded behind it's back. The name Maelstrom is on both sides of the ship in the form of navy blue steel embedded into the hull.

Ports: The Maelstrom's great speed allows it to travel around Santharia quickly. Festrath travels to most of the continents, but mainly stays near Strata.

 Festrath Blackmoor

Arrianna Valerious
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« Reply #18 on: November 23, 2005, 04:42:22 AM »

You can find me at : lazy-arse@hotmail.co.uk, im online alot!

Name: Arrianna Valerious

Gender: Female

Age: 50, looks at the age of about 25.

Weight: 1.5 pygges

Race: Elf

Tribe: Coórhém Elves

Occupation: Revenge

Title: The Avenger

Physical Appearance: Dark brown eyes, seeming to go on forever, black hair reaching her lower back, 2 peds tall, almost transparent white skin, typical elven ears, long slender limbs and a small tattoo of a bow and arrow on the base of her neck, a tribute to her fathers teachings.

Clothes: Skintight v-neck leather bodysuit with a red silk stripe on the left sleeve to symbolize the one swing of a sword that killed her father, lightweight boots with silver buckles to her knee.

Personality: Very outgoing, with a direction all of her own. She is seductive to get what she wants, and it angers her when her efforts have no effect. Her voice is of medium pitch, and very husky. Can be very sly, and has a very strong sense of pride in herself and her qualities. Before talking to anyone in a crowded area, such as a tavern, she will retreat to a corner and watch from a distance, and will often wait for people to come to her. Arrianna is also very defiant of her disease, and will often take stupid or near fatal risks.

Strength's and weakness's:

~ Arrianna is very nimble and agile, she can walk through a forest without making a sound.
~ Arrianna is moderately skilled in swordsman ship
~ Arrianna is a very skilled archer, and has the arching abilities of an elf of 60.
~ Tree climbing
~ Arrianna does not feel fear, which prevents her from running from situations, or losing concentration in battles.
~ Arrianna is very intelligent.
~ Seduction.

~ Arrianna is very proud and arrogant, which often prevents her from making many friends.
~ Arrianna refuses to forgive and forget, and will not allow something to pass without revenge, making any type of relationship impossible.
~ Arrianna mistrusts all, except those who were friends of her fathers.
~ Arrianna is egotistical.
~ Arrianna does not feel fear, so does not asses the risks before going into a situation.
~ Arrianna has a rare condition, like today’s hemophilia, so any wounds cannot clot and heal unless almost immediately bound and a healer must be sought, or she will bleed to death. Small bruises or scrapes will not have major effects, Arrianna will simply have to rest for a while. Yet wounds such as nosebleeds, cuts or gashes could proove fatal if help was not found, as Arrianna does not know how to treat her condition.
~ In Arrianna's defiance of her disease, she has come near death on several occasions, and therefore is becoming more ignorant of her disease, beleiving she can beat it, and is taking larger risks.

History: She was born in Nybelmar, though where is not certain. This is because her father, who taught archery, fled from Nybelmar to Sarvonia weeks after her birth, from his horrendous debt problems. After fleeing, her father never spoke of her birthplace. All Arrianna knows of her past in Nybelmar is that her mother died in childbirth there. Arrianna was brought up by her father, in a secluded place, yet, when Arrianna had just turned 30, they were found and Arrianna’s father was murdered by another Coórhém elf who he owed the majority of his debts to. Arrianna’s father was murdered with one swing of a sword. Ever since her fathers unexpected death Arrianna has not only felt guilty for not trying to control his gambling, but took it upon herself to avenge her father's death, although she is unclear on how to do this. Arrianna’s father taught her all she knows in swordsmanship, archery and music, along with all her knowledge of the lands and weaknesses of races. Her mother died in childbirth, and growing up without a mother has deprived her from having any skills in any form of house work, though Arrianna never felt deprived. Arrianna has a fascination with fire and dragons, which probably derives from the stories her father told her when she was a little elf. After her fathers death, Arrianna had to learn to survive by herself, and found that the most successful way for her to manipulate any man, was through seductionand so she came to learn her ways.

Weapons: Many knives and blades hidden on her person, but the main ones being a thin bladed knife in her left boot, a gift from her father, a broad sword in a sheath at her side, a short thin bladed dagger in a pocket on her right sleeve. A long bow that is held on her back, with a quiver of arrows.

Belongings: Her weapons, and a small pouch of money and a selection of keys to different buildings and safes through Caelereth, that she found on her father's person after his death, though she is unsure of most of their uses and purposes. Arrianna does not know how her father came across these keys. Arrianna’s father had actually collected these keys through his travels when he was younger, and each key unlocked a place of great significance to him, or opened a safe with small collections of money in.

Familiars: Blaze, who is an icy white centoraurian horse, who she found as an orphaned foal, and feels a great connection to him, because she feels they both had their parents ripped from them too soon. Blaze is her closest friend.

Kalean Ephien
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« Reply #19 on: November 24, 2005, 06:52:22 AM »

Contact info: whisper_loud777@htomail.com
Name: Kalean Ephien
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Tribe: Kasumarii
Age: 31
Occupation: assassin/wizard level 5
Title: Ice Assassin

Appearance: Kalean stands at 1.8 peds tall, and is of what most would call an average build. He is fit, due to his acrobatic training but he is not huge in muscle mass. He has the standard look of the Kar-ii, white hair (worn long with what looks like a clasp that holds back his longer bangs, but its actually a dagger) and grey eyes, and a narrow but pleasing face.

Personality: Kalean is actually quite jovial for an assassin, or a wizard. But he is able to focus on the task at hand, which his teachers at Ximax, or more specifically The Tower of the Sea found quite helpful. Sometime he lets his mouth get ahead of him and then he finds himself often having to defend himself in some manner. He is also very creative, in several fields, including how to kill people and the arts in general.  

Clothes: Kalean has two sets of clothing; one is an all black outfit including boots gloves, and a mask, the other is a set of armor made from steel (if there is steel in Caelereth) with his Coat of Arms, the Korenjaan form.

History: Kalean grew up on Cyhalloi, the island of Guldor but, soon moved with his father and mother to Xaramon and more specifically Ximax at the age of 6, his father was a Darkpriest and His mother was an assassin. The reason that they had moved so far was a few things: first the orcs from the island Dorolak where getting restless and starting to conduct small raids on villages settled on Cyhalloi. The second was Kalean's mother became aware that there was a plot to kill her by another Kasumarii family. There was apparently some rumor that she had assassinated one of the family’s cousins. This of course could lead to her death so she determined that Ximax would be a good place to move. This was based on that they would think to look there for Kalean's father being a priest would have no use for the cites main attraction and that is was a big city and it was easy to get lost in the large crowds.
Kalean himself had taken his mothers coat of arms the Korenjaan at the age of 10 for he had no desire to be a priest, but the idea of being a wizard interested him greatly, along with the occupation of his mother as an assassin also intrigued him since it was the heritage of his people to become some of the best assassins in the known world.

At the age of 12 he entered the academy for himself and found his focus element to be Water. He progressed at a steady rate through his classes devoting all his time to it much to the dislike of his mother who wanted him to go along a more traditional road. He father though was very pleased in his son; unfortunately the father learned magic for power, whereas Kalean learnt it because of the mystery, the wonder and the challenge, instead of greed. This caused the father to build a wall between him and his "weakling" son, thinking that Kalean was less that worthy to even speak to him. Kalean at first found this confusing but as time when along, the wall became a source of tension between the two of them and has never been resolved.

Now just one year after completing his level 5 wizard classes or tests, Kalean has turned his attention to learning the other occupation that he is interested in, being an assassin. His mother began to school him, but his training was cut very short as his mother was captured and sentenced to death a year later. During the first year of training he only was able to learn several acrobatics, like running up walls and catching the edge, running along walls for a short period of time, and using the area to his advantage when fighting. He is still practicing these things and other ideas of his own. His mother wasn't able to teach him much about stealth, so he is trying to learn for himself but it is proving quite difficult.

Kalean has only done 3 assassin jobs to date and has foiled two of them, now he has at least 6 different men after him at any given time for the mistakes he made. The first was a fat merchant who had cheated his business partner out of a lot of money, the partner hired Kalean to kill the man, unfortunately Kalean had a cold and blew his cover by sneezing, and he was clearly seen but got away. The fat merchant hired 4 mercenaries to hunt him down; they still are trying to find him. The second was a family betrayal, two brothers where arguing over a girl and got into a fight. The weaker one lost of course and sought revenge. He hired Kalen to kill his stronger brother, but again he failed and barely got away, saving his own skin. Now the stronger guy and his best friend are also hunting for him.

Magic: Level 5,
The Sphere of Change:
Spell class 1: Transformation
a) Liquidization - This spell causes the body to begin to flow and shift with the makeup of a lake or ocean. The being at first retrains the form of its original shape, but can bend and shift to any liquid form, and is immune to most physical attacks.
b) Freeze - This spell takes Liquidization one step further, by focusing and stressing upon the ice properties of the Water Element, and hence freezes the target into a solid, yet brittle form.
c) Ice Touch - By increasing the ice property of Water at any location he/she sets his hand upon, a mage can deal a mild chill to a lethal heart-stopping blast of frost to the target.

Spell class 2: Water enchantment.
a) Harmony - This spell causes a person's mind to become serene and calm, and thus makes the target feel as if they are safe and at ease, even when in the middle of a rage.
b) Lunatic Fervor - This spell creates a raging storm of chaotic emotions and thoughts to spiral like a whirlpool in the target's mind, bringing all but the most serious of mind to madness and insanity.
c) Negative Image - Similar to the way that rain water causes multitudes of colors to appear, this spell causes the mind to think that it is seeing the entire area around them to sparkle and dazzle with random colors, confusing and bewildering the target.
d) Skin of Painlessness - This spell dilutes the mind's ability to detect physical pain, similar to the way water generally can dilute harmful substances (like alcohol), causing the target to be able to withstand unbearable torture with a smile. Only pain is reduced, and so damage and death still apply.

The Sphere of Currents:
Spell class 1: Tides
a) Part Water - This spell serves to create an expanse between two "parts" of water, by causing the water elements to flow away from each other.
b) Wave - Wave serves to move large, and even massive amounts of water to run over enemies, fields, and whatever else needs a decent washing.
c) Bath of Cleansing - This spell is used to wash poisons and viruses from a targets body. While it does remove the source of the damage, this spell does not heal or reverse the effects caused already by the poison.

Spell Class2 : Thought (Spiritual Representation of Currents)
a) Repel - This spell causes the mind's natural cár'áll to swirl and shift with such a chaotic fervor that any other mental spell becomes difficult to attach to the target's mind. This spell often gives a headache to the target, however.
b) Distract - By swiftly guiding the cár'áll away from and then back to the target's perception, Splash causes a person to suddenly become startled, causing them to forget where they are and what they were thinking for a few moments.

Weapons: Five different daggers hidden in various places, (i.e. boots, hair, sheaths in clothed inside his armor.) and a long ash wood staff.

Strengths: His magical ability. It is quite advanced and allows him to take advantage over others. Speed is also another, he is very fast when running or throwing daggers. Sight: his eyes can adjust almost immediately from darkness to light. Assassin training, is a strength, but only in the area of flexibility and acrobatics. (see history for details)

Weaknesses: Lack of skill as an assassin, since he is not fully trained by any standard he often foils his assassin jobs. He is not very good at blending in with shadows yet, nor can he move with complete silence, so he can be seen and heard if the guard is alert and looking for an intruder. Therefore if he does get a job, 8 out of 10 times he is certain to make a mistake and get caught. This will make enemies and if its one who is higher up in society, it would make many more, which would make him hunted and almost constantly in trouble. Because his is so horrible he has to date only received 3 jobs, and two of them failed.  Magic, it takes time in battle, and makes him vulnerable to arrows, spear, and extra.

Belongings: Staff and daggers

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email: kelsadin@hotmail.com

Name: Kels Adin
Gender: male
Age: 28
Race: human
Tribe: Helcrani
Occupation: trader
Title: Tradesman of Vardynn

Detailed Description

Kels is well-tanned, lean and athletic, with dark brown eyes and sharpened features. He keeps his blonde hair and beard cut short. He wears a burgundy-coloured surcoat over a heavy suit of chainmail. If one looks closely enough, you will notice each of the buttons (made of hammered iron) is inscribed with a black stag's head with a star-shaped gem placed between the stag’s antlers.

Physical Appearance
Kels is an athletic, lean and toughened-looking man who hails from a wealthy family in the forests north of Jernais, near Ephirn’s Lake. His leathery skin is tanned, as he spends most of his time outdoors, he has dark brown eyes and sharpened features. He keeps his blonde hair and beard cut short. He stands about 1.7 peds and weighs 1.8 pygges. His hands are callused and he has thick forearms, the result of having to bear arms during trade missions when he accompanied his father.

Kels wears a burgundy-coloured surcoat over a heavy suit of chainmail. The surcoat is made of tanned leather and buttons up the front. If one looks closely enough, you will notice each of the buttons (made of hammered iron) is inscribed with a black stag's head with a star-shaped gem placed between the stag’s antlers. When he is not in armor, he wears pants, leather boots, and a white surcoat over a burgundy, woollen tunic. During the winter months, Kels wears a dark brown hooded cloak over his surcoat.

Kels will not mix words when he has a task to accomplish or a place to get to, though he will engage in conversation when he is able to relax over a pint of ale. He will devote a small amount of time to enjoy a good drink and a pipe in a dim taproom, but often feels he is wasting his time unless he is working. Kels is fairly well spoken as a result of his upbringing, and enjoys learning about other cultures and lands far afield from his home in Vardynn province. He does not like to waste too much time with introductions, as he feels that a person’s title is less important than what they do. More important to Kels is how well one does their job. He has amazing work-ethic, and became accustomed to working 16-hour days, training or leading skirmishes at the outskirts of his father’s estate, or accompanying his father’s trade missions to wealthy landowners in other countries.

Strengths and Weaknesses
a) Strengths

1. Agility – Kels lean, athletic frame and toughened musculature has been his greatest strength. He is able to wield a heavy-bladed longsword and a shortsword together with relative ease and deadly accuracy.

2. Tenacity – Kels refuses to give up once a task is begun, and will focus on completing a job to the best of his abilities. His health and constitution allow him to continue working for many hours with little rest.

3. Knowledge of Cultures – Kels has travelled some of the lands adjoining Vardynn (Nermera, Xaramon, Sanguia and Enthronia) so he knows much of the people and their customs of neighbouring lands.

b) Weaknesses

Ambition – Kels seeks to improve his personal status or wealth. For this reason, he will often select tasks, which he knows will help him gain favour with people in positions of authority.

Fear of heights – Ever since his youth, a near fatal accident where he fell from the loft of a barn and took months to recuperate from his injuries, Kels has felt uneasy about climbing ladders, and he cannot stand on ledges.

Abrupt – Kels hates wasting time. He can only spend so much time in idle conversation before he must leave and do something. Even if it is something as simple as checking the edge of his weapon or the shoes on his horse.

Arrogance - Kels has been brought up amongst lesser nobility and merchants, and though he does not consciously look down on members of the peasant class, he will come across as condescending.

Kels is the younger of two sons of a wealthy merchant, Lorris Adin, and grew up in the north of Vardynn province. Kels noticed at an early age that his father favoured his eldest brother, Thyrinn, who was naturally athletic and handsome. Thyrinn had also been promised the hand of the daughter of one of his father’s business associates, a wealthy spice merchant, which Kels’ father set up to ensure the continued prosperity of the family business. When he was six, Kels fell out of the hayloft while roughhousing in a barn and broke his arm and collarbone, and was bedridden for several months. It was during this time that young Kels, who was curious and always learning, asked to have a tutor. He father obliged, at the behest of his wife who had always looked out for Kels, but Lorris saw this as a waste of finances. A rift grew between father and son.

As time passed, and Kels excelled at his studies in language, history and mathematics with a private tutor, and he learned the financial value of his father’s holdings. Kels also learned that his eldest brother did not understand good business practices and possessed little ability to interact with potential customers. At the age of thirteen, Kels decided that he would inherit the family’s business, to keep it from being destroyed. Kels’ intentions were not completely altruistic, as the family estate, which consisted of several acres of trees near the Thaelon Forest, if managed properly would bring him great wealth. The prize of the estate is the silkel tree grove, which was a significant source of income for the family – his father exported the medicinal substances and silk cloth produced by the trees.

Kels first act was to improve his status in his father’s eyes. He took up fencing and other physical activities, and after two years of hard training became an excellent swordsman. At the same time, Kels grew strong and filled out his lean frame. This transformation helped him become popular with the daughters of his father’s business associates. And though he was not as comely as his brother, Kels was more comfortable speaking to them as people, rather than treating them as objects. On one occasion, Kels impressed one of his father’s customers with a business idea that he successfully turned into a minor business enterprise to the north. The man offered Kels his daughter’s hand in marriage on the condition that Kels become a business partner. The young man refused, which outraged his father, until Kels told him that he would accept the offer if he was given control of the family estate when Lorris died.

The issue was temporarily put aside, though Kels’ father invited him to attend more business meetings. With time, his father realized the discrepancy between the aptitude of his two sons, and he grudgingly accepted that Thyrinn could not run the family business. Still, he disliked Kels’ ambition. Their father refused to change his will to give ownership of his holdings to Kels, to protect his eldest son whom he loved despite his wayward lifestyle.

Kels did not object. He knew his brother would have little interest in managing the business. Unlike Kels, who had business sense and dedication, Thyrinn preferred to attend social functions and spend money. Ten years passed, and Kels continued to work with his father, travelling to new countries to establish new trade relationships, or accompanying his father’s trade caravans to oversee security. The business grew enough that Kels’ father was able to purchase more land around the Thaelon Forest and the Silvermarshes where elessan trees and honeybees are cultivated. An estate winery was built where they produce Leithe Honey Wine for sale in Northern Vardynn and Nymeran.

The relationship between Kels and his father progressed to the point where his father agreed to his son’s earlier proposal to change his will to pass everything on to Kels, given that he marry. Kels had little problem with the proposition – the girl he had been promised was pretty and intelligent, as well she had a significant dowry. When Thyrinn learned what was happening, he confronted Kels, and attempted to kill him. They fought briefly, but Lorris interceded to prevent Kels, whose training and experience far outweighed his brothers’, from ending Thyrinn’s life. Thyrinn fled southward in shame. His father has rescinded his offer to alter his will until Kels safely returns with his brother. Kels has tracked his brother south to Truban.

Kels’ favours a two-weapon fighting style, using both a heavy-bladed longsword and a shortsword of extremely high quality. He commissioned a master smith in the city of Jernais to forge the weapons with his fighting style and strength in mind, so both are perfectly balanced for him. The hilts of each of weapon appear to be the antlers of a stag, and the handle and pommel have been intricately designed in the form of a stag’s face. He also carries a crossbow.

signet ring of his father's house
bottle of Leithe Honey Wine

Kels’ rides a destrider of mixed stock that stands nearly 18 hands in height and weighs nearly 14 pygges. Eywing (affectionately named by Kels for his admiration for the legendary Caldar Eywing) is covered with brown hair with white markings on his heavily muscled flanks. Bred and trained for battle, Eywing is a fiercesome creature that will not allow anyone but its owner ride it.

1.8 peds

1.9 pygges

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hi ill join

name Andro Belishia
gender male
age ??? (to old to count)
race half dragon half elf
place of birth under MT. Agreath
tribe loner
occupation necromancer
title Andro of deaths grasp

detailed description
Andro was born to a defient cuple his father the dragon Afriad and his niteelf mother Reasha. when he was born he was throghn out into the harsh world where he met his master/trainer who we dare not speek the name. after he found out his master was going to sell his soul to the keper of the under world he ran for his life now all he seaks is vengene to the one who betrayd him and is now ashamed of his power over the dead. he has now decided to join up with your group to repent his sins.

[img noborder]www.3drt.com/3dm/characte...8.jpg[/img]

known languages


noviece spells
strong necromance
nolage of runes (magic)
see in the dark


afraid to use neromancy
evil erges
fear of solid shadows
plaged by emages of people he has killed

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Odras, I'm afraid you need an approved CD to join.  Please post what you have in the CD forum where the mods can check it.


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« Reply #23 on: December 13, 2005, 02:18:22 AM »

Please post your CD in the correct forum and do not randomly posts in threads in stories/cities you have not been approved to join.

Once you have posted your CD, I will delete it from this thread.


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Hi! Capher said I could join, although I've just seen that my post isn't there anymore. In any case, here's my CD. Contact info: verana_01@hotmail.com (MSN). PS: when will the main gate be open again?

Name: Tulpje Sweetshade

Age: 31

Height: just about 1/7 of a ped, like most Brownies

Race: Brownie (greybark, from the LLaoihrr Brownies)

Appearance: Grey skin, of course matching hair and eyes. As many of her people, she wears mouseleather clothing, protecting her from the cold. She also possesses a coat made of woodowl feathers (with thanks to Nash, fabricated herself).

Character: Although already adult (she joined her parent's clan) she is still very mischievous. She enjoys playing tricks on others, preferably on big races. She might leave hobbits alone, them being small enough, were it not that she has never seen them before. Despite her tricks, she is a little too trusty and naive, though it'll take longer to trust an elf than to trust a human.

Magic: Nothing but the first level of lifemagic, which is simple enough to learn for any brownie. She can't do much with it, except make a plant grow a lot taller. Otherwise she doesn't know real magic.

History: Her youth has passed just like the youth of all the young LLaoihrr. Before her Age of Choosing she learned many things, like hunting, reading and writing, and so on. At 15, she chose the clan of her parents. She was accepted, and then sent to train as part of the flying militia. Always had her parents told her about Greybark Ferretmaster, the greatest brownie hero, after Keeko. She admired his adventures and courage very much, so she accepted this with pleasure.

As part of her training, she had to capture and tame an owl. This is not a simple task for a brownie, being smaller than the owls. She managed to capture Nash when he was still a very small owl. He got used to her, and now they're very good friends. He gave her the feathers for her coat. When flying, it was (and is) funny to see the grey of her skin against the brown of his feathers, but they are a good team.

Another part of her training was the knowledge of herbs, both healing and poisonous. Many Brownies know already the beginnings of this, but if ever the brownies were needed again in a war, this knowledge would come in useful on the battlefield. Of course she hoped there wouldn't be another war to fight in, she wasn't that fond of fighting and killing life, yet this was exactly what she was training for.

After she had concluded her training, she was accepted as full member of the flying militia. Triumphant with her acceptance, she was a little too sure of herself, with as a consequence that she was belligerent to a commander of the militia. It was only after knocking him unconscious that she came to her senses. Seeing the commander unconscious she fled, taking only what was most necessary to survive, and the weapons she had trained with for the past years. She didn't stay to find out what was to happen with her, so soon after she had been fully accepted into the militia. Together with Nash she then roamed Caelereth for about a year, picking up bits and pieces of the human language where she went.

Weapons: She wears two knives in her boots, after the fashion of her people. She also carries a bow and arrow, and being part of the flying militia also the blowpipe, because that's the easiest way to attack from on top of an owl. In her belt are pouches with herbs, which could also be described as a weapon, if mixed in the right way. Otherwise mixed, she can use them as healing herbs. One pouch contains poisoned tips for her blowpipe.

Strengths: Her biggest strength is of course her band with Nash, which has only bettered after they fled together. Also her knowledge of healing/killing herbs. She has taught herself to make the darts of the blowpipe, although that had not been her task back home. But this way she might be feared, she won't lack of ammunition. That is, if you see her. This brings us to the

Weaknesses: Due to an injury in her youth, involving a broken leg that never quite completely healed (Brownie healmasters had their hand in their hair because, inexplicably, it wouldn't heal as it should under the given treatment), her right leg remained very weak. This renders her less agile than most Brownies, although it is not a problem to fly on Nash with that leg.

The only language she is really good at is Browniin. In the fugitive year past, she has picked up some words of different human dialects, which makes her capable of somewhat making herself understandable to others, yet it's still lacking in grammar, verb use, you name it.

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Hmm I get the odd feeling I have done this before, lol.
Email:  Cherri4ever9978@hotmail.com
MSN IM:  Cherri4ever9978

CD check the link in my sig.

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Cherri Rowandyn


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Fastest way to reach me: gduvel@gmail.com

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(This message was left blank)


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She is suddenly a whirlwind of graceful death. Where there was once a steel monolith, there is now an eruption of violence and wrath. Her singing blades rend the stale air with their battle cries, as sirens they call to those who dare stand before her. Her blood is molten hate, and it churns in her veins like the rage of the gods. There is no mercy, there is no forgiveness, there is only salvation through shed blood. Fountains of sand meet her every movement, dance beside her as a partner to her power. Ne'iav'rine's prowess seems almost supernatural; as if even the earth applauded her ability with a display of divine preportions.

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My Contact info-
weptover at yahoo.com
msn messenger- weptover at yahoo.com

Sorry-History is pretty long

Name: Vylias
Gender: Female
Age: 29 (looks to be 20 in human years)
Race: Half-elf, Half human
Tribe: Korweynite/Kyra
Occupation: Entertainer/Assassin for hire
Title: Remorseless Survivor
Height: roughly 1 ped, 2 Fores, 1 Palmspan (5' 8 )
Weight: 1 Pygge, 3 Hebs, 1 Hafeb

Physical Appearance: Every feature in Vylias is a struggle between soft femininity and the rough life that has shaped her. Her face is heart shaped giving her a soft and delicate look to her features. Yet, her high cheek bones and wide mouth add a harder look to her features. Dark eyelashes frame large slanted eyes; their color deep wells of indigo. Her long ebony hair falls down in thick waves towards her waist. Yet when she is not using the allure of her hair for work she keeps it in a long braid that she pins in a circular bun.

Her body is curved by voluptuous hips and breasts that are perfect for her pleasure dancing if not for the more refined ones that call for a less rounded body. Despite that she is slender with the deceptive fragility of a dancer whose smooth brown skin covers muscles developed by years of dancing the dances of pleasure and death. Her neck is slender and long. Her hands and feet large and seem clumsy except for when she is dancing.

Traces of her elfin heritage are only told by her height and the scars on ears that should've been pointed by were now rounded.

Clothes: Despite separation from her Korweynite home Vylias still wears the Eben. She wears the simple wide tunic that reaches to her knees, though at times she does wear the one that reaches to the floor. The Eben she wears are not done in the usual bright colors but in deep reds, purples and blues. Also unlike most Eben her long tunics have slits in the side like a soldier might wear. Around her waist is a leather belt usually decorated with vibrant colored scarves.

Vylias has never worn a kyphlem though she has seen her mothers and carries it in a pouch with her few possessions. She also wears light boots that she removes when she dances, replacing it with a brass anklet that accompanies her in her dances with its sweet jangle.

Personality: Vylias is in all things a survivor. She has learned to adapt to her situations, no matter the sacrifice to those around her. She has a strong sense of her own justice. In a world that has given her little it is only true justice that she takes what she can and by whatever means. Therefore she can come off as cold and cruel, but in her mind she is only doing what is right for her.

With this mindset she doesn't look down on people for thefts, killings and betrayal. They are things that all people might do in order to survive. This doesn't mean she sees them as good; they are neither right nor wrong. They are just actions that cause a reaction. It is simply life.

As to friendship and lovers, she has none. It is quite clear to her that people use one another for their benefits; even love is just a selfish emotion. Still there is a part of her that longs for the idealism of the stories she has heard from barbs and the great friendships and loves that are selfless. These thoughts made lead her to help someone she would not otherwise help, though her trust goes only so far.

-One of her greatest strength is her dance. It is said that the Korweynite have a certain embedded magic in their art and in Vylias' dance it is very evident. Her dance is mesmerizing and very seductive to most men and women. The dance works by focusing on a particular emotion or emotions and instilling it in the dance, therefore causing the audience to feel a certain degree of the emotion that the dancer is protraying. The degree that the audience will feel the emotion depends on how good the dancer is and the individual person.

-She has high endurance, very flexible and has great patience which comes into use with her jobs as an assassin.

-She is highly proficient in the use of daggers and the armored fan, which she uses both in her dances as well as in her hired jobs such as assassination.

-She is distrustful of people that use magic in any way to a point where she finds it hard to see any good qualities in a person who uses magic. She will refuse to accept help from them and generally sees them as having something mentally wrong with them. If it isn't obvious she just determines that they hide it very well.

-Her only defense against heavy weaponry is her quickness. So if she is cornered by heavy weaponry she is basically defenseless. This makes her incredibly skittish of small enclosed places to the point of being claustrophobic.

-She is incredibly stubborn when she has come to a decision. Though she can easily walk away from people, she finds it harder to walk away from things she has openly committed to. This commitment she will hold on to even against her usual steadfast survival instinct.


Before she was born-

Vylias' mother, Titya, came from a home of artists and was well known for her performing arts. Her song and her dance made her quite popular and eventually she drew the attention of one of the Kyra. She was given much praise for being called on by the Kyra, but when she came back to her home there was something different about the young girl.

Titya had fallen in love with the Kyra and to her amazement her feelings were returned. Their relationship though was not one that was look on favorably by either race, but it was never openly condemned. So ignoring her families silent disapproval the girl continued to see the elf.

Despite their love the love for his people finally drew the elf away and he went back, deserting the human girl who loved him. Yet, he left her with two gifts. One was a diamond necklace and the other was a child. The child for a long time the girl had no knowledge of it growing inside her. She continued to dance, always wearing the diamond necklace her elf given her, under her clothes despite the consequences that would surely befall her if she was discovered to wear a jewel limited to only the imperial court.

Love clouded her mind and when one day she passed out from an exertion of the dance and the pull of her unborn child, the diamond necklace was revealed. Once recovered, she was urged by a servant to run away, since if she stayed she would surely be put to death. So grabbing as little as she could she fled Korweyn.

She was able to book travels with a ship heading to South Sarvonian, with the last bit of money she had from the savings she kept for the wedding that would never happen. She knew that when she reached the city she could pander her jewels until she could find employment. The journey was a long one, but she was well fed and looked brightly on the future, despite the strangeness of her companions. This new life was even more hopeful when her baby was born, a healthy infant, on the ship. She named her Vylias. The ship's route ended in the port city of Varcopas, with little knowledge of the place to guide her she was taken on by one the passengers- Morck. Morck promised to find her a job in the city of Ximax, which was talked about extensively on the ship. Titya agreed, grateful to find someone willing to help her. Once reaching the city she pawned her jewels on Morck's suggestion, so she would be better able to live until he could gain her employment.

Yet, the day she was to meet Morck he came to her with a face in shock.

"It's all gone. My fortune..."

The pity she had for him turned into fear when a certain zeal came into his eyes. He had noticed that she was no longer wearing her jewels. With desperation in his eyes he attacked her, stealing all the money she had gotten in her trade. Titya could see the shame he felt as he looked down at her and her small child, but desperation overcome it and he left her broken body there in the slums of Novorhall.

The Childhood of Vylias-

Vylias and her mother discovered themselves in a splendid house in the inner city. The pair was nursed back to health. Their good fortune was due to a female mage named Galafia, which took them in. She was a wind mage who studied at the academy, but her wealth came from her noble family line. The question of why she helped Titya and Vylias was not entirely clear at first. Eventually as Titya grew healthy it became clear that the mage was smitten by the woman. She was constantly calling on Vylias' mother to dance and sing, which her mother was happy to do.

It was there that Vylias childhood took place, surrounded in a house of gold and jewels. Her mother already began to teach her the arts of dance. The magic both scared and fascinated her, but it was the mage that fascinated her the most. The sorcerer's eyes were always on her as if she found Vylias both captivating and repugnant. Once she told her mother about it, but her mother simply laughed.

"Galafia is merely jealous. She wants all my attention to herself, a woman that is simply a child with too many toys."

Vylias was not reassured, but she said no more about it because she was certain her mother would only laugh. In the end she was content, because despite these disturbing glances Galafia had been nothing but kind to her if at times distant and her mother played with Vylias and often touched the tips of her pointed ears with a soft sigh of longing that made Vylias feel special.

Whether her mother loved the sorcerer as much as the woman loved her she wasn't sure. She knew that her mother did cherish her and was her lover, but there was something that she held back always. When Vylias turned 10 her world changed. It was her name day and she went early to her mother's bed to wake her. Yet, as she ran in she was shushed by the sorcerer.

"Your mother is ill."

At first Vylias felt irritation at Galafia. If mother was ill it would pass and this was her name day. Yet time passed and mother never got better. The sorcerer said she was ill because the land was foreign, but Vylias couldn't understand the idea someone could become ill because they were foreign. The sorcerer always sat by her mother side, not letting anyone come near her, not even Vylias. Vylias would sit by the door listening instead; waiting for the sorcerer to leave so she might cuddle in her mother's arms and hear her sing softly. It was her only comfort, since more and more the sorcerer ignored her and she began to feel like a ghost trapped in the large walls of the once splendid house.

Then one day as she laid cuddled in her mother's arms her mother began to tell her a story. A story about a beautiful elf and the human girl he once loved. Right at the moment when she spoke of the elf leaving to return to the solitude of his people a soft cry passed her lips.

"Kethar, my love..." And then she was silent.

Vylias didn't move. She just stayed curled against the quickly cooling body of her mother. When the sorcerer came back she was yanked from her position, but she didn't care, silent tears poured from her face. The look of grief that came over the sorcerer's face would always come to mind when she thought of her. The sorcerer ran to her mother's bed, grasping her body and wept for a long time. Vylias' weeping joined hers until she feel asleep.

When Vylias was awakened, her life was suddenly thrust into chaos. Galafia dragged her up into a room; her words a jumble. She was pulled into the workshop, a place she had never been allowed in before. Shivering with fear she began to cry, but her tears were ignored.

"That elf, it was that elf's fault," the sorcerer kept mumbling to herself.

Slammed against a table Vylias found a knife at her face. Sucking in her tears she tried to stay perfectly still, but no constant stillness would be enough. As the knife cut into the flesh of her ear she screamed, but nothing would stop what was happening.

In the morning Vylias found her ears mutilated, but bandaged. Galafia sat in a chair her eyes red and her cheeks stained from weeping. When she heard Vylias wake her eyes drifted towards her and there was shame in her glance as she looked on the child.

For a long time neither one said a word, then Galafia stood and left. She didn't come back for two days and Vylias didn't leave. She didn't know where else to go and despite the horrible thing Galafia had done she had done it in grief and was the only family Vylias had now.

When Galafia finally did come back she beckon Vylias to her, handing her a cloak as the set out of the inner city towards the outer city of Ximax. There they stopped at a splendid house that seemed out of place in the slums of Norvorhall. Galafia talked to a person inside the house and then Vylias was pushed into a room where Galafia leaned down and spoke to the girl.

"From now on this will be your home. You will work here as a servant."

Vylias started to protest, but Galafia shushed her.

"You can not stay with me anymore. I am afriad what will happen if you stayed." She glanced at Vylias's scarring ears and no more was said. Galafia left and Vylias became the serving girl in a stranger's house.

It can get worst-

Javile. His name will always stick in her mind. The abandonment by Galafia, even the final mutilation but the sorcerer was nothing compared to what Javile did to her. His pleasure in her was evident. At first she was just a normal servant, but when he discovered that she could dance he asked her often to perform for him and his customers. She wasn't there for a month before he forced her into his bed, stealing whatever hope she had of her future.

Her life was one of use. She was no longer a servant, but his entertainer. She was raped often, and sent to pleasure any company he would have no matter how they might derive their pleasure. There was always someone more creative, more brutal. In fits of boredom Javile would torture her. What scared her the most were the mages. None of them were like Galafia, and since the day Galafia had left her there she had heard no more of the mage. There were only a few mages that came to Javile, but they were regulars seeking a place to devulge in their darker perversions. Their pleasures seem to always be tainted with a certain madness. Her experiences with them soon began to shape all her thoughts on magic users.

There was some question that maybe Javile was a mage himself, but this was often scoffed at. He was a wealthy merchant who sold weapons and trinkets that supposedly were imbued with magic. Yet, he had a side services, providing pleasure and entertainment for those whose desires were not quite appropriate or legal.

Whether he was a mage or not, to Vylias, he seemed to have a certain magic. The many times she tried to escape him were thwarted as of he always knew what she was planning. She didn't know why he seemed so set on not letting her go, but he seemed obsessed with her. A few times she tried to go to one of his customers for help, but they ignored her pleads. She was not a slave, if she wanted to leave she could just leave. People on the outside never see the cages those on the inside are contained in.

At 13 Vylias was given an armored fan by a visiting mage, Colis, who had taken an interest in her. He promised to send her a teacher to teach her the dances. Javile agreed to it, despite his distrust in the mage's gifts. Indeed he did have reason to distrust the mage. Colis had a grudge with Javile and he had seen the coldness in Vylias eyes, discovering a tool that might indeed profit him in the future.

So she began to train in the use of the armored fan, which was only slightly different from her training in light fans. She was a quick learner and was soon very proficient in it. As well as training in the fan her so called dance teacher taught her usage with daggers, and she learned the different ways of using a dagger as well as throwing them. The techniques she learned were those one might use as an assassin and it was clear, even to her, that she was being shaped as an assassin for Javile. She looked forward to it.

In this living nightmare her only pleasure was Javile's eagle named Sorth. The bird was wild, even Javile had been unable to tame it. So instead it was locked up in a cage, displayed for Javile's amusement. She didn't dare let the bird out, but she would sit next to it and talk, feeding it pieces of meat she had managed to steal from the kitchens. She felt that in the eagle she had found a kindred spirit.

Years passed and when she had turned 21 she was finally asked to do the job. It was too easy. When Javelin had forced her into his bed once more, in the throngs of his passion she pulled the dagger from the folds of her hair and slit his throat. His body convulsed over her, but instead of the disgust she expected she only felt a clear sense of justice at what had been done.

She didn't wait for Colis as she was expected to. She knew that falling into a mage's hands would just end itself in a similar fate. Magic destroyed the mind and she swore to never touch it. That night she escaped only pausing to release Sorth. The eagle insisted on following her, and she felt honored by its presence. In this way her new life began.

A New Life-

The first thing Vylias did was put distance between her and Ximax. The bit of money she had was quickly dwindling and she had to find work. There were few things she knew so if she couldn't use her dancing she felt no qualms about using her skills as a killer or her body. Her body was only useful if it could help her to survive. No noble thoughts could save her if she starved. So he traveled all over Southern Sarvonia placing herself for hired, no particular goals or desires besides the basic one to survive. If the irony of the situation hit her, she was reassured by the thought that at least this way she had a sort of freedom that she didn't have before.

Weapons: Several daggers and two armored fans.

Belongings: Her mother's kyphlem, a diamond necklace that she keeps hidden, a small pouch she keeps underneath her tunic, a large bag that carries clothes, dancing accessories, a blanket and flint and wood just in case she has to sleep on the street.

Familiars: She has a pet eagle named Sorth. He is not technically belonging to her, but a companion that willingly stays by her side with the knowledge that it will leave her when it pleases. At times it has helped to hunt food for her and on rare occasions has protected her from threats.

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Ok, here's my character description. I'll go post at the gates now :)

Name: Garth Avery
Nickname: Mouse
Gender: male
Age: 25
Race: Human
Tribe: Helcrani
Occupation: Acrobat, Harlequin
Title: Agile Harlequin

Appearance: Although Garth is a Helcrani, he is far from normal. Since his birth, he has been very small, in fact about the height of a well-sized hobbit. When stretching to his full height, he stands at about a ped and a palmspan. Due to his deformity, his limbs seem a little disproportioned, even though this doesn’t seem to hinder him when performing his acrobatics. He weighs about 6 hebs, and his chest and arms are rather muscular. Unfortunately, this only adds to the disproportioned look of his body, as does his waggling gait which arises from the shortness of his legs. The reason that he looks so disproportionate is that his body is about the same size as a normal Helcrani’s, but his limbs are smaller.
His hair slightly curls. In the summertime it has the golden blond colour of honey, and in the right light it has a slight reddish shine over it. In wintertime and when it is wet, it’s more of a dark blond colour.
His facial muscles are very mobile, and he uses them often. This has given him the nickname of ‘Mouse’ very early in life, and he has carried this nickname with him ever since, often introducing himself with that nick instead of with the more normal sounding Garth. With his clear blue eyes, bordering on the grey of an overcast sky, he looks at the world seriously, although not many people care to discover this in him. Most people only see his acrobatics and jestings, and when he is not performing, they usually only see his short stature, while pointing and whispering.

Clothes: The colour of his clothes depends on whether he is travelling or performing.

-Travelling clothes: Plain simple brown garments, namely a tunic and pants. They have quite obviously seen many years of use, and are more patched up than anything else. Along with this, he has a mantle that can only still be called green when it’s held exactly right in the sunlight. Most people would call it grey, if asked. Somewhere he got the idea that he would be safer from robbers wearing faded and patched-up clothes than when the clothes seem new. This may be true, or it may not be true. Whichever, it is very likely that robbers will not think a little man in old clothes riding a donkey worth their trouble. Fact is that he hasn’t had much trouble with robbers during is travelling.

-Performing clothes: folded up inside a pack which is tied over Pepik’s back are three suits which he wears to perform. All three have the same pattern: two different colours are put so that the right hose of the pants is the one colour, and the left part of the shirt is the same one. The left hose and right part of the shirt are the other colour. The suit which he wears on the commonest occasions (for example, performing on market squares) is chequered red and green. He saves the white and light-blue one for a little less common events – performing at an inn. The yellow and violet suit is for very special occasions, for example when he is invited to perform at a rich man’s house. This suit is used the least, but kept the cleanest.
He keeps all three scrupulously clean. There isn’t a spot or torn cloth to be found on any of them. This is why he keeps a needle and thread with him always. For his travelling attire, he doesn’t care about a tear more or less, until he has no choice but to fix it, in which case it just gets another patch.

Personality: Garth is very good in making people laugh. Many people underestimate the effect that this has on his personality, they think that he is a joker at all times. In fact, the contrary is true. While it doesn’t make him sad, it makes him serious. He rarely finds those things funny that other people laugh hardest about. As a consequence, his smile is rare and his laughter even rarer, which is a shame. His smile, once he shows it, lights up his entire face, making you forget his size. On the other hand, it might be that rareness which makes it so brilliant.
He doesn’t easily trust people. He suspects – often rightly, but not always – that they are more focused on his deformity than on his person. He is invariably polite to everyone, but it takes him something to go from politeness to friendship. Once there, however, he is fiercely loyal to his friends, because he knows that they value him for himself, and not just to mock him.
From time to time, he is sad that he isn’t normal, like everybody else, but he has learned to cope with that. His size, in any case, has taught him to put things in perspective, which leads to his not being run away with by his feelings easily.

- His acrobatics, which allow him to earn a little money or find a sleeping place.
- He has learned to put things in perspective, an art which not many people know. Most will only look at things from their own point of view, while Garth always wishes to know all the sides of a story before making judgment.
- He is a good listener, not having the urge to talk about himself much. This doesn’t mean that he will tolerate every stranger that crosses his path yapping at him, but once you get to know him a little, you can go to him when you feel the need to talk. When he is prepared to listen, it is usually a sign that he is letting you in, going from common politeness to friendship. One should, however, remember to talk loud enough, so that he can hear what you’re saying.
- His seriousness. In spite of (or maybe thanks to) his profession, he isn’t one to make fun of others, just for the heck of it. Contrariwise, when he sees someone being made fun of because of how they look, he will do everything he can to stop it, however little that may be, because he knows what it feels like. It’s one of the few things that makes him angry.
- Garth is quite a quick thinker, which can help to get himself out of unpleasant situations. He quickly sees the solution to a problem. However, his seriousness and sense of perspective keep him from jumping to conclusions.

- His size is obviously a great disadvantage. Not only does it make him the target of whispers (or shouts), which gives him an uneasy feeling, but his strange walking gait and his short limbs prevent his being as strong and as fast as other people.
- Though his seriousness is also an advantage, it partly leads to a disadvantage. He is not easily amused, and thus he takes life much more seriously than other people. This leads to a galling view, until his sense of perspective takes over. When he is in such a mood, he can make it very clear that things aren’t alright, all the while staying quite polite. This can make people angry, especially those who don’t know him yet. All this is of course when he is not performing, because then he can make most people laugh and enjoy themselves.
- His hearing is worse than for most people. As a child, he was prone to an illness that affected his ears, leaving him deafer every time. Eventually, it didn’t come back so often, but even now he fears that he will go deaf completely. Right now he doesn’t hear close-by soft sounds, such as a low voice or whisperings. At the most, he will notice that he is being spoken to, but when he doesn’t, people can get the feeling that he is ignoring them, even though they just should have spoken a little louder.
- When he is not performing and sees a crowd of people, he is very much afraid of them, fearing that somehow they will turn against him. He can still work up the courage to go amongst them, but it takes some sweating, clammy hands and hammering hear to get there. As the years progress, the fear is getting stronger. But when he is performing, he doesn’t feel it. He knows then that he is in control, at least partly, of their emotions.
- Another great fear of his are beasts that sting, especially bees and wasps. Whenever there is one near, he acts strangely, doing everything he can to avoid it. This jumping can be very funny to see. Although most of the time it’s not really a weakness, it could be exploited by one who knows it.

History: Garth was born in a small Helcrani village near Milkengrad. His father was a famous warrior, his mother a seamstress. He inherited her hair and eye colour, and seemingly nothing from his father. At first, he seemed normal and healthy enough, albeit that his head was a little too large. Soon, however, they saw that something was wrong. His arms and legs didn’t grow as fast as the rest of his body, and he never crawled like other children, on hands and knees. Instead, he pushed himself forward with his feet and elbows.
By the time he was three, it was clear that he would never be as tall as other people. His father started ignoring him, concentrating on his other boys, who were normally built and of an age to bear arms. While his mother didn’t ignore him, she only took care of him out of a sense of duty, not out of love. Other children made fun of him. It made him sad, because he really only wanted to be like them.
In the household of five, the only one who really loved little Garth was his oldest brother, Nathan. With Nathan’s help, Garth learned to take care of himself, and he gained some independence. His fondest memories of his childhood all involve Nathan. In fact, his very first memory is Nathan’s hand, playing with some stones to distract him.
The first big change in his life, the one that would decide his future career, happened when he was seven years old. A group of entertainers stayed at the village for two days, and they performed one night. Nathan took Garth to see them, because no one else would. He had seen a group once before, while he was in Milkengrad. He was amused by Garth’s obvious fascination, when an idea struck him. Of course he had seen his parents’ lack of love for his little brother. Living in the same household, it was rather hard to miss. He likewise knew that travellers had a hard life. Still, he judged that Garth’s chances of happiness would be greater with them than staying at home.
That night, he talked for a long time with the small boy, about what such a change would mean for him. Whoever thinks that children don’t know anything and that wisdom only comes with age, is wrong. Nathan noticed it again that night, not for the first time. He knew that he would dearly miss him, but it was his brother’s happiness that he had in mind.
It seemed that Garth understood exactly what Nathan was talking about. He had known for a long time that his parents didn’t love him because he wasn’t normal. As far as he knew, those entertainers from earlier, and especially the things they could do, weren’t normal either. There was only one person he would miss, who was sitting opposite right now. As a result of this conversation, the following day saw the sturdily built 21-year-old and his small 7-year-old brother walking towards the inn, where they asked to see the leader of the group.
Jameson was very nice to them, listening with sympathy to their tale and request. He wanted a little time to talk it over with the others, but soon he returned: Garth was allowed to join. He never once wondered what his parent might have felt at his disappearance. 7 years of not being interested had made sure of that. To Nathan, he said a thorough goodbye. Later in life, he kept on visiting his older brother once in a while.
In the artists’ band, everyone soon grew fond of this smaller version of a person. At first, he was told to go around during and after the show, cup in hand, to ask for some money. This taught him to exploit his abnormality, which (for him) proved a good manner of learning to cope with it. He put up puppy-eyes while exaggerating his swaying gait. People were very generous when he did that, as he soon found out.
During this period, as before when he was still living home, he sometimes became ill. The illness always attacked his ears, leaving him feverish and with throbbing ears. After a while, he had it less and less, but he didn’t hear well anymore. Over the years, it slowly grew worse.
Whenever he wasn’t going around, he was watching the show, especially the acrobats, open-eyed. When they knew where his fascination went to, they agreed to teach him some tricks. The process of learning was slow and painful for his short arms and legs. Sometimes he would think about giving up, and just staying with going around with the cup. Yet he always went on, doggedly learning everything to become a good acrobat.
While training, he unconsciously moved his facial muscles, contracting and loosening them as his concentration shifted. One acrobat, by the name of John, who was his favourite acrobat and the tallest man in the group, started calling him ‘Mouse’ because of it. This nickname spread, and soon everyone called him that. Members who joined after that didn’t even know what his real name was.
When Garth was ready for it, the artists started introducing him into the show. The more he learned, the oftener he was seen. His act was popular among the lookers-on, and when he went around with his cup again, he didn’t even have to exploit his size anymore.
The more he became popular during the show, the more he came to fear walking in great crowds. On stage he never feared them, because he knew that they loved his act – which included falling and looking as if he hadn’t meant to fall – but in the years with the artists he had seen enough prejudice and developed enough sense to know they wouldn’t accept him because of his size, and for the he feared that a crowd would turn against him some day.
As his hearing worsened over time, so did his fear. He would often see people close-by talking, without hearing them. This led to imagining that he was the subject of the conversation. He always tries to ignore this feeling, but still he has to work up his courage every time that he knows there will be a great crowd without his performing.
When he was twenty – he had then been with the group for thirteen years – a second big event changed his life. Within a very short time of each-other, both Jameson and John died. Both men had been much more of a father from him than the real one. He was overwhelmed with grief, but succeeded eventually in giving it a place. Still, he wished to move on, and the others understood. As a parting-gift, they gave him a young donkey, which he named Pepik. Despite the reputation of donkeys of being stubborn, Pepik never gave him (much) trouble.
Now free to go where he wished, his first business was to find out what had happened to Nathan. He discovered that his parents had both died the year before, but this only made him think of Jameson and John, without causing any feeling for the man and woman who had never loved him.
Nathan had married and moved to some town to the north of where they used to live. His big brother, who now had two children of his own and a third on the way, was very glad to see him, as he had never stopped wondering what had happened. His wife loved the little man too, thanks to the good things that Nathan had told about him.
After this, he travelled Santharia alone. Whenever he ran out of money, he would perform his act, either at the inn where he wanted to stay the night, as a form of payment, or on the market square, for some coins. Not one performance is exactly the same as the next.
When he is on the road, he always practices, trying to perfect his art. He still goes to meet many of his acrobat friends – most of whom settled down and started a family. When he is not visiting someone, he travels while trying to bring a smile to other people’s faces, as he has done for many years since.

Weapons: none

- Three performing suits (white/blue, red/green, yellow/violet)
- Travelling clothes of a brown hue
- Some balls and other things to use while performing
- A pouch on his belt with his money in it (when he has some)
- Needle and thread and some rope
- Soap, shaving materials
- A blanket that he puts over Pepik while travelling and wraps around himself when sleeping against Pepik’s back.
- Some food and water

Familiars: Pepik, his donkey, whom he rides without a saddle. Pepik wears a sack, containing Garth’s stuff. Despite what the name suggest, Pepik is a female donkey. Her back is Ithild grey, with a small Norsidian line running from head to tail. Her tummy, head and legs are much lighter, a kind of Yealm Beige. She is about 1 ped in height. To mount her, Garth places his blanket over her back, then puts his hands on it, pushes himself up and puts a leg over her back.

Ease of laughter comes so fast when you're not in the jester's shoes...


Ease of laughter comes so fast when you're not in the jester's shoes...

Garth Avery
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Modified By Artimidor for The Santharian Dream
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