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Author Topic: Chapter Three- Strata, Thieves, Romance and Jewels.  (Read 30572 times)
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Koldar Mondrakken
New Santharian

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« Reply #180 on: March 08, 2002, 12:32:22 AM »

Finally Avour wakes up and is already full of energy again. 'Poor Almenda. I wonder if this was a good idea

"No, Avour we only take what we brought in here. The room stuff belongs to the owner of the room. We're only guests." he tries to explain.

When Avour asks him about Talia and Soya he looks disturbed at her not knowing what to say. "Well, I think Talia doesn't know where to put this She-kin and currently doesn't know where to put me either... Ah, I don't know!" Koldar replies in a more angry tone than he wanted to do.

With this words he gathers some of the stuff in the room and heads down the stairs where he nearly runs into Soya who stands alone in the hall. "Uh! Sorry. I haven't seen you. Are the others outside?" - "Yes, I guess they're waiting for you." She looks behind him. "Is this greenskinned girl already up again? I wouldn't have believed that!" Absently she plays around with some strands of her red hair.
Looking at her Koldar turns serious again. "You don't have to do that! Tell me how to find the stone and I do it alone."
- "For ...money I do much." she answers with a sourly face.
"But don't kill yourself for money!"
- "Why not? In Strata you are nothing without money. You aren't even considered a human being! You seemed to have never realized that, oh great knight! You never had to!" Angrily she turns around and nearly spits out the word "For money?"

Standing in hall Koldar rests against the wall. "Now, that worked out fabulous" he mumbles and waits for Avour and then enters the court.

Quickly he packs his equipment on Soór'avásh. "Almenda, I guess Soór'avásh will be no big problem for you. As far as I know it is a very decent and well-trained horse. Just be sure not to make it nervous." he say.

Soya silently and with a grim face walks over to Capher and with a pesky voice tells him that they should go now.

//OOC: Please don't, Avour! I didn't mean it!! ;) :OOC//

Koldar Mondrakken, Knight of the Moonlight
--Santharian Master of Disaster ;)--

Story Mod
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« Reply #181 on: March 08, 2002, 01:45:22 AM »

Everyone finally shows up, except Avour which I assumed was still sleeping, including Koldar and Soya.  Koldar gave some quick intructions to Almenda about his horse and Soya comes over and says it is time to go.  "I agree miss."  I turn to the others, "It is time to go, night is fading fast and the captain will not wait.  If we are not here by the time he sails we lose not only my money but our mounts and our things as well.  So miss, show us the way."

I stretch out my arm to let her have the lead.  I turn around and say one last time.  "Almenda I am depending upon you to take care of Avour.  She is sleeping upstairs, once we are gone go wake her and then ask her to help you bring our mounts and things to the ship. Ok? Good.  Now the rest of you lets go."

OOC reply in new Chapter.

Capher, Tribes and Races Supervisor Moderator.Wisdom is given to those whom it knows.

Edited by: Capher at: 3/7/02 4:47:40 pm
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