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Author Topic: NPC  (Read 1469 times)
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Koldar Mondrakken
New Santharian

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« on: January 28, 2002, 08:30:22 PM »

Just thought I should post any NPC-descriptions in  an extra thread that they can be easily aceesed but alo erased when not needed anymore. This one might get more detailed lateron but here's a quick desc of Soya Merell:

Soya Merell(short desc):
Soya is an about 25 year old thief from the streets of Strata. She has long, redblonde hair and green eyes and from slender build. She has joined the Dockers already long ago and was promoted in their hierachy pretty fast. She now has the responsible position of the "nightwatcher" of the guild having to deal with all kinds of partners, spies and business men at the official meeting place of the guild. She is known to be of strong will but short temper, just the right mixture to keep a group of individualists in line.

She usually wears a long light blue coat and brown leather trousers stuck in high leather boots.  A white shirt and a  vest normally completes her outfit. A rapier and some knives give her the right arguments to cease any fight.

Koldar Mondrakken, Knight of the Moonlight

Ta'lia of the Seven Jewels
Lady of the South
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Human, Shendar, Shen-D'auras

« Reply #1 on: June 16, 2005, 07:45:22 AM »


***Astropic of the day***
"For me there is only the traveling on paths that have heart, on any path   that may have heart. There I travel, and the only worthwhile challenge is to traverse its full length. And there I travel looking, looking, breathlessly. ~Don Juan"

Talas Anthavin
Uderzan Wanderer
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Human, Shendar, Shen-Kha'si

« Reply #2 on: October 13, 2007, 12:55:08 PM »

Hi everyone,

I've written up a few dwarven NPCs for when Capher and the others reach the caves of the Tenthrum clan.  We can come up with a few more, but I thought I'd get a start.  Brennon and Torm would likely be among the first dwarves the group would encounter.


1. Brennon Stonetracer

Brennon is a sturdy dwarf of nearly 100 years, and one of the clan’s Earth Guides.  Her sense of direction underground is so acute that she is usually stationed among the sentries in the maze-like western passages, and thus has had dealings with brownies during their visits to the Tenthrum’s territory.  Brennon is cheerful, but guarded since she has occasionally had to deal with intruders.  She wields a pair of Thrazeen or Little-Axe, which is about the size and shape of a hatchet. She keeps the razor-sharp weapon in a leather sheath on her left hip, and is able to wield her Thrazeen in melee combat or as throwing weapons, for which they are well balanced.

Brennon has long dark hair that she keeps in two braids, her eyes are light blue, and chiselled features that even humans find pleasant.  Toughened from years of service, Brennon casts a formidable figure – though she stands under 1 ped and a half in height, she weighs nearly 1.6 pygges.  She wears a full set of chain mail armour, metal bracers and greaves.  The “Strongpick” clan symbol is embossed into her helmet.

2. Harrek Ironarm

Harrek Ironarm is the current Gornegron of the Tenthrum Clan.  Though past middle age, his brown hair has not yet begun to turn gray, and he still moves with the easy fluidity of a young warrior.  Though of average size and build for a dwarf, Harrek is a powerful dwarf physically, but he also radiates an aura of authority and wisdom.  Harrek will not back down from an enemy, but he will not provoke an attack and is receptive to visitors coming with peaceful intentions.  He knows, understands and appreciates political skills such as negotiation and diplomacy, which he prefers to use when dealing with newcomers.

Harrek wears a suit of plate mail armour and a full helmet when in combat, and wields a massive two-headed warhammer.  In addition to being the Gornegron, he is a talented blacksmith.  He is currently well-favoured within the Tenthrum clan, and always carefully considers the advice of his council members in his decision-making.

3. Torm Truehammer
Torm has spent many years as the sender in the caverns of western Kor Donion, and has seen Brennon grow from a young girl to the woman she is now.  Torm’s steel gray hair and creased face tell his age – that and the fact that he moves much more slowly now.  Though he is beginning to feel the signs of the “Stone-Turning”, and his hands no longer grasp his drumming instrument as well as in his youth, Torm refuses to admit that his death is imminent.

Torm is a large dwarf, taller than 1.5 peds, and though he is wizened and relatively thin for a dwarf, the heaviness in his bones and joints makes it difficult for him to move quickly.  He wears only a leather hauberk beneath a blue tunic, bearing the crest of the Strongpick clan.  He has no children, and the closest person he has to family is Brennon.


Approved Character
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Half-elf, Quaelhoirhim / Eyelian

« Reply #3 on: November 09, 2007, 01:34:08 PM »

Garrek is now officially an NPC. I think that's good; especially considering his death is imminent.                         Garrek Driel is the elder brother of Aueniteri, a hardened criminal mastermind, and a master of sophistry. He is the eldest of Sean Driel's two children, and would have inherited the half elf's fortune, were it not for his shady nature. In retaliation for hue humility driven onto him by his father renaming Aueniteri heir, Garrek had both his parents murdered, and even his sister escaped only by sure chance. Now, he dogs her every step, keeping her constantly panicked, making it impossible for her to bring official judgment on him. He currently possesses the Heart.                                 Garrek dresses in bright, noticeable colors, his robes of silver and gray, and a maroon cape with a shining silver trim and accent fastened to one shoulder. He is short, due to his Eyelian heritage, his features much more the human than his sister's. He has several times hired hands to harass the party.

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