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Author Topic: Reunion  (Read 36194 times)
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« Reply #165 on: October 27, 2005, 09:42:22 PM »

capher listened to Talia and his spirit almost soared as he heard her voice, it was like music to his ears. He thought,  Now he knew where they were and Ta'las confirmed it.  They had a long way to go for they had to go to the prominent mountains and find the fabled talisman; Kurik's Anvil.  Only a dwarf would know and they were not known to be very talkative.  And Capher was sure, that not only Eckra, but other dangers awaited them as they would try and find this talisman.  Dwarves were known throughout the world for being crafty and they would hide "Kurik's Anvil" with the most devious traps known to man.

Capher's concentration was interrupted when Ta'las said,

"Surely you jest, when you speak of Eckra. He died centuries ago, and though you are old, you cannot be that old."

Capher smiled at Ta'las. if you only knew young Wolf of the Desert "You may be right my young friend.  I think I will eat some more of this delicious fruit.  What is it called?" He asked as he popped one into his mouth and savored the sweet taste.  After swallowing the fruit he looked around, "Besides Talia and Terra I also need information.  Since my mind was taken over by a demon, I lost many days, or has it been months?  What month is it?" Capher asked excitedly. "And what has happened to the ones we first travelled with?  Surely they did not die, did they?" Capher asked softly.


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Terra Artemos
Moonblade Warrior
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« Reply #166 on: October 28, 2005, 05:33:22 AM »

Terra is content to let Talia and Ta’las answer the questions as Terra tries to gather herself. Terra speaks up when Capher states he needs information as well, and poses his question, with a slight shake of her head Terra starts in.

“I could not tell you what month it is as such things has lost meaning to me some years ago. If I were to even venture a guess I could not, despite my injury I am still quite confused on that coming from a land of perpetual winter to one of summer is very disorienting. I to may be missing several days of memory and not know it, I will hope Talia can fill in what memory I have lost.”

Pausing for a brief moment Terra continues on to what has happened since they had last seen Capher.

“Since your departure of our company and with the aid of the nature of your departure we convinced the ship crew to put us off safely in the harbor of Chylikis. I have the vague recollection of a black clad knight, a female human or elf I am not sure, asking about Koldar, and him denying his identity, for what reason I can not recall. We were at an Inn, then Koldar and I went to… buy some items I think.”

Terra pauses again ever so briefly to gather her memory.

“He saw more of these knights and went off to try and figure out why they were looking for him I think. They confronted us, we fought, the vague recollection of splitting pain in by head. After than all I remember are brief blurred images of Talia and Koldar in places, and of being in some temple, until we left.”

Again Terra pauses at a gap in her memory, and then continues.

“I think we left to find Talia, why I can not really recall, I have the vague impression I could not keep my feet on my own. As we, myself and Koldar rode from Chylikis the temple I had been in was attacked with powerful magic. I do not remember much till the hermits, talking to Koldar, deciding he should go on ahead and catch up to Talia, warn her of some danger. Hajarian and Avour caught up with me at the hermit’s cottage before I left, we left Avour there in the care of the hermit, and rode on hoping to catch up with Talia and Koldar.”

Pausing once more it was clear by her deep breath that this time she did not pause at a problem in her memory, but more in something uncomfortable to remember.

“Hajarian and I eventually come to Quallian, and even further came upon Talia being burned by the disguised demon. Hajarian and I tried to fight the demon off, but I was not strong enough to fight long, so I tried to protect Talia and the Heart, but the demon came for me, and I lost the Heart, the demon did not get it. I really do not remember anything of consequence till I woke here. I was called to meet with those of the High Circle here and told them what I remembered. Though when I woke I had the powerful feeling I had forgotten something important, after the meeting I set out with Leiofin and Teri to retune to the burn place where Hajarian and I had fist come across Talia’s sword and mouse. That is when we found you.”

Terra seems to feel relieved at what she remembered and still worried about what she might have forgotten.

'I am grey. All but those like me see only darkness and light, they do not see the grey between them. In this greyness I dwell. I would not wish this fate on any other.'

Talas Anthavin
Uderzan Wanderer
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Human, Shendar, Shen-Kha'si

« Reply #167 on: October 28, 2005, 12:06:22 PM »

Ta'las stands and walks a few paces away from the group as they speak.  Even as he listens to Terra recall from her scattered memories, he becomes concerned.  Mention of Eckra, Thalambath's Heart, the loss of so many companions, and the demon that attacked Talia make the warrior realize they are dealing with truly great powers beyond his understanding.  On the surface, it sounds like the myths his mother-sister told him as a child, but the way Capher and Terra speak, Ta'las knows this is an eerie reality.

Mother-sister, what have I become involved in? he wonders to himself.

He looks back at them.  Their wounds are great - physically they are recovering, but now he recognizes the looks in their eyes.  Haunted by what they have endured, their eyes reveal scars upon their spirit.  At the same time, to have survived and made it here, they must also be strong.

They are just vulnerable right now.  All they need is time to recover from these wounds on their souls, Ta'las thinks.

He remembers his mother-sister's words before he left: "Death looms over all of us, Ta’las, as it does for this woman and her companions.  You can be of some help to her, perhaps a comforting presence..."

I am not a great sorceror like Capher, nor do I possess a great weapon such as Terra's Moonblade, nor have I been fated to undertake a great quest as my Shendar-sister, Talia.  Ta'las pauses in his thoughts and then smiles wistfully. But I can comfort these people, he finishes his thought.

He sits back down next to Capher and claps his friend on the back.  "It sounds like we will soon have some answers, and perhaps more questions.  But at least," he adds with a warm smile to each of them as he pops another sweet fruit into his mouth, "you are reunited again."

He winks at Capher, "and that is a good thing, my friends."



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« Reply #168 on: November 01, 2005, 12:18:22 AM »

"Yes it is Ta'las."  Then Capher notices that they were being summoned.  "I guess it is time to go."

OOC the rest will be in the High Elven thread.


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