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Author Topic: Character Descriptions  (Read 7521 times)
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Zdoth Natterath
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« Reply #15 on: February 20, 2006, 02:54:23 AM »

Contact info
E-mail is cswatek@simla.colostate.edu
AIM is discipleothunder
You can always ezmail me too

Name: Zdoth Natterath
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Race: Human
Tribe: Doimo recently left the Edohi
Occupation: Hunter/Tracker
Title: Nomad
Height: 1.61 peds
Weight: a little over 1.2 Pygge
Eye color: Black

Appearance: He looks like your average Doimo, except he has a long scar running from between his eyes down along the right side of his nose, under his right eye, and down his left cheek. His right ear is notched, his got this, his scar, and an irrational fear of wolves from an attack when he was a child. He has no hair anywhere. His eyes are black, one cannot distinguish his iris from his pupil and this, along with his scar, scares most people out of their wits. His nose is crooked, from when he broke it two times in his childhood. He is not too muscular, and by far not the strongest, so his arms are thin and he is quite bony, but his legs are powerful, he is a very very fast runner. He tends to slouch. Covered with dirt and sunburns, he looks like a beggar.

Cloths: This is where Zdoth differs from his people. He always wears a long robe, made from plant fibers and lined with animal skin. He has a belt wrapped around his waist, on it; he carries his bone knife, 3 pouches filled with different herbs, and a quiver of arrows. He also carries a bow with him, made of a very dark wood, he never lets it go. He wears no jewelry, no shoes, nothing except this robe, which he is so fond of, and can make in a matter of minuets.

Personality: He is rather quiet. Instead of wandering about alone, he decided to travel the world after he was exiled. He is honorable, but only to a certain extent, he would not kill women or children or anyone unarmed, unless they are a green skin. He is never seen smiling, not because he is depressed, but he sees no real need to smile. Once he trusts someone, that trust is unbreakable, and he becomes friendly toward those he trusts, unfortunately they are very few, and far between. He is bright, though others would not know it, and by his appearance, some would say he is dim. He tends to be a loner though.

-He is VERY fast, and he has a lot of endurance, so he makes an excellent long distance runner.
-He mastered the bow at an early age, and is quite the marksman.
-He is a great herbalist, he can make anything from lethal poisons to use full healing slaves.
-He is also extremely silent; he can creep into enemy camps with out making a sound.
-He is an excellent tracker nothing can escape him if he wants to get it.

-He is not strong...in fact he is rather weak.
-He hates green skins, after watching them slaughter his mother, and it takes immense amounts of self-control to restrain him from unleashing arrows towards them. Also when fighting any sort of green skin, he tends to get sloppy after the first few minuets of fighting, his accuracy becomes pure luck, and so he ends up doing more harm than good.
-He will normally bolt at the sign of any sort of magic, cast by friend or foe.
-He has horrible luck, everything he does well is pure skill, if he were to shoot an arrow with his eyes closed, it would turn around and hit him, his friends used to joke.
-From an incident when he was little, attacked by wolves, he has an irrational fear of them; he tends to run at the sound of a wolf.
-He is in awe of every city he sets foot in, so he will wander away from his party for hours, some times days, at a time with out letting anyone know.
-He has no hand-to-hand combat experience, training or knowledge, he carries a knife with him but only for skinning animals, he kills. If he were caught in a battle with out a bow, he would run.
-He is not very brave, where as most warriors would hold their ground in any enemy charge, Zdoth would turn tale and run.
-He has no alcohol tolerance at all.
-He cannot read or write.

History: Zdoth was born on a stormy night somewhere in the desert Naezshan Zhunith. Some time after his birth, his parents accidentally wandered into a wolf packs territory, deep into its territory. They were attacked, and Zdoth was severally scarred by the incident, both mentally and physically. His parents fought them off, and quickly covered him with a healing slave. This saved his life, but not his face. A hideous scar will always remind him of what happened when he was a child.
       A few years later, he was learning about herbs with his clan's medicine man, which was his passion at the time, when he heard a scream come from nearby. Orcs has stumbled upon his parents while they were hunting. He ran towards the sound, tears streaming down his face. He reached the area where the scream originated, and what he saw made his blood boil. His parents must have been ambushed; his father lay on the ground, seemingly dead, but only unconscious. His mother was fighting three orcs. A small group of Noruck-chmer who has strayed from their clan. His mother was bleeding from several different wounds, one on her arm, one deep gash above her eyes. She had an arrow buried deep in her shoulder. He watched as an orc stuck his sword deep into her stomach, she screamed and pitched forward. Zdoth stopped in his tracks, and watched another orc took a mighty swing with his sword, and cut off her head. He fell to his knees and cried, as everything went black. Zdoth was found hours later by the medicine man.
       After this Zdoth learned how to accurately shoot the bow and arrow. He became more interested in the poison end of herbs rather than the healing properties of them. He became withdrawn; he blamed his father for what happened. He kept these feelings inside for a number of years, when he was 18; he was exiled from his clan after an unfortunate incident involving his father, and began wandering. He became the tracker/guide of a lost elven expedition through the Naezshan Zhunith, in return they gave him some iron for arrow heads, and a few silver coins, which he had no interest in and left somewhere along the road. They took him to the city of Delvynnar, The City of Nacre. This was the first city he had ever seen, and what a magnificent city it was. Not only was it on an island, since water is very precious to the desert dwelling Doimo, Zdoth was in awe. None of the other cities he has seen since then has left such a mark as this one. He tried drinking when he was with this elven party. This led to him hallucinating; he thought he was being chased by a pack of 'wolves'. In reality, he sprinted for roughly three leagues, and the 'wolves' were the elven expedition, on horses chasing him down. After that, he did not touch alcohol of any sort again. Zdoth then found a sailor who was in need of a tracker, though he had to travel to a distant continent. Zdoth hesitated, this was the turning point. He had to choose to either go with the sailor and leave his homeland behind him, or go back and continue to be a wanderer. He chose to follow the sailor. Zdoth wandered about the land of Caelereth, paying for sea travel with either his sharp eyes scouting the sea for pirates, monsters, land, anything. Lending out his skills as a tracker for others in exchange for lessons in language, and iron for arrowheads.

-He carries a bone knife with him at all times, though he would not use it for fighting
-He always carries his Long bow, and a quiver of roughly 60 poisoned arrows (a poison of his own creation, it weakens the target immensely after a matter of minuets, eventually killing it when its heart becomes too weak to beat.)

-His weapons (above)
-His Robe
-His pouches of herbs
-A needle, for sewing a new robe, or patching the one he has (if needed)
-A backpack full of thick blankets and animal furs (the desert nights get cold)

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« Reply #16 on: September 07, 2007, 03:22:36 AM »

All right, here's the link to my CD: Tulpje's CD

Or do I have to copy and paste it?


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« Reply #17 on: February 24, 2009, 09:35:42 PM »

The link to my CD can always be found in my signature ;)

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