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Author Topic: What the hell has happened here?!  (Read 8417 times)
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Artimidor Federkiel
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« Reply #45 on: July 23, 2003, 04:22:22 AM »

I also support the Brownie Inn idea and the general intention to make role playing in Santharia "more accessible" for the player and not so stressful for the admins. I know that people like Wren especially did and still do a tremendous job to make everything perfect, and I can't thank them enough for their great commitment to keep everything running here.

But we indeed shouldn't make it all too strict so that players spend so much time on their character descriptions that they lose interest in playing (see e.g. the recent Asmordeus example), especially newbies shouldn't be judged too strictly, cause they can't know everything which has been elaborated yet on the site. I think it is important to get the major flaws out of the character descriptions, but people should still have a good portion of freedom to develop their own things to a certain extent, I'd say. And the Brownie in as some sort of newbie In-Character meeting place would be a good idea in this respect as well.

I think that players who are longer in Santharia already and know a lot of the world will do better and more detailed character descriptions anyway if they make new chars (or they will update their descriptions in the course of time), and maybe these people find others with similar Santharian experience and can make an "expert game" then of some sorts which stays completely true to the development going on at the dev site and the dev board.

But I think we should also allow not so elaborated newbies to have their fun to a certain extent, providing Santharia is represented to a satisfying degree. Mods and admins then don't have such a stressful life then, and players can get their experiences as well at the RPG board - and I think we'll help both parties. - And if Wren then for example has a little bit more time for development on the dev board, Santharia can only profit:)  

The Santharian Dream Webmaster - Let Fantasy Dreams come true!
World Development Admin - The Forum where Worlds are born...


The Santharian Dream Webmaster - Let Fantasy Dreams come true!
World Development Admin - The Forum where Worlds are born...
Wind Waker
Approved Character
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Elf, Ylfferhim

« Reply #46 on: July 23, 2003, 04:37:22 AM »

Yes these all are good points and I can only wait till we have these in effect.  It will only improve the game and world, making many happy new players and old players alike.

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Alýr (Rayne)
CD Mod
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« Reply #47 on: July 23, 2003, 08:43:22 AM »

I think that newbies would have a lot easier time making their CDs if there were more informative entries on the site. There are a lot of entries, especially in the magic forum, that have become useless or completely and utterly false. Those entries need to be taken down and newer, more correct entries need to be put up in their place.

...Ripples in the Dream Pool...


Koldar Mondrakken
New Santharian

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« Reply #48 on: July 23, 2003, 08:29:22 PM »

Totally agree with you, Art.

With the more information for rpg on the site. Well, that is a long term objective at best. With a world in constant motion we'll have to live with the inconsistency and gaps that show up now and then. While we might consider what kind of entries need the greatest attention for rpg players it is still a tremendous job that can't be done witin the near future. Nevertheless one could make some thoughts about what might be necessary sooner than others and set some priorities here...

Koldar Mondrakken, Knight of the Moonlight
Weakness is strength. Hope is life.

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