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Author Topic: NPC's  (Read 1920 times)
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Shan Gutarus
New Santharian

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« on: December 21, 2003, 11:23:22 AM »

In this thread all main NPC's names and a short description will be posted by me or Minsyth. We will leave a note saying who can or can not control this NPC.

"A dream can exist only in darkness."

Shan Gutarus
New Santharian

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« Reply #1 on: December 21, 2003, 11:57:22 AM »

The Kaierian Patrol (Chapter One)

Elrohir (Controlled only by Shan or Paladia)
Role: Patrol Captain
Appearance: A tall Tethinrhim elf appearing only in his mid thirties by human standards. He wears basic warrior attire in brown and green coloration. His long hair is a gold red and has fair skin. Carries a twelve tailed scourge and sword.
Description: Is a stern, stoic elf with little outward emotions. He beleives strongly in protocol and following order.

Lolindir(Controlled only by Shan or Paladia)
Role: Second in command
Appearance: A younger version of his brother, Elrohir, with similar features. His weapon of choice is the crossbow and carries an extra quiver.
Description: A quiet and subdued person. He seems both intimidated by and respectful of his older brother and patrol leader, Elrohir.

Aranel(Controlled only by Shan or Paladia)
Role: Patrol Member
Appearance: A very attractive woman with pale red hair, nearly blonde, and fair skin. Her weapons of choice are throwing daggers and the bow, but is also armed with a short sword.
Description: A sharp tounged woman with little patience, if it wasn't for her skill and detirmination, Elrohir would not permit her to remain with the patrol.

"A dream can exist only in darkness."

Edited by: Shan Gutarus  at: 12/21/03 3:59

Shan Gutarus
New Santharian

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« Reply #2 on: January 25, 2004, 10:22:22 AM »

Role: Child of Nepris
Appearance: A very small human child, barely over the age of 6. Her hair is platinum blonde and her once fair skin is dotted furiously with freckles. Nyari's eyes are as blue as a clear sky with a tinge of sea green. Her hair is long and tied back in a rough ponytail. Nyari wears an old faded dress which borders closer to pink than red.
Personality: Nyari is shy and timid with strangers at first. But once she gets to know and trust somebody, Nyari is a cheerful and energetic child, always wanting to help and explore. She can become very dependant or clingy to people, and is very outspoken about her thoughts.

"A dream can exist only in darkness."

Shan Gutarus
New Santharian

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« Reply #3 on: June 10, 2005, 02:36:22 PM »

        Dom is Nyari’s uncle and a sailor by trade. He is jovial and light hearted, with a respectful love for fun, ale and women. The sailor can be overly protective of his orphaned niece times but respects those who deserve it. With broad shoulders, a barrel chest and massive arms, Dominic would be an imposing figure if not for his bristling red beard, balding head and glimmering brown eyes.

        Pellegra is the local apothecary, healer and widely regarded as a crazed seer. She is secretive and cryptic with a love of games, though she is wise from age and very kind. An old woman of general description, Pelle dons white hair tied into a tight bun at most times and grey-blue eyes. Her skin is fair but dotted with some age spots, and wrinkled like an ancient oak.

        A middle aged, stoic man, Brent is the blacksmith of Nepris (though his arm has been recently crippled and his fate unknown). He is respectful and honest, though his thoughts were led astray by the devious Areytuk.

        Brent’s youngest son and only child still living in Nepris, he only wishes to make his father proud like his sister and brother managed to do. Cole is young, just out of his youth, impressionable but intelligent. Cole is good looking and physically capable and courting a girl his age in town named Rosie.

Darien Gulath
New Santharian

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« Reply #4 on: June 11, 2005, 04:37:22 AM »


A giant bold man with a black ponytail sticking out of his head. His size is almost 2.1 peds of muscle. His strength exceeds almost any of his foe’s and he is considered as one of Areytuk’s best men. He mastered his skill with the Battle-Axe, and that combined with his strength he turns into a vicious warrior who is quicker then expected in his skill. Those under his rank fear him for what he is. A thick brown leather covers his torso protecting his vital organs against any sword penetrations. When he is cornered he might snap switching towards a lethal berserk-mode. Only very agile and quick people are able to survive from this madman; And that is when they have luck with them.


A mercenary turned bad. His skill exceeds all archers commanded by Areytuk. His shots are highly accurate and most of the time deadly. He was once a warrior but his services where no longer needed and he managed to become employed after a couple of years by Areytuk where he became highly respected as the top-archer from their squad. He is the one who is most popular in their small gang; known for his jokes and always amusing chit-chat. In combat he also gives the men more morale and lust to perform the mission that is given at the moment.
His appearance: A young agile looking elf with blonde hairs slightly muscular at the arms covered with a thick dark-green leather and a darkish-blue cape. His weapons include his bow and arrow a few daggers and a short-sword.
His arrows are mostly dipped in poison containing the effects of severe dizziness and can if the poison spreads kill the victim in the long term if he is not properly healed in time (that if he manages to not die instantly because his shots are mostly fatal).


Radirez is a very ugly man, his skin is horribly burned and one of his eyes is missing which is covered up by a lap of cloth that covers half his head. For the looks on him it is amazing he survived the burns that where inflicted upon him, And he seems to have proper healed physically in the course of time. His deformed skin seems very vulnerable to the sun and even more to physical contact. Radirez has a troubling past and is a silent but harsh man always coming down to the point. His burn-scars certainly don’t make him less dangerous. He has wrapped himself up in a strong steel-armour from feet to neck. The armour is of good quality and seems quite expensive too, Furthermore he is fully armed with his 2 Maces, Bastard-sword and crossbow.
This man merged up with Areytuk and took his own group of men with him. Radirez is also known as a leader and his men obey his orders. As Areytuk controls Radirez he also controls his men.
Radirez is called “The horror” by villagers in Nepris who’ve come to fear this man for his actions combined with his looks.

SQUADRON OF RADIREZ (who are still alive):

4 ARCHERS hiding on the roof just out of vieuw from Paladia and Terra being signalled by Zerigron who watches them from out of the tree.

Some extre units to aid Radirez.

All by all it is a group of 10 to 12 men (including the main-npc's)

-All of these people listed above are appointed to Darien by Areytuk to help him in the aid to kill the heroes.

Edited by: Darien Gulath at: 6/10/05 21:36
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