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Author Topic: A declaration of War  (Read 1158 times)
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« on: April 06, 2005, 10:35:22 AM »

Since the old WOR thread got so full of clutter, I've made this one for the actual fighting. Here's a Recap of our forces:

NecroMage, Dark Lord of the Dark Mage Army:

2 Laser daggers
Beam sword
2 Ice Picks
Armor... Ooh, 50% Lightning and Fire damage, excellent.
Reploid style Arm Cannon w/ NecroSoft attachments

Ber-Zooka capable of firing:

Twinkie missiles
Pudding bursts
8-Bit brand Talcolm powder

Dark Mage Army:

unique mobile suit
100 X-model Mech suits
100 X-model Necrosoft Reploids
500 Electric zombies
Giant cow with the magical powers of a demi-god
350 Grey Koopas w/ 350 AK 74s
15 Ninja Pikachu
Automated Black Mages

Necro's HQ- Necroticus, The Dark Tower

A large black tower on a hill, it's top is a large spike. At it's base is a camp for The Dark Mage Army to rest, recover and regroup. The tower emits a focused beam of energy upon Necro's command, providing it has energy charged up. This beam is very destructive, capable of destroying a large number of troops, but can only reach a limited radius around the tower since the beam will fizzle into nothing if it gets too far away. The tower also has large spiked tentacles that will rise from the ground to strike enemies. They have a more limited reach, but require no time to strike or a signal, as they are an organic section of the tower, revealing that Necro has delved into bioengineering.


2 elementally charged blades
50 throwing knives
50 smoke,sleep,poison bombs
full armorment so he looks imposing
exe styled lazer swords
bio enhancements
reploid styled blaster

Chaos' Forces:

custom made EVILmobile suits
custom plasma guns
500 coordinators
killer black mages on chocobos fueled by sunnyD
back up robo white mages
Vengeance Members
dark portal from which to summon Dread Lords
500 Dread Lords (must come through the portal by summoning)

Chaos' Castle:

a large castle style complex with four smaller tower on the corners(one for each of the main elements) and a large tower in the center that regulates my armies. the four smaller towers each can use defensive weaponry of their element (fire tower hurls large flame blasts, wind tower conjures small tornado's) and all four towers can focus their power on the center tower to use a widespread volley of beams( think doom dragon from gs-la's cruel ruin attack) .castle is surrounded by moat of lava/magma. the entrance over the moat is a spirit bridge that chaos maintains control over.

Isa's Militia:

500 water/air ships equipped with high energy lasers and a quantum torpedo bay

200 super saiyen 4s

150 marios with rapid fire bazookas

100 eXtreme magicly enhanced mechs

100 eXtreme nanoreplicating battle bots

1 giant sword wielding elf with the magical powers of the the mightiest demi-god.

Isa's Base:

Underwater. its protected by shielding and it can withstand the force of water plus many attacks that you can throw at it. It has 4 pathways leading out/in for the water/air ships of which numbers 500. they are equipped with high energy lasers, and a quantum torpedo bay.

Atsuin's Swarm: DEFEATED!!!!!

5000 Zerglings
3000 Hydralisks
4000 Infested Terrans
1000 Ultralisks
3000 Defilers
3000 Lurkers


5000 overlords
5000 mutalisks
3000 queens
3000 guardians
3000 devourers
4000 scourges

Ats' Base: A Zerg Hive complete with eggs, so he can grow however he wants.

Now, the setting is Fuedal Japan, so check your maps and history books for an upper hand. Oh yeah,


Soon my enemies will be consumed by flame...

Edited by: NecroMage at: 4/12/05 4:50

I am your ultimate destiny. Whether you choose to follow me and remain alive, or choose to defy me and become another soldier in my legion is your decision. Choose wisely.
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« Reply #1 on: June 04, 2005, 10:31:22 PM »

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