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Author Topic: READ FIRST!  (Read 1384 times)
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Shan Gutarus
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« on: November 02, 2003, 02:04:22 PM »

Currently looking for one or two new characters. All aspiring players be fully aware that we are about to journy on a ship, so if this would not tide well with your character, just forgettaboutit.

Welcome to Shadows at Midnight. A story about a man who, because of his arrogance, was turned into a beast, a naive young elven woman who aspires only to become a great warrior and the friends, enemies and dangers in disguise they must face. Shanvorin was once rich, handsome and living comfortably in Marcogg. But when the ignorant young man crossed paths with a magic-user of great power, his life was turned upside down. Guided only by a cryptic riddle and the knowledge of three magical emerald figurines, Shanvorin and Paladia must travel far and wide if they wish to acheive their own goals.

After leaving the Auturian Woods, Shan and Paladia, accompanied by a few new strangers, come across the tail end of a raiding caravan. The remaining survivor, a young child by the name of Nyari, tells them of a small village by the name of Nepris on the other side of the Mithril Mountains. Guided by the riddle, the small party treks through Crazy Woman Pass, only to be attacked by a gang of wild men. After a battle, Paladia learns from one of the dying men that they were instructed, but his words are lost as his fate is sealed.

As they come into the fishing village, another young girl from Nepris helps uncover one of the emerald figurines. Fueled now by hope or curiosity, they meet with a cryptic old woman who speaks of the death of Nyari's father and a troubling future for them all. At the house of an old herbalist, the party and some new strangers, are attacked once again by the men from the mountains. But now, it is uncovered that they were mercenaries, hired by cloaked figures who wanted them all dead.

Word spreads of criminal activity in Nepris, and it is soon found that the town is being overrun by thugs who hope to use the port as a base of operations. The group seperates, one half to save the life of their captured mage and the other to learn more of the troubling cloud which now looms over the fishing village and everybody involved.

How To Join
Shadows at Midnight is a story that requires the help of many characters of diverse backgrounds. Whether they are friends or enemies, new characters add life and color to the journey as well as forming a vital peice to success.

To join, simply post a request or idea, along with a link to your CD, in the Joining thread and the moderator (Shan and Paladia, aka Luca) will reply as soon as possible. Requirements for characters can change depending on player-activity or story development. Once a player is accepted into the story, they will post their CD and contact information in the designated threads. If an idea has not already been discussed, it will be decided through OOC discussion how the character will enter the story.

Should a character fall inactive unnannounced, the moderator will send an e-mail to the player warning them of being removed from the story. If the player does not respond after a week or so, the character will be written out of the story and the CD deleted from the thread.

Inactive players slow down game play and leave awkward pauses in the story or dialogue. If you must go on holiday or cannot have access to a computer for a period of time, you must post ahead of time so ideas for moving your character along in the background can be made.

"A dream exists only in darkness."

Edited by: Luca the Thief at: 9/9/05 0:34

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