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Author Topic: Nyermersys - NPC's of Nyermersys  (Read 1469 times)
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Elf, Ylfferhim

« on: January 20, 2007, 09:11:55 PM »


All the moderators in Nyermersys will post important NPC's in this section.
Players may also input their NPC's but will have to ask a moderator first for permission (and give an explanation of what they plan to do with the proposed NPC...)

Alassiel Telrúnya
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Elf, Ak’váth’rhím / Injerín

« Reply #1 on: September 20, 2007, 02:33:34 AM »

The main NPCs of Nyermersys are as follows:

Artapherana (Rana): The leader of her all-girl gang, the Milari. With long dark brown hair and ice blue eyes, Rana is a leader who believes in justice more than a lot of other qualities. She has a mysterious past, but never talks about it, and nobody ever dares to ask.

Stazia: A member of the Milari gang, Stazia is an eccentric woman whose colorful clothes never fail to dazzle the eye. She is a nosy person who loves to talk, and she is the wife of an Innkeeper, whom she often persuades to let various members of the Milari have a room for free occasionally.

Lingret: The youngest teenage member of the Milari, Lingret loves adventure and is up for anything which sounds exciting to her. Her general appearance is that of a filthy, skinny brat with a daredevil grin. She seems to have a liking for violence, which leads her to be an admirer of assassins and spies.

Darksinger (Bat): Yet another member of the Milari gang, Bat is plain in looks and clothing, and has a talent for bargaining, so the Milari often use her to argue and negotiate prices with local sellers in the market whenever they need something. Bat is  easy to relate to, as well as skilled with her dagger; all in all, she is a credit to the Milari.

Mystran/Betty: Known for her disruptive nature and arrogant demeanor, Mystran is arguably the most disliked member of the Milari gang. Rana calls her by her real name, Betty, when she is behaving worse than usual. This is guaranteed to humiliate her, as she hates her birth name. Mystran has reddish brown hair and an arrogant point to her chin.

Shaegrýn: The crotchety, withering old woman with shriveled lips and graying hair who sits at the desk labeled 'Registry' in the Town Hall. She has been known to startle people with her ability to boom out "Next!" in an unexpectedly deafening tone.

Abbess Janissa: The head of the Hospital of Seyella, this priestess dresses in unassuming gray robes, and greets all new patients with a pleasant smile, whenever she sees any. One look at her and you'll see that she is kind, but firm and would probably be able to see through anything meant to deceive her.

Fher the Nigh-Omniscient: Possibly the ugliest man in Caelereth, this short, stumpy, low-level mage apprentice is someone who delights in deluding himself that he is a good-looking, generous man. He tends to pay his workers a fraction of what they should be paid, and some suspect him to be involved in dangerous goings-on, though he seems quite harmless.

Glimwinkle Peridot: A female gnome alchemist. Glimwinkle has a kind heart, and is of an amiable, mild-tempered nature, but can also be very sly when she wants to. She sometimes tends to exaggerate stories, but overall, she's a very likeable person.
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Human, Korweynite

« Reply #2 on: December 04, 2007, 12:07:40 AM »

Guthen: A lethargic and large man, Guthen is the barkeep at Brok's Rest. A fair man, intent on keeping his establishment clean and his patrons happy, but he can be a bit stingy too. As a result, his barmaids don't show up until later in the day and they will (behind his back) mutter about his idea of "wages". Still, the tavern is the finest in Nyermersys under his careful hand, and welcomes any traveler...who will pay properly.

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