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Author Topic: Character Descriptions  (Read 2932 times)
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Traxis Greyeye
New Santharian

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« on: March 12, 2004, 12:10:22 AM »

Ok, we know what this is for, everything but the history please.

Traxis Greyeye
New Santharian

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Posts: 84

« Reply #1 on: March 12, 2004, 01:20:22 AM »

Traxis Greyeye
Age: 53
Height: 2.1 peds
Race: Human

Traxis is a tall, lean fellow. His frizzy hair and beard are more white than anything else, but you can still see some black hairs here and there.His skin is pale with the hint of a tan. His last name comes from the fact that his right eye is grey, the other brown. He doesn't show signs of his age, he has no discernible wrinkles and his movements are still as fast as those of the young "whippersnappers" he meets around the school. His hands are large and strong and his fingers deft. He wears the purple full length robes of his spell class, much patched, the hems frayed in places, but they look "right" on him, and make him appear harmless, which he mostly is, if he is sane. Tied around his waist is a black rope, the tasseled ends hanging down to his knees. He also carries a 2.2 ped length staff made of black polished wood.

Mental State:
Traxis' mental state is unstable due to his studies in chaos magic. His refusal to use his magic fully split his personality into his normal sane half and a chaotic half. Both sides are independent manifestations of Traxis, both able to talk to the other. The chaotic side usually has control, but periodically the sane side is able take over, sometimes for days, weeks at a time. It is easiest for the sane side to come out in times of danger, intense confusion or fear, or when both sides wish to accomplish the same thing.

Traxis' chaotic side is friendly and sociable. He does not pay attention to his surroundings and often walks into things, usually blaming the object for collision. It is not uncommon for his legs to go one way, and the rest of him the other.
He tends to ramble on about nothing and will talk to anyone who approaches him, even if he just imagines it. His manners are sometimes questionable, because he does not tend to think about such things. He expects everyone to be as carefree as he is, often trying to coax them into trying new things. He considers himself Ava's gift to woman and does his best to woo them, he hasn't succeeded yet. He talks to his other half out loud, not particularly caring who hears. When insane he does not have complete control of is magic, often causing minor damage because of it.

Traxis' sane side is also friendly and sociable but more subdued. His speech is eloquent and he is quite the charmer, he does not pursue many relationships though, knowing that eventually the insanity will arise again. He is in constant communication and battle with his other half, he does not talk out loud with it, but at times he finds it difficult to concentrate on his surroundings and fight to keep control, so he is sometimes perceived as rude when he does not respond to questioning. He is quick to respond to any injustice done to him, or those he considers friends.

Both sides are smooth talkers when they need to be, the sane side more so then the chaotic side.
The sane side is considered adept in the use of the staff

Insanity is Traxis' major weakness
The insane half's memory for things like names is bad
While insane his use and control of magic is erratic, he can't always use it consciously
Traxis' insane half does not know how to use the staff. He may get lucky and block a few blows but that is it.
His sane half is mentally incapable of using his magic to destroy, even to save his life
Mages hunt him

Black staff
Patched and frayed purple robe
Black rope belt
Various pouches containing herbs
Money pouch containing money
Sturdy purple walking boots

Khiera Meneris
Troubled Wanderer
Approved Character
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Gender: Female
Posts: 2338

Human, Hjoria

« Reply #2 on: March 12, 2004, 03:46:22 AM »

Name: Khiera Meneris

Gender: Female

Age: 27

Race: Human

Tribe: Hjoria

Occupation: Wandering healer (clerical magic)

Title: Troubled Wanderer


With her robes, veil and gloves, and pale, smooth skin, Khiera exudes an aura of mystery, perhaps even uneasiness for some. If seen with her veil off, her attractiveness will prompt others, especially men to want to approach her and find out more; but with her veil on, people are more likely to be hesitant.

Physical Appearance

Khiera stands at approximately 1.6 peds tall, with jet-black flowing, slightly wavy long hair down beyond the waist that is usually let loose or tied back in a low ponytail. Her skin is extremely pale, with hardly any colour except for an almost translucent sheen of flawless white. Her eyes are of a pale grey, and a thin, shapely nose rests between her high cheek bones. Her lips seem to be the only dash of colour on her – a deep, silky red. Her figure is lithe and shapely, though her gentle feminine curves are hardly noticeable under her loose flowing robes. Most people would consider her a beauty, until they notice the scarring of burns on both her hands.


Khiera is usually covered from head to toe with a hooded loose flowing robe that goes all the way down to her ankles; a veil to cover her face, matching gloves (they are always on to hide the burns on her hands) and soft boots, whenever the sun is out and bright. When the weather is cloudy without the presence of the sun, and especially during the evenings and night, Khiera will remove her veil and sometimes even her hood, though that is very rare. Her clothing is usually extremely austere, simple and unadorned, except for a little “talisman” pendant that was carved by her brother from the bones of a bonehead and given to her as her 10th birthday present that she has worn around her neck since.


Khiera’s personality is one that is of extremes: when she is “feeling like herself”, she has an extremely sweet and charming disposition, very kind, gentle, engaging and friendly, However, when she sinks into a depressed state of mind, Khiera is best described as cold, uncaring, sinister, and even arrogant at times. Khiera is frustrated by the fact that she is constantly see-sawing between these two states – the “good Khiera” and the “bad Khiera” as she terms them – and sometimes she can seem “too nice” because she will often go out of her way to avoid being “bad Khiera”. Khiera is quiet, introverted and a loner. She usually tries to avoid places with large crowds. She has a love-hate relationship/attitude towards men, having been physically abused by her father while at the same time her brother was the only male that had ever shown any real concern or love for her. She tends to approach men with a lot of apprehensiveness, as she has a fear deep inside of not knowing whether she will be ill or well treated. Though, having the lack of a father figure while growing up makes her extremely vulnerable to being too trusting towards a man, especially an older man, if they treat her well.

Khiera also has a fiercely loyal streak in her. Since most of her early life has been harsh and painful, Khiera tends to be very loyal and protective towards those that are good towards her. This loyal streak in her also explains some of the “zealousness” of her faith as a cleric – ie. the Goddess treats her well, the Goddess provides for her and gives her strength and power, therefore she is wholeheartedly devoted in her faith and belief. Khiera does not trust easily, but when she trusts someone you can be sure that you have her complete trust and faith in you. Khiera can be impulsive at times, letting emotion reign over rationality. Despite that, Khiera also has a strong intellectual side to her, and she is a person that would find joy and fascination in spending an entire day amongst dusty volumes of books and scrolls in a library.

Strengths and Weaknesses


Khiera has an extremely well-trained and focused mind. This is due to her years of training as a clerical healer as well as her extreme efforts to channel all her energy and faith into the “good things” in her life in order to push aside her painful memories and hurt. Her faith, focus and strong-willed determination also greatly enhances her skill and capability as a clerical healer and spell caster.

Khiera has an intelligent mind and sharp intuition. This allows her to adapt quickly and well to changing situations, as well as learning new skills to help her along the way.


Khiera is prone to bouts of depression and extreme mood swings, even though she tries extremely hard to keep her destructive emotions under control. Her depression and mood swings affect her otherwise relatively potent healing and spell-casting ability, as her focused is compromised and her faith wavers between two deities. Being depressed also causes Khiera to be less alert and quick in her mind, and has a negative impact on her social skills – not something positive for a lady traveling on her own.

What Khiera possesses in intelligence and focus, she lacks in stamina and strength. Physical abuse during her childhood has left her somewhat weak and battered (although not to the extent that you can just push her over with a hard push!). Her constant efforts to be “good Khiera” drains her physically and emotionally. Her constant shifting of her faith between two deities also take its toll in wearing her out.


Khiera has extensive training as a healer from a young age in clerical magic, and her healing skills can usually heal serious wounds, even life-threatening injuries if the patient shares her faith and belief. Khiera also has a beautiful and melodious voice, which she often uses to place a soothing and persuasive effect on people, usually when healing to help ease the patient’s pain and promote recovery. If one is not careful it is possible that one can be temporarily mesmerized by her voice.

Khiera also has an affinity for fire and flame through her faith and belief in Pariya. She can manipulate and produce flames, generate heat and create light. In bouts and moments of extremely intense rage, she can also unwittingly cause searing rays of heat to emerge from her hands, though this occurs very, very rarely and she does not have any control over it. However, these powers were lost when she realigned her faith with Nakashi, although through her belief in Nakashi she still retains the ability to generate and manipulate sources of light and heat.

However, even though Khiera is attempting to switch and channel her faith and belief towards Nakashi once more, she often finds it hard to shift from her faith in Pariya, as her faith in Pariya allows her to express and vent her rage and grief so much better. When she is in a state of wavering and uncertainty regarding her faith, it diminishes her clerical ability, causing spells and healing to drain her more rapidly. During her journeying, Khiera has unwittingly allowed her faith to fluctuate between two deities several times, and each time she attempts to realign her faith with either deity once more, she has discovered that it takes a longer period to reestablish her faith with either deity. The longer Khiera remains faithful to one deity, the more potent her casting abilities, but Khiera also intuitively senses that the deities are getting displeased with her wavering, and knows that if she crosses the line once too often, she might lose the trust and favour of both deities.


Khiera carries with her an ornamental short sword-- given to her by her aunt Theala -- for self-defense, concealed within her robes. Her skill with a sword is sufficient for adequate self-defense and short bouts of close combat. She has very basic skill with a bow.


A small pouch made of Inja skin for money, a short sword, a water pouch, a bone talisman carved from the bone of a bonehead and a medium-sized satchel filled with quills and parchment. Khiera also tries to always be carrying a flower or a fresh sprig of some kind of plant, as a way of denoting her bond to Nakashi and Pariya.

Hold me.
Soothe me.
Love me.

Save me from my RAGE.

Fishhook The Orc
New Santharian

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Posts: 59

« Reply #3 on: March 12, 2004, 03:57:22 AM »

Name Fishhook the Orc
Race Ashz-Oc Orc
Height 1.8 peds
Weight 2.4 pygges
Title Muscle


Fishhook is an orc, with all that entails. He has dark green skin and wears his hair in the style of his tribe. Fishhook does this as a memento of his lost homeland. He has black irises with white rims. His teeth are prominent and his breath smells. At night, when he his mostly about, he will sometimes wear war paint. This is used mostly to intimidate. He walks confidently, except when he is acting the ‘dumb orc’. The rare times he goes out in the day, or when he is not going about his 'professional' business, he wears voluminous cloaks to try to hide what he is.


Fishhook is intelligent for an orc (about the same as the average uneducated human). He is under-educated, but he isn’t stupid and has learnt the hard way that constant aggression is not the way to live a long life among humanity, though he is capable of being as terrifyingly violent as any orc, especially if he drinks. When sober, he is cunning and will play the archetypal stupid orc, if it puts ‘business’ contacts in the wrong.

He sometimes gets morose, thinking about his family, which is very far away and can only be cheered up by drink (for a while) and flute music, which calms him.

Fishhook is very ruthless when it comes to helping to run his small gang, the Dead Jetsam and rules them through a mixture of terror and encouraging loyalty through good rewards. In many ways he has tried to model his dock thugs on an orc family clan.


Fishhook as all the strength of an adult orc, with all that implies. He is intelligent for an orc, leading to a tendency to underestimate him. His years of body-guarding have given him a good grounding in street fighting and his hours of practicing with the Troll Whip have made him deadly with it. He has a innate understanding of the way people think and can be surprisingly insightful. For example, during fights, he will roar a lot and flex his muscles, understanding that this makes inexperienced opponents nervous.


Fishhook doesn’t drink much, but when he does, he really does. His behaviour is, by turns, spectacularly violent and maudlin. Ordinary law-abiding people, who sometimes still run screaming from him occasionally, do not treat him with respect. He is clumsy in combat, tending to rely on his brute strength and whip, and can be at loss against quick, intelligent opponents. He also gambles too much in simple games and this has kept him relatively poor. After all the years of abuse, he fears and hates northern Men and has a very strong disinclination to being tied up.


The Troll Whip, a three tailed whip made of rope, studded with sharp jagged edges.

The Big Stick, a big stick.

A cot in the Warehouse that the Jetsam calls home.

5-60 San

Some big cloaks, for day travel.

War paint.


The Dead Jetsam

The Dead Jetsam are a small to middling sized gang 15-25 members at any one time. They are lead by Seph, a Voldarian of around 27 years old. Fishhook is second in command and is considered in charge of ‘security matters’. They have fingers in many pies, including smuggling, pick pocketing, protection and gambling rackets.

Although independent of the serious gangs in the docks and elsewhere in Nyermersys, they are not above being hired as extra muscle. They are respected for their violence and for their honour. They never take on more than one such assignment on time. They are also sure to keep the forces of law on their side, with well-placed bribes and threats.

The Dead Jetsam do have enemies amongst the smaller gangs, most of whom have survived beatings as the Jetsam have risen in the heriarchy of illegal gangs in Nyermersys. Because of this, their warehouse cum hideout is heavily defended.

We du swap, yah? fur, yah? yoo give mee ten coin, yah? I give yoo unbrokun bodee, yah? yah?

So yah wunt tah na mee storee. Cost yah 3 Sahn

Oro Hart
New Santharian

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Posts: 80

« Reply #4 on: March 13, 2004, 09:57:22 AM »

A short, old man of about 70 was hurriedly shoved into a dark room. Then, he was forced into a seat by a young man wielding a small dagger. The young man then lit a candle and held it up to the old mans face.
“Now get on with it old man! Spill the beans!”

“Hold your horses young one!” Oro replied, then said, somewhat softly, “Young people! Always in a big hurry!”

“Well, it all started when I came out of my mother. A mid-wife picked me up and handed me to me mum. Then my mother said, ‘Hmm, what shall I name him? Jorge? Caladen?’ Then the mid-wife piped up, ‘Or O-’ ‘Shut up wench!’ His mother yelled at her. ‘Wait! That’s it! Oro! That’s what I’ll call him!’ Then my father came in an-”

“Old man that’s no-“ Said the young man, cutting off Oro rather abruptly. Then Oro chimed back in, “Shut up! Don’t cut me off!” He snapped.

“Now, where was I? Oh yes, then my father came in and picked me up. He looked at me puzzledly, and then dropped me on the ground. He proceeded to laugh hysterically and run in circles. He finally hit the door and fell down, unconscious.” Oro started to chuckle and had to push his spectacles back onto his face. “My father, he was a funny man!”

“Then , I grew to be old enough to attend school. All my teachers call me ‘mentally challenged’. But I showed them, didn’t I?” He looked at the young man and noticed he was fast asleep.

“Excuse me! I was talking! Now wake up!” Oro shouted. Then the man flinched into awakenedness and was about to speak when Oro growled, “If you fall asleep while I’m talking again you might not wake up.”

“Where was I? Oh yes, I was called names by my teachers. I soon advanced and was finally noticed as being brilliant. I was taken away to a school for scholars. There they called me ‘deranged’ and ‘mentally unstable’. Those scholars, what a funny bunch! They taught me many things, even though they thought I was crazy.” Then he heard the young man snoring. Oro shook his head sadly then slowly stood up. The old man picked up his chair and threw it. The metal chair hit the young one square one the chin and the man tipped backwards in his chair and hit the floor. Oro walked over to the man and started kicking him.

“Next time you fall asleep your innards will be on the floor!” Oro picked up his chair and slid it back into place. “Now, back to me. I tried courting girls, but they seemed to not like me. Who knows why? As a matter-of-fact, nobody really liked me… But I was brilliant, even if it was my only gift.” He looked at the young man, who was now awake and very alert.

“Your not the brightest man are you sonny?” Oro announced quietly, shaking his head slowly. “So, then I studied with the scholars a while longer, after that they got tired of me and booted me out onto the street, where I became friends with a Dark-elf mage. He didn’t seem to mind my craziness. Soon, the mage ODed on power and died, leaving me a riddle, which I must figure out and then meet with 5 others. And now I’m here!”
The young man grumbled and said, “All I wanted to know was what the mage told you!”

“Well you shoulda said so in the first place! Because I could of told you that I can’t tell you what he told me.”

“Arg! I had to sit though all that just to not get my answer! You stupid old man!”

“Don’t take that tone of voice with me!” The old man said, taking his staff and bopping the youngin over the head so furiously it knocked him unconscious.

“Oopsy!” Oro said, scurrying out the door.
Name: Oro Hart
Race: Human
Age: 73
Height: 1.9 peds when not hunched and 1.6 peds when hunched.
Weight: 2 pygge
Hair: Grey
Summary of personality:
Crazy and deranged. He's very smart, but has a short attention span and likes to recall past memories at odd times.

One 1.6 peds high wooden staff
One pair green sandals
One oversized black cloak that covers his feet
One pair of strong spectacles

Tiaa Lywin
New Santharian

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« Reply #5 on: March 13, 2004, 10:01:22 AM »

Name: Tiaa Lywín short for Tiaaránaralái Tèrqu'ypheró Sú'ufanún Lywín
Gender: Female
Age: 232
Race: Elf
Tribe: Quaelhoirhim
Occupation: Grotharian Cleric
Title: Weather Witch
Taken From The Site:

Grotharian (gro-thar-ee-an) Clerics are controllers of the weather. They are capable of generating and influencing weather phenomenon’s remarkably similar to some Elemental Magic spells, especially wind and water ones, which also often deal with intensifying certain environment structures, responsible for weather conditions. Their ultimate goal is difficult to define, but one might call it "unpredictability". Grotharian Clerics wish not to be ruled or dominated; they are free spirits.


Physical Appearance
Tiaa is a beautiful mix of Quaelhoirhim and Coórhem blood. And she looks stunning compared to most of her relatives. Looking at Tiaa one would probably feel a sense of beauty and respect. She weighs slightly more than 1 pygge and 3 hebs, and is about 1.6 peds in height. She has very long auburn hair that is naturally very curly. Tiaa has tanned skin, and she could pass for a human if it weren't for her slightly elongated neck.

Tiaa's outfit is composed primarily of a long gray overcoat and gray furred boots with sharp heels. If she is not in this she will often wear only a slim top that would resemble a bra and wool shorts, plus a long cape attached to the top and a pair of gloves. Most of her clothing is gray, regardless of where she is or whom she is around, the only item of clothing that varies in color is her cape, which is often black.

Tiaa is very robust and she is highly seductive and enticing. Her appearance is one of grace and beauty all mixed together. She has a very elegant face with marvelous facial features. Her mouth is very well formed with round luscious pink lips and within her mouth are naturally white teeth, which she had cleans fervently herself. Her hair is extremely long, almost impossibly long and it hangs in many curls. Her hands are smooth and she has no visible veins, and her nails are long. They reach about the size of a crayon (I don't know how long that would be in this world), and they are rather sharp as well. Her nails are painted black, but they are often seen in a gray color. She has very long eyelashes and arched eyebrows that make her beauty even more apparent.


Tiaa is cold and ruthless. She has been made this way after many years of pain and suffering. She does not listen to the words of anyone and will willingly deliver your soul to Queprur (kill you) if you cross her or even if you disrespect her slightly. She is unbending and uncompromising in her dealings with others. Tiaa has gone through so much suffering in her life that she often forgets how it feels to be loved. She is a very solitary person most of the time, unless she is with her close friends and family.

Another aspect of Tiaa is that she is very seductive. She loves the power hungry, brutal men that often carelessly abuse her because they provide more of a thrill. Tiaa has an innate sense for danger; meaning that she is always drawn to danger up until the point where her life is directly endangered. She loves to compete against others, and she is in no way anyone's sweet heart. She does not like to be told when she is doing something wrong and Tiaa will often mask her problems rather than to deal with them.

Tiaa loves to spend time outdoors and watching the sky, she feels bound to it and in a sense she really is. As a follower of Grothar she has a great amount of faith in the god, but does not seem to follow most of the traditions Grotharian Clerics do and she has never visited a temple dedicated to the god.

Strengths and Weaknesses

- Tiaa is very studious and loves to learn
- Tiaa is skilled with her clerical magic (countered by weakness #2)
- Tiaa has a very high amount of stamina, where this comes from, who knows?

- Tiaa is not a fighter, at all, she has no skills with any kinds of weaponry
- Tiaa cannot control her magic as she would like to. She is skilled with it, but her amount of control is not very high, which makes her dangerous and in need of more practice.
- Tiaa is very unpredictable and moody. Her moods often change with the weather.

 Tiaa only possesses a wooden staff, made of strong wood that was smoothen to the point where Tiaa can hold it without worrying about splinters. She gained this staff after her trip to the Noarian Caves.

   If one were to see the Weather Witch walking along the streets, you would see her carrying a thick, black leather book, a sac full of quills, ink, candles, spare clothing, sandals, a dagger, and some rope. She may also be seen wearing a heavy gray cloak, and another bag tied around her waist. That bag would hold a few personal items, such as rings, necklaces, and other items (money, etc.)

"Take Joy In The Gifts of Grothar For They Could Vanish Instantly" words of the Weather Witch

Tiaaránaralái Tèrqu'ypheró Sú'ufanún Lywín

Stefen Lannex
New Santharian

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Posts: 14

« Reply #6 on: March 18, 2004, 12:04:22 PM »

Name: Stefen Lannex (Steve)

Gender: Male

Age: 28

Race: Human

Tribe: Helcrani

Class/Title: Vagabond

Appearance: He has well trimmed dark brown hair, except for a long thin braid which lays on his left shoulder.  His brown eyes hang constantly half shut giving him a sleepy appearance, however his mind works quickly.  Of average build he is toned but not greatly muscled, strong but certainly not a behemoth.  One oddity about him is his long fingers, though they aren't spider-like .  He wears a studded leather jerkin over a white V-necked linen shirt with sleeves that reach to his elbows.  He wears a durable light brown leather kilt with many pockets.

Personality: Ever the pessimist he is forever convinced that things will always go the worst.  That is not to say he never laughs or enjoys himself, he has a sharp wit and sarcastic sense of humor.  He has no preconceived notions of orcs, trolls and the like as it simply has never come up.  He is perfectly fine with elves as he has lived with them all his life.  He has one quirk, his case of paranoia.  Since his time in the army he is convinced that people are trying to murder him, not to say that at least while in the army this wasn't true.  

Occupation: Moderate swordsman, wields the enchanted family blade of the Lannexes, "Invincible".  Has descent funds but hires out to mercenary work to keep up the flow of coin.

- Paranoid that thousands of people he doesn't know are trying to kill him.
- No profiencey missile type weaponry
- Women, bit of a ladies man.(at least tries to be)
- Sarcasm gets him trouble

- Strong arms, quick enough to wield his bastard sword
- Can ride a horse with skill.
- Great alcohol tolerance.

- Knapsack with a bit of hardtack and a leather water bag
- "Invincible" bastard sword and a dirk, matched set, both with a burnished steel blade, leather wrapped grip.
- coin purse

"Stefen, you're a drunk, a brawler, and a womanizing cheat.  I think that's why we've always gotten along."
--Drinking buddy to Stefen

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