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Author Topic: Time of Healing  (Read 34031 times)
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Talas Anthavin
Uderzan Wanderer
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Human, Shendar, Shen-Kha'si

« Reply #165 on: December 08, 2008, 03:08:55 PM »

As the Shendar enters the hut, he rushes in to greet his friends, but stops short at what he sees.  Teri and Talia are here, there is another brownie here - white skinned with a fox - and an old man.  He wonders where Morcaanan, Kenrill and Tulpje have gone, but his eyes widen when he notices the changes that have come over Capher.  "Capher?"

There is a stark contrast between the young, hale Shendar and the elderly, feeble-looking wizard, and Ta'las fears the worst until he stands close to Capher and peers into his friend's eyes.  A few silent moments pass, but a realisation dawns on the Shendar - his friend may appear old and weak, but there is a new strength in Capher's eyes.  "Where joy and sorrow meet - it is as the Elven Circle told us, my friend," he says quietly.  He puts a hand on his friend's shoulder.  "I can now see the beginnings of who you are."

Then Ta'las sits down next to Terra and smiles at her as he reaches out to to touch her hand.

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« Reply #166 on: December 09, 2008, 12:52:05 AM »

So many questions to be answered, Capher thought, by himself and others and then Terra comes in and she is radiant!. She does not even seem to notice Teri or his new self, except to tell him that he forgot to shave. 

Capher chuckled, "Lady Terra, it is so nice..."

Capher was interrupted when Terra began speaking to Roosje.

Then Ta'las walked in. He was so tall. Was he that tall before, Capher thought. At first Ta'las did not recognize him and Capher almost sighed in regret when Ta'las kneeled down and looked into his eyes. Something passed between them, as if Ta'las could see beyond the crooked back and wrinkiled skin.  He spoke a line from the poem given to them by the Elven Seer and then says the strangest thing.

"I can now see the beginnings of who you are."

Capher thought a moment, then smiled at the Shendar. Of all of them, he was the only one who saw. That boy...that young man is wiser than his years. He has powers he only is now beginning to understand he has, Capher thought as Ta'las sat besides Terra and reached out to touch her hand.

Capher now understood why Lady Terra was so happy; it was not her healing, but love.  Capher wondered if this new found relationship would hinder or help their cause? If one or the other died in their journey would the other be able to continue on? To finish the task set before them?  It was something that Capher commited to a part of his brain to think upon. Right now he was happy to see all of his friends.

He would introduce Roosje to them all, however since Terra already asked her the question he would allow Roosje to answer for herself.
Roosje Greenfields
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Brownie, Llaoihrr

« Reply #167 on: December 21, 2008, 05:39:17 AM »

Roosje found herself smiling back at the woman who had just entered, infected by her happy countenance. She bowed slightly from her place on top of Inuya, and called out, though her voice would still sound rather soft for the humans: "I am Roosje, Roosje Greenfields. I am not entirely certain yet if I'll be going with you, but I was given to understand that it would be possible... likely, even. If you don't mind, of course. If you really don't want me to come, I won't." She said it with a wink, hoping that her comment would be taken in the light-hearted spirit that it was intended.

"In fact, that reminds me. I should go and hear what the actual decision about that was. I'm sure you will excuse me, I shouldn't keep the clan elders waiting. If I go with you, I will join you when you leave. I just need to grab some things from my home to prepare for the journey. If they picked someone else to join you on your journey, of course it will be the other Brownie coming here when you leave, obviously. In that case I'll come and say goodbye anyway. So in any case, see you soon!"

With that she lightly tugged on Inuya's reigns, making the fox jump down from the bench. She sat on the animal easily, crosslegged and without anything to hold her. She hadn't needed a hold in years. Inuya would not let her fall. With a wave of her hand, she left the hut to find the elders and hear if she would be going with the party.

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