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Author Topic: RP Idea  (Read 880 times)
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Zack Ramsey
« on: June 08, 2007, 07:54:45 AM »

Don’t worry I don’t wish to start a new Rp mainly due to I don’t think it would be allowed but yet I have more of an idea about a different kind of rp that may make certain people very happy. Who would it make happy? The people who want more RP and less doing nothing. First of all just so you know it is not an idea I cam up with on my own, It came from another site and it worked very well.

What they did is make a RP specifically for those who are on once to twice a day. It was a RP that required at least one post by every Roleplayer, with in common sense, every day. It worked out quite well. The RP moved very fast, kept everyone’s attention and they managed to finish the RP. They continued it through many different RPGs.

Also something they tried with somewhat less success was giving a posting order and everyone had to wait until their posting order… didn’t like that one and didn’t seem to work that well but thought I would share it also.

I just bring this up because like me, I would love to be in a RPG that I could post in every day, as I am sure lots would but mainly I am trying now to get an approved character. That might happen soon, but there is no open RP for me to join.

It’s just a thought, let me know what yall think.
Approved Character
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Elf, Eophyrhim

« Reply #1 on: June 08, 2007, 08:02:45 AM »

Well actually, that idea is kinda confusing sometimes, not everyone can get on once a day, sometimes somewhere that doesn't have access. Also, some of our stoires get played more than 3 times a day, if people are on at same time.

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Kelancey the Green
White Nehtorian/Dalorin
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Human, Erpheronian

« Reply #2 on: June 08, 2007, 08:40:21 AM »

  I agree it's an interesting idea.  The contingency I'd imagine with this concept is that there wouldn't be one or a few storytellers; everyone would have to be a storyteller, so you wouldn't have anyone waiting for one or a few people to advance the plotline.  It would be a much less directed story, but much more active, as you say.  It'd be refreshing to eliminate an arbitor (sp?), meaning, no one person would have any "final say".  At the same time, it's kind of nice sometimes to have a beginning, a confrontation, and a denouement to a story.

  Just my two sans!

"Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter."  --Master Yoda
Kelancey the Green
« Reply #3 on: June 08, 2007, 10:32:59 AM »

I think that people would be left so far behind that they would have to read many posts to get back in and have a lengthy in character explanation as to why they were gone a day or two... Also, it would be awesome if there any straight out war rp's going on, i mean it would take much time to be arranged, but think of it, so many people posting about the battles going on, and the fact that the orcs haven't had any hardcore action in a while, and we could have faction wars and disputes would arise between the leaders of elves, men, and dwarves, and so much content could be put out,and who doesn't want their character to go into a gut wrenching war and the mods would decide the numbers of npc warriors and make this whole thing incredibly realistic for a play by post, and you don't always have to be active, you can say your character dropped out of the fight with a wound but valiantly returns to the war once it has healed, and we would have designated times for the battles to happen, and certain experienced players would be placed as generals and guys like Arti the webmaster would decide fair numbers of npc warriors per each side, and tactics like hit and run, and bowmen and berserk ogres and maybe a couple trolls can be tossed in, and if a person doesn't want to die and have to be revived they can just say they had a narrow escape, and even the awesome fun of having wizards hack at so many men with their staffs and fireballs, and wizards congregating together to make area effect spells towards the other team, and tactics of attacking while the enemy is asleep and the generals can decide who wins with an administrator making sure that the man with the more congenial tactics wins. And, but of course once the generals say their orders the merry participants can go at it, and the rogues can hide behind fellow friends and dart around stabbing men between their plate and chain mail armor, or just plain incapacitating people with permission...

Sound insane or what friends???
Zack Ramsey
« Reply #4 on: June 08, 2007, 10:43:24 AM »

I think maybe you misunderstand me. Though those are good ideas, what happened on the site I am speaking of is this. It was a normal RP except everyone who came in to the RP knew ahead of time that they would be required X amount of post per day. There were some that required 1 post a week and some that required 2 a day, that was the most I had seen. Yes there are some people that cant post every day, and the 2 post a day is not for them (or most) and there are people that can post 5 times a day, and the 1 post a week is not for them. Its just a way to make sure that the slow posters and fast posters are happy. I fell in to the 1 post a day games while others went to the once a week games, again I never saw a game require more than 2 post a day and that was for a game of 3 people.

Now lets say you join a game that requires one post a day, does that mean your limited to one post a day? No. Then lets say you have a week that you cant make a post a day then are you kicked out? No. Then you would be helped along (actions or yours would be assumed when needed). Now if you chronically were late making post then the GM (as they called them) would talk to you and then decide if you needed to leave the game, if it was temporary or if there was other action that could be taken, but usually you didn’t have that prob. Because people know how many post a day they can make and when they can only make a post a week they know better than to join a game that requires to many post.

(Sorry for the scattered post, having a bit of a strange moment at home.)

Did that maybe make it more clear. It would make certain Rps for a certain kind of Rper. Hopefully making the RP experience better.
« Last Edit: June 08, 2007, 10:48:01 AM by Zack Ramsey » Logged
« Reply #5 on: June 08, 2007, 11:04:19 AM »

I understand, it's just that i had an inspiration that i had to go at like black bart and blackbeard the pirate all at the same time, i think i will turn it into a new post and see what people think, but i like your idea very much budd...
New Santharian

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Orc, Orcristh

« Reply #6 on: June 08, 2007, 12:17:06 PM »

interesting idea, it cold work, but ou would have to take time to find the people who 1-could make the post count and 2-actually want to do it

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