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Author Topic: Shearena Talzar, Erpheronian, Archer and Sometime Wagon Guard  (Read 14942 times)
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Cecilia Fundrin
« on: August 30, 2007, 01:08:12 AM »

Name: Lady Shearena (of the house of) Talzar

Gender: Female

Age 20 years old.

Race: Human

Tribe: Erpheronian

Occupation: Archer/Wagon Guard

Shearena has been working as a guard for two years[color] now to line her purse with gold she knows she will need if she is to ever reach her destination.  Shearena is currently seeking employment as guard either on a merchant wagon or with another group.  She hopes that her expert archery skills will get her the job despite her appearance and age.

Title: Winter's Archeress

Other Nicknames/Titles: Lady Winter, Lady with the heart of Ice

Overview: The seventh daughter of a minor Erpheronian noble, the only daughter of six sons, Shearena was never doomed to much wealth.  Sherena's mother, a beautiful woman with no equal in her father's eyes, died giving birth to Shearena.  This caused great grief to their family.  Unable to look upon the daughter who had caused his wife's death, the man known as Dagon Talzar had no room in his heart for little Shearena.  Shearena was raised without mother and almost without a father.  Raised by six brothers and her mother's ((elimatanted one uncle here as it does not appear in history. ))bachelor brother, Shearena was raised almost completely by men.  Her spunk, her temper, and her skill were all a result of that.  Despite circumstances and weakness that curtail her apparent strength, Shearena is a strong woman of considerable heart.


Height: At 1.80 peds, Sherena is tall for a woman of her tribe.  Her height is not equally portioned however, and most of her height is in the length of her long graceful legs.

Weight: 1 pyges and 3 odds.

Hair Color: Dark brown almost black straight locks highlight Sherena's pale face.  A single grayish white lock descending from her left forelocks and descends one locks width down the length of her hair.
Eye Color: Dark and vivid blue.  Shearena's eyes are so dark in their blue hue that unless one looks closely her eyes appear to almost black as midnight.  Her left eye (right eye to viewer) is slightly lighter then the other appearing to be a dark grey and upon closer exmaination a lighter dark blue.

Physical Appearance : Shearena is a graceful, tall, thin woman whose strength belies her apparent frailness.  Taller then normal for a woman of her tribe, Shearena almost stands equal in height to her tall brothers.  Shearena's height is not evenly proportioned as her short torso and slender torso gives way to long, graceful, supple legs that are a little under half Shearena's overall height.  Shearena's height wouldn't be so imposing however if only she had enough weight to belly out her height.  Shearena is a tiny frail thin who looks like a good stiff wind would easily blow her over.

Although clearly a woman of great elegance and raised to have at least some semblances of being a lady, Shearena is not overly femine in build.  Shearena lacks most of the womanly curves other women possess with small breast that barely are a ripple under her dress where a chest should be.  Her hips also are adequate enough to be noticed yet small, however they are portioned well with her thin body so that they do stand out.  Some would say that Shearena had an appeal of her own in her graceful tallness.

Shearena, despite appearing physical frail, has developed several muscular areas that have come the training she received at the hands of her brothers.  Constantly demanded to keep up with her six rowdy, active, and hunter brothers, Shearena developed the muscular strength of being able to keep up with the best of her brothers.  Most noticeable are the archer muscles and calluses that Shearena's arms have devolved which announce clearly that she was a lady who was taught some unwomanly art.  Despite being well developed to pull bow and arrow, Shearena's archer muscles are not overly developed and are not clearly visible at first observation.  Sherena's legs also have developed several muscles for running, ridding horses, and surprisingly dancing.

Despite the fact that she is what some might call pretty, one first noticed Shearena's height and build rather then her face.  Shearena's diamond shaped face has been slightly darkened by her travels; however her skin is overall a pale ivory color.   Expressive eyes peer out a her viewers, their unusual hue providing some with a slight surprise when one notices they are not black as first thought, but a brilliant shade of midnight blue.  A heavily angular nose, high check bones, and thin sit almost skin colored lips give Shearena a haunty look.  Shearena's eyes are unusual expressive, and one can easily tell what's on her mind if only they took a look into her eyes.  Shearena possesses the usual clear and sharp profile of all Erpheronian’s thus enhancing the cold hauntiness of her already unemotional face.

Her left eye (right hand to viewer) is somewhat marred however as a thin almost invisible white film covers its depths.   This milky layer makes her left eye appear a slightly lighter in color then her right eye.  Still despite this marring, Shearena's eyes are her most attractive feature.

Shearena's hair is so dark a shade of brown that is almost black.  Her hair hangs uncut down to Sherena's waist when it is not bound into a tight braid.  A single grey-white lock extending from the first lock on the left side of her forehead to the end of the massive length of her hair gives viewers quite a shock to see gray on one so young. Shearena's hair is usually braided into a single braid with a light blue ribbon when she travels.  On special occasions, Shearena usually braided hear is worn lose with a simple ribbon to keep her hair out of her eyes. 

Shearena is said to be the exact image of her deceased mother in all but height and eye color.


Shearena has taken to wearing men's clothing since she has begun her travels, causing a few raised eyebrows here and there.  Typically Shearena wears a pair of dark colored, typically brown or black, tight breeches that cling to her legs.  This is not done for pride or to show off the womanly curves she possesses however, but rather a desire to avoid getting the fabric of the breeches caught on branches and so on.  For a top, Shearena wears a modified tunic that is slightly longer than typical style and its length gives away Shearena taste for the feminine.  The tunic, usually a shade of blue in color, is loose on Shearena's small torso yet not overly baggy and flares out like a small skirt around Shearena's upper thighs just above her knees.  In the summer, Shearena usually wears a capped sleeved tunic or an open sleeved tunic thus displaying her archer muscles.  In the winter, Shearena wears a long sleeved version of her tunic with bell like sleeves and usually wears a thick woolen undershirt under it for warmth.

A leather belt wraps around Shearena's waist to confine the loose fabric of her tunics and also serves as a hanging place for her quiver, money pouch, and other items Shearena requires.

A simple hooded blue cloak of light weave serves Shearena’s needs in the summer, whereas its twin-a fur line blue cloak of heavy weave- serves Shearena in the winter.  Both of Shearena’s cloaks are tied shut with simple leather straps at the throat and are kept in Shearena’s saddle bags when not in use.  Shearena is also in possession of a single dress, her mother’s, which she will wear if occasion demands such garments.

Shearena’s dress is one of the many inheritances she received from her mother.  The dress fits her almost exactly as she and her mother were of size in all except height.  After taking adding a strip of lighter fabric at the bottom of the dress to correct the length, Shearena has found this dress serviceable on the rare occasions she needs to wear the dress.  The dress is made of a light weaved Xazure blue fabric made to catch the grey eyes of Shearena’s mother.  The fabric spills downs Shearena’s small bosom and small waist tightly hugging what little Shearena possesses in womanly curves before spilling downwards in a graceful ripple to the bottom of Shearena’s ankles.  The last palmspan of the bottom of the dress is made of an Uderza blue fabric and was added by a seamstress so as to fit Shearena’s height.  The sleeves of the dress were also altered so instead of hugging tightly across supple slender womanly arms that her mother possesed, the sleeves hang loosely across Shearena’s upper arms and then bell out, mocking the shape of the dress, at Shearena’s elbows.

No bodice is present on the dress, but rather simple darts and stitches are all that are necessary to highlight what little Shearena possesses.  Across the torso and sleeves of the dress elegant threads varying in shades of light blue and white depict the gentle falling of snow heavily across the bosom and sleeves before gently fading in the number along the downward length of the sleeves and dress.  Small chips of quartz that catch the light also enhance this snowy scene thus depicted.

Shearena rarely wears the dress and for the most part the dress has been carefully weather wrapped and placed into her saddle bags.


Shearena is a tough cookie.  Despite her youth, Shearena has experienced her share of anger, pain, and sorrow.  At times, Shearena can be as emotionally expressive as an ice block, calm, cold, cool, and collected.  This calm settles over her face like a mask, as Shearena preventing her anger, sadness, or pain from showing on her face.  At these times, her eyes are her betrayers however, since her expressive eyes give away what her face may not.

Yet towards children or the injured, Shearena is surprisingly warm, gentle, and protectively caring. Shearena hates all those who are cruel, and is a self-declared protector of any who are too small, too weak, or too injured to protect themselves.

Yet most of the time, Shearena is stiffly awkward.  While at home with men, Shearena's is often uncertain how to act around humans of her own sex.  Most of the time, Shearena comes off a stiffly formal, almost proud.  Yet Shearena is truly none of these things, she merely takes time to get comfortable around anyone.

To those who know Shearena best, she is mysterious, deeply secretive, and has a tender heart underneath her carefully crafted harden exterior.

Shearena is mainly motivated by what she calls "honor".  Shearena rarely gives her word, but when she does her word can be trusted 100 percent.  Shearena will never attack anyone who is unarmed, but she will not quibble to defend herself if need be even against an unarmed attacker.  Shearena often shoots to disable rather then kill.   However when she does need to kill for job, protection, life, or Lord, she aims to kill quickly and as quietly as possible.  Shearena hates extremely violent people, and scorns assassins of all breeds, races, or genders.  Shearena will instantly leap to the aid of anyone who is injured, helpless, or weak.  This is practically true if the attacker is a man and if the victim is a woman or a child.  Shearena hates men who hit women and children, and she doesn't hide her hate of the kind of men who would commit such acts of violence against women or children.

Shearena often takes on more then she can handle, leaping to give help where no help is needed.  These hasty decisions are often spurned on by her fierce slow-acting anger that will burn long against those who provoke it.

For the most part however, Shearena rarely acts on emotion.  She is a highly critical thinker.  Therefore, she will often weigh and measure her choices before making any decisions.  Careful thought goes into every word, every act, and every move Shearena makes.  This makes Shearena an excellent strategist, but a horrible tactician.

Shearena has already experienced what some might call "Love".  This love experienced at a tender, young age was never to be returned, and Shearena knew what it was to love without hope of being loved in turn.  Shearena has had here heart broken many times, and the invisible scars of failed love show clearly her in life.  Although comfortable with men and although Shearena might show a caring attitude towards those men who deserve it, her care is more of a sisterly care then the care of a lover.  Shearena has made a vow to never experience heart break again and refuses to allow herself to experience what some may call "the warmer emotion".  Shearena also scorns the idea of marriage, and will likely never marry unless some one can heal her still broken heart.

Strangers will often call her the "Lady with the Heart of Ice” or "Lady Winter" because of her icy demeanor and apparent emotionless state, thus giving rise to her snowy title.

Strengths and Weaknesses


Shearena was a girl raised by seven brothers, and all her strengths come from childhood experience of hunting, running, working, and living along side her deeply active hunter brothers.

Horsemanship: Shearena is just at home in the saddle as on the ground.  While no expert rider, Shearena is a natural rider and is at home when in the saddle of her Centurian Mount.  Shearena also knows the basics of a horse care and can take care of almost all her horses needs save for shoeing.

Archery: Shearena has been training on the bow since the age of eight.  Initially, her skill with the bow was taught by a Centurian tutor who was also employed to teach her brothers the same skill.  A kindly eleven tutor also aided Shearena's skill. (More to be added in History Section)  Shearena's is as good with the bow as one can expect after 12 years of practice and very limited tutorship.

Hunting/Woodsmenship Shearena's brothers were hunters, falconers, and army men, and Shearena' learned from them.  While no expert, Shearena knows enough to be able to fend for herself in the field, to far well in bad conditions, to set traps, and to some extent how to hunt.((Elimanted one hunt here: before the sentence read, to hunt and to some extent how to hunt))[/color=lightblue]  These woodsmen's skills taught to her brothers also include some herb recognition so that she can tend to any minor wounds that she may experience in her travels.

Needlework : Shearena was also taught some basic womanly arts, including needlework, and while must women would consider the skills Shearena’s a disgrace for a lady, her skills are serviceable enough.  Simply put Shearena' knows enough to patch clothes, to reattach a button or two, and even stitch together small wounds if necessary.

Magic: Although untrained, and unexperienced Sherena's magical ability may reveal itself in a life or death situation, making it a valuable strength.


Limited Vision in Left Eye:  Shearena experiences limited vision out of her left eye as a result of a ridding accident.  This limited vision affects Shearena's depth perception, thus hindering her archery skills.  Also, because she cannot easily see on the left side, Shearena is easily startled by anyone approaching from that side. If discovered this limited vision on one side could be easily used by an enemy to overpower Shearena' before she was aware.

Frailness: While tall, Shearena does not have enough weight to throw around.  Shearena would be easily overcome by anyone larger then herself.

Unused to Heat: Being from the northern part of Southern Sarvonia, Shearena is used to a much cooler climate and does not far well in warmer temperatures.  While normally viewed as a mild discomfort, this heat intolerance also causes Shearena to sweat alot causing sweat to fall into Shearena's eyes and thus hindering her vision further.

Social Coldness: Shearena's coldness socially and emotionally make her a general unpleasant person to be around initailly, making people and potential contracts keep their distance from her.  Also even at the best of times, Sherena's coldness will also cast a shadow over the warmest of her friends, keeping at a distance all but the most stubborn and friendly people.

Honor and Pride: A combination of Sherena's honor and pride limit what contracts Sherena is willing to take, thus effectively limiting Sherena's cash flow, making her sparse coin even sparser.

Anger/Enemies: Although not an emotional women, when Sherena is angered her anger is long lasting.  Sherena hardly ever lets go of a grudge even if it would be wise.  Sherena's anger is not partial to rank, status, wealth, or race, and could potential generate some very powerful enemies if Sherena's anger gets the best of her.


Shearena may be one of the Gifted, although she is unaware of this fact.  As of right now, Shearena has no formal training and aside from her one accident Shearena knows of no other supernatural occurrences that have or do surround her.

To Shearena's knowledge, the accident which caused her to leave her home was the first time such things happen to her, yet strange happenings have surrounded Shearena since birth.  These events mostly involving the element of wind were unnoticed for the most part or else explained as natural events.

It was only when Shearena killed someone accidentally with a large blast of wind that her magic was noticed by her brother.  Shearena thinks that the wind was a gift from the gods who had come to her aid when she was threatened.  Her youngest older brother however, knew the wind for what is was.  Putting two and two together knew that the wind had been caused by Shearena herself not by the gods.  Her brother, Raedoc, advised Shearena to seek the Xanth to tell them of the "Strange Wind from the Gods" keeping his thoughts to himself.

Note: It's unlikely that Shearena's magical abilities will ever surface again until trained, unless Shearena is placed in a life or death situation.


Traditional Long Bow: 1 and half ped tall made of red birch wood, and waxed bow string made from the intestines of a wild animal.  Drawweight is approximately 50 ods.  Shearena has owned for the past 4 years.  The bow was a gift of a half-elven friend, Fedric.

The bow made of red birch wood is simply made, and with no decorations other then which is practical.  However alone the length of the long bow, the words "Always True" in Tharian are elegantly carved into the wood. 

Leather incased metal quiver: A leather covered quiver with a leather strap that attaches the quiver to Shearena's leather belt.

Fifteen arrows: All 1 fore in length, shafts made of black birch wood, while the arrow heads are made of forged steel.  Arrowheads are about 2 nailsbreadths in length and are at the widest point 2 nailsbreadth in width.  Arrows are light in weight and are made to fly over a long range.  The arrows heads are pointed, non-serrated, and can easily be removed from the victim for reclaiming the arrows later.  The arrow heads are constantly kept sharp by Shearena and are obviously meant for quick, clean, and efficient kills.

Hunting Dagger: A small simple dagger also hangs at Shearena's belt.  Although Shearena rarely uses her dagger as a weapon, the hunting dagger comes in handy when cleaning out a freshly killed meal.  The dagger is made entirely made of forged steel.  The handle of the blade is made so it twists upon its self so that it spirals like the legendary Unicorn's Horn.  Shearena has over wrapped the handle of the dagger with strips of leather fabric to provide a greater grip.  The handle is approximately a palmspan long, and 2 nailsbreadths wide.  The cross guard just above the blade is simple and straight with no carving to give the dagger any beauty of its own.  The blade itself is double edged a slightly curved to better aid the cleaning of prey.


Two Wrist Archer's Wrist Guards: The only armor Shearena wears are a pair of reinforced leather wrist guards to protect her wrists from her arrows.  The left wrist guard, on the hand that Shearena uses to fire her bow, the leather wraps almost completely around her lower wrist with extra leather layers on the inside of Shearena's arm.  The right wrist guard, on the hand that pulls the arrow, extends from a half a palmspan above her wrist to her wrist in thick layers of leather to form a fingerless glove over her hand with an extra layer of leather enforced on Shearena's right hand palm.  Both wrist guards are laced up on each side, and are designed to slip on and off with ease.


Snow's Wind: Centurian Riding Horse

Shearena rides a Centurian mare, a gift of her brother, Raedoc, who was able to purchase the expensive horse before Sherena left for the south.  Snow’s Wind, as Sherena calls the mare, stands at 14 and half hands and possesses the typical build of a Centurian Riding Horse.  Snow’s Wind is a snowy white color with grey freckles on the mare’s rump with a deep charcoal mane and high arching tale.

Snow’s Wind is gentle, sweet tempered, and extremely intelligent.  After a year of traveling, she’s still getting used to her new mistress but despite this she’s protective of her mistress in all things.  Sherena has begun to train Snow’s Wind to stand on her left hand side as to protect the side from which she cannot see so well.

Snow’s Wind has an even gait, capable of fast speeds, and graceful in her manner and step.  Sherena could not want a better horse.  In the short time they have known each horse and mistress have become close.  Snow’s Wind is 6 years old.


Sapphire Necklace: A bed gift given by her father to Shearena's mother upon the birth of their first son, Shearena's mother's necklace is the most prized of Shearena's possessions.  Although Shearena seldom wears the pendant of the beloved mother she barely knew, the necklace is never far from Shearena's person.

Hung upon a simple gold chain made with tiny golden links, the pendant when worn is long enough to be slipped over one's head and would hang approximately at Shearena bosom, if Shearena would wear it.

The pendant itself is a very well crafted piece.  A single small sapphire is caught in a casing of gold so that it looks as if it was a small flower just about to bloom.  The gold setting forms a small round net of leaves and vines around the main setting that hangs in the ring like a delicate flower hanging as if weeping from a vine.  The gold around the stone itself is crafted so that it appears to be the green leaves that protect a precious and delicate bloom.

The necklace is a credit for whoever crafted the pendant, and also serves as an illustration of Shearena's father's love for her mother.

Wedding Ring: A simple wedding ring given by Dagon Talzar to his wife on their wedding night.  This simple ring is a band of gold intertwined with a band of silver with a single band of mithril combining the two.

Family Ring: A simple brass ring in which is inscribed the Talzar house symbol, given to Shearena on her 14th birthday by her father.  The ring is made of brass is perfectly round save for the flatten top in which the miniature shield of the house of Talzar has been inscribed.  The family shield is a barren birch tree entrenched around with heavy snow with delicate buds indicating the hope of spring just beginning to form. 

For Dagon’s Talzar’s personal shield, and the shield that is placed on the ring, the shield was changed so that six swords lay beneath the tree their points pointing upwards towards the sky and a single rose in weeping rose with a single falling petal descending towards the swords beside it.  The swords represent Shearena’s six brothers and the weeping rose with the single falling petal represents Shearena and the death she brought at her birth.


Small pouch:  A leather pouch which hangs on a string around Shearena's neck contains some of Shearena's more valuable possessions, such as her mother's necklace, her mother's marriage ring, and a small brass family ring with her family symbol inscribed onto the band. (Described in Jewelry Section)

Bow, Arrows, and Quivers:  Shearena's must prized possessions were a gift from her youngest older brother, Raedoc. (Described in Weapons Section)

Hunting Dagger:  Also a gift from Raedoc, one of Shearena's many brothers. (Described in weapons section)

Clothing: Described in clothing section.

Money Pouch: A simple leather pouch laced tight that hangs on Shearena's belt contains whatever coin Shearena may have on her person.

Water Canteen: A leather wine bag with a metal mouth and cap is attached to Shearena's belt with a string through the metal loop that is sown unto the top of the canteen.

Saddle Bags: Shearena's faithful horse (described in Familiars section) carries the rest of Shearena's possessions in his saddle bags.

The Saddle Bags contain pouches for Shearena's cloak, all of Shearena's changes in clothes, spare arrow heads and feathers for Shearena to make her own arrows if necessary, and a few pouches were Shearena can store any foodstuff she may have in her possession.


Once long ago, an Erpheronian woman of a minor noble family with grey eyes fell in love with a rich merchant minor noble and they married.

The rich merchant noble would rise in status and wealth as time passed.  As time passed, the woman would give birth to six healthy young sons who were the very picture of the combined features of their father and mother.

All was happy and all was perfect till the woman with grey eyes became pregnant with their seventh child.   The pregnancy was normal at first, and the father was thrilled at the prospect having yet another son to add to his enlarged quiver.  But when the pregnancy turned to the worst, and the woman began to get sick easily, everyone grew worried for both mother and child.  Nine months exactly after the conception took place; the woman took to her bed and went into a long labor for her seventh child.

It was a long labor and a difficult one.  The midwifes attending the woman expected neither mother nor child to live through the long hard labor.  Too much blood was lost.  Some miracle then, for the gods smiled upon the woman and both she and her child lived.  Still the woman was weak and tired from the long labor, and she could only stay awake long enough to tell the proud father that it was a girl, and that the baby's name was Shearena.

The baby would grow stronger and healthier everyday, whereas the woman with each day, week, month, and then year that passed would become weaker.  Local rumors would sprout up that the mother had passed her spirit into her seventh child and her only daughter, but these rumors were made by suspicious minds who were jealous of the wealth and prestige of the family.  When Shearena turned 5 years old, just old to enough to barely remember the touch and smell of her mother, her mother died.

Shearena's father was very, very sad for his wife had been his life, and with her passing, Dagon Talzar truly ceased to live.  No contentment, or true happiness sprung from the months to follow as Dagon Talzar became increasingly uncaring over the care of his children, especially the care of his daughter.  It was not that Dagon did not love his children, far from it, he loved his children very, very much, but it pained him to see every day the reminder of the love he had once shared with his wife.  Things were not helped either by the fact that Shearena was quickly becoming the very image of her mother, save for her unusually colored dark blue eyes.  Even at the small age of 5, people would say that to see Shearena was to see the girl’s mother alive again.

So at age 6, Dagon Talzar left small town life for larger cities, and unwilling to take his children with him, left his 7 children in the care of his wife's brother.  Shearena’s Uncle was unmarried, and had no children, but a reasonably large country estate.  Her Uncle, although sadden by his kinsman's decision to be alone, was thrilled over the fact that instead no children his house was filled to the brim with the children he had so wished for.  The seven children soon wormed their ways into the Uncle's heart, and the Uncle soon wormed his way into their own hearts.

The children, the six boys and the one girl, would live happily at the estate for nine years without one word other then an occasional letter could provide from their loving father.  What letters they did receive told the children that their father loved them very much and that he was always very, very sad.

Circumstances in those beginning years were peculiar.  Shearena the only girl of seven boys, found herself in the strange circumstances of having no female equal to be her companion.  Therefore, instead of developing a snobbery towards those lesser then herself in status, Shearena grew friends with butcher girls and servants daughters.  From these childhood friends before their conciseness of Shearena's status separated them from her friendship, Shearena learned to respect servants and learned at an early age that things got done much faster if one simply asked instead of demanding.  Also, having no older female authority, no women teachers of any sort for even the maids were too busy in their work to teach the noble's daughter, Shearena experienced the singular circumstance of being raised by six brothers and a bachelor Uncle.

Her brothers adored her, but never spoiled her in the way most rich girls were.  Her Uncle, happily oblivious to such things as taste, elegance, or manners in his solitary country estate, said nothing about torn dresses, skinned knees, or bloody noses.  From her brothers she learned things that most ladies should not learn.  Shearena learned how to climb trees even when she could reach no branch.  Shearena learned to keep up with the boys, because her brothers had no problems leaving behind anyone who fell behind.  Shearena also learned how to ride, how to run, how to endure, and how to track.  These years were not totally wasted in teaching Shearena some of her womanly powers however, because in these years Shearena also learned how to use her wits to make up for her lack of size, strength, and ability.  During these years, and a family friend, a Centurian by the name of Goric, was employed for the tutoring of her younger brothers, and not seeing the harm he tutored Shearena also.  One of the many things Goric taught them was horsemanship and archery on horse.  Shearena quickly displayed a talent for archery and learned to shoot a bow on the ground as well as she could on a horse.

At age 14, Shearena had with jumps and starts very quickly up with her younger brothers only years older then herself in height.  Shearena had also become a hearty, healthy, laughing, and joyous young country girl who had enjoined all the benefits of the country with none of its hardships.  So far Shearena had learned nothing of hardship save for the soften hardships of keeping up with six elder brothers, but she had learned nothing to prepare her for what was to come.

Fourteen was an important age for Shearena and an important year for all her brothers.  It was the year her father came to reclaim them.  All was joy until it became very apparent to the sensitive and empathic Shearena that her father cared nothing for her.  Her father loved her as an off-spring of his loins, but no fatherly love or care was spared on her account, and he loved her not in the way Shearena had come to expect from the warmness of her brother's love.  This was the first time Shearena had felt disappointment in some aim, and the first time she experienced heart break.

Shearena was a sturdy young girl and having heard the stories of the circumstances of her birth from her brothers at various times, Shearena quickly reckoned with the coldness of her father's love and forgave her father for it.  Nothing could make her forgive what he did next however.  All her brothers, who by varying degrees of age had joined the army or other trades and the older ones had even formed families of their own, were torn away from her as her father tore her away from the place where her brothers were and placed into a stranger's care.

Her father who had not reckoned on such a wild thing for a daughter, who acted like a son in so many ways except for the girlishness that girls cannot avoid, and was shocked by the unladylike way Shearena had been raised.  Dagon Talzar had also come with news that he thought would be welcome to the young girl, that she was engaged to a young lord with a considerable fortune, a good match considering Shearena would gain nothing from her father's death and had very little in the way of dowry. The match had been a political endeavor, and her father was proud of it.  Some mistake was on his part then for reckoning on a submissive woman like all other girls Shearena's age, but Shearena was offended in no small part.  She was also to proud, to independent, and to stubborn to accept the match.  An outright refusal to get married to a man she did not know added insult to injury, and Dagon Talzar knew at that moment, that his daughter was no tame kitten.  Although proud of such spirit, at the time spirit could not be allowed.

Making some apologies to the young man's father who had come to see the girl to see if she was acceptable, Dagon Talzar managed to gain four years for Shearena to be trained in womanly arts making apologies for her because Shearena had been raised by men, and not women.

Shearena was therefore sent with all immediacy to her Grand Aunt, her Mother's Aunt in fact, who lived in the city near her father's own house with her husband and extended family.  Shearena's Aunt was a domineering, controlling, unlikable old woman who had neither patience nor love for her niece’s daughter.  Shearena in her turn had no patience for sewing, no patience for music, no patience for art, no patience for balls or parties or teas or dinners, and absolutely no patience nor taste for dresses which were considered 'high style'.  Much of Shearena's time with her aunt was spent at bumps, starts, jerks, and lashes as Shearena escaped again and again to run 'wild' as her aunt called training with her male cousins at the ranges and on her horse's back.  By slow turns, Shearena slowly acquired by the force of her Grand Aunt's personality, a lady like quality and refinement which had not had before.  Shearena became elegant, and her elegance she became deadly for she was like the profitably jeweled dagger for she had forgotten nothing that her brothers had taught.

Not totally friendless was this time.  Shearena became very close with her cousins, and also a young neighbor boy by the name of Aerodin, who was four years older then herself.  Aerodin and her two male cousins Caerin and Dekcash were close friends, and were often the conspirators of Shearena's many escapes.  Together the four planned wild rides through the country, picnics, hunting trips, archery torments, and all the other sports Shearena had enjoyed with her brothers.  During this time, Shearena developed a crush of Aerodin, which she termed in her inexperience, love.  When Aerodin told her that he loved her then, Shearena's heart fluttered and was lost in that instant.

After that declaration, Shearena's Aunt grew confused because after that she had no trouble teaching Shearena to be a lady, for Shearena wanted to be a lady with all her heart, for then she had a reason for it as the future wife in her mind to Aerodin Ordrick.  Aerodin for his part flattered Shearena with complements, embraces, and various attempts at kissing the blushing and blooming Shearena without failure.  Many promises and confessions of love were always made by Aerodin at these times, but Shearena not unwisely forebode to let Aerodin kiss even the tips of her fingers by following the advice of her elder brothers.

Shearena's heart was soon broken, however in circumstances which scarred Shearena forever.  A night's encounter in a garden and much damage was done, because for a moment, they both forget themselves and shared secrets, touches, and embraces, and a single passionate kiss.  It was good then, that nothing more harmful then a few embraces and a kiss was shared between them, because while they kissed they were discovered by another girl with chestnut hair and brown eyes.  Her screech and her rage were unmatched.  Aerodin, blushing was forced after a sharp blow from the brown haired girl, that the brown hair girl was his promised.

Shearena was shocked, for Aerodin had never told her that he was promised.  Remembering then all the whispers, and her half heart defenses of Aerodin lifting her skirts then and there in the bushes, Shearena realized Aerodin's true intents.  From his words and apologies to the brown hair girl, Shearena heard herself called witch, slut, harlot, and a tempter.  It quickly became apparent to her that Aerodin had no honorable intentions for her, that her passion and confessions had all been in vain, and that his professed love had been nothing more then an attempt to get her to share his bed but not his heart.

Shamefaced, terrified, and heart-broken Shearena ran away from the gathering scene and crowd in tears.  Mounting her horse, Shearena galloped out of the city, into the night, tears streaming done her red cheeks, not carrying that her dress tore on every branch she touched and that she now looked like she had been ravaged instead of simply kissed.

Shearena was not content until she had ridden with a foolish hurry out of the city, and into the fields beyond not stopping, never stopping but kept pushing her steed onwards in a frantic pace.  Her horse could not keep up the pace, and in a small copse of trees bucked Shearena off onto the ground.  Shearena was thrown forcefully to the ground, and she heard with horror the sound of her own bones breaking.  In the tumble in addition to her breaks, bruises, and cuts, Shearena received a small splinter in her left eye and the pain blinded her to the pain in her heart.  Shearena soon lost all consciousness.

Her three younger brothers, fortunately for her, were at the party, and witnessed the scene.  Together they stood up for their sisters honor and sure that no harm had come of the night in the garden that would inflict a wound to their sister's honor.  When Aerodin claimed it was all there sister's fault and that Shearena was a wanted harolt therefore, they quickly decked Aerodin soundly laying the young noble flat on the ground.  Proudly declaring they would take on anyone who continued these foul rumors, Shearena's brothers began to look for Shearena.  When neither of them could find her, they split up into parties and began to search the city and the fields beyond.   Following the news of a tear streaked girl ridding into the night and the strips of fabric Shearena had left behind in her wild ride.

It was only an hour after her fall, her youngest brother Raedoc, found her.  Quickly assessing the damage, her brother tended to the wounds he could till and hurriedly seated Shearena in front of him in the saddle.  Raedoc took her to her Aunt's house where a skilled surgeon removed the splinter from her eye with very little damage to the fragile orb and healed everything else he could.  The surgeon was also kind enough to bring in a woman who assured of Shearena's virginity due to the rumors which despite the brother's best efforts were spreading.  The surgeon declared to everyone present that Shearena's virtue was still in tack, and that she would heal in time.  Nothing however could take away the dishonor Shearena had incurred upon herself.

Shearena was only 16 at this time, and it is because of this eye wound that Shearena's vision from that point on was limited in her left eye.

The man who Shearena was promsised to heard of the rumors and the family broke the engagement off despite several herbs woman’s testimony of Shearena's virtue.  Shearena's father was furious, and refused to talk to his daughter but rather scorned her himself as a harlot.  Shearena's Grand Aunt too surrendered to public blame and dishonor, and abandon Shearena.  Shearena's Grand Aunt turned her out of her house, and her Uncle who was now married could not afford to take Shearena in either.  No home did her father offer, and no welcome did Shearena receive inside her own house.

Her brother's, ever loyal, came to their sisters aid and offered there homes to her.  Shearena would eventually live with Raedoc, the closest to her in age, who lived in turn with Thar her second closest in age and his wife.  Shearena lived with them for a time, and from Linn, Thar's wife, Shearena learned all the honorable womanly arts her Grand Aunt had neglected to teach.

Still despite her circumstances, Shearena was never happy; for Aerodin had left a wound in her heart that Shearena was sure would never heal.  Shearena had to learn again the softer emotions of life, had to relearn how to live, had to relearn a smile, and had to relearn archery with her new limited vision.

Fated to ill love once more, Shearena soon fell in love again with another man whose Shearena knew only as Fardin Ukri, the half-elf’s traveling name.  Fardin was an honorable half-elf who was Thar's closest friend and with patience care he taught Shearena to trust men again by teaching her that men were not always ungentle.  Under Fardin's guidance, Shearena learned a bit of knife play, not enough for it to be considered strength but enough for Shearena to be able to defend herself if any man tried to do what Aerodin had almost done.  Fardin also taught how to hear with her ears rather then depend on her new limited sight, and under his guidance Shearena regained her skill with the bow.  Due to his elven heritage and training, Fardin was able to improve upon Shearena’s limited natural skill in archery. Unaware, Fardin also began the long work of healing Shearena's heart.

It wasn't long, however, till Shearena realized that although she might love him, Fardin did not love her in return, for rather the half-elf was in love with traveling the world.  A year later when Shearena was 17, Fardin left, vanishing as quickly as he had come into Shearena’s world and heart.  Shearena was not so heart broken as it might have been had she had any hope in the beginning of their relationship of having her own love returned.  Still, she could not help but feel sorrowful at the occasion that separated her from a friend that made her live again.

Shearena continued to live with her older brother Raedoc, even after Raedoc got married and despite the fact that all her brothers had joined the army.  She was happy, after a fashion, and was most content when her brothers were home rather then riding off in Erpheronia's contestant border struggles.

Raedoc soon returned home permanently with a knee injury that would keep him off a horse for the rest of his life, but their father although saddened that his youngest son was no longer in the military gave him enough money for Raedoc to establish a thriving merchant business of his own.  From that point on, Raedoc stayed home with his pregnant wife, his children, and his sister who had taken for her part the position of nurse for their children.

Raedoc, soon after coming home permanently, began to relive the experience the closeness of life he and his sister had once shared.  Before this opportunity, Raedoc had not much chance to obverse his sister, Shearena.  Shearena seemed darker, sadder, restless, and colder even the very air around her presence seemed colder then the rest of the air.  Raedoc also began to recall similar circumstances when the air had become hot or cold around Shearena that seemed to reflect the girl's moods.  He remembered also, and noticed again, how the wind seemed to blow fiercer when Shearena expressed restlessness to him.  Raedoc however marked these as the result of an overactive imagination on his part.

Shearena seemed happy for the most part.  Save in the matters of her heart.  Shearena had hoped for love and only to be disappointed time and time again, by outright denial.  Men in this quarter did not want a woman whose reputation was stained by false accusations, and no one wanted a woman who had a mind of her own.  For Shearena was still a wild thing, even wilder at that time then before, driven to wildness and fierceness by her own heart break and still stained with an old break of the constant reminder of her foolish actions considering Aerodin.   Only one man in the entire village where she lived with her brother and his wife seemed interested in her, in all the wrong ways too.  A widower, driven by his loss to the drink, a slob, and known woman beater had cast his eye upon Shearena.   He had heard rumors of the tall thin girl whose eyes were as cold as winter's breath when they looked on him, false tales of how Shearena parted her legs for every man in the village. Lustful, he took out his unsuccessful attempts in gaining Shearena's approval on the true harlots of the village leaving many women beaten and near death in his wrath.

One day, it happened that Shearena was riding out to a certain field where there stood a tall tree to practice her archery, when Shearena heard the loud cry of a woman in distress followed by curses and yells of a man.

Riding towards the commotion, Shearena found the drunk trying to drag away women who had been collecting herbs in the field.  Quickly string her bow; Shearena shot an arrow into the man's leg making him release the women with a cry of pain.  Dismounting, Shearena readied another arrow as she yelled at the women to run and to get help from the men.  This was a fatal mistake.  The man was so drunk that he was blind to all else and seeing his would be pray flee, he turned onto the object that he already desired in the secret of his chambers.  Picking up a rock, the man threw it at Shearena and he did not miss.  Shearena released her arrow with a cry but the arrow went wide, and too late did she try to duck to avoid the rock.  The rock hit her head and drew blood, and although the blow was not fatal or overly painful the graze was painful enough to momentarily knock Shearena to her knees.

It was all the advantage the drunk needed.  Rushing her from her left side which he knew to be her weaker side, the drunk tore from Shearena's hands and then broke Shearena's bow into pieces, and taking the dagger Shearena vanily tried to use as a defense, he then spurned the horse so it fled from the scene with a wild neigh of pain.  The drunk was furious and attacked her with a wrath that Shearena couldn't defend herself from.  Soon, Shearena was bloody, beaten, bruised, and in pain, the drunk pressing his luck began to tear at Shearena's clothes hoping to press his advantage while he had it.

Inside Shearena, a force kindled by rage, fear, and disgust began to boil and with this new offense exploded.  Screaming Shearena thrust her arms out, trying to holding the panting drunk away from her in disgust.  Opening her eyes, Shearena watched as suddenly a torrent of wind raged from behind her through the field bending grass as it blew through the field.  Shearena watched as the wind picked up the drunk, hurled him up through the air, only to drop the man from that great height 20 fores away from where Shearena stood.  The drunk dropped like a rag doll as the wind suddenly ceased to blow.  Hardly daring to breath, Shearena approached the man.  When she reached him, the drunk was twisted and bent beyond all recognize.  By the very shape of his body, Shearena knew he was dead.  Throwing up violently, a silent prayer went up from her thanking whatever god had sent that blessed wind to her aid.

Her brother, meanwhile, had ridden to her aid by himself with the army only minutes behind him.  Raedoc had arrived just enough time to see the drunk drop from the air and to see his sister obverse the fact that the drunk was dead.  Pointing two and two together, as Shearena told her shocking tale of the 'god sent wind', Raedoc knew his sister to be a mage.  Unwilling to have his sister observed by the army, Raedoc hurried her away from the dead man to a secluded area nearby.

Arranging to meet her later in the night, Raedoc gave Shearena his horse, her bow, her quiver, her arrows, and some money in his pouch.  Raedoc also gave Shearena the clothes that had been kept in the saddle bags from his experience in the army, and Shearena still continues to wear some of those articles of clothing.  Telling Shearena that it would not be good for her if the armies discovered her so close to a dead body due to her past, Raedoc advised Shearena to seek out the mages of the south in the distant Xanth, advising her to tell the mages of the strange god-wind, and saying for her sake, that the mages might be able to tell her what god was to be thanked for the wind.

There they parted, but not before; Raedoc who had some talent of an artist sketched a hasty picture of her which he later had colored.  It was after this experience that a lock of Shearena's hair turned whitish-gray.  Shearena thinks that it was from the shock of begin molested, and Raedoc felt it was from the first experience of Shearena's mage powers that caused it, however he kept this opinion to himself.  The picture was later lost beyond all recall.

Shearena has made her living and coin for the last two years as a wagon guard for various merchant trains, hiring herself as an archer for traveling parties, and generally traveling in the direction of south towards Xanth.

Shearena hardly tells anyone of her past, as she hopes that dark stains of her past in the north will not follow her into the south.
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Simonne Miller
« Reply #1 on: August 30, 2007, 05:03:43 AM »

Hello Cecilia!

Would you mind my checking what you have now for grammatical errors? What you have so far looks promising, but the errors make it harder to read, at least for me :)

With regard,
Cecilia Fundrin
« Reply #2 on: August 30, 2007, 10:38:18 AM »

I will do that Simmone, I promise.  But as its in progress, I haven't had time to edit it yet.  But when I'm finished entering all the information I need, believe me this will be getting a very through spell and read through.
Cecilia Fundrin
« Reply #3 on: September 17, 2007, 11:31:11 AM »

Sorry, I have had this finished for some time, but I've lost the disk on which it was saved, and I may have to reconstruct it completly if I don't find it soon.

I'm sorry for the delay.
Kalína Dalá'isyrás
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« Reply #4 on: September 17, 2007, 11:37:53 AM »

its not too early. You can create as many characters you want in any amount of time you feel you are comfortable with ^.^

P.S. I love your avvie btw ^.^

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« Reply #5 on: September 19, 2007, 03:22:15 AM »

Anci, that is a great CD, you know how to tell tales.

There is just one thing which doesn't fit very well: It seems to me, that Cecilia is not of the Remusian tribe. She has too much freedom, I doubt that any man will teach a woman how to fight, nor that she is allowed to use a bow.

Though Remusuans are much more civilised (in Santharian terms) than the rest of the icetribes, the heritage shows through. So you need not to take into consideration what Altario writes:

As other Ice Tribes, the Remusians are renowned for their ability as warriors.  The archers are some of the best.  They are very fanatical in the defense of their land, which they see as holy, and have been known in history to brutally slaughter any who threaten the region.  Most recently, this was seen in the Fifth Orcish War.

Unlike the other Ice Tribes, women are treated with a measure of respect.  Though not yet treated as equals, they are not treated as property, as is the custom with the other Ice Tribes.  Women are allowed to own property, though they are not allowed to enter into politics, nor are they allowed to serve in the military.  They are allowed to choose their own marriage partners, though some of the smaller communities still practice arranged marriages.

But the background are still the Icetribes:

The Ice Tribes recognize no human rights for those who can’t bear weapons. Women and children are considered living things and are in the absolute disposal of their Master (usually the father or husband). ..... However, females cannot achieve further honours as warriors as they are considered inferior to men.

You have many minor things which contradict these views, e-g- that the brothers nearly see her as an equal. A woman has to be in her place to be respected.

I have no doubt, that you are able to get around this problem :)

Cecilia Fundrin
« Reply #6 on: September 19, 2007, 09:40:22 PM »

That is a problem! Hmmm...let's see how I can fix this.

I can always change her tribe, as seems to the most obvious solution.  Or I could simply limit Cecilia's freedom, however I really like Cecilia's history, and would hate to have change it so much as curving Cecilia's freedom would suggest.

The main reason I picked the Remusian Tribe, you see was to create a reason for her to leave her home land.  But I can easily invent another reason for her doing so, if I change her tribe.  Of course, that means I would have to also change Cecilia's apperance, that really isn't an issue for me...as I've already changed her from the original Cecilia Fundrin that I started with.

You see I have used Cecilia before, and she has been my creation now for going on *counts* lets see 3 years?  Not very long, I know, but long enough for me to be comfortable with her.

She started out as a beautiful, tall, blond haired, blue eyed, haunty nothern whose iceness was caused by a broken heart broken by a lover who betrayed her, then she transformed into a blind woman scarred by the harsh treatment of father too grieved to relize the damage he did, into a little bit of both, then into a blind sorcess whose only strength was in the wind, then all those things but with the added influence of two wind sprites who allowed her to see.

She had to change once more to fit in the 'reality' of this site, and I think I can change again.  What I don't think I want to change is the realtionships Cecilia has experienced, nor the wild restless fierce freedom of Cecilia's soul and life, that would be damaging her too far.

I'll see what I can do to make Cecilia 'fit', but I'm up for any suggestions that anyone might have.

Thanks for the compliment concerning CD, Talia, *blushes* it is undeserved, but thank you.

And Kalina, thanks I like my Avie myself!
Cecilia Fundrin
« Reply #7 on: September 21, 2007, 11:20:36 AM »

Anyone have any suggestions how to fix my little problem concerning the conflict between Cecilia's current tribe and her freedom?  I'll have to admit, I'm stumped, but I think it's probably due to the fact that I'm just about Brain Dead currently....

And I can't do anything more until this problem is solved, that's for sure.

I've also added a picture of Cecilia.  It does her no justice at all, but its the best I can do with my limited skills.  Enjoy.
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« Reply #8 on: September 21, 2007, 03:37:53 PM »

How much have you set your heart on the Remusian tribe and how much on your name?

Why don't you have a look at the Erpheronian tribe (there is nothing about the position of the women if I have not missed it) or the Helcrani? In the first case you might need to change your name, for there exists already a nomenclatur. I think both tribes would fit for your appearance and maybe for your personalitiy as well.
Altario Shialt-eck-Gorrin
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Human, Remusian

« Reply #9 on: September 21, 2007, 08:19:16 PM »

I have been watching this with interest as well.  I love the idea, but must agree with what Talia has mentioned.  Getting a female Remusian warrior would be a very difficult thing, as their culture is very patriarchal.  Not as much as the other Ice Tribes, mind you, but difficult never-the-less.  I am afraid that with my limited time online lately, I am not able to help you more.

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Seh'nara Celebrindal
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« Reply #10 on: September 21, 2007, 08:41:56 PM »

Maybe you could say that she got her skills by spying on her brothers. When they found out, they were furious. Later, she demostrated what she had learnt and they found out that she had natural talent, so they decided to train her.

« Reply #11 on: September 21, 2007, 10:05:51 PM »

Seh'nara Celebrindal, that's a good suggestion and I thank you for it, however I'm afraid that leaves me no better off, because based on what I've now read in depth about the other ice tribes I think Cecilia's brothers would be more likely to punish her serverly on the discovery of her skills rather then train her skills further.

Altario, thanks anyway, its appreciated that you could at least confirm the suspicions already stated.

Talia, both the Erpheronian and Helcrani tribe appear likely.  However with the Helcrani, I'm afriad that Cecilia would be seen as to unemotional for this usually emotional tribe.  As for the Erpheronian tribe, you are correct the entry says nothing concerning the role of women in their society, however I am afraid that Cecilia's skills as an archeress would quickly come to the front as an issue as the Erpheronians (although they use bows according to the entry) seem to be no experts in the matter of the bow.

Would it be okay to keep her archery skills the same or should I change them if I decide on the Erpheronian tribe?

However, I think I can make the Erpheronian tribe work for this character with just a little alterations here and there....
Simonne Miller
« Reply #12 on: September 21, 2007, 11:05:05 PM »

Eyelians usually don't fight with swords, but my Eyelian character is a swordfighter. In every culture there are some who fight with a different weapon than what is thought of as usual. So long as you give a decent explanation of who taught her her archery and how he/she learned it, you can keep it :)
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« Reply #13 on: September 22, 2007, 02:16:23 AM »

Well, if she has an unusual talent, she might even go to this archery school in the Auturian woods ;)  You have the freedom to invent a teacher who came from another tribe etc, as long as it doesn't go gainst the main stream. You can do a lot, as long as it is convincing.

But don't forget, she is only 20, so her age might limit her skill more than the society. She did not train all day long her life long.
Cecilia Fundrin
« Reply #14 on: September 25, 2007, 12:04:38 AM »

Okay I'm in the middle of changing this profile, including name change, tribe change, and some minor history changes.

I am also considering a physical apperance change also, nothing major probably just hair color and eye color change.

While I'm doing the name changes of tribe and birth name, I will also be doing a spell check on all my work that I've done so far, which I'm sure Simmone whose been so patient with me will be glad to hear.
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