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Author Topic: Backstories and Recaps for Nyermersys  (Read 1342 times)
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« on: September 09, 2007, 04:11:58 AM »

Chapter 1 - Recap for Nyermersys

Christian woke early,rose out of bed and looked around. The only light came from the fireplace. He saw the young lady in his employ lying upon the hearth. He blinked, he rubbed his eyes and looked again to make sure he was really seeing what he saw. Yes, she was naked, her tattered dress hung by the fireplace, apparently to dry and she was fast asleep.

He noticed also Lady Simmone sleeping in a chair with a empty tea cup by her side and her medicine bag upon her lap; her hands softly folded over it.

Christian rose, stared briefly at the young lady's ample breasts moving up and down rythmically with her breathing. He sighed, reached for a blanket and softly covered her and then did the same to Lady Simmone.

He went to his desk,opened the top drawer, pulled out a sheaf of parchment, opened the inkwell, dipped a feather pen into the ink and began to write.

It is probably around three bells on the 13th day of the fourth month of the year 906. I am sitting at y desk with one very beautiful young woman lying naked on my hearth and another, older woman, sitting in a chair: they are both asleep. Trying to recollect this past month to write down the events that have occured before they become faded with time and memory.

I suppose I shall start when at the annual meeting between mysef and the merchants leaders of my city, Nyermersys, that the Royal Councilor of Voldar was ushered into my presence. He told me ant the others around the table about the murder of my fourth cousin Cedric and of his cousin Trelor the Less by an Orc! At first I thought that was ludricous but then he explained and when he was finished I had planned on avenging my cousin.

Cedric was King of Voldar, which in effect meant he was King of the whole kingdom and he had authority even over myself as Nyermersys and it lands, people and armies are the guardians of the Kingdom's northern border.

Cedric had wrested the Throne from Voltigar. How he did this,I do not know, but he did. He was in his fourth year of reign when I heard this news.

Rumors had been drifting back from Voldar about Cedric's heavy hand and of his cousin's dungeon of horrors. Whether one believes them or not, Cedric was blood and required me to avenge him.- though, in truth, I reallly did not like Cedric nor did I want to go to war with Voldar especially when  learned that Voltigar was once again upon the Throne and my armies would once again have to face Baron Scar. However my pride and a plan of secret attack outweighed my caution and I ordered my armies to begin training. My brother-in-law came up with an idea of using a small force of highly specialized men to harrass the enemy and draw away some of his forces away from the main force. In theory, it seemed liked a viable attack plan.

While the army was preparing I took Lycheus, the Royal Counselor of Voldar and some men and went on an early morning hunt. To my surpise we were ambushed; all of my men who were with me that day were killed. If it were not for my tursted and dear pet, Sammy, I probably would have died as well. As it was I almost died anyway as I was shot with a poisoned arrow. How Lycheus survived, I do not know but he did and went and got help. I think he played dead and then ran like a coward; and he wanted me to put him on the Throne! I think not! Besides it does not matter anymore as he lies torn apart by creatures who were once men, but changed into some kind of beasts being down in the dungeon and guarded it. I blame myself for what happened to those men. I never cared...I suppose I never cared about anything except myself and my needs until this old lady came along.

Christian looked over at Lady Simmone and grinned. He turned back to his writings.

I should probably thank Lady Simmone one day. She saved not only my life but my soul as well that day. Even Petrie, the oldest and wisest healer I had did not know how to cure me. Baltizar my best friend, advisor and healer was supposedly gone, but information has come to light that has me rethinking our relationship. He now resides in the dungeon; a much cleaner, healthier one than the one he sent my brother-in-law to and supposedly Petrie and his protege, Heath. Neither of which were found wehn Lady Simmone, on her own, went down into those depth of Coor's and somehow, miracuously, rescued him, though they both suffered injuries.

It was also during this time that I acquired a dumb servant girl. I mean to say she cannot speak but she is awfully bright, very stubbon, very young and exquistely beautiful and she is lying naked no more than few peds away from me. Before all this happened I would have bed her in a blink. But now...

Blast! I picked a wrong time to grow a concience. I should blame Lady Simmone. Or perhaps thank her for that as well. It is a bit frightening, yet kind of a warm feeling deep down inside. I suppose that is how my brother-in-law feels. Oh all right, his name is Farrel, ok?

I must be losing my mind. I am talking, no, writing to myself and even worse answering myself! I wonder if I still have some lingering effects from theat poison? "BlackHeart!"

Farrel has gone in search of Petrie and Heath as he learned from a dying cellmate about a man taking them out of the dungeon the previous night.

A blizzard came roaring down out of the mountains. I wish Farrel luck in his search. I am to meet with the war council soon. I think now that Lycheus is dead, we really cannot afford a war and though I despise Voltigar and Baron Scar for what happened, I admire them for they are both great battle tacitions. The defeat they handed my father was devestingly brilliant even though my father was killed in that war.

Several questions still need to be addressed. Who ambushed me and why? Was it Baltizar? Did someone from Voldar? or someone else? Where are Petrie and Heath and are they even still alive? What to do with Lady Simmone and what do I do with this young lady?

This last part are not part of the Earl's writings but concern other characters of Nyermersys.

Mannik and Dia are in her room; both comtemplating their new found relationship.

Corporal Thomas is trying to figure out a way to see Morghan Nichole, the Earl's new maidservant, who he rescued and fell in love with.

Danger for both the Earl and King Voltigar, even the whole Kingdom lurks in the shadows manipulating them and events. If this evil is not stopped the whole Kingdom will be destroyed!
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