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Author Topic: Wison's Breath Inn  (Read 6708 times)
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Denrykmar Shialt-eck-Gorrin
Wandering Ranger
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Human, Remusian

« Reply #315 on: May 20, 2008, 06:22:52 AM »

Denrykmar flashed Garret a toothy grin to show that he had indeed been listening.  Then he noticed that some curly haired man was chatting up Trina.  He was about to dismiss it, but something in the way they looked at each other bothered him.  He wasn't sure exactly what it was, as men were always flirting with Trina, but this man bothered Denrykmar.  Now, what to do?  If he was feeling better, he might just get up and walk over there, pulling her from him and warning him to back away from his woman. 

Er, that woman.  She wasn't his.  She was her own person, with no hold on him and he no hold on her.  It was their arrangement and it had worked up until now, he didn't want to change that.  But something about that man...

Denrykmar forced himself to look away.  No, he would turn his attention elsewhere.  It was then that he felt himself being watched; stared at even.  From up on the stairs, that girl, the one who had been drawing earlier, was staring at him.  He shivered.  More to the point, she was staring through him, as if he were somehow hollow and ethereal like a phantasm.

It was then he noticed her eyes.  They were mesmerizing in their depth and fluidity.  They attracted like no eyes he had seen before, as if casting a spell.  If she be mage, then he be her willing victim.  With a quick look to Garret, and another goofy grin, he winked.  "Maybe I'll have a chance to move the right way this time."

Denrykmar stood, smoothed out some of the folds in his jacket, and made his way towards the stairs.  As he did, she moved into the room, and he cut off her path, blocking her with a rakish grin and a twinkling of his own deep blue eyes.  "I couldn't help but notice earlier that you could draw.  I was wondering if you could show me your work over a drink or two?"
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Vallari O'Neil
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Human, Caltharian

« Reply #316 on: May 21, 2008, 09:02:58 AM »

Vallari hadn't quite decided what she was going to do once she was seated, but finding a table was a start. Not far into the room, she spotted a particularly lonesome looking table and began a beeline for it only to be stopped short. Not five steps into the room, she nearly collided with a man and had to back peddle a step or two to focus her eyes upon what she soon found were quite charming features. To tell the truth, he was much more handsome up close than she had initially given the man credit for.

His grin was rather charming, she thought. It made her wonder if she had captured his likeness correctly in her piece before. If not, she would definitely have to redo the picture completely. It was either his dimples or his eyes, she wasn't sure which sold it, but the thought of showing him her artwork didn't seem like a bad idea. The drink didn't sound like a bad idea at all either. And it wasn't as if she had anything else to do, and even if she did she simply couldn't see herself turning down his offer anyways.

She pursed her lips thoughtfully after he had finished speaking and took another step backwards so that she could easily glance over his form. She swept her eyes over the length of his body, absorbing every detail of him from his toes to the top of his head. It was enough to give her what she suspected was an almost accurate approximation of exactly what he would look like nude. Of course, there are just some details of the body that cannot be accurately imagined no matter how long you looked at their clothed forms.

The time it took her to supply him with an answer, which of course was going to be yes, after he had made his offer was what she estimated to be a short thoughtful pause.  "Gladly,"  she said, a slight smile blooming across her kissable lips. Adjusting the strap of her bag on her shoulder, she decidedly supplied him with her name,  "Vallari, but I prefer Vee."

Altario Shialt-eck-Gorrin
Story Mod
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Human, Remusian

« Reply #317 on: May 25, 2008, 06:16:15 PM »

Ulther hurried to pour drinks for the gathering crowd.  He wiped at his sweating brow with the back of a dirty sleeve.  Irritated, he glanced up and around to the room to make sure his girls were working as hard as he was.  Nella was out in the crowd, flirting too much and not serving enough, he thought wryly.  And Trina, well, the usually hard working Trina was sitting.  Sitting?  He was about to yell out at her, but the pretty waitress jumped to her feet and hurried over to him, as if somehow reading his mind.

When she reached him, she spoke of a man selling some type of liquor.  Warily, he poured himself a small shot in a glass.  He then smelled the liquid.  It packed a bit of a punch, he could tell already.  He then took the entire contents of the glass in his mouth.  He swished it about for a moment before spitting it onto the floor.  It was sufficiently foul for the people that patronized his establishment.  Ironically, Ulther the bartender did not drink alcohol.  After years of seeing the evil that it did to others, he did not feel as though he needed to be a slave to the drink.  He nodded in satisfaction.  It would do.

As he poured drinks for Trina, to take to the nobles, he looked at her with a growly expression.  "Send him over, I'll talk to him about this."

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Nelique A’drosa
Crestfallen Heiress
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Human ~ Anpagan

« Reply #318 on: Today at 01:40:42 AM »

Casually the heiress smiled genially towards Khel as the raven-haired woman agreed with her. Although Neli knew the woman’s words would fall on deaf ears, just as hers had, it did show that she knew more of the broader scope of the world than Rellech did. For a blink Nelique looked towards the plate of wison steak that Eleyr had casually pushed aside. A miniscule growl escaped from the maiden’s tiny stomach as she pondered how delectable such a dish would be right now. With a lighthearted grin she turned her eyes to the gentleman once again, playing off the minor disruption with a tiny giggle.

Sea green eyes shimmered with mischief as the twinkling light from the hearth pranced across their glimmering surfaces. The heiress feigned an in-depth awareness in every word the Remusian gentleman spoke, yet his misinterpretation of the outside world was exceedingly obvious. Neli was somewhat pleased to see Rellech was interested in the venture of horse-trading and in reality he did not fathom the depth of what it was she was offering. Whereas he was placing his eyes on all of Southern Sarvonia, Nelique was considering just that and the entire continent of Nybelmar. Strangely the waitress brought a goblet of wine to respite before the young maiden, which she nonchalantly pushed aside with a manicured hand.

Sensual lips parted to reveal rows of pearly white teeth just as Nelique began to speak in regards to Rellech’s rhetoric. “Milord, I do see some sense in what it is you speak. But I also think you are basing some of your ideas on the yet unknown. Tell me how it is you think the people of this fine city would react if we sailed in shiploads of magi to export goods? Or how would they take to ships manned with magical constructs to carry those goods to distant shores?” Regally the heiress’s supple hand flowed to respite on Eleyr’s forearm, the warmth of the elf granting Neli some fortitude in the debate with the Remusian Noble.

Pausing for a moment Nelique let the words linger long enough to settle in before continuing on. “Also, if it is the man that just departed that I should be chatting with in regards to horse bartering, would you be so kind as to send a page after him.” In that moment another man approached the table speaking in an accent that was hard to distinguish as Tharian, if in fact that is what it was. If these were the type of business partners that Rellech sought then there was little worth in this conversation going further. Evidently it was this man that had sent the glass of wine to her, if she did not know better she might have considered it was Rellech trying to intoxicate her.

Still there was little need to be impolite so Nelique lifted herself from her seat, using Eleyr’s arm gingerly for support. With a formal curtsey towards the man, her words uttered softly. “Good day Milord.” Majestically the heiress returned to her seat, lithe legs crossed at the knees while fragile digits cupped over them. 
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¤••• Rarely do great beauty and great virtue dwell together. •••¤ Quote: Nelique A'drosa
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