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Author Topic: Garak the Forsaken, Volkeka-Oshhra, Former Elite Guard/Invalid  (Read 100 times)
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Garak the Forsaken
New Santharian

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« on: October 17, 2007, 10:33:47 PM »

Name: Garak (pronounced GAH-rahk) the Forsaken

Gender: Male

Age: 45

Race: Orc

Tribe: Volkek-Oshra

Occupation: Having amassed a minute fortune through his service to the Red Tower, the orc does little to manage his finances, preferring to wander through the utopia projected by his blemished psyche.

Title:  To be decided

Height: 2 peds

Weight: 220 ods

Eyes:  Karikrimson

Hair: Nor’sidian


Too elegant to be orc, yet too crude to resemble a human, Garak appears an interesting mixture between his bestial heritage and intellectual upbringing.  Though hygienically concerned, even by elven standards, the swordsman resides in a perpetual state of dishevelment.  Nor’sidian locks, caked into a solid mass by years grime, surge forth from beneath inadequate restraints, plastering themselves alongside a worry-creased face before melding into the deep confines of an unkempt beard.  Thick tendrils of hair, framing Karikrimson eyes, sway gently in tune with the rocking the orc’s body.  Perhaps the Volkek’s best feature, infinite pools, thoroughly tarnished by the vibrant blood of the dead, straddle the mage’s broad nose.

An interesting shade of heavily dilute mud provides slight coloring to otherwise bland features.  Following a perfectly oval contour, the beast’s broad nose and low-set cheekbones seem to lack a third dimension, forcing one to contemplate if one would be able to distinguish the combatant should he twist sideways.  Deep crevices weave intricately across thick, water-forsaken skin, overshadowing any traces discernible mouth and endowing an elderly appearance. 

Protruding slightly to accommodate powerful jaws, Garak’s inhuman maw further alludes to a foreign ancestry.  Shattered fangs designed for rending flesh from bone, resemble the colorings of Golden Rain, and erupt fiercely, shattering the endearing demeanor of the aged orc.  Unable to vocalize a sound aside for a guttural, deep throated roar, the warrior’s red maw quakes visibly even when producing the most placid replies.

Standing at a massive two peds in height, Garak’s lithe physical build contrasts the strapping forms of his orcish brethren.  Dense skin swathes thick muscles, remnants of Yaar’s intense training, and envelops all but the deepest of wounds.  Several of these such scars, hideous jagged chunks of severed flesh, dot the retired guard’s weathered form, the noticeable being the absence of majority of the left shoulder and upper thigh.  Stiff, unharmonious motions, caused by the lack of muscle and bone, jerk the remainder of Garek’s form in a slow, rocking motion that passes for walking.  Massive hands and feet, large enough to consume the face of a prepubescent child end mangled limps, further hampering attempts at fine motion, to clumsy bumbles that reaffirm the belief of orcish stupidity.


Combining typical tribal clothing with a utilitarian view of life, Garak has developed a unique, though often repulsively chaotic, sense of fashion.  A loose-fitting shirt of fine silk elegantly envelops the warrior’s torso, its caressing touch tantalizing even to the orc’s thick hide.  In design, the garment remains bland, its sole decoration, a natural luster.  Deep red in color, the simple attire impeccably highlights the startling coloring of the mage’s scarlet eyes.

Complementary leggings, of the more coarse wool, embrace lean legs in a tight squeeze, reducing hindrance during the dance of the blades.  A tree-bark brown in color, the pants suspend an interwoven sword belt that holds the substantial weight of Garak’s sword.

A gold medallion dangles from the swordsman’s thick neck, its cool surface, a natural extension of the orc’s body.  Never having sustained a scratch, the mirror images of the pendant’s flawless flame caught in mid-flicker, the refined surface refracting light in an attractive manner.


Often receiving a negative first impression, Garak’s maladroit motions illustrate a vast lack of intelligence often associated with the grunting orcish language.  Gauche retorts when engaged in conversation seem to emphasize the swordsman’s idiocy, often ending industrious chatter with long, awkward silences or blanks stares.  In addition, emotion rarely shatters manufactured façade, resulting a frequently blank canvas, unable to be interpreted and often alienating.   As such, coupled with unwarranted exile, his friends are few and far between, imposing refreshing hours of golden silence upon the mage.

To the surprise of many, such silence is not wasted on empty thoughts, as recurrent blank stares would warrant, but rather is often spent in contemplative thought.  It is during such trances, whose entrance Garak has perfected near to a science, that the orc produces his most astonishing work, moving with unfeasible ease through sword forms and producing the remains of his rudimentary fire magic.

Aside from debilitating his magical prowess, mental scarring, resulting from pitiless torture days before his expulsion from Ximax, both handicaps Garak’s higher brain functions, such as complex thinking and speech, and inflict a schizophrenic psychosis.  This neurosis, hypothesized by learned magi to be inflicted by the spiritual influence of fire over innate sectors of the brain, gave birth to the immoral creature, Ghun.

Contrasting the placid, vegetable known as Garak, Ghun manifests the malicious, formally repressed face of the orc’s nature.  Instigator of a constant struggle, Ghun’s horribly twisted visage haunts the orc’s conscious mind; a seemingly solid figure attempting to compel spontaneous flashes of rage.  More than once, when his host is weakened by extreme emotion, Ghun’s powerful presence has breached Garak’s formidable defenses, turning the invalid intellectual into a savage monster.


Blademaster – plucked from the comfort of his mother’s home at the age of ten, Garak’s selection as an Elite guard subjected him to nearly thirty five years of rigorous training in the way of the sword.  Deemed one of the most talented in the Archmage’s service before his expulsion, Garak’s ease and familiarity with the way of the sword has granted him the illustrious title of Blademaster.

Warrior’s Legacy – embarrassed by the scandalous events regarding the sudden debilitation of one of the Red Tower’s most esteemed sentinels, Garak’s discharge was a hasty and un-thorough matter.  As such, violating standard Ximaxian policy, the orc’s sword, a formidable long-blade enchanted with eternal fire presented to all of his profession, was not removed from his possession.

Magic(Element: Fire; Sphere I) – though rudimentary, Garak’s magical abilities provide him with a substantial edge over opponents.  Officially, the orc is of the third level, however mental injuries frequently render control of his magic at a bungling status. 

Capital – while by no means wealthy, Garak’s former profession was a lucrative business, providing the Guard with sufficient means of supporting himself.


Crippled – memories of a life of rending flesh and hewing bone, in addition to several minor scars, Garak suffers from the lack of both his left shoulder and the majority of the muscle in his thigh, hindering rapid motion of any kind and severely retarding his range of motion.

While a severe encumbrance to daily tasks that only heighten awareness of his ordinary awkwardness, Garak finds the greatest repercussions to be in regards to the use of his sword.  Short bursts of pain and a severely weakened left flank have both lessened his proficiency as well as the length of time he is able to fight in any adequate manner.

Clumsy – too bulky for average life, the orc’s lack of motor skills are the supply of endless sums of embarrassment and ridicule.

Repugnant – though hygienic, Garak’s matted hair, mud-brown skin, aged appearance, and outlandish odor are seldom deemed appealing, even by orcish standards, and often result in the repulsion of others.

Social Retardation – Gauche retorts when engaged in conversation seem to emphasize the swordsman’s idiocy, often ending industrious chatter with long, awkward silences or blanks stares.  In addition, emotion rarely shatters manufactured façade, resulting a frequently blank canvas, unable to be interpreted and often alienating.   As such, coupled with unwarranted exile, his friends are few and far between.

Mental Debilitation – the poignant consequence of an undeniably malicious use of magic, the majority of the swordsman’s higher brain functions have been harshly reduced, leading to slurred speech, loss of intelligence and inability to think abstractly.

Ghun – the most incapacitating of Garak’s scars, Ghun, as his alter-ego has named itself, is the result of the “animation” of formerly suppressed sectors of the orc’s psyche.  The exact nature of Ghun is difficult to describe, however to Garak it seems to be both a schizophrenic hallucination and the manifestation of the manic stage of a bipolar disorder.

Outcast – Banished from the Academy of Ximax for attacking the Archmage of the Red Tower, both the students and the teachers of the Academy of Magic know of both the scandal and its participant.  An act so atrocious, in the eyes of magi, has hardly gone unpunished and surely will not in the future. 


Unable to devote all his time to magic as a normal pupil of the Academy would, the progression of Garak’s magical abilities was significantly slowed.  Thus, despite his twenty years of training, the orc never passed the third level and was highly biased in favor of offensive and defensive techniques.

Now most magic not pertaining directly to offensive and defensive techniques escapes the orc’s grasp.  Thus, while able to perform a level three spell, such as Quilrosh’s fireball, more basic spells, such as Boiling Blood, are beyond the warrior’s comprehension.
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Luca the Thief
Approved Character
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Ratty Half Elf, Aeolrhan and Rhulran

« Reply #1 on: November 08, 2007, 03:36:18 AM »

Focusing on SW:

1. I'd have to request that you give a more detailed review of how your injuries counterbalance your most poignant strength, which would be your sword skils. In what ways do they really bring this strength down: does he tire quickly, suffer from sharp bursts of pain, is he weak on that side of his body? The amount and intensity of these details will determine just how we weigh this weakness.
2. I'd also need more details on your artifact to give a good review. What are the details of this enchantment? How frequent do these alterations come to light (is it a constant presence, controlled by the user or random?) Be careful with this; unless you already have permission, you may be asked to alter or altogether remove your sword because of its magical qualities.

Luca's Final Thought So far, my only issue would be balance. There is some awkward wording in your appearance section you may want to go through with a fine toothed comb. Namely I'm unsure how one can be dirty yet hygienic. Not bad so far, keep it up! Big Grin

Garak the Forsaken
New Santharian

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« Reply #2 on: December 23, 2007, 11:56:03 PM »

Edited those things Luca.  Thanks for the help.
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