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Author Topic: Alassëa Deidara Wood, Astyrhim, and Criminal  (Read 35 times)
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Alassëa Deidara Mason
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« on: October 29, 2007, 08:39:14 AM »

Name: Alassëa Deidara Wood
Gender: Female
Race: Elf
Age: looks like a human about 19 years old, has the approximate knowledge & training of a 33 year old human
Tribe: Astyrhim
Occupation: Criminal
Title: Assassin
Portrait: Already uploaded
   Weight-135 pounds
   Hair color-Dark brown w/bronze streaks (usually back in tight French braid)
   Eye color-Icy blue
   Physical-curvy yet muscular body, sharp pointed ears, full pink lips, shiny bronze colored skin, mid-back length hair with shorter multi-length top, scars across back/stomach/arms/hands, golden bronze tattoo from left side of middle of forehead to middle of left cheek, long muscular neck, elegantly thin hands, breast bone to middle finger=1 ped, weight=1 1/3 pygge, thin perfectly arched brown eyebrows
   Clothing-intertwined golden leaf head band with sapphire drop resting on forehead, matching golden-leafed upper arm band (right arm), long sleeved ice blue mesh shirt under bronze metal vest w/sapphire leaves engraved along collar, tight black leather pants under bronze leg guards, ice blue cape w/bronze and black leaves sewn along hem, flexible black leather boots

Personality: acts on what she thinks is right, refuses to take job if it involves killing the poor/sick/the very young, tough, stubborn, sarcastic, flirty, sometimes talkative sometimes not, moody, fighter, determined, aggressive, easily angered, opinionated, impulsive, gentle with children/animals, fair, morbid sense of humor, cautious, doesn’t trust easily, keeps her promises, kills slowly or quickly (depends on the crimes the person has committed), hates liars/thieves/beggars, witty, secretive, evasive

Strengths and weaknesses:
Swift-makes her a better killer and harder to hit
Quite strong-stronger then appears so it covers the fact that’s she can take on much bigger enemies/opponents
Accelerated healing-helps her heal faster so therefore harder to injure, much less kill
Good Liar-quick thinking and a sharp tongue often get her out of trouble
      Soft spot for animals/children-sometimes will go out of her way to help/save them
      Impulsive-can act without thinking and tends to end up in situations that are usually dangerous

   *Level 2 but when angry can get much higher
*Speak to/understand/control all animals or part animal creatures
   *Can make them do what she wishes (although she often asks first)
   *Controls fire
   *Can contort/move/produce fire

*found on an orphanage’s steps at six months of age without a name or anything
*named Tyra for her tendency to fight
*raised there until she was 6 years old, very lonely because no children would play with her as her ears grew
*kicked out onto streets at 6 ½
*leader of a child only gang takes her under his wing
*between the ages of 7 and 12 learns to rob, steal, sneak, kill, pick locks, torture, fighting w/ and without weapons, and every other manner of criminal activity/fighting
*At 11 kills her first person, a young soldier when he tries to rape her
*By 12 has killed 26 people of all ages and for a number of reasons
*Finally leaves gang knowing she can’t learn anything else from them
*Soon after learns her connection with animals and begins using them as her eyes, nose, and ears
*Begins to travel, tends to stay in caves/trees/abandoned buildings/barns/etc. while learning from some of the best fighters in armed/unarmed combat
*At 13 group of slave traders beat, trap, ad capture her
*Sold into slavery, bought by wealthy noble who wanted to use her as a “sex slave”
*Slits his throat during the night and runs
*Tracked down and captured, brought before noble’s court to receive sentencing for the murder
*Sent to prison where she is tortured, beaten, whipped, burnt, poked, electrocuted, and starved until the age of 14 (kills 39 guards during this time)
*One day a figure clad in all black comes and offers her freedom in exchange for working for him, she excepts
*Figure turns out to be a young man who is dieing from being stabbed by a dark death blade and who takes her deep into the mountains where he (along with his strange helpers) teaches her everything about being an assassin/spy (including human anatomy, how to lie, how to search a place without leaving any evidence behind, how to survive in the wild, healing magic, over 30 different languages, and a number of other things, dagger/hand-to-hand /sword /whip /axe / spear fighting, magic, etc.)
*Man releases her from service at 17 while on his deathbed and presents her with her bronze armor/blue clothing and golden head band
*Before she leaves he tattoos a mysterious symbol on her face
*Gives her a miniature black Pegasus named Daran and two identical daggers
* She sets out w/Daran and makes living as a very expensive, very good assassin who always does what she promises but sets her own rules
*She always travels
*Acquires great deal of money over time and buys permanent home on Kanapan Peninsula
*Home flowing with animals both magical and not, only a few stay for long periods of time while most tend to return a number of times
*Collects ancient artifacts including weapons, art, maps, and books

      *She is the daughter of the Astyrhim King and Queen of Light, Princess Alassëa Deidara Wood
      *Taken to orphanages by same young man who rescues her from prison who is actually her older brother, Arden, when dark elves attack their home (stabbed by a dark elves blade)
      *He knows dark elves were sent by Kaden, the most powerful dark Elf in the world who wishes to kill all heirs to the Astyrhim thrown so he can rule himself
      *Many Light elves killed in fight but queen, king, and some others escape and go deep into the highest mountains to hide/rebuild home
      *Surviving Light elves slowly rebuilding strength and army
      *Arden looses track of “Ada” until her trial is held and she is sent to prison
      *Rescues her and teaches her everything he knows about everything, meant to tell her of her heritance at the end but didn’t have the strength to
      *Mother and Father searching for her since her and her brother’s disappearances but with no luck
      *Armor and daggers all made of Light magic, therefore indestructible and deadly to all dark creatures

Pair of Daggers- about 11 inches in length, blades made of indestructible blue steel w/black leaves engraved up middle, hilts made of bronze
Sword-three feet long, made of the finest steel money can buy, very thin and deathly sharp, sapphire drop in hilt which is made of bronze, hilt wraps around hand and carved as many leaves attached to one another, long thin line cut into middle of blade
Bow-made of black ebony wood, black and green leaves engraved along entire length
Animals-magical and non magical, everything from brownies to elephants, willing protectors not unwilling servants/slaves

   Pegasus, very large amount of money/jewels, armor/sword/daggers

   Mini Pegasus-jet black w/silver eyes, male, named Daran for amazing fighting capabilities
   Horsefay-snow white in color with silver mane/tail/eyes, female, named Marjabelle after color
   Phoenix-female, very large, orange feathers of fire, talons made of silver steel, talons themselves are about a half-foot long, three curved claws in front, and one larger jagged claw in the back, long and slender beak, deep set red eyes that shine with intelligence, named Keahi
   Drakona-male, very tiny sapphire blue dragon w/silver eyes, five talons of front and hind legs (also made of silver steel), wings a thin blue membranes with dark clue veins (twice the size to entire length of body), very fast, named Indivar
   Two Wolves-one black (male) one white (female), both very large with black eyes, male named Jett, female named Gwyn, Jett more laid back and calm, Gwyn more moody and aggressive 
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Kalína Mërénwèn
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« Reply #1 on: October 29, 2007, 10:54:41 AM »

Please make sure you read our Restrictions - which are located on the left hand side menu, along with other very helpful links. (Your tribe is not playable and you mention things which do not exist in this world)

Read our main page www.santharia.com.

Also, check out the Character Description Archives for examples of what we expect for titlement!

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