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Author Topic: Backstories and Recaps for Voldar  (Read 2204 times)
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« on: November 02, 2007, 11:03:56 PM »

Lycheus' Revenge - The Backstory

We begin this next chapter in Voldar’s and Nyermersis history like this:

Two cities, rivals in many aspects, yet bonded with camaraderie on certain levels. Each with their own struggles; diplomatic and otherwise. Their leaders, King Cedric and the Earl of Legiramond were of blood relations though how close that relation was most could not tell. They shared many similar characteristics and most of the time, fiercely protective of the other until the battle was between them. A friend between both of them was a man who was known as Lycheus. He served as King Cedric's right hand man and mentor. Both men trusted him to help guide and keep an eye out on things.

Lord Voltigar the former King of was a very prominent and popular man in the City of Voldar, and it was not an unknown fact that he had his eyes set on becoming king again. Though many of the populous liked him, he had been wronged several years ago after the last war with Nyermersis for during that time he was accused with starting the war and causing the many fatalities and the natural events that follow a war and protracted siege; namely famine and the loss of husbands and sons.  He was dethroned and Cedric the IV was crowned King. He was a man with a quick temper and a heavy hand, and along with his cousin Trelor the less, many followers, soldiers, and sympathizers with Lord Voltigar had died at his hands, which confirmed Voltigar’s theory that it had been Cedric, his cousin and Lycheus who had set him up, spread the lies and rumors that finally made the Nobles turn against him and he stepped down, and there was no doubt more would be if he had not been finally killed by a brave orc named of Grunok and the Sgt of the dungeon guards, Tilath, who had helped him.  Now weary, wounded and hunted they sought and gained refuge in the Temple of Nehtor where to their surprise they also found Damien Scar the former Commander of the Guards, also gravely wounded being tended by the healers of that temple.

Lycheus was a devious man and once the King and his cousin were discovered murdered he sent out the call for the Palace guards to find the murderers and then began his own plans for his own coronation.  Lycheus knew the law and knew that the only one who could stand in his way to being crowned King was Lord Voltigar.  But Lord Voltigar had not been seen for years.  It was assumed he had left Voldar and was back in his own castle and lands.  The several assassinations attempts against King Cedric, was rumored to have been planned and bought for by Lord Voltigar, but no proof was ever found.  Lycheus secretly believed that it was Commander Scar who was paying for and encouraging these attempts upon the Kings life but again he did not have the proof.  For years King Cedric and Lycheus tried to pin something upon Commander Scar, so they could remove him from office, possibly strip him of his title and lands.

Then Seyella dropped an orc into their hands.  The orc was somehow given Commander Scar’s signet ring and then through circumstances Lycheus nor the King did not know or even care about, the orc was accused of murder.  A little known law that only Lycheus knew was then evoked and Commander Scar was finally stripped of his Command.  The King could not strip him of his titles or lands, but with Lycheus help was trying to find a way to do so.  But at least Commander Scar was no longer the threat he had posed before, he was now just another Noble in the grand city of Voldar, who had many Nobles; so no one stood in his way except Lord Voltigar and Lycheus planned on being crowned before Lord Voltigar would know and try and stop his coronation. In one day all of Lycheus’s dreams and wishes which he thought he fully deserved and desperately wanted had come true.

Unknown to Lycheus, Lord Voltigar arrived in the city later that night, arriving and waiting in Evorg’s mansion for Commander Scar for a report on why the last assassination attempt last month against King Cedric had failed, found himself with information brought to him by not only the town criers going throughout the city stating that the King was dead, but that an orc, a Sgt of the dungeon guards, and Baron Scar along with several others were implicated in this dastardly deed. Through his many contacts with the underground Rebellion, which he had started, but Damien Scar had controlled, he began to piece what had happened that day and night.

It seemed Damien had put his signet ring upon an orc to give him protection against the prejudices of those in the city.  Why, Damien did so Voltigar did not know or care at the moment as he sat in the study in the mansion and thought upon the information he was given.  The orc somehow either became scared or was pushed into a fight had run rampant through the city and had allegedly killed an old woman, by the name of Wilma.  Voltigar’s contacts quickly discovered that the old woman, though pushed by the orc, and was a bit bruised when she fell was definitely well and alive. It was the devious plan of a renegade guard and Lycheus who evoked a little known, hardly ever used law, to use Damien’s signet ring which the orc had on him to accuse Damien as a co-conspirator with the orc and what the orc had done to help the King strip Damien of his Command. It would have taken a majority of the votes by the Nobles to strip Damien of his titles and lands; namely his Baronory and his own castle and lands outside of the city.

Lycheus tried to crown himself King but when Lord Voltigar showed up, along with Damien Scar and all the others that were Damien’s friends, including the orc, Grunok, and claimed the throne for himself. The battle was short between Lycheus’s claim that he was next in line of succession by right of civil authority as to Lord Voltigar’s right by birth; birth and bloodline always win. 

Lycheus was humiliated, furious and vowed revenge upon Lord Voltigar. Not knowing where to turn to in the city, Lycheus made his way to Nyermersis and with his silver tongue he spread lies and told the Earl of Nyermersis the untimely demise of his distant relation, King Cedric and his cousin, Trelor. The Earl was furious and being deceived and convinced by Lycheus that if the Earl helps him to gain the Throne that more trade between the two cities would be more open; especially to the world as Voldar’s ports were open to the ocean and after the last little skirmish between Nyermersis and Voldar, King Cedric had closed that particular trade route to Nyermersis, Lycheus convinced the Earl to send spies and scouts to Voldar to survey what is being done there under Voltigar's rule and learn what they can about him and how to undermine his plans. Who the spies are of Nyermersis inside of Voldar no one knows at this point. And what they have found out, well, that remains to be discovered.

So come one, come all and join either side and play and let’s discover ourselves what happens with…Lycheus’s Revenge.

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« Reply #1 on: November 02, 2007, 11:06:15 PM »

Lycheus' Revenge - Chapter one (Recap)

Phylemon opened the door to his study, walked in and closed the door behind him. He walked over to the small fireplace set in a small alcove on the Eastern wall. He stooped, picked up a small log and placed it on the fire, soon the room was warmer and brighter as the log caught fire. He walked over to his desk and stared absentmindedly at all of the parchments lying haphazardly upon it's dark surface. A small oil lamp and an ink well with feather pen finished the adornments upon the desk.

He sighed; rubbing his weathered hand over the top of his balding head he sat down upon the chair, pulled himself to the desk, took out a clean piece of parchment and looking at some of the other parchments began to write.

Newly crowned King Voltigar determines to bring his people out of the so called "dark ages" and become more cosmopolitan and civilized kingdom. However he discovered this to be a much more difficult task than he had imagined; not among the common people but among the Nobility, led by a very powerful and influential Baron: Baron Ru'nier.

His prejudices began to surface when he heard that his Majesty was knighting Grunok: an Orc. Then it became more self-evident during the annual spring tournament when his Majesty allowed women to compete in waht was normally and sociable reserved for menwith deadly consequences.

It all began when a woman archer, Elven even, by the name of Cherri Rowandan defeated Baron Ru'nier's favorite archer and best archer of the kingdom for three years running. She not only defeated him but split his last arrow down the middle after his had scored a perfect bullseye. She was awared the prixe of the "Golden Arrow."

It was during this time that several important events took place: Information passed onlto his Majesty's right hand man, Commander Damien Scar concerning an impending war with a rival city Nyermersys and a tragic death of a young soldier, Corporal Mitch Riley, at the hand and sword of of the Baron's eldest son when their prejudices arose once again when his Majesty was going to allow a woman, Naya More'ek to compete in the swordsmanship competition. During the ensuing battle of words the young solder standing up to Baron in his Majesty's stead was visciously struck down. This ended the Tourney.

Phylemon dipped the pen into the inkwell and began again as he searched another parchment.

A wedding was supposed to be performed by his Majesty during the tourney between a man named Clayton Drake and a maid servant named Cadence.

Oh! How befuddled I am. You do not know do you? Forgive me and allow me to explain.

When his Majesty became King and began to reside int eh palace he met two maid servants who were sisters; the eldest was Iris and the youngest was Cadence. The attractionbetween his Majesty and Iris was almost immediate and thought they both tried to not shot it, it was apparent that they were falling in love with each other. However they could never be man and wife because of class differences and though his Majesty could have taken Iris to his bed and this scribe thinks that Iris would probably have gone, his Majesty's morals were much highter thatn most men; especially among the "Nobility" who thought it their right to bed any wench even if they were married; neither of which his Majesty was or believed.

As you can imagine because of this special relationship Iris and Cadence were treated a bit more special than the rest of the servants. Though I must add a side note here-his Majesty treated all of his servants and staff with equal respect.

Anyway on with the story.

As time passed Iris discovers that Cadence had a suitor and his name was Clayton Drake; a merchant from Nyermersys. To her surprise and somewhat to Cadence as well Clayton proposed and married Cadence.

Iris suspicious of this man, not only because of the way he looked at her when Cadence was not looking, but at how fast his married Cadence without even lteeing Cadence be married proper: in a temple. She voiced her concernes with his Majesty and he intervened on her behalf. He decided to meet this man and after doing so believed Iris to be correct, so he devised a plan.

The plan will become more apparent as I go on but there is much more to tell; more intrigue and of course more romantinc entaglements.

I have always asked myself why I am so enamored with romance? I was once told that I was a "Romantic." I suppose I am, but I have discovered that there are a lot like myself; to my chagrin they are of the female persuasion than of my own gender. But I regress.

Many people entered the city before the tourney and the ball that was supposed to follow after. They were a mixture of races as well as gender and you can find their names written in the guard log if your a mind to do so. I am going to write about a few specific ones.

To enter into our fair city for the first time you must enter in at the main gate where it is guarded and patrolled by the city soldiers who protect us. These soldiers are Captained by a man named Norman Graaves, who is under direct command of Commander Scar who is the Captain of all of Voldar's armies.

Captain Graaves is a widower. His wife and only child wre tragically killed in a house fire. Captain Graaves was disfugured when he tried to save them.He barely lived but with the help of the best heaslers in the land, he came away with only a burn acar upon his face, much like his best friend Commander SWcar, but the Commander's was caused by a sword.

It took several months for the Captain to heal and along with the Commanders support the Captain finally retuned to dutry, though there was a profound sadness in his eyes and most probably his soul. He devoted hit time and life to his work and men, never thinking that he would love again or een want to until one early spring day a young woman entered into our fair city: her name was Claudirea Greenoak. She brought life back to the Captain's life.

Another significant one I wish to tell you about, though all who enter Voldar's gaes are significant, is a woman whose name is Tanari Thunder, who not only had a most unusual occupation bu a beast of burden as well: a dragon! She caught our dear Commander's eye.

Now it has been reported that our Commander has had his share, more than most I suppose, of lets say, "Romantic interludes" to keep this entry readable even for the young folk of our dear city, though this scribe suspects that our young ones know more than even us so called "elders," though I suspect the Commander's interludes are more jealous rumors than the truth, but again I regress.

Where was I? Oh, yes Tanari Thunder Well as I stated she caught the Commander's eye and they have been seen together, though at the time of this writing she is at an inn called "Arth's Spot." I could tell you many things about that inn but to suffice it was once owned by the Commander who then gave it to the bartender and friend, Thai. Most people are directed to this inn though there are some one would call "more noble" there is none that has a more friendly staff and owner that Arth's. I can personally say.

Time does unusual things to one's memory and without the help of official documents one wiould become lost. I just widh that the official document had some order to them and were written by an official scribe; some of these documents are almost impossible to read, much less decipher! Your Majesty, if you read this, please, I implore you, hire scribes to write upon official documents, not oafs who can barely read much less write!

I apologize for my outburst. Please forgive me. I shall continue.

According to the records these events and more happend before the blizzard hit. A popular Sgt Grant "Hammer" Reeves met a young lady whose name is Alassiel Telrunya. The Sgt. is important because he becomes temporarily the Captain after Captain Graaves is mortally wounded and at this time unconcious but alive and healing with Miss Claudirea by his side.

Side note- Miss Claudirea was assaulted by two ruffians and was rescued by the Commnder who came out of nowhere. She had heard about the Captain and was heading for the temple where he was, though it was late at night and no respectable lady should be out at that time. Anyway she became lost and that was when the two ruffians accosted her and dragged her down an alley. One was about to thave his way with her when the Commander rescued her: both men met Queprur, the Goddess of Death, that night.

This scribe wonders what the Commander was doing in that alley but favors his head more than to dare ask him.

We now go back to the Palace where several interesting, enlightning and intriguing things begin to happen.

Remember I told you about some information passed ot the Commander about an impending war with Nyermersys? Well it so happens that the information was passed by a Brownie! Yes, you read it right, a Brownie! A Greybark Brownie to be exact; whose name is Tulpje Sweetshade. I know not whether this Brownie is male or female. How does one know, unless you ask? They all resemble each other and they do not have the usual female protrubances...Oh bother, this is becoming embarrassing. I suppose I will have to ask the permission of his Majesty to ask.

The Brownie was sent by a friend of the Commander's who lives in Nyermersys and shall remain nameless for his won protection.

The plan his Majesty had was first to annul the marriage between Clayton and Cadence; that was easy enough. His ruse was to marry them himself. After promising Clayton knighthood, Clayton agreed and the marriage was annuled. Then his Majesty was told the information about the war and when he discovered that Clayton was from Nyermersys he became more interested, especially after Cadence confided to Iris that Clayton knew about an impending war between the two cities. After a late night session with the Commander and then with thetwo sisters, his Majesty thought Clayton was a spy but he could not prove it, so he convinced Cadence to marry him again, even though by now she wasterrified of him. She relunctantly agreed.

As the preperations for the up coming knighthood and wedding were taking place a retinue of knights and a Baron Thorigor bore down upon Voldar. This Baron was from the lands of the city of Milkengrad and more specifically, of Cemphira. It should be noted that both cities, Nyermersys and Milkengrad are part of the whole kingdom which his Majesty rules with Voldar as the Capital. Uprisings against the Throne are rare but they do happen. The last one was by Nyermersys and the record of that war is well recorded.

Baron Thorigor came to Voldar not for the wedding, but to fetch his long lost daughter, Iris, whom he discovered was in the employ of his Majesty. The revelation that Iris and Cadence were Baroness's took the two girls, his Majesty, the Commander and Clayton by surprise, to say the least!

Baron Thorigor needed Iris to bare him a grandchild with his bloodline or else he would lose all of this lands when died. Since his only son had tragically briken his neck during jousting training te Baron needed an heir. He heard about Iris but did not know about Cadence was with her. He was pleasantly pleased when he found out. He now had two daughters to bear him heirs. However when he heard that Caence was to marry Clayton who was going to be knighted by the King himself, he was proud to have such a son-in-law and let Cadence marry him.

Iris in the meantime would have to wed and bear him an heir. The Baron had already picked out her husband amng his last two surviving kin, however that man was accidently killled by the Commander. The only other choice was the other brother who was an older man and had some facial disfigurements.

Iris, a Baroness and his Majesty realized that they could now marry but she was to be wed to another. They both hadted decisions they made and what fate the goddess Seyella, had shed their way but they did what was required of them.

Finally Clayton was knighted and he thought he was finally going to have his wedding night with Cadence but his Majesty had one more trick up his sleeve, actually it was Commander's Scar's idea, by knighting him with the Order of Voldar; the highest honor a man can receive. Only two men have that honor; Commander Scar and a retired knight whose name is Jeddicus O'Riley: Sir Jed.

By knighting Clayton this way he tricked Clayton because now Clayton had to his personal bodyguard for a year. Clayton could not marry Cadence until the year of his service was over. As you can imagine, Sir Clayton was not a happy man.

Many other colorful characters have arrived; a female fire breather, a small male acrobat and others.

Side note- There are also rumors that a new man has usurped the leader of the "MadCaps." Whether or not this is true, I assume the Commander will find out, as he commands them as well...though why he would do so is beyond this scribe's comprehension as the MadCaps are the worst bunch of the thieves, whores, pickpockets, panhandlers and even murderers! Perhaps he thought if he commanded them then the crime in the streets would be less?? Who knows? I know I will not ask.
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