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Author Topic: Lth Far/Elf/Writer  (Read 58 times)
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Lth Far
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« on: December 24, 2007, 01:30:08 AM »

Name: Lth Far
Gender: Female
Age: 73
Appearance Age: 22 years old and has a knowledge of a 25 year old human
Race: Styreians Elf
Occupation: Writer
Title: Mage
   Lth Far is 1 ped, 7 palmspans. She has glossy, long, black hair with loose curls. She had a blue streak in her hair. She has blue colored, almond shaped eyes. She has pale tan skin.

   Lyth has a curved feminine body, although she has some obvious muscles to show her strength. Lyth has a skull tattoo on her lower back. She has long slender legs and well structured feet, so she could be able to run fast. She has great upper body strength. She has a heart shaped faced and pointy ears.

   Lyth loves to wear colors like: blue, black, white, or red. She especially wears red and black, colors she favors. She wears skull rings and a special necklace that her parents gave to her before they died. She wears black nail polish. Make-up isn't necessary for her beauty.

   Lyth is very outgoing and cheerful. She is very social and loves to make friends. She doesn't get upset at all, unless someone pushes her close to the edge. She's a rebel. She can't choose between the good or bad side.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
   Lyth is determined and can take any challenge. She is good at physical and mental challenges, for she is smart and strong.
   Lyth's weakness is black-mail. If somone threatens to tell her secret if she were to do something, she might give in. The darkest secrets lie in the Far family.

   Lth tries to create healing spells. Ever since her parents death, she wanted to become a healer. She hoped to make a cure for illnesses to prevent deaths or deaths. She practices with healing magic.

   Lyth practices to be a healer because of her parents' death. Her parents were the only family she had. She had an older brother, but he left the family when Lyth was only three years old [in human years]. Her older brother left for another tribe. Her parents died in a battle. There was an attack at her village. She was only seven years old [in human years]. Her parents, just before they died, gave her a necklace that belonged to her parents. The necklace was a piece of yarn going through a "love stone." It was a reddish-black stone that was shaped like a heart. It represented their love for one another. It was expensive or anything, but they were a poor family. But it was very valuable to the family. The necklace was given before she was born, and before they died, they gave it to her. It was one of two last connections Lyth had with her parents. She wanted to heal people so the loved ones wouldn't experience the same pain she was feeling when her parents died. Her parents named her Lth because it meant love in elven tongue.

   Lyth carries around a dagger that her mom gave to her dad. The dagger was engraved with elven tongue. It said,  Lth on it. It meant love and thats one of the reasons how she got her name. She carries the dagger around in her leather bag she has hung on her shoulder. The dagger is kept in a leather pouch that she sometimes attaches it to her belt. If she ever needed to defend herself, shed have it by her. She would pull it out of the pouch and protect herself.

   Lths most prized possessions are her necklace and dagger. They were the only connections she had with them. She wears the necklace and never takes it off. She carries around the dagger in the leather pouch. The dagger and necklace were both given to her before her parents death.

   Lyth owns a baby dragon. The dragons name is Charcoal because of his color. Charcoal has black scales. He is almost invisible, because its hard to see him at night. His eyes are yellow with red specks. His eyes look like the moon and his appearance itself looks like night itself. Charcoal has been in the family longer than she has. It was her parents pet as well. She always takes care of him. She was her only family now.
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.::.Lth Far.::.
Simonne Miller
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« Reply #1 on: December 24, 2007, 01:52:23 AM »

Just a quick note: Santharia is a more or less medieval society. I'm pretty sure that we don't have jeans and sneakers :)

Youth is the gift of nature, but age is a work of art...

Simonne Miller
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