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Author Topic: Avathcin Bóll/Styriean Elf/Jeweler  (Read 94 times)
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Avathcin Bóll
New Santharian

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« on: December 24, 2007, 10:28:39 PM »

Name: Avathcin Bóll

Gender: Female

Age: 40

Age by Appearance: 20, but has the knowledge and training of a 21 year old human.

Race: Styreian Elf

Tribe: Ak'váth'rhím

Title: Mage

Occupation: Jeweler

Avathcin has a very beautiful appearance.  Even though she has pale skin, it really brings out her eyes.  She has a black, black hair, along with blue highlights to represent her magical powers.  As an elf she is about average height, she is 1 ped, 7 fores.  Although she is very tall, she is at the same time very light, 1 heb, 1.2 hafebs.  As part of her appearance she shows in her name, Avathcin means beauty and Bóll means knowledge.
   Avathcin has a very slim and slender body.  She loves to eat, but at the same time she loves to work out.  She needs to work out in order to keep her body the way it is.   On her neck she has a tattoo there, it is her name and a heart next to it.  When she ties her hair back, it is very noticeable, but she likes it so she doesn’t care.
   Avathcin has a lovely sense of fashion.  Her favorite colors to wear are blue and black because it matches her hair.  She likes to wear dresses that she made to fit her body.  Every morning before she goes out in public she always customizes herself with jewelry (that she makes as a profession) and she paints her nails to match what she’s wearing.

   Even though in the tribe she lives in, people usually don’t like any of the other towns, she can be a very outgoing person, and someone who people usually like to hang around with.  Avathcin loves to be creative, that’s why she became jeweler.  A lot of people like to buy her jewelry because she makes them in many different styles and colors to reflect different personalities.  She meets a lot of people by selling jewelry to them.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
                      Hard working
                      Paying close attention to things

   Avathcin loves to play with her magic everyday.  She practices and practices everyday.  At the moment she is at level 3, and hopes to achieve a level 6.  Avathcin works best with water.  She is also working on her ability to use fire.  Hopefully, as her goal she wishes within the next couple years to exceed to the final stage in her powers.

   Avathcin as a child went through a lot.  As a child, her parents went out to go to the supermarket.  She was at home with her babysitter and next thing she knew she had to pack her things so she can be sent to an adoption center. 
        While Avathcin was in the adoption center, she became very friendly with other people.  She felt that the people in there all had something in common with her, they didn't have their parents.  She wanted to know more people, so that since she could have more people to feel will help her out when she needs help. 
       When she got old enough, she decided that she didn't need to be taken care of, so she left the place.  She left in the middle of the night and even though she would miss a lot of the people there, she decided not to tell any of her friends for the possibility of it spreading and the owners know about it.  She walked out of the building as quick and quiet as she could.  She successfully made it out. 
      When she finally escaped, she was always born in the tribe of Ak'váth'rhím.  she loved it there, so she decided not to leave it.  She went over to a small shop and saw that it was one of the very few that was open.  As she walked in, she asked the man kindly if she could stay for a little bit, and in exchange she'll help out in the shop.  So from there she worked in a jewelry shop, that's where she found her passion in jewelry making. 
      After about 10 years, the owner of the shop had gotten really ill.  He said that since he doesn't have any kids, that Avathcin can inherit the shop, since she was a loyal worker for a bit.  Avathcin loved the job that she had and tried to make the shop better and better for a while.
   Just in case her magic uses up a lot of her energy, she always carries a dagger in her boot.  She loves this dagger; she has done a lot with it.  The dagger is what helped her escape from the adoption center and win in many battles.  Sometimes, if she knows that she’s going to battle, she’ll carry a sword on her leg so that it is covered by her dress and no one can see it.

   Avathcin’s most prized possession is her dagger.  She will never let go of it.  It had been hers throughout her whole life.  When she had heard her parents died and she had to pack all of her stuff, she went into her parents’ room and looked in their closet and saw a dagger that she knew her parents won a lot of battles with, so she took it and never told anyone really.

   Avathcin has a special horse that she loves to ride.  The horse is special because it can sense her feelings.  When she gets on it, she is able to understand her horse on how it’s feeling, and the horse can change it style if Avathcin wants to.  It can become brown with pink hair if she wants it to be.

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Eleyr Fasamar
New Santharian

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Gender: Male
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Elf ~ Kayrrhem

« Reply #1 on: December 24, 2007, 10:39:46 PM »

You cannot have magic higher than level 3, as per the Restricitions and Bans list. Also you must specialise in one element only. There is no "healing magic" as a group, but once you get to a high enough level in other groups, you may use a healing spell. If you are new to the site, I might suggest not having magic in your first character, as this will make the approval process much longer, but it is entirely up to you...
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~You are my servant. You are my love. You are my peace. You are mine.~ Eyasha speaks in a dream to Eleyr Fasamar
Avathcin Bóll
New Santharian

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« Reply #2 on: December 25, 2007, 10:33:48 PM »

Thank you.  I was reading through some of the readings that I should know and I think I must have accidentally missed that one.  I have taken your comments and I changed some of my mistakes, the only thing is that I wanted to keep my character as someone that has magic.
Approved Character
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Elf, Eophyrhim

« Reply #3 on: December 25, 2007, 11:25:41 PM »

1. You are able to use too many different types of magics, even level 2 in a magic is considered a strong strength.

2. Please list your strengths and weaknesses out as bullets with a sentnce or two explaining how it hinders/helps you, and seperate them so we know which you are stating strengths, and which weaknesses.

RP'ing: Speech Thoughts
A link to my CD: Weivóc'Neán
Avathcin Bóll
New Santharian

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« Reply #4 on: December 26, 2007, 03:37:55 AM »

Okay. Thanks will do...
Niccoli Faust
Approved Character
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Elf, Sanhorrhim

« Reply #5 on: December 26, 2007, 04:49:17 AM »

You must mention, everything about the past. Keep in mind that the character might not know it but you must and it has to be written down. Amnesia or lack of memory is not an excuse.
Avathcin Bóll
New Santharian

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« Reply #6 on: December 26, 2007, 05:10:08 AM »

O...okay... i just thought that like you have to go by what they knew...so I'll go change it now
Simonne Miller
Meddling Herbalist
CD Mod
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Gender: Female
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Human, Caltharian

« Reply #7 on: December 26, 2007, 11:49:36 AM »

You can't use two different elements (water and fire, like you have now). Mages usually focus on one element, because learning two elements will greatly reduce the level of proficiency reached in either.

Also, I'm sorry, but from your magic section I do not see that you understand the Santharian magic system, which is a prerequisite for creating any mage. Let me refer you to Laoise Tyani or Josephine Frostwhisper. Read their magic secion and then compare it with your own. I'm not saying you need *quite* their level of detail, but I need to see that you understand the principles of magic, something I miss at the moment :)

With regard,

Youth is the gift of nature, but age is a work of art...

Simonne Miller
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