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Author Topic: Jaek Buckkin - Erpheronian - Multiple Jobs  (Read 125 times)
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« on: January 19, 2008, 04:06:20 AM »

I apologize in advance grin  ... Went a little overboard, but couldn't just switch in the middle right? Didn't think so here it is ...

     Name - Jaek Buckkin

     Gender - Male

     Age - 25

     Race - Human

     Tribe - Erpheronian

     Occupation - Jaek can perform almost any task he sets his mind to. His many different talents and skills help him with this and even though his father supplied him with a good amount of coin before he left, it never hurts to look toward the future. He works best with animals and isn't above mucking out stalls or kennels. His ability to read, write, and work with numbers also opens up another range of possible jobs for him. While he cannot put much weight on his right hand, his left hand and arm is steady enough to take most of the weight, but he cannot do that day after day. Also, when he is out on the road and hunting he will keep the animal pelts to sell even though he doesn't need the money.

     Title - Rustic Lordling

     Overview - A place to live, horse to care for, hound to watch after, and a sense of accomplishment was all Jaek ever wanted. He never thirsted for power or influence among the nobility, he never even really liked being around the nobility. True, one day he would inherit his father's lands, but he hoped that day was long off. Even then he would live out his days as his father had; content with his lot in life no matter what was thrown at him. Life on the borderlands is nearly the exact opposite of life in the big city for most of the people out there. Jaek grew up in the rural fashion, with a great deal of respect for all types of people and knows the value of things beyond physical possessions.

     At age twenty-five he is just now getting his first taste of the wide world. Being out and about on the lands has invigorated him, but he still wished for the days at the castle, the simple life of tending to horse and hound. His father had been right though, he had been right to send him away for a time. Another fall could have turned Jaek into a cripple and forced him to live out his days away from his beloved lifestyle. The way his body acts now makes it seem like he is already crippled. Due to his many injuries he limps and aches and has the occasional blackout. Some days when it is at its worst, he doesn't think that he could continue, but he always gets up and moves on.

     Jaek doesn't have to suffer through the trials and enjoy the beauties of the world alone though. He travels with a wonderful but passive mare that he helped raise, steady pack horse of pure white, and a growing wolf pup that has come to him in a very odd fashion. The pup is possibly the most exciting thing in his life right now. She grows bigger and closer to him with each passing day and he enjoys each moment of the time spend with her. It seems strange to him at times that he can give his consent to the forming of a bond between him and the offspring on a creature that tried to kill him, but the road bends in mysterious ways sometimes. They travel together, each morning they get up, pack up, and move on. Jaek wonders if he will ever get used to this life, but then what. If he gets used to life on the road and the excitement that always comes with it, will he be able to return to his calm life? Only time will tell.

     Height - 1 ped, 2 fores, and 2 palmspans

     Weight - A little over 1 pygge, 7 hebs, and 1 hafeb

     Hair Color - Reddish Brown

     Eye Color - Pale Green

     Physical Appearance - His overall appearance and attitude screams county folk. Jaek's about a ped, two fore, and two palmspans tall and weighs a bit over a pygge and seven hebs. His face is richly tanned from day after day of working in the sun. Across his nose and high on his cheeks he has a light dusting of freckles that are barely visible on his tanned skin. The set of his strong jaw always seems to look as if he is challenging someone, but the exact opposite shines from pale green eyes. He had just taken his first few steps out into the world and his eyes still hold the excited gleam of a child despite his years. Some even say he has laughing eyes, always alight with joy and shining. A kind smile almost always sits upon his face and pearly white teeth shine between light pink, and often chapped, lips.

     There is an odd quality some notice about his teeth; on each side they look a bit sharper than most and because of that most say he has a wolfish grin. The angle of his teeth seems to run in his family and make them appear to be very different from others, it doesn't bother him. Luckily, he has kept all his teeth through the many falls and kicks he has taken from horses. A single dimple appears on the left side of his face when he smiles. When he is completely captivated by someone he will get this lopsided grin on his face. His only past lover had called it his 'stupid little sideways grin' and she thought it was adorable. Most of the time when Jaek does this he doesn't even realize that his expression has changed in any way.

     Soft, reddish-brown hair hangs around his head, long enough to be rebellious but short enough to be practical. It is a few nailsbreadth long most times, but it never grows long enough to fall into his eyes. Most mornings he just quickly runs his hands through it a couple times and pats it down, using the tips of his fingers to brush the stands off his forehead, but they always return to hang their, just above his eyes. While he is in no way vain, he is very picky about how he presents himself and makes an effort to clean himself as often as possible. Most days when he does a lot of hard work outdoors he will go out of his way to find some source of water to clean himself with before seeking his bed. It is simply a way of life for him after living with a steady source of water for almost all his life so far.

     Another part of his daily routine is controlling his facial hair. Some days Jaek is clean shaven and others he had a couple days growth of reddish-brown hair. Most of the time he just decides to shave completely while other days he will just trim the hair so just a thick stubble hugs his cheeks. It all just depends on how he feels that morning. All of his friends at home have taunted him, saying "the 'pretty' rancher boy ain't earned his scars yet." His youthful face is still unscarred for now, unlike the rest of his body. To him though scars on his face wouldn't be all that horrible unless they harmed his sight or voice. 

     Jaek has rather broad shoulders and a broad chest that always tests the seams of his shirts. His arms are muscled for the life of a rancher, strong enough to handle horses or cattle and perform the tasks that need to be done, but not bulging. The lifestyle that was chosen for him seems to be the one he loves and his body is built for it. His upper body is richly tanned, like his face from working under the sun all day most of his life. A solid stomach and narrow waist add to his overall appearance, and one would be hard pressed to find a mut of fat on his bones. Sturdy legs hold him up and are built up from constant work. His arms and legs are rather long and fit his height, and they are coated in a thin mat of reddish-brown hair. On his right wrist where scar tissue has formed, there are still a few odd little spots where patches of hair have grown back.

     Jaek's body is like a map. Scars litter his profile, little ones almost everywhere from the trials of his life. He can remember when he got almost all of his scars, but it is the bigger ones that hold the most memories. The back of his right shoulder is a mass of twisting scar tissue from being thrown from a horse at the age of fourteen and skipping like a stone along the gravel. His right wrist is torn up pretty bad from wolf attack before he left, but is pretty much healed. Another part is his right leg and the slightly off placement of it that can't be seen by most that don't know what they are looking for. Because of knee and leg injures on his right side he walks with a visible limp.

          Daily Clothing: Most of the time Jaek wears a homespun shirt with a v-neck that has holes for a string to lace up front, but he has pulled the strings out. Most have sleeves that almost reach his elbows while a set of other shirt have long sleeves that reach his wrists and hang around his hands. They are all extra long and hang about a palmspan and a half below his waist. He has a habit of bunching the fabric up around his waist when he stands with his thumbs looped around his belt. All but a few of his shirts stretch across his broad shoulders and then loosens up around his stomach. He is not fond of the tightness of the garments, but feels odd wearing anything else after growing up in the same type of shirts. The others are a bit larger and hang on his frame comfortably, but he only has two of these. These shirts come in assortment of greys, greens, and blues.

          His leggings all have a matching shirt thanks to the seamstress, but he can never seem to match them correctly. Thankfully, they are all fitted to his body type, hugging his thighs before leaving plenty of room for movement around the knee and lower leg. Any tighter or looser and they are not practical for the type of work he does. Almost all of his pants had grass or dirt stains from work and travel. When working outside at a task that requires a full range of movement. Most times he will work without his shirt, a habit from days when he was growing too fast and it was near impossible to keep him in a shirt that fit. When working indoors or outdoors in the city he will wear of the loose fitting shirts that he had made for that reason.

          Boots and a belt should go without saying, but here it is. He has a double wrap belt that he usually keeps his sword and dagger on, though when working he will forsake the sword for the day. He had two pairs of soft leather boots that he switches out every week or so to keep from wearing them down too much. For the winter months he has a thick cloak of dark grey cloth and leather gloves that are lined with soft, grey fox fur. In addition to that he also has a cloak made out of the pelt of the wolf that tore up his right wrist. Even though that cloak is made from the coat of his own pup's mother he keeps it with him. That animal attempted to take his life and the cloak had been, made for him as a going away gift from his friends as a sort of trophy. He wouldn't wear it as a prize, but rather as a barrier against the winter's bite. The thick, warm wolf pelt might be the difference in the length he can last without pain during the winter and thats enough for him.

          Armor: Jaek has a set of armor that is a mix of chainmail, plate mail, and leather. He keeps this with him because his father asked him to incase he comes upon a festival or some sort of contest. These are not very common, but he keeps it anyways. If by some off chance that he gets involved in something he also has the armor to provide some protection. The leather pieces are sometimes used when he goes hunting, but mostly he doesn't want to take the time to dig them out of his pack.

          Noble Clothing: At his father's request he took with him some more presentable clothing for his stay in cities. There are three or four complete outfits and are all together better made than his other clothing, but they still hold the rural lifestyle feel. Jaek will sometimes wear these outfits when walking around towns that he visits, but while working or traveling they are kept in his chest. They are not much different than his daily clothing, except that most of them still have the strings for the lace up collars. The other differences are trim, design, and the way they fit.

      Jaek is a country boy at heart. Growing up he learned to have a lot of respect for everyone, especially his elders. A simple life is all he has ever wanted; let the higher nobility have all the balls, dinners, and the power they want. Place a warm, simple meal before him and he's happy. He has a rather acute since of value for the simple things in life and puts before physical possessions. When he grew up his father didn't shy from giving him what he wanted, but all the things Jaek wanted were living beings and he learned the importance of caring for another life from a young age. This has give Jaek a broad outlook on life and he would never kill needlessly. Even when he is hunting it is never for pleasure, but food or to put down a rouge animal that could hurt people or other animals.

     He always seems to be in a good mood, even through some of the pain he has to bear in the winter times. He is very friendly and polite to everyone. It takes a lot to get on his bad side, but he his human and people always have a boiling point. While Jaek is always in good humor he detests crude jokes. He is very respectful of everyone and rude or cruel jokes or speak will set him off fairly easily. The famed Erpheronian pride that runs in his veins won't allow him to back down if someone is being cruel to him or someone he doesn't even know. Jaek has too much respect for other people and other people to just let sometime like that pass even if the person it was directed at doesn't take offence. When someone angers him he tends to not think and has gotten in a bit of trouble for brawling every now and then. It is just part of who he is. He won't draw a weapon or try to kill someone (if he could), but he isn't above teaching a brute some manors.

     Jaek is very open and trusting until one shows him that they can't be trusted, but he never lets anyone in too far to hurt him. He knows how to protect himself while being trusting of others. While he has no exciting tales of his own yet, he is always all ears when another is speaking. He believes that both the young and the old can hold wisdom and takes the time to listen. His noble trained tongue holds words for any type of person and never spends them uselessly. His speech can go from flowery to plain or plain to flowery when speaking to people and it need not be a beautiful woman. One would think that Jaek has no faults of his own, with his perfectly mannered ways.

     One of Jaek's flaws is that he is neither a leader nor a follower. He doesn't have the drive to step forward and claim power though he had the ability too, and he doesn't want to completely surrender the control of his life to someone else and follow the flow. He tends to go his own way and mostly prefers to travel on his own. Sometimes he will travel with others, but that is only for a short time. It would take a great deal of work from both sides for traveling arrangements to work out. Jaek is used to spending most of his time with horses and hounds or the old fighting men that he grew up and just tends to follow his own tune.

     Another down point is his dark moods during the winter months. During that time he falls into a slight depression for a few days or so due to almost constant pain and tends to want to pick a fight with every other person he meets. These phases last three or four days before clearing up. He goes through these rough patches two or three times a winter, more or less depending on where he his and own long the cold months last. During the winter months is the most one would ever notice the smile missing from this man's face. All the rest of the time he always attempts to see the bright side of everything.
     A little odd thing about Jaek that some notice and some don't is that when he is working or really concentrating on something he will chew on his bottom lip. He doesn't even realize this unless someone points it out, but he tends to forget the next day. It is just something he does without thinking about. A habit he adopted from somewhere. It just seemed like something odd about him that should be included.

     Jaek is always up for some fun and enjoys living life to its fullest. Such is the case with the tournaments and contests that his father trained him for. He finds these sports to be fun and will try his hardest, but win or lose he will have a good time. Sometimes they tend to get a bit boring when people take them too seriously and then Jaek will just excuse himself from the events at that time. A lot of the higher class nobles don't realize that it is a sport and meant to be something fun for everyone. Yes, at times the contests become serious and Jaek can handle serious, but going so far as to boast for hours because you were able to unhorse, out shoot, or best someone in a sword bout just grates of his nerves.

     Sport and gaming have always been something Jaek enjoys. He has played all types of games with the soldiers back at his home and grew up playing cards, dice, and other stuff. Physical events were just as popular and Jaek is not one to back down from some fun. He knows how to have fun and enjoys spending time with friends. Friends are a big part of who this man is. While all his friends are back in the borderlands under the rule of Voldar, he still wishes to make new friends. He gets along with almost every kind of person and figures that if he can get used to making friends wherever he goes that he will be easier about traveling with others. 

          Threats to his life: This seems to be a big thing for him. It's odd though because he tries to tell himself that he holds no fear of death, but when his life is on the line he tends to stress out without knowing it. It is also odd that most of the time he only feels that his life is threatened by another person or creature. He lives each day as an adventure and doesn't shy away from things that might be dangerous. Though if the danger is exposed he will begin to become wary and stress takes root.

          Anger: This is another big stressor for Jaek. His is not always angry, but he is not always calm at the same time. He is human to put it simply. Certain things anger him, such as mistreatment of animals and defenseless people, snobbish nobility, cruel or rude remarks, and people that lack common sense. Other things will set him off as well at times.

          Confined Spaces: This goes back to after he had first injured his head. When he awoke he was trapped in the thick blanket that was wrapped around him. He knew a sudden moment of panic and this brought about stress, which led to a blackout and him hitting his head once more. Since then confined spaces and restricted movement tend to cause stress for him. There are some things that don't fall into this area and most of the time his panic comes from waking up in a small space or not being able to move his limbs freely.

     Blade Skills - Almost all his life Jaek has been training with blades: dagger, short sword, long sword, broadsword, bastard sword and even the great sword. He knows the basics of wielding each of these weapons without killing himself and would be able put up a fight with any of them, though the odds of Jaek beating someone whose training focused on one weapon is very slim. (He can no longer wield the bastard sword and great sword due to injured right wrist). The longsword is his weapon of choice and he spent most of his time training with that weapon, while working a bit with the others when his father insisted. He has a fair amount of skill with the longsword and can hold his own with this weapon. This skill is mostly for mock battles and practice bouts now due to a head injury. The endangerment of his life tends to cause blackouts that appear to be triggered by stress.     

     Bow Skills - Jaek has some skill with both shortbow and longbow, but the longbow is his weapon of choice here. Like with blades, his father required that he learn to shoot both the short and longbow. He knows the basics of the shortbow, but doesn't have skill with it. Noric also attempted to have Jaek learn the crossbow, but after the first horrid shoot, his father amended that the crossbow wasn't the weapon for his son. Mostly he uses his bow for hunting and contests. He has a pretty good shoot and is rarely disappointed when food is on the line. So far in situations where he is pressed to make a shoot and his life might be on the line he had been able to perform. It seems that when he distances himself from the danger he can work better. Actually his only confrontations so far have been with an animal charging at him and even then darkness gathers at the edge of his vision. It appears that in a battle Jaek would be less than useless unless there was something between him and the enemy, like a wall.

     Hunting / Tracking Skills - When he was younger hunting was something that his father began to teach him. They would go out and spend days at a time on the land, tracking down prey. Since those days long past, Jaek's hunting and tracking skills have developed from working with some soldiers that had taken up hunting while living out on the edge of nowhere. It seems to be something that he excels at without having to worry about the darkness hanging over him. Spending time tracking and hunting has always been very peaceful and the forest is a place he feels he can retreat too when everything else seems bleak.

     Gentlemen's Sport - Yet another thing his father expected him to learn so he wouldn't disgrace his family if he ever made trips to the city. "A Gentleman's Sport" as Noric had called it was actually all the events of a common tournament among the higher class. While some take these tournaments seriously and see them as a way of asserting their dominance, Jaek has always found these to be fun mostly, though sometimes a bit boring. He learned the basics and rules of almost any contest in these tournaments, contests like: jousting, archery, sword play, and others. So far in his life he has never been the victor, but he has never been the loser. He has been content with riding, shooting, or fighting well and sees no shame and being bested by the better man. Also, there have been very few of these to test his skill in so far in his life.

     Master of Horse - Jaek has always been around horses and at age fourteen his father gave him the title of Master of Horse over all the animals on their estates. He takes after his father in his ability to work well with their large, four legged animals and had a knack for calming the spirited ones enough so they can be ridden. Now he doesn't work with the wilder horses due to injuries. One of the last bad falls he took left him with the possibility of being crippled for the rest of his life if he took another one soon. The nurse made a guess, but Noric doesn't wish to challenge it, and Jaek has begun to agree with his father. The nurse believed that after a few years have passed he should be fine to return to post, but Jaek isn't sure if he will ever wish to risk it. He still has a way with horses and will never completely stop being around the magnificent creatures.

     Master of Hound - Two beings were born on the same day, both on four legs for the beginning years of their lives. On the day of his birth, Jaek's father gave him a pup from a litter that had been born on the same day. He grew up around that hound and has developed a deep love for all canines. Noric had built a kennel and purchased more hounds for the castle for his first son. Even before his father had given him the title of Master of Hounds, little Jaek had the run of the kennels and was considered the master in that wooden building. It is even said by those that know him best, that the 'boy' tends to be more canine than human at times.

     Noble's Knowledge - Another talent that he acquired at his father's insistence. Jaek has the ability to read and write well and also has a grasp of numbers and even some politics, but he rarely gets into that subject. His father attempted to make his son knowledgeable about the world and succeeded somewhat. Aside from words, numbers, and matters of state, Jaek has taken an interest in poetry, stories, myths, history, and some lyrics. Most of the time he has a book in his pack, something to read while on the road, and when he is finished he will attempt to sell it before going in search of other reading material. If he doesn't have some sort of text to dive into he will listen to the tales of others. He grew up on the boarders and has a great respect for his elders and those younger than him, and believes that most things people say have some value.

     Brawling - This is one thing that is not considered to be a talent of all nobility and it vexed his father that Jaek took up this form of fighting. It was one of the few things they didn't agree about. At first Jaek had just learned the basics of fist fighting, but that soon expanded to some thorough lessons on 'barroom brawling'. He learned how to use all parts of his body and even objects around him in a fight. This had helped him as since he pride has been the cause of a couple of these fights already. Most of the time there is little danger of being killed in these fights. Even if there was danger he wouldn't have problems until that danger because clear. So far the owner or city watch has been able to stop these fights before they have escalated that far.

     Injury: Right Leg - Due to breaking the bone in his lower leg at the age of fourteen, that is a bit of a weakness for him. Partially because of the break he now walks with a pronounced limp, but that is mostly because of another injury as well. This one has still made its impression on Jaek. While the bone grew back stronger, this still tends to be a weak spot for him, and can be used against him by others or just the weather. During the winter months he usually gets a deep pain that feels like it is radiating from the bone and will sometimes keep him in his seat or on his feet. Aside from that, if one was to attempt to disable him for a time, anywhere below the knee on his right leg is the spot.

     Injury: Right Knee - He broke his kneecap just four months before he broke the bone in his lower right leg. When he broke that bone, he hurt the still recovering knee injury. Before breaking his leg, the limp had been minimal and could be hidden, but now there is little he can do to hide the pronounced limp when he walks. Sometimes he will attempt to shorten his strides and that does a bit to hide it, but also makes him less steady on his feet and has the possibility of causing more injuries. Anywhere from his knee down on his right leg is a weak spot that anyone can see just from the limp. If he were to take a hit to the knee from anything it will disable him for a few moments depending on how bad of a hit it was. Banging his knee on a chair, door jam, or other object while just walking will bring him down for a minute or two sometimes. This depends on how long he has been on his feet and what the weather is like.

     Injury: Right Wrist - The day before he left his home Jaek was attacked by a mother wolf that was protecting her pups. He had stumbled near their den in search of the very wolf that attacked him. Game apparently had been somewhat scarce for the animal because she had been picking off cattle. Jaek had when in search of the animal and got more than he bargained for. She had knocked him from his horse and gotten a hold of his right wrist. The wound has healed mostly now, but he is still recovering from it a bit. This wound is not only a bad sight, but it limits movement in his wrist. He doesn't have full rotation in his right wrist any more and had a bit of a limit on the weight he can hold with it.

     Injury: Head - Another horse injury. When he broke his lower leg, his father had killed the horse as it attempted to throw him. When the horse when down, Jaek's head was the first thing to slam into the ground. He sustained a fairly bad head injury at that time along with a broken leg. It was almost a week before he could sit up without getting dizzy immediately or blacking out. These blackouts were not just a one time thing unfortunately. He soon learned that these would come and go throughout his life and after a year or so began to figure out what caused them. Stress seems to be the major cause for these occurrences. The blackouts can last anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours, with one lasting a half a day once. There have been a few incidents since the injury where he will blackout for reasons that are unknown to him, but these are rather rare and occur perhaps once a year if that. 

     Dependant - This is not all that great of a weakness for him, but it is there all the same. Jaek has three animals that constantly depend on him for care and food. Where ever he goes he has a couple of horses and a small wolf pup that need him. Sometimes he is too tired and wishes just to sleep, but knows he must see to the animals. Without him they are practically defenseless as none were trained or raised to fight or protect themselves. They always depend on their owner to do that for them. 

     Winter's Bite - Jaek has accumulated a good amount of injuries throughout the years and the cold months are always hard for him. He his still a fairly young man, but feels ancient when the cold finds its way into his joints. Sometimes he will get this deep pain in his joints that aches and will not be sated no matter if he is sitting or walking. During the winter he has to take extra time to wrap his knees, ankles, elbows, and wrists in thick, warm bandages under his clothing to help keep the cold out. This helps sometimes, but eventually winter's bite finds its way in.

     Brawling - Aye, this is a strength and a weakness. Thanks to the very knowledgeable soldiers that he spent a great deal of time with while he was growing, Jaek knows how to effectively get himself thrown out of inns and taverns. If he had remained ignorant in this type of fighting he might have been spared being hurled into the street or clubbed by angry owners of establishments where he choose to pick a fight. His pride plays a big factor here since he will not let an insult or rude remark go unchecked. He sees this as an opportunity to teach that person some manners and so far he has only been taught to avoid fights in public buildings unless he wants to sleep on the streets. 

Brief Family History - Father
          Noric "Cartwell" Buckkin, Son of Soros and Canya
     Noric grew up in the same castle that he raised his children in. (A better name would probably be a stone manor with a stone wall around it. It is too small to be considered a real castle, but calling it that makes it much more impressive.) At the tender age of fifteen he was sent to Voldar to live with his great second cousin (or something to that effect, let's just say they weren't exactly close family) to learn the ways of court society. While there he impressed the city-folk with his skill at hunting and breaking horses. He was given the name 'Buckkin' for his own, allowing it to take the place of his fathers name. While living in Voldar he fell in love with a city girl, Rn, and they married after a couple years. When Noric's father died (during the trip home from his son's wedding in Voldar) he brought his new wife home with him. He became the lord of the castle by birthright and renamed the place, Buckkin Castle.

     The small stronghold on the edge of the holdings had been given to a long dead relative for an unknown deed. None of the estates previous owners had seen fit to give themselves a crest or officially name the place. When his father had ruled there it had simply been called Soros' Castle and before him it had held its last owner's name. No matter how minor or rural a noble he might be, he was still a noble and he had a right to name his home and give his family a crest. He gave the castle his own name to hold for as long as his family resided within its stone walls. For his crest he selected a bucking black stallion with a brown arrow standing upright behind it on a field of green.

     He knew that he was just a boarder land horse breeder and that was fine for him. Noric had no dreams of power, and even if he had the ambition to seek that might, he would be sorely disappointed. There was no room or voice for him in court, so he was content with his life as it was. His business brought in a fair amount of wealth and the few tenants on his small estates were hard workers. Noric promised himself that his children would never want for anything.

Brief Family History - Mother        
         Rn "Mercher" Buckkin, Daughter of Aeric and Katra
     Rn was born and raised in the city of Voldar. Her father was the second son of minor nobility and had made a name for himself even though he would stand forever in the shadow of his older brother. Aeric made a fortune as an 'honest' merchant, buying and selling goods. Some believed that he dabbled in smuggling, but none could ever find anything that could connect him to that ring of people. His daughter, Rn, never wanted anything as she grew up, and her parents spoiled her shamelessly. Shortly after her fourteenth birthday, her parents began seeking matches with young men of higher standings. Rn rejected the advances of all the suitors her parents had selected.

     When a young rancher of lower nobility traveled to Voldar and took up residence with his uncle, Rn's parents had no hope of a better match before their daughter even knew it. She met him at a small social gathering one day and had fallen for him at first sight. For the first few months she shyly avoided him, looking for reasons to stall her meeting with him to avoid looking like a fool. That plan didn't work too well. They had been at another dinner party when she had tripped over the too long dress that she had insisted upon wearing, and fell right into him. The nimble youth caught her before they could both tumble to the ground in the midst of higher ranked people. After that little encounter Rn felt like she was walking on air for the rest of the night as Noric escorted her where ever she wanted and they spoke of things that had really no meaning to them. A few years later they wed.

     After her new father-in-law tragically died while returning from their wedding, her new husband insisted they move into his family home. At first she was reluctant to leave the city, but the thought of some new scenery captured her attention. She moved into Buckkin Castle, as her husband had named it. Rn found it to be a lovely place and knew immediately that she could live the rest of her live there with the man she loved.

Section One - The First Child
          Jaek Buckkin, Son of Noric and Rn
     On the third day of the ninth month, Fallen Leaf, as a light rain fell from a dark, swirling sky, Rn gave birth to her first son, Jaek. In the corridor outside his wife's room, Noric paced for what seemed like hours, wearing down the stone beneath his feet as he walked the same path, back and forth. Shortly after the single bell in the guard tower called out the beginning of Greyshade, the wooden door finally cracked open. Noric's back had been to the door, and he had stopped his pacing for half a moment as the bell chimed. At the slight squeak of the hinges opening, his head snapped in that direction, startling the nurse. She swiftly recovered and smiled at her lord, opening the door wider to admit him. He strode toward the portal, with measured steps, hesitating at the door for a moment, wondering how his life would change. When he entered he found his beloved wife, sweat dripping from her brow even though the day was cool. She held a small blue bundle. Noric hesitantly stepped forward and smiled down at the little thing in her arms.

     When the nurse stepped forward to take the child from its mother, Noric stepped back. As the lady laid the child in his arms he felt oafish, clutching the newborn a little too tight in an attempt not to drop the little being. When Jaek started to squirm and fuss a bit he quickly handed the boy back to Rn, content to watch her hold him. When he left the room to allow his wife to sleep he walked outside, into the quickening rain, not caring that within moments he was completely soaked. He passed the stables on his way and since he didn't really have anywhere to go or anything to do really, he entered the warm, wooden building. The horses neighed as he entered and he greeted them all with a light pat on the nose.

     As he made his way down the line of stalls he noticed his hound, nursing a little of pups. In the excitement of his own son being born, Noric had completely forgotten that his dog would also have her pups this day as well. A kind smile formed on his face as he knelt by the dog and patted her head, looking at the healthy pups fighting for milk. One caught his eye, a pup, larger than the rest with a mostly dark grey coat. The newborn pup was already spirited and fought the others in his quest for food. An idea came to him then and he decided that as soon as the pup was old enough to leave its mother, he would bring it to his son. Both boy and puppy born on the same day, and they would grow up together. At a little over two months the boy wouldn't be ready for a dog, but Noric would keep the pup in Jaek's room and when he got old enough they would be great friends.

Section Two - Boy and Beast
          Jaek / Pup (Age 2)
     Rn was excited as she watched her little boy grow. Watched his raise his little head for the first time, watched him laugh for the first time, watched him roll over for the first time, and even more. The list goes on an on, sitting, walking, babbling, talking. Oh, she was so very surprised by his first word: pup. Only it came out more like, phup. His father was grinning from ear to ear when his little boy stood on two wobbly legs at one year old and all but ran over to the hound that was across the room, yelling 'phup' as he went. His idea to bond boy and hound had worked well, and as his wife looked over at him with wide, teary, green eyes he wiped the grin from his face and held her in his arms. It was always a mother's hope that their child's first word would be 'mommy', but she cried with sheer joy, and a slightly sadness at her little boy growing up.

     A year later, Jaek and Pup were near inseparable. His two year old brain was working rather well when he named the hound puppy that his father had given him. It was a pup and the little boy figured that any other name wouldn't work, so the hound became known as Pup. Both were all over the place all the time, constantly scaring Rn with their adventures. Noric laughed at his boy's courage and spunk while his wife glared at him with disapproval. Though as much as she worried for her child, she couldn't help, but laugh at his antics as well. Jaek grew swiftly and was showing signs of gaining height later in life. He was already taller than the average two year old by a few nailsbreadth. It wasn't much of a difference, but it was still taller. Like any other terrible two year old, Jaek was everywhere and nowhere at the same time. In other words, he was everywhere he wasn't supposed to be (on the walls, in the stables, in the barracks) and nowhere that he was supposed to be (in the castle, in his room, near his mother).

     A love for animals was already beginning to appear at that age. The first place he would always run to was the stables, and if he could get away with it, Jaek would spend all day in the building. His father approved while his mother didn't like him being in the smelly old building, with large animals that could injure him. As if he needed any more reason to stay back from the animals that were more than two times his size, but he had seen one of the other young hounds from Pup's litter get kicked by one of the horses. The hound had let out a high pitched yelp and limped from the stall as fast as it could. From that moment both young boy and young dog needed no other warning of the large animals. Though they both still found comfort in the confines of the stables.

Section Three - The Second Son
          Jaek (Age 5) / Roed (Newborn)
     In the spring of Jaek fifth year of life his mother gave birth to another child. That day his father had promised the work with him on riding a pony, but Noric had told his son that the lesson had to be pushed back to the next day, when his mother when into labor. Jaek and Pup headed to one of their favorite places. They both wander the walls of the small castle often, paying games of 'which hand has the toy' or sharing his five year old knowledge with the men. The older and younger guardsmen loved their lord's son and enjoyed having him up there with him since there was little else to do. This day was a particularly bright one, but storm clouds could be seen on the horizon to the north. Jaek didn't care as he scrabbled up the stone steps to the walkways above. To the little boy it was the coolest thing, like walking on the clouds. He walked along the stone barefoot, Pup at his heels. The Captain of the Guard was the first they encounter that day and the grizzled old man grinned at the sight of the two toward him.

      "Don't you have riding lessons today, Jaek?" Owen asked as he approached the two, running a hand over his salt and pepper beard to hide the grin.

     "Father said tomorrow," Jaek explained, looking up at the older man with his pale green gaze.

     "Well I'm sure he had a good reason, boy," Owen said, kneeling next to the pair. He reached out with a wrinkled and scared hand to pat Pup on the head. His words were directed at the hound this time, "Getting' old now arnt ya boy?"

      "Pup isn't old," Jaek protested, "He's five years old like me."

     "Aye Jaek, but dogs age faster than humans," Owen told the lad, turning his dark brown eyes his lord's son.

     "Oh," the boy said, looking at the dog with new eyes.

     "Come on lad," Owen said, scooping Jaek up and setting him on his shoulder. "That hounds gonna be around for a while still, so don't ya worry. Now let's go find some fun."

     The boy giggled as he soared through the air, before landing on the older man's shoulder. He gripped Owen's neck tightly as they started forward, rocking with the rolling motion of the man's stride. While they made their way along the wall, Jaek looked out, his eyes falling on the fields, then the river, then the forest, and then the growing storm. His green eyes were bright and he risked pulling one hand away to brush aside a stray lock of red-brown hair that was obstructing his view. His attention turned back to the wall as Owen stopped in front of a pair of younger guards. In a single motion he sat Jaek on the wall. He scuttled along the thick row of stones to lean against the guard tower that was less than a palmspan from where he had been set down. They sat there for most of the day, talking and joking, and the guards told some of their tall tales that Jaek loved to hear. It was late in the day and the sky was slowly growing darker with the approaching storm when his father found him.

     Noric grinned at the guards before picking up his son in his large arms and heading back toward the keep. While the made their way down from the wall and back toward his mother's room, Jaek pestered his father with questions about his riding lesson the next day. His father was all smiles and laughter the entire way there and he wondered if his father's grin could get any bigger, but it did as they approached his mother's room. The little boy wondered what was happening and quickly found out. His father carried him into the room and brought him to his mother's bedside, where she lay, holding a little bundle.

     "Jaek," Rn said in a soft and slightly hoarse voice, "this is your little brother, Roed."

Section Four - A Noble Farewell
          Jaek (Age 10)
     Jaek stood above a small mound of earth in the corner of the courtyard, his eyes red and still rimmed with tears. Wet streaks from already shed tears covered the ten year olds cheeks as he looked down at the mound. He knew that this day would come, but knowing had never really prepared him for the pain of losing his best friend. Pup had gone to sleep the night before and had never woken up that morning. In the morning Jaek was at a loss for where to run too for once: the stables, the walls, his room, the castle. It all reminded him of Pup, of all the times they had shared as they grew. It had taken them hours to get him from under the dinning hall table, and then a few more hours before he was able to rise of wobbly legs and go to see the grave of his old friend. As he stood over it now, fallen tears still fresh on the soft earth, he wondered if he should have come out here. The answer was already there though. He had come out because it was his responsibility. Pup had been his best friend from birth, and no matter how hard his death was he would still cherish those memories with the hound for the rest of his days. While he made this silent vow he was oblivious to everything else around him.

     Noric walked up behind his son, feeling sorry for the pain he had inflicted on the boy. It hadn't been his intention when he had first given him the dog as a baby, but he later realized that it would be good to learn this lesson, even though it would hurt it. He laid one large calloused hand on the boys shoulder, squeezing it lightly before going back the way he had come, leaving his son to deal with his own grief. Jaek was glad when his father left, right now he kinda wanted to be alone. That time to himself didn't last long though. He heard the foot steps this time and didn't have to turn to know it was his little brother, Roed. Jaek quickly wiped the tears from his face, trying to look brave for his five year old brother.

     "Jaek?" Roed said cautiously in his small quivering five year old voice.

    "Yeah?" Jaek replied kindly, not turning from the grave.

     "What happened to Pup?" The little boy asked innocently.

     The question stung and Jaek stood quietly for a moment. He hoped that if he was silent long enough, Roed would go back to the keep, but he was wrong. The younger boy inched closer stepping up to his brother's side and casting a sidelong, glance in his direction. The older boy sighed and looked at his younger brother, looking into his father's brown eyes.

     "Pup got old," Jaek said, trying to hold back the pain in his voice. He didn't want to frighten his younger brother. "It was his time to go."

     The ten year old's heart leapt as he said those words, realizing that it was true. Pup had lived a happy life, and deserved a happen end. He deserved more than his best friends poorly hidden anger at being left behind. A great weight seemed to lift from him and he felt a bit better, all the unnoticed anger fleeing like the shadows at the suns approach. Yes, he would still mourn his lost companion, but he would be happy for the hound.

Section Five - A Good and Bad Day
          Jaek (Age 10) / Thea (Newborn)
     It had only been about a month since Pup died. Jaek walked through the small kennels that his father had built a couple years back. Slowly the cages were being filled, hounds of different shapes and sizes. He walked down the space between them with a bucket filled with chunks of rare meat. As he fed each dog, he would let them out for a moment to brush the mounds of hair that collected on the floor of the cage. Even though it was still soon after the death of his best friend, Jaek continued to tend to his duties. Taking care of the hounds was one of them and actually it was a task he enjoyed.

     It was near the middle of the day when a page came to find him. After a few words were exchanged, it was clear to the boy that his father needed him. He put the last dog back in its cage before rushing off toward the keep. Voices could be heard as he neared his mother's chambers, and he saw the nurse speaking with his father when he rounded the corner.

     "The child will live," the older woman said softly.

     When Noric looked at her, his brown eye filled with a small hope, she shook her head. He seems to change in a second and showed his age more as the woman walked toward Jaek. She patted the boy on the shoulder as she passed and meet his gaze, her brown eyes filled with sorrow. Jaek shook off the feeling of dread and raced down the hall, looking up at his father hopefully. When the strongest man he knew turned away to hide the tears on his cheeks, the ten year old boy tore open the door to his mother's room, startling the younger nurse that was taking care of the child. His eyes werent on the child or the nurse, but on the still form of his mother. Her eyes were closes and he would have liked to believe her just resting, but no breath flowed in or out of her chest. He wobbled slightly before he collapsed, sobbing helplessly on the stone floor. Noric had two of the guards come to take Jaek up to his room, where he cried himself to sleep.

Section Six - The First Outing
          Jaek (Age 11)
     Noric was beginning to be his old self now, though everyone knew that he would never fully recover from the death of his beloved wife. He was in the stables alone this day, saddling his large grey horse, Led. Fingers worked on their own accord while his mind was off elsewhere, until his son walked into the stables. The boy pestered him with questions about where he was going, what he was going to do, and then begging if he could come as well. After much pleading from the eleven year old boy his father agreed and helped him saddle his horse. They headed out the gates, side-by-side, going for a visit to the farms and ranches on their lands.
     Jaek sat tall in the saddle as they made their way to the first of the two farms. He sat silently as the older men talked, taking in everything he could. Most of the time he tried to pay attention to his father, knowing that someday this might be his job. They visited the two farms, a livestock ranch, and a horse ranch before heading back to the keep. It wasn't all that exciting for him, but he was glad to go with his father. When they returned Jaek offered to put the horses up and his father meekly agreed before going into the keep. He led the animals into the building and put them in their stalls, working on his father's horse before moving to his own. The work went slowly and he appreciated the excuse to stay in the stables the rest of the day.

Section Seven - Beginning of the End
          Jaek (Age 14)
     The tall young man of fourteen years walked from the stables, a length of rope rolled up and grasped in one hand near his side. In the other hand he held a strip of leather designed to buckle around the horse's girth area and provide a bit of a handle for him to hang on to. In the small ring outside the stables as the stallion he had been working with for the last couple weeks. No matter what he did the animal wouldn't work with him. Jaek walked over to the corral and dropped the ring of rope and leather strap over a post for a moment before pulling off the clean green shirt he had on and draping it over the fence. With him growing rapidly, the seamstress couldn't keep him in clothing that fit and the tight shirts restricted the movement of his arms. Jaek was becoming a good horseman swiftly and he would break the rebellious ones that they brought in.

      Trained hands picked up the length of rope and worked it into a halter, leaving a bit of rope on either end for him to hold on to. As he climbed over the fence and entered the ring the horse attempted to pull away from the gate he stood by, but a rope attached him to that section of fence for the moment. Jaek moved toward him slowly, humming a soothing tune as approached. The horse quieted for a moment and Jaek was able to get the halter over the animals head. With a few adjustments here and there the rope was fitted snuggly around its head. Then he worked the strap, getting the animal to let the air out of it's lungs before working on buckling the strap.

     While the animal avoided him, pulling back as far as he could with the length of rope he had, Jaek pulled a pair of leather gloves from grasp of the belt at his waist. He pulled them on, taking time to securely set the buckle around his wrist to they didn't slip off. When that was done he slowly approached the horse, swinging himself onto the animals back and grasping the handle that was attached to the strap around the horse with one hand, and pulling lose the quick-slip knot that had evaded the animals pull. The animal sprung back and Jaek kept his strong hand firmly wrapped around the handle, gripping with his knees and moving with the animals.
     Excitement rushed through him, like it did every time he was on the back of a rebellious horse that was attempting to throw him. Something in the mix of unacknowledged fear and exhilaration of the ride kept him holding on for dear life and laughing at the same time. He thought he had dealt with all the tricks a horse could pull when trying to get him off their back, but he was surprised when he horse almost threw himself at the fencing, slamming Jaek's right knee into a sturdy post. There was a sickening crack as his knee was crushed between the post and the large animal. Jaek's grip on the handle faltered as pain raced through him, and the horse's next kick sent him flying. He landed his bare back, acquiring a few rough scraps from the gravel as he skipped over the surface of the ground.

     He laid on his back for a moment, the pain in his knee unbelievably horrid and the warm liquid flowing from his back sending him into a startled state. After that moment he realized he was still in the ring and crawled over to the fence and rolled under, panting heavily and lying still once he was on the other side. He heard booted feet crunching on the gravel and saw the faces of the guards and one of the stable boys above him. The next thing he knew, he was being carried off the castles, one of the guards exclaiming about the state of his right shoulder. Apparently most of the skin had been left on the ground back by the ring. The first thing his swirling mind could think of was going back and getting it. After that he just let go, allowing them to take him somewhere to rest.

     Once he was in his room, he didn't get much rest. The castle nurse made his sit up on an uncomfortable stool while three guards held his torso too keep him from moving as she cleaned the dirt, blood, and gravel from the wound. Jaek grit his teeth against the pain, and exclamations from the nurse. The 'blasted people' as he referred to them at that time, couldn't keep quiet about the wounds and it aggravated him even more that he couldn't see the damage. Once she had bandaged up almost his entire back and doubled up the bandages on his shoulder, she turned to his knee. Jaek knew already from the swelling and bruising that it was broken, and he poking and prodding made him want to shout at her to quit. When she finally finished inducing more pain, she wrapped his knee up in a mass of white bandages so think that his knee couldn't bend at all. Not that he would attempt or it could at the moment, but to allow it to heal properly. After that Jaek was picked up and carried to his bed.

     Later that day his father came to visit for a short moment and check on his son before returning to his duties. He grew terribly bored while sitting in his bed that day and he entertained himself for a while by throwing odd objects from a wooden stand near his bed. His little sister came into his room as he hurled one of the objects at another object that had landed on the stood. He turned toward the sound of his door opening and spotted the little girl, holding his shirt that he had left by the ring.

     She walked up to him and set the shirt on the edge of his bed before scuttling up beside him, curling up and crying. He winced a little, but didn't allow it to bother him much. Jaek whispered quietly to his four year old sister that he was alright and attempted to calm her down. When he finally stopped crying he grinned down at her, and began telling her some of the stories she loved so much, trying to get both his mind and hers from his injuries. She fell asleep next to him, and he allowed her to sleep on until one of the guards came to find him. Once she was taken from the room, he laid back into his soft pillows and attempted to sleep, but the throbbing in his knee and back kept him up most of the night.
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And the rest ...

Section Eight - One More Try
          Jaek (Age 14)
     About four months had passed since he had been injured. He had been stuck in bed for two agonizingly long months before he had begun to attempt to walk for a time while leaning heavily on wooden staff. While his knee healed he spent many days just walking the walls, attempting to get back on it as soon as possible. His back healed as well and he found out he had lost more skin than he had thought when he first it the ground that day. The back of his right shoulder was now a mass of gnarled scar tissue. It didn't bother him much but others seems to cringe a bit at the sight of it. Scars were part of the life and there was nothing he could do about it, so he lived with it. The slight limp that he had acquired as something that he didn't think he could live with, but he got along.

     As he moved across the yard with determination he could feel the glare of the sun on his bare back. He could also feel the gaze of the people he passed on him, watching him intently. Jaek strode with purpose toward the ring, his gaze locked on the animal that stood in the wooden enclosure, as he pulled on his gloves and strapped them. None moved to stop him, though worry shone clearly in the eyes of all that watched him pass. Before the first incident, Noric had made his son Master of Horse and Hound, giving him responsibility for something. Even before he had been given charge of the stables and kennels he had been there everyday, but now none disputed his decisions as they would of before. The only one that could stop him today was his father, and he was out taking care of some matters.

     When he reached the fencing he ducked between two beams, staring the horse down at he walked over to him. The horse already had the strap on when the approached, glad that the stablemaster had seen to his requests. The beast snorted before he even reached him and as Jaek swung himself onto the animals back, it started to buck before the rope tying it to the fence was released. He quickly set his hand and gripped with his knees before his other hand came up to the quick-slip knot.

     The horse jumped away from the fence, spinning and bucking. Jaek held on tight, his hand that was wrapped around the strap was starting to tingle and the beginnings of numbness could be felt. The animal showed no signs of backing down and Jaek just set him jaw and held on with grim determination. He wasn't going to let this animal best him again. Others had gathered around the edges of the ring and watched with worry etched across their faces, but he didn't see them, his mind was on the task at hand. 

     Beneath the glove he could feel his hand starting to slip on the handle. With his legs wrapped firmly around the animal, he struggled to bring his free hand toward the handle. With both hands on the handle he loosened his grip and shoved him main had into the slit and clenched his fist once more. The horse seemed to feel the sudden release and spun really fast then threw itself into a series of dangerous bucks. Jaek felt the change, but he had grabbed hold of the grip before the brute could throw him. As the stallion swung around at the risk of its own health, Jaek knew with a sudden dread that this animal would do what ever it could to throw him, possibly even kill him. Main hand gripped tighter and he concentrated all his efforts on moving with the horse and not allowing it to throw him. 

     Jaek set aside everything while he rode that animal, holding on for his life. He didn't notice Noric, Roed, and Owen galloping through the gate. Jaek's little brother Roed and Owen, Captain of the Guard, he taken off right after their lord's older son had made the request for the horse to be readied. Owen knew his lord's schedule and went straight to where he was. They were less than a forty minute leisurely ride from the castle when they caught up to Noric. The two men and boy had ridden back at a full gallop, hoping to get back in time. As they rode through the gate, Noric saw his son across the yard, hanging onto that blasted beast. He spurred his tired horse over to the ring and jumped from the animals back, pulling his sword as he did so.

     Without thinking of an easier way, Noric put a strong hand on the top beam of the gate and launched himself over, advancing on the horse cautiously. He brought his sword up as he drew closer and wondered if an arrow or something else might have been better as he slide the blade across the animal's throat. The wild beast spun once more before going down. It knocked Noric back as its hindquarters slammed into him, and let out at heart splitting scream as it went down. Jaek's head bounced off the ground harshly before the animal completed it fall and darkness closed in on him. He didn't hear the nauseating snap that the others heard when the dying horse landed on his leg. The horrible pain in his lower right leg wasn't even enough to bring him back to consciousness.

     The next day Jaek awoke in his bed, his blankets wrapped around him and restricting movement. He attempted to free himself, sitting up swiftly to remove the thick grey blanket. Darkness closed in on his as he sat up to quickly. He attempted to keep consciousness, but the blackness on the edge of his vision and the pain surging through his legs as he attempted to free himself, caused the youth to pain. Unconsciousness once more took over and he hit his head on the wall as he collapsed back into a flat position.

Section Nine - A Day on the Range
          Jaek (Age 16)
     When he reached sixteen years of age, Jaek took over his father's job, checking on the farms and ranches once a month or so. He sat atop a big black beast, one he had worked with recently and wanted to work with the animal some more. The big beast snorted restlessly and pawed at the ground, while Jaek sat atop him, talking to one of the farmers. They spoke of the crops and how the were growing. In a few moments they spoke about how much would go to the market, the farmer's family, and the castle. Once they had come to an agreement, Jaek nodded and rode off to the next farm.

     The same thing happened at the second farm and he was quickly off to the livestock ranch. When he reached the ranch, he dismounted and walked the black beast up to the house. The owner stood outside and with a quick gesture he beckoned Jaek around to the pens in the back. He tied the black's reigns around a beam before moving forward to check the cattle. All seemed to be alright, most of the animals perfectly fine, though some were a bit slimmer than they should be. Livestock wasn't his area of expertise, but he knew enough that a bit more food would be best for them. He stood after inspecting a sheep that hadn't looked that good at first glance. Turning on heel, he limped toward the black, a visible reminded of the two breaks in his right leg in a year.

     "These animals need a bit more feed," Jaek told the man while he dug through his packs. He pulled out a piece of parchment and box of charcoal sticks. He quickly wrote a small note in his fairly neat, bland handwriting and handed it over to the man. "When ya get a chance in the next few days, ride out to tha farm next to your lands and give him that note. He'll get ya the food supplies ya need. Thats 'bout it though."

     The man thanked Jaek and he nodded as he mounted back up and waved as he rode off to the next place. He was in a bit of a hurry today, one of his hounds would be giving birth to a liter of pups and he wanted to be there. He spurred the black forward and moved swiftly over the land, the animal beneath him looking the sensation of a good hand and free run. When he reached the horse ranch, he dismounted again and headed back to the pen where the horses would be keep, waiting his arrival.

     "Beautiful animal sir," the rancher said as Jaek approached with the black in hand.

     "That he is," he replied, pale green eyes roaming over the animals that moved leisurely around the pen. He tied off the black once again and ducked between the beams of the gate, watching each animal's movements. "Nice stock ya got here."

     "Thank yas sir," the rancher replied, beaming now, "only the best for my lord."

     Jaek turned toward the man and grin while nodding to his comment. He checked out a few of the animals before returning to his mount, nodding to the man and telling him that all was well here. With that be mounted up and road back to the keep with all haste. He passed off the reigns of the black to a stable boy outside the kennel, leaving the boy in wonder while he walked into the building. Jaek had never given over the care of one of his animals to another, but he was eager to see if the pups had arrived yet.

     Dogs barked and yipped with joy as he entered the kennels. One of the older hounds had free roam of the kennels and took up his normal spot at the young lord's side as he entered. Jaek let his hand drop to pat then animal on head as he hurried along. When he reached a small pen at the far corner, he was met by a handful of dog boys. The dog hadn't had her pups yet and he breathed out a sigh of relief, as he cleared out a few of the boys and he knelt as close as she would let him come. A few hours later three new puppies were nestled in the hay that lined the floor of the kennel.

Section Ten - Long Way from Home
          Jaek (Age 21)
     His father's study was a place he avoided most times. The only other time he had been summoned to this barren, lifeless room he had been in trouble. That had been years ago though and Jaek couldn't think of anything he had done wrong recently. He looked across the desk at his father, the aging man looking somewhat smaller in the immense chair. His eyes avoided his fathers at all cost, not wanting to see the pain in the man's soul. Jake had always seen his father as strong, but now he could see how heavily life weighted upon him. After a few moments he got up the courage to speak.

     "Ya summoned me sir?" Jaek asked his father, watching him.

     "You may have been brought up out here in the border lands, but that doesn't mean you don't know how to talk like a gentleman," Noric told him, his face grim, "You better be able to speak properly when you need to."

     "Yes sir," Jaek replied curtly, waiting. He knew his father hadn't summoned him to correct the way he spoke.

     "You will be going to Voldar," his father told him. "I've been invited to go to some festival or other; I've given up trying to remember all their little gatherings, but back to business. You will be going in my place; I'm getting too old to be traveling to the city for some festivals."

     "Couldn't we just respectfully decline?" Jaek asked hopefully. There was not excitement in the big city for him.

     "No," Noric replied. "I've declined enough of these invites throughout the years and you are old enough to go now. I got my first taste of the big city when I was fifteen and you are years past that. You will only be in the city for about a month; it won't kill you to get out in the world a bit."

      "Yes sir," Jaek replied reluctantly.

     A week later Jaek sat atop a large spirited black, readying himself to leave. He had been up before dawn, checking on the horses and hounds. Everything wasn't going as smoothly as he wanted it too, but he had left his animals in competent hands. While checking his saddlebags once last time he looked up, his fingers deftly running over the buckles while his eyes ran over the small group of guards that would be going with then, and the short train of packhorses. Jaek sighed before sitting straight in the saddle once more and turning his horse around to survey the damage. His father had demanded that he bring more than 'a pair of outfits that didn't even fit anymore' and had almost a whole new wardrobe of clothing in a large chest that was strapped to one of the pack horses. Atop another was his armor, that he hadnt had a chance to wear yet and wasn't particularly looking forward to it. He sighed once more and led the way moment later, heading out of the gate and into the unknown.

     When they arrived at the gates of Voldar, Jaek rode up front, sitting high on his black, his left arm in a sling. They had only been a few days ride out of Buckkin Castle when the black taken him by surprise and thrown him. It hadnt been that bad of an injury, but his wrist had been twisted a bit. Now it was feeling better, but Owen had talked him into keeping it in the sling for a bit longer. He agreed on the grounds that he could get out of any tournament for the first week or so. They rode toward the castle, handing off their horses to the stable boys and getting settled in.

     Their time in Voldar had dragged on far too long for Jaek and when they left he was glad to leave it behind. He had been forced to sit through many long drawn out dinners, forced to compete in a couple tournaments, and forced to carefully watch the way he spoke. Now he was on his way home, on his way back to the peace and quiet of the borders. He would attempt to avoid the higher class sections of cities from now on, after the first day, the farmer/rancher jokes got old. When they finally reached his home once more it was a welcome sight, it seemed like it had been a year since he had last seen building.

Section Eleven - The Final Hours
          Jaek (Age 25)
     The day began to fade and the soldiers that rode behinds him were urging the young lord to turn back. Jaek looked through the brush in the fading light, determined to finish the job they had come to do. He was also reluctant to return home since in the morning he would be leaving. A small sigh escaped as he recalled his most recent fall from a horse, and how his father was forcing him to leave. Jaek realized that his father would rather see his son leave for a while before being crippled for life. He feared that the next fall might leave him like that. Jaek pulled his thoughts from that. Now he just wanted to enjoy the forest as long as possible. They had crossed the river and had come into the forest in search of a wolf that had been picking off some of their cattle.

     "Just a bit further," Jaek called over his shoulder pushing forward.

     He had just entered a small clearing when he caught a flash of grey out of the corner of his eye. The next thing he knew he falling from his horse, the ground rising up to meet him and a moment of dread passed through him. His left elbow made contact with the ground, breaking his fall. Then the wolf was on him and Jaek threw up his right arm, attempting to keep calm, but beginning to fail. Pain shot through his wrist and blood began to drip down his arm and onto him. He was able to pull out his dagger and was able to bring it up to slash the animals muzzle before the darkness began to crowd his vision. The wolf backed off before lunging back toward him. The darkness took control and the last thing he saw was the animal pouncing at him.

     The wolf had impaled itself on Jaek's dagger, jumping onto the weapons tip. The young lord was suffering from one of his usual blackouts and was out on the ground, his clothing slowly soaking up his blood and the blood of the wolf. He woke up about an hour later, his right wrist tightly wrapped with thick bandages and the soldiers sitting around the clearing. When they saw he had awoken they stood and prepared to leave, picking up the wolf pelt that someone had taken the time to skin while he had been out. His head was still spinning when they propped him up on his horse and prepared to leave the clearing.

     Before they left, Jaek heard a high pitched whimper. He slid from the saddle and stumbled over to where he had heard the sound. A pair of wolf pups could barely be seen in the shallow den. With one hand he pushed aside some dirt and exposed the pups again. They appeared to be only about two or three weeks old, one of the pups eyes hadn't even opened yet. Without a second thought he scooped the pups up and carried them over to his horse. As he attempted to climb back into the saddle he overworked his torn up arm as he struggled, trying to keep from squishing the pups. One of the soldiers moved closer to help him and Jaek gratefully accepted the help.

     They made their way back to the castle where his father fussed over his injured and asked him why he would take up a pair of wolf pups. Jaek ignored his father and had taken the pups to the kennels, picking up a rag and sending a boy for a bucket of milk as he made his way to an empty pen. When the boy arrived with the milk and he dipped the rag in the milk then put it to the pup's mouth. The wolf pups went after the rag hungrily for a while before falling asleep in his arms. Jaek settled then down in one of the empty kennels for the night and asked a boy to look after them. After that he went straight up to his room and fell asleep as well.

     The next morning Jaek's father tried to get him to stay a few extra days and allow his arm to heal, but he knew if he stayed longer he would never be able to leave, and his father was right. He needed to get out of here for a while. He headed down to the kennels first thing in the morning and found the wolf pups up and whining. Roed was in there looking at the little pups. Jaek send his younger brother after a bucket of milk and he obeyed right away. When his brother returned they pulled the pups out and each feed a wolf, Roed following his brothers example. Jaek found out that the pup with its eyes open was smaller than the other and she was the older one. In the light they appeared to be three weeks instead of two, but they were still very young.

     Noric had made it clear that he would only send a docile mare and pack horse with him so he didn't injure himself again. The mare wasn't that bad of a horse hand he had a hand in raising her, but she wasn't anything special. Something about the little wolf caught his attention and he decided that he would bring her with him. It would be tough at first and he would have to stop at a farm somewhere to keep her feed, but he couldn't just leave this animal.

     As he rode out the gates he cradled the wolf pup in his good arm, looking down into her deep blue eyes. The other pup Jaek had left with Roed, giving his brother the animal to look after at his own request. The first few weeks were hard, but they made it through, and the wolf pup was beginning to grow. She's about six weeks old and eating meat now. Jaek didn't know where he was going or what he would do, but what ever it was he would know soon.

          Long Sword: Jaek carries with him a plain steel longsword that was crafted for him in the small forge at Castle Buckkin. At first glance it is rather plain, but the fine craftsmanship shines in ever nailsbreadth of the weapon. The grip is practical and fits his hand perfectly and the blade holds a good edge. Jaek uses this weapon for contests and practice bouts. Location: strapped around his waist at all times, even though he cannot wield it to protect his life, and it is on his right side.

          Longbow: He keeps with him a longbow and quiver of arrows. There is nothing really special about this weapon other than the fact that it is a wonderful creation. It shows the signs of being well used and is kept in good condition. Location - Quiver: it can be found strapped to his back or attached to his saddle. Location - Bow: same as the quiver, it can usually be found in its hard leather case, strapped across his back or attached to his saddle.

          Dagger: Like his longsword, this weapon was made by the smith that resides in his father's castle. This blade is more elaborate than the sword, with a bit of a twining pattern along the hilt and a small dog head for the pommel. The dagger is Jaek's last resort and he uses it mostly as a tool since he cannot fit with a close weapon. Location: this is usually found on his left side, while his right wrist doesn't have full range, he can still pull it out quickly if needed.

          Medium size trunk of clothing
          Armor: a mix of chainmail and plate mail
          Food / Supplies / Gear (horses / wolf pup)
          Two weeks rations of hard bread, cheese, and salted meat
          Four thick winter blankets
          Small chest with parchment / quills / charcoal sticks / ink
          Five waterskins
          Book: Most of the time, though different titles ever month or so
          Flint and Steel
          Small mirror and shaving razor
          Bag of thick white bandages

          Coin pouch: About two goldbards, three silverbards, and an assortment of smaller coins, more or less depending on how much work he has. His father had been saving up a bit for his son since his birth. Since Jaek hasn't been away from home that long he still has a good amount of coin and plans to keep it that way. He has three pouches, an equal amount in each. One is secured in a pocket that he had sewn on the inside of all his shirts, another in his mare's saddlebags, hidden in the toe of his spare set of boots, and the third is hidden in the small, false bottom of his clothing trunk. He is not stingy with his coin, but he is not stupid. He would rather spare some coins for a youth or hardworking man that is barely scraping by than a common thief.

          Devyn: This wolf pup was considerably smaller than her litter mate and is showing signs of staying small already. She a dark grey with the beginnings of a light silver striping running from her back down her sides. Devyn is bonded very closely with Jaek, as he was the third being she saw other than her mother and brother. She is about six weeks old and already smaller than other wolves should be at her age and she is very gentle for a wolf.

          (Since Devyn is a pup she will grow fast I am adding the information for her temperament and size when she is fully grown now.) Devyn will grow to be a little smaller than a large dog. Both of her parents were small wolves and being female she will naturally be smaller than her brother. She was only three weeks old when Jaek found her so she is growing up around the human; she has only basic survival instincts and is very gentle. Devyn is slightly shy when in a new place at first, but she quickly gains confidence and will be friendly with anyone. She is a bit protective of Jaek, and will snarl at times but her bark is worse than her bite. This wolf is too calm to start fights and is somewhat of a coward and will hide behind Jaek is there is a larger, intimidating animal around.

          Ash: A Rusik mare that Jaek helped to raise in his stables. She is rather passive and not prone to acting out. That is one of the reasons his father chose this horse for his son when Jaek left home. So far she has been a good horse and travel companion and hasn't had reason to act out. Another reason this horse was selected is that she is spirited enough to be a good horse for sporting. She is a light brownish-red and just above the average size for a female Rusik. 

          Bain: This pure white horse is a Southern Draught Horse and a good beast. Like the mare he is rather calm animal and doesn't cause problems. He his larger and stronger the mare and a bit more spirited. If the mare wasn't considerably smaller he would switch and ride Bain, but Ash isn't fit for a pack horse. Though when he his staying in once place for a few days or so, Jaek will take Bain out for a bit.
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No time to read it right now, but let me guess... Garret? ;)

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Hey, you asked me to take a look at your S&W section, so I did. I think you should be balanced enough, no immediate problems there :)


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