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Author Topic: Tari Vardamir/Ylfferhim/wanderer  (Read 42 times)
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Tarí Vardamir
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« on: Yesterday at 06:26:05 AM »

Name: Tari Vardimir

Gender: Female

Age: 58 years old (life expectancy of 550)

Race: Elf

Tribe: Ylfferhim

Occupation: Tari has no specific job, so she lacks money. Since she is usually wandering, whenever she comes into a town, she sells some of her paintings.

Title: Wanderering artist

Height: 1 ped, 2 fores and a nailsbreadth

Hair Colour: Strawberry blonde

Eye Colour: One Blue, the other green

Physical Appearance: Appearing about 21 years old, Tari’s frame is slender yet is full of hidden strength. She is pale, with a well defined face and wide vague eyes. Her eyes are by far the strangest thing about her, given that her right eye is a dark blue and the other a sea green. Her hair falls long, wavy and windswept around her shoulders, giving her a slightly untidy and wild look.

On her left forearm a jagged crimson scar runs down it, as a result of an accident in Tari’s childhood. There is also a smaller scar on her left ankle, from the same incident.

Tari has a tattoo of twisting vine on her right shoulder and upper arm, representing her love for nature. She bears two earrings on her left ear, one a small stud embossed with sapphire and the other silver shaped like a small, delicate leaf. Tari always wears a flower pendant left by her father for her on a leather string around her neck.

Clothing: Since Tari spends a lot of time out in the forest, she wears simple and comfortable clothes. These mainly consist of a dark green tunic and black pants and well worn boots. She also wears a cape with a hood belonging to her mother of a natural green, with leaves stitched delicately along the edge.

When it is necessary for Tari to dress up a bit more, she wears a blue dress, also belonging to her mother. It is soft and not too fancy, just the may Tari likes it.

Personality: Tari is usually shy when she meets knew people, though when you get to know her she possesses quite a vibrant personality. She disapproves of people who kill for pleasure. She is patient, seeing as sometimes she sits there for hours doing a single painting. Tari can be slightly rebellious at times, especially is someone wants her to do something disagrees with. She sometimes gets annoyed when people comment on her freakish eyes in a disapproving way, though the only time she was ever really angry was when she met her father.

- Her patience. It’s a good thing to have.
- Her artistic ability. That's not really a great strength, but it's a good ability, earning her only income of money.
- Her navigation abilities in the forest, so she never gets lost, unless she is new to a certain area.

- Her slightly rebellious personality. Sometimes it gets her in trouble.
- Her eyes. They draw unwanted attention and sometimes insults. Not many people have eyes of different colours.
- Her hatred for her father. As you will see in Tari's history, she went into an over-the-top rage when she met him.

History: Tari was born in Drwsyl. Her mother died giving birth to her, so she was left in the care of her father. Her father, a hunter, was devastated by the loss of his wife so fled, leaving her in the care of Tari’s aunt, Nienna.

Tari grew up always knowing about her parents. All she had left was some off her mothers clothes and a flower pendant that was found by her cot when her father left. She was disgusted at the very thought of her father leaving her.

“Why did he leave me?” asked a young and curious Tari.
“He couldn’t bear the lose of your mother. You look just like her,” replied her aunt.
“Then he is a coward. He should hope he never meets me.”

Tari lived most of her younger life with her aunt Nienna and her cousin Nátulcien. She and Nát (as she called her cousin) would spend many an hour playing in the forest, pretending to be warriors or explorers. They never wandered far from Drwsyl, though Tari longed too. One day she persuaded Nát to come with her to a new place she had found. They came to a cluster of rocks, which Tari proudly named ‘her fort’. They played for a while, not realizing how unstable the formation was. Tari stood on the highest point, when a rock underneath dislodged itself, sending Tari down with it. Her arm was cut open and she got a lesser cut on her ankle. Nát was lucky to escape with a cut little finger and ran back for help.

Not to be shadowed by this accident, Tari continued to explore the forest for many years. She began to discover her talent in art so she would spend ages out doing paintings. One day she left her aunt to go exploring and painting into deeper parts of the woods. She would of

One day she came to Aer'ylferian. She was staying at an inn when an elf approached her.

“You face is familiar. Exactly like your mothers,” he said.
“Are you my father?” Tari asked suspiciously.
“Why yes, I am Séreméla Vardamir.”

Tari dived across the table in an obvious rage. Her father was shocked as he watched his screaming daughter be pulled off him by other customers.

“How could you leave me? If you loved my mother you would have stayed. You should have raised me like you daughter. i am no longer your daughter. I never was your daughter. You should haved loved me, embraced me in you laughter. Instead you left me in your shadow,” spat Tari in disgust, before throwing off the elves holding her and storming out. She ran out of the town and into the forest before collapsing and crying her heart out, clutching the flower pendant around her neck, which, unbeknown to her had been left by her father.

Weapons: Tari carries a long knife and a smaller dagger, which she seldom uses.

Belongings: She always carries a leather bag slung over shoulder, carrying her parchment, and paints, pens and food.

Familiars: a tree Dragonfly Lizard that Tari has named Órelindë. She is often found zooming round Tari's head or resting on her shoulder. Tari found her lying injured on the ground and nursed her back to health.
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"Instead you left me in your shadow" Tari Vardamir
Tarí Vardamir
New Santharian

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« Reply #1 on: Yesterday at 06:27:25 AM »

Ok people, please start commenting!  grin
I'm relatively new to Santharia so please point out if i've done something wrong

"Instead you left me in your shadow" Tari Vardamir
Kalína Mërénwèn
Bringer of Song and Dreams
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Elf, Mélad'rhím/ Injerín

« Reply #2 on: Yesterday at 08:36:04 AM »

Are you finished writing it and ready for comments? If so, you will want to use the exclamation point posticon.

Insanity is only a perception made by those who have yet to attain its greatness. While those of us who have already stepped inside its bounds find bliss in our utter madness.
Lady Kalina
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Brownie, Llaoihrr

« Reply #3 on: Yesterday at 05:46:49 PM »

We normally ask for  at least 2-3 sentences to explain every strength and weakness.  This makes it clear how much they affect your character.  :)
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Tarí Vardamir
New Santharian

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« Reply #4 on: Today at 10:14:44 AM »

Ok i'll see what i can do

"Instead you left me in your shadow" Tari Vardamir
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