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Author Topic: Grant / Caltharian / Craftsman  (Read 1832 times)
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« on: March 15, 2008, 05:39:32 AM »

Name: Grant
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Race: Human
Tribe: Caltharian
Occupation: Itinerant Craftsman
Title: Honest Hand

Grant is a man of integrity. If everyone were as honest and hardworking as he, the world of Caelereth would certainly be a better place. A great sense of humor gets him through tough days, and a streak of clumsiness occasionally hinders him.

Height: 1 ped, 2 fores, 1 palmspan
Weight: 1 pygge, 2 hebs, 2 ods
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Sou’cald Blue
Physical Appearance:
Grant is of pure Caltharian blood. Pale skin covers his body which is muscular, but still lean. He is a little taller than most of his stocky people, with broader shoulders, but still obviously of their lineage. Long muscular arms and large hands aid him in his work. His legs are not quite as toned as his other limbs, but his endurance could make up for that particular downfall. His feet are calloused and strengthened from a lack of shoes over the years. Grant’s features are angular. A slender neck with a prominent adam’s apple leads up to his face.

He has a bony jawline, ending in a pointed chin with a small goatee at the end. He prefers to keep it cleanly shaven, but facial hair seems to give him a bit of a comfort. Thin pink lips stretch across his face, and dimples in his cheeks appear when he smiles or laughs. The craftsman has a crooked, pointed nose—once broken. Sou’cald blue eyes give a glow of innocence and purity to the young man. Blonde hair sits atop his head in a style not uncommon to Caltharians: dread locks. Knotted into these locks, it sits about shoulder length.

Aside from his crooked nose, there is not too much unique about Grant. He has a tattoo of Injera on the back of his right calf, and wears it proudly.

Obviously Caltharian, Grant always wears simple yet colorful clothing. He rarely wears shoes—mostly in colder months. His bare feet have shoe-like soles from weathering and callusing over many years. He wears a loose tunic on his muscular frame, dyed various reds, oranges and blues. The coloring is bright, but Grant is very proud of the work his people do. His breeches are a simple eophran brown, tied at his narrow waist.

Occasionally, to tie back his knotted hair, Grant will wear a brightly dyed scarf around his head.

Grant is a quiet, hard working man. He spends his days working mostly alone woodworking and crafting to his heart’s desire. And really, it is his heart’s desire to do so. He’s always wanted to, and his heart brims full of pride and joy when he sets eyes on each finished product. His honesty will come across to some as aloofness as he speaks about his own work, but most admit that he simply is telling it out it really is. He is very practical and sees reality the way it is; usually nothing more.

The workman will work long and hard on any project for almost any amount of coin. He usually doesn’t bargain or swindle when it comes to pricing. He is friendly and usually very informal with customers and, well, anyone he meets. Very laid back, Grant prefers to wear little clothing, often wearing only breeches in the warmest months. His dread locked hair allows him to even go a time without bathing properly.

A little socially inept, Grant can be hard to get along with at times. However, once past the initial stuttering and babbling on the forefront, one will find a young friendly man with an incredible sense of humor. He will not usually lie or create big stories, but he will speak truthfully and earnestly of reality. Some would say he’s naïve, but he simply hasn’t experienced all the evils of the world.

Honesty: This Caltharian is a good, honest man. He has no intention of lying or cheating his way into something. He does not possess greed or even a need for coin. Although living in a merchant town and part of a people who are mostly merchants, Grant has no need to be dishonest. He does not want to swindle people out of money, he wants to provide honest labor and a magnificent product.

Hard working: A craftsman, Grant can endure strenuous hours of constant work. He knows what it means to complete a project despite any shortcomings or imminent failings on the horizon. He will work to the best of his ability no matter the job, the amount of money provided for it, or the person ordering the product.

Quiet: Grant is a solemn man. He can spend days at a time alone and not feel lonely. This is a gift in itself, because many are begging for love and marriage, whereas Grant is content the way he is. He doesn’t need the constant bustle of the inner city, or trips to Carmalad. He is quiet and happy right where he is.

Fisherman: Although he doesn’t trade in this area, Grant is a great fisherman. As he lives on the shore of the Ancythrian Sea, he crafted himself a small boat to take into its waters. Since he was a younger man, Grant learned to fish and provide food for himself.

Clumsiness: Despite the amount of harmful tools always in his midst, Grant hasn’t learned a completely steady hand. He can quite often slip up, trip, or harm himself in the process of crafting. In the same way, he can knock tools and items off of surfaces and make spills or messes easily. In addition, he sometimes stutters, or stumbles over his words when trying to convey an idea or message to another person.

Brutally Honest: Grant really has no passion for lying. Even for the receiver’s benefit he will not lie. Occasionally a brutal truth comes out that is harmful, or will get the young man into trouble.

Homely: Although one would not think this a weakness, it is difficult for Grant to make money or to even leave his little hut by the sea. He has no intention of moving anywhere else, and no need to do so. This makes him innocent and oblivious to many of the evils of the world; it may one day catch up with him.

Socially Inept: At times, Grant really isn’t sure how to interact with other people. Living in the outer city, it’s easy to go for days without heading into the busier part of the city or meeting another person. As he is quite content to spend time working and fishing quietly in his home, he sometimes is a little awkward when meeting another person. Although he is easy to get along with, the initial push is the hardest part.

Born: 2nd Molten Ice, 1645 a.S.
Grant’s history is fairly simple and concise. Born in Cavthan, he grew up with a mother and father in their proper working class. His mother dyed cloth and his father crafted works of wood. His parents were both fairly old when they birthed him—a highly unexpected and mind reeling surprise. Grant only lived into his late teens before they passed on, but the three of them were very close. The young boy would accompany his mother when she dyed cloth, getting his skin covered in various dyes and making his mother giggle like a child herself. She always looked at him fondly, telling him he brought out her childlike side for the last time in her life.

Other days, the boy would watch with awe as his father crafted tables, chairs, boats, or carts. Convinced his father could make anything, Grant would sit in silence and wonder as he worked carefully and precisely with his tools. Soon, his father would take his hand, place a tool in it, and suggest he help him with a certain object. Because of hours upon hours of studying his father, the work came almost naturally to Grant. He has to fine tune and hone some skills, as any craftsman would, but as his father got older they would share projects and split the profits. He would never know it, but Grant’s father was helping him save for his own living as his parents would surely pass away.

Soon enough, they both died. First his mother, then his father’s sorrow and heartache took him sooner than guessed. Grant, weary and tired from sleepless nights, at first did not want to choose between his parents’ two crafts. He wanted to keep each of their spirits alive in woodworking and cloth dying, and would not let the two go. He became thinner than anyone would choose to be and worked himself to the bone trying to continue at both their jobs. An honest man in his heart, although very young, Grant took himself across the Ancythrian Sea in a small boat and walked along the edge of the Goltherlon Forest, thinking deeply on which to choose. He had to first come to terms with the fact that both of his parents would be equally happy, whichever he chose.

Finally, the young man chose woodworking. He sent a patch of dyed cloth, tied with string to a small rock, floating towards the bottom of the sea in his pain. The loss of his mother would not be forgotten. After this, Grant worked long and hard to build himself a small wooden hut in the outer city area of Cavthan on the edge of the Sea. He happily used the money his father had pushed him to take from their projects and save—it was as if he knew it would be needed and in death Grant would not go uncared for. It took him nigh a year to build the hut on his own, and when it was finished he swelled with pride. His first work, entirely his own and, if he did say so himself, finished beautifully.

It was then Grant decided he was worthy of sales of his works, and started making weekly trips into the inner city to ask for projects to work on. It came easier than he had planned. Many merchants wanted carts to transport their goods to Carmalad, or small boats to make trips to the Goltherlon Forest or to their neighboring city of Elsreth. It was easier than he thought, and although he had no idea at the rate of pay for customers, he took what they offered and asked no questions. He worked hard in memory of his father, and many customers found themselves staying to enjoy the company of the young craftsman as he worked. He was easy to laugh with once the unsteady beginning was forgotten.

And so Grant worked as such, never wondering whether he should leave Cavthan or not—he had no intention of venturing anywhere else. He became proficient at fishing as he built himself a small fishing boat and would sit for hours at sea, smoking a pipe, pondering life and searching the depths for that dyed bit of cloth that was his mother. Although he did not make any friends, he did not find himself a wife (because it was rare a woman would even speak to him, save for a gift for her husband), nor did he desire children of his own, Grant was happy. Perfectly content as a man good at his craft and nothing more, he settled in his little hut by the sea.

Would he ever venture elsewhere? Perhaps one day, although he would need to find good reason. Because of his practicality, Grant worked on a small cart for himself as well. When finished, he stood back and looked at it. It already looked worn and rugged, perfect for travel. A broad smile adorned his face and he thought perhaps he was ready for adventure.

Grant does not possess weapons per se, but he does possess workman’s tools such as hammers, chisels, an even an axe to chop wood. These could be considered weapons used in an improper manner.

-   Clothing
-   Waterskin
-   A pipe
-   Small wooden hut by the Ancythrian Sea
-   A small boat crafted himself
-   Various woodworking tools and cloth to wrap them in for easy transport
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-Grant "The years have been short but the days were long."
Luca the Thief
« Reply #1 on: March 15, 2008, 01:02:39 PM »

What a lovely character! He reminds me of John Butler a little *drool*. No wife? You sure?

Sorry, I'm getting ahead of myself. Or behind. Not really sure. Basically what I came to say was that I think this is a great, refreshing character! He's a nice change from the warriors and mages and disenchanted maidens.

I see no issues or problems so you have my approval! Hope you see you around on the boards.
Twén Aråerwén
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Elf, Ifer’hém

« Reply #2 on: March 15, 2008, 01:10:50 PM »

I can only agree with Lewka! A wonderful character with a very Santharian flavor. ~Second Approval~

•º•The spell fell upon the crowd like a dragon, •º•
•º•ancient and full of death.•º•
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Twén Aråerwén
Death's Mistress
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Gender: Female
Posts: 4928

Elf, Ifer’hém

« Reply #3 on: March 15, 2008, 01:43:36 PM »

Titled and sent to the archives. Happy RPing dear!

•º•The spell fell upon the crowd like a dragon, •º•
•º•ancient and full of death.•º•
_.·´¯) Twén Aråerwén's CD(¯`·._
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