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Author Topic: Joining Applications  (Read 6693 times)
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Rookie Brownbark
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Brownie, Llaoihrr

« on: May 04, 2008, 10:53:31 PM »

Open for business!

The joining process will be ever so slightly different for this story. If you would like to apply then please reply to this thread with an IC (in character) post, showing some aspect of your character which could be of use in the search.  The journey will take them through forests as well as settlements, and include all sorts of perils, so there should be plenty of scope for all characters. We need a reason why Irid would hire *you* inparticular. We would suggest you make a post describing your journey to the starting place, New Santhala, or within the city itself. Entry will be based on the quality of this post, the skills displayed (will they help in the search?), as well as the places left (only 6 in total), so do your best!


Rooke, Irid and Khel. xxxx

P.S. Please be patient with us – entry is not on a first come first served basis so we will need to discuss the applications.  Add in the time difference between Europe and the US…
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The Green Rider
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Elf, Aellenhrim

« Reply #1 on: May 05, 2008, 09:15:11 AM »

   Maue sat by her fire and just gazed at the burning embers. She didn’t currently have a job but that was fine. She was tired of cities and of people. To tell the truth she had been forced out of Elsreth due to her horse, Witz. Maue had been busy paying a toll and not been watching her disobedient horse. It wasn’t the friendly guard’s fault that her horse simply had a cruel sense of humor. The guard had just been standing next to her and had started to stroke the tall black horse. Witz, seeing his chance, had acted calm and friendly. Then, without warning, he struck. The guard had needed a healer and Maue had needed an escort out of the city.
   It was a good thing for her that she was used to the road and all that came with traveling. Her job as a guide had prepared her for long lonely nights with only her horse and corbie as companions. She had chosen to travel south on a whim. Maue was board with Voldar. She spent all of her time in the local inns there and new all of the local travelers. She was tired of avoiding the local mages too. One in particular had fun by showing off when ever she was in the room.
   Maue stood up stretching as she did so. The question now was where she should go. She had passed the area where she knew anyone now that she was south of Elsreth. “Perhaps I can use that to my advantage.” Maue said to herself, glancing at Witz, who was tethered away from the fire. She wouldn’t be able to work as a guide but it might be possible to get a job as a guard or hunter for some traveling group. “Afder all when I am guide I hund for and prodect my group. I might as well do dat for oders.” Maue shifted her gaze back to the fire. The embers were starting to burn low and glowed with the last speckle of warmth.
   Maue stood and dumped the pile of dirt that she had prepared on top of her fire. She would not need a fire during the night. Wild animals will not attack when they are well fed and the forest teamed with small game. In the morning Maue would continue south but for now she was ready to sleep.
   As Maue settled in to sleep the black bird who had been resting above her opened his eyes. It always upset Cal when Maue went to sleep. She was not a creature of the forest but she always slept without tent or blankets, even when it rained. Something about this was unnatural to him. This was part of the reason that he refused to take food from Maue or anyone else, it was simply unnatural.

Sorry for before, this should fix things.

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I became insane with long intervals of horrible sanity.

E.A. Poe
Alyssa Mineu
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Human, Centoraurian

« Reply #2 on: May 05, 2008, 01:08:08 PM »

Mama! Papa! Aunty! I’m off!” Alyssa slung herself up on her horse. Quillý’fá’lýth neighed and kicked up her legs.

“Darling, be careful!” Her family’s voices grew softer as Lýth galloped away from Thyslan. Stopping at towns on the way to New-Santhala, Lyss grew more and more excited. It was her first time going to a place so far from home.

I wonder if the people there would like my dances...

Horth, Caelum, then a cut to Tyr Thromgolin. Following the road south to New-Santhala, Lyss soon saw faintly the skyline of the city. It was big, majestic even. Lyss was mesmerized by the view, and almost knocked into a man coming from the city. Lýth suddenly came to a halt, almost throwing Lyss off.

Sorry, sir! It was an accident.

“I didn't get hurt, so it's okay.”

Lyss and the stranger parted ways, Lýth continuing on their way. A brown bag, attached to Lýth's saddle, was swaying along with their motion. The bag contained some of Lyss’s provisions, including clothes. Lýth was a wonderful mare to Lyss: she was her mode of transport, her comfort, her friend.

Once Lyss entered the city, she jumped off her mare, and, pulling her reins, guided Lýth to a nearby inn. It looked rather old, but emanated a homey feeling. It will do, Lyss thought.

Lyss got Lýth into the stables, and checked into the inn. In her room, she took out her Armoured Fan and Singing Fingers, and started practicing for her dance. She kneeled down on the floor, and then spun round backwards, slowly rising.

Wave the left hand, shake the right hand.
Leap to the right, and spread out my legs.
Bend over backwards, kick up, mid-air cartwheel
Spin the right hand, spin around…

Deep in concentration, she did not realise when one of the inn's staff had knocked on her door. Hearing no response, the lady opened the door. She was watching Lyss's dance, rather rivetted, when Lyss spotted her.

“Oh, sorry, miss. I... I knocked but there was no response...” the girl's voice faltered.

Why were you looking at my dancing?

“Well, I...”

Never mind, how was it?” Lyss's tone was suddenly curious and friendly.

Rather scared now, the girl replied timidly, “It was very nice. Exceptional. I had never seen anything like it before...”

That's good, then. I'll have some food now. What do you have?

Lyss and the girl then went down the steps of the inn, proceeding to the main area of the inn, where travellers socialised, and ate. This could be the start of a new chapter in my life. It depends on how this stint goes. Just then, Lyss spotted a small poster flying about, then landing on the floor near her feet. Inquisitive by nature, she picked it up…

Hey Simonne, thanks for the heads-up! Really misread that... buck
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Lyss Mineu
Human, Centoraurian

Dancing is
letting yourself go, losing yourself in the dance, showing yourself to the world.

Alyssa "Lyss" Mineu
Simonne Miller
« Reply #3 on: May 05, 2008, 03:12:15 PM »

Hey you two... Thank you for your interest, but the post that you should make was the following: "We would suggest you make a post describing your journey to the starting place, New Santhala, or within the city itself." So you haven't heard of Irid yet. What you have here is a starting post, what we were looking for is a post in which you describe having one of those skills that will help in the search. If it helps you, it doesn't even have to be on the road to New Santhala, it can be in your 'natural habitat'. Do you understand?

I'm sorry for being nitpicky, but a very big part of roleplaying is being able to read what the previous persons have written, and interpret those posts more or less correctly...
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Irid alMenie
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Elf, Quaelhoirhim

« Reply #4 on: May 06, 2008, 06:22:57 PM »

Ok, thank you both for changing your post.

Maue: Congratulations! A guide is something we can use, especially since we'll be going north in search of the druid, so back to your territory. Welcome! Post the link to your CD and contact information in the right thread, and then you can start posting :)

Alyssa: I'm really sorry, but at this point we are not certain how your dancing ability would help in searching and finding the druid. Your writing style is good though, so I'm sure you will be able to find a spot in one of the other stories. I have it from reliable sources that a number of them are being reworked and will be up and running again soon, or you might try the Ulvur's Cry, which is still accepting players :)

Stat rosa pristina nomine, nomina nuda tenemus.
Irid al'Menie
Merýsa Stormblade
Sacred Sword
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Human, Erpheronian

« Reply #5 on: May 06, 2008, 09:49:44 PM »

"Welcome to New Santhala, Knight Stormblade. Shall I escort you to the stables where your steed can rest?"

Merýsa regarded the kind old stableman with a smile. "Yes, he is in need of food and shelter for the night. I shall procure a bed here in the inn."

The old man, a member of one of New-Santhala's temples to Armeros, nodded to the lady knight and took the reins of the large Kev'lor warhorse. Merýsa stepped off of the animal, her piecemail armor making dull chinking noises as she did so, and removed her heavy leather gloves before running her bare fingers though the horse's thick mane.

"Get some rest, Caern," Merýsa whispered in the steed's ear. "A new adventure begins in the morn."

The old stableman nodded at the knight. "There are rooms in the temple for your use, Lady Stormblade. Perhaps you'd care to stay there?"

Merýsa shook her head. "Thank you, no. I shall come to the temple for morning prayers at dawn but I seek a cup of warm tea and a softer bed tonight than what the temple can provide."

The old man said nothing more and led the horse a short distance away to the temple stables where all of the knight's horses were kept.

Merýsa removed her other glove and tucked them both into her belt. The inn before her was simple and ordinary. She desired only a drink and sleep and cared little for the other more exquisite inns and taverns. And, this was the only inn so close to the Armourwain. She had a big day in the morning. She was sent from Voldar many days ago to make a visit to New-Santhala and perhaps seek a job there. As a wandering knight, Merýsa was used to travel and had been most everywhere around Voldar. She chose to see the second most largest province in Southern Sarvonia and made her way here, to the capital of Sanguia.

Merýsa pushed the inn door open and stepped into a brightly lit and warm common room. Her eyes cast about, taking everything in, and finally settling on the barkeep. The sour faced woman frowned at Merýsa. That was definitely a reaction that the knight was not used to.

"The drunkards are upstairs making a mess of things!" the barkeep woman cried. "About time ye showed up! What good are ye knights if ye don't keep the peace at least part of the time, aye?"

Merýsa blinked in surprise. "Drunkards?"

"Aye, are ye daft or somethin'?" the barkeep growled. "Get up there and round them two dogs up! It'll take days to clean that room. And I'm gettin' too old to be hassling with young waifs who think they own this city!"

At that moment, the knight heard a crash from upstairs. It seemed that a pair of rabble rousers had taken to making a mess of one of the inn rooms and the barkeep expected Merýsa to do something about it. It was her duty, of course, to keep the peace...but she wondered why two drunks would be so brazen as to cause trouble so close to the temple of Armeros.

The knight made her way to the far stairs on the other side of the common room and ascended the steps. Every bone in her body ached and her armor felt like it was crushing her down but she persisted. It was her duty to mete out justice.

Another crash echoed down the corridor atop the steps. Merýsa saw a room door partly open and made a straight line there. She shoved the door open with her left arm and gripped her sword sheathed on her hip with her right hand.

"Enough, you two!" Merýsa called out. "Get out of here quietly or I shall be forced to escort you with the tip of my blade."

The two young men, probably young nobles, turned to look at the knight. Bottles and mugs of ale littered the stained floor. The furniture was in shambles and window was cracked. A young woman sat cowering in the corner of the room, her clothes torn from her body and a piece of rope tied around her mouth and head keeping her from screaming.

At the sight of the tied up young woman, Merýsa's rage flew to the surface. She took one step inside and grabbed one of the young men by the collar of his ornately decorated shirt and hauled him to his feet. She then turned and shoved him out into the hallway where he stumbled and fell.

The second man cackled and drew a dagger from his boot. Stupid boys...

The man thrust with his dagger at Merýsa's midsection. The knight stepped to the side and brought her fist down upon the man's wrist. The boy howled in pain and dropped the knife. His right fist came around fast towards Merýsa's face. She barely managed to duck and his fist instead cracked against her shoulder pauldron. Again, he cried out in pain and hissed in anger.

Enough of this! Merýsa thought.

She drew her sword quickly, the sound of the metal sliding forth from its sheath was a pleasing sound to Merýsa's ears. She brought the blade up with a swooshing noise and held it firm and unyielding up under the man's chin. The fight immediately left the man as he gazed down the blade at the knight's commanding green eyes.

"Your names?" Merýsa barked.

"Leonus and that is Trent of House Nurin," the man squeaked.

"Go to the common room and pay the barkeep for this mess," Merýsa said. "Then go report to the temple for punishment. If you fail to do so, I shall hunt you down like stray dogs and take your heads myself. Understand?"

The men both managed a whispered affirmative. Merýsa lowered her blade and the two scrambled downstairs.

The knight sheathed her blade and knelt by the woman. She appeared unharmed, just tied up and partially naked. Merýsa freed her and held her close as the girl hugged Merýsa's armored body and sobbed into the knight's neck.

There is never any rest for a knight of Armeros...Merýsa thought to herself.
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"When my god speaks, you will listen."
« Reply #6 on: May 07, 2008, 08:33:40 AM »

The setting of Injera had left a vague silhouette obscured upon the horizon. Even as it’s concluding rays had descended over the tree line deep to the far south the figure had remained motionless. With the ending of Lastflame a calloused fist tugged the reins of the hefty warg the orcess was seated upon. Blyxx knew she had to go into the city and only the rays of daylight had held the huntress at bay. Fear was something she would prefer to do without this day, for that is what most humans exhibited towards her people. Grizzy did not provoke most to trust the duo; the beast was a beautiful specimen appearing more like a blackened nightmare to nearly all-human children. The cover of night was the last piece the orc needed to make her move.

Casually Grizzy followed the gentle lead of her master, without haste they swooped about the human city in an ever-closing predatory circle. The huntress’s karikrimson orbs absorbing every possible route of entry into the settlement, searching and seeking for the most obscure of them. Nonchalantly the orcess’s authoritative hand caressed the neckline of her friend, an act more consoling for herself than for the warg. At near a quarter stral distant from the city the stench of humanity brought forth a contained snarl from her mount. Leaning over the orc whispered reassuringly towards her companion. “H'rrimt“. The declaration brought the monster to linger committed in its tracks; four untamed eyes examined the setlement. The hunter’s mind wandered back to all that had led up to this moment and savored nothing of it.

A fresh kill and the entire day had come about in a very bizarre twist, she had brought down a large stag and the last remnants of the orc’s salt had been used. Even as the blinks passed the meat within her saddlebags crept closer to spoiling, not a prospect she could afford. Having had slight heed of her locality, Blyxx initiated a vigil upon the humans pathways for hours praying to spot a trekker she could follow. Luck had been with her as a human woman wandered by shortly after midday but it didn’t look like the soft beasts that the huntress so frequently observed when passing near civilization. No the woman was upon a massive stallion and she was encased in steel, very unlike any human female the orcess had ever encountered. The mere apparition of the armed adlemirene haired figure set her to track the warrioress with extreme caution.

Throughout the day she had hounded the trail of the horse and rider, leaving Grizzy to follow them more by scent than sight. The huntress had no desire to draw the attention of such a well-armed human, she needed salt and not blood. All of this strangeness had guided her footsteps to this terrifying moment, to cross the threshold and risk persecution or flee with the possibility of losing what could feed her for weeks. Survival in the wild left her with no choice except to enter the village and trade for much needed supplies. Guardedly she urged her friend onward into the town the warg’s potent pace covering the distance like a dragon crossing the expanses of the skies, swiftly, with effortlessness and resolute fortitude.

From the cover of an alley Blyxx had spotted the steed of her quarry, peeking the orc’s inquisitiveness she decided to scrutinize the atypical woman further. With patience and more than her reasonable share of backtracking the huntress maneuvered her friend into a gloomy lane behind the stables. Although well trained Grizzy was what she was and the huntress knew better than to leave her unfettered. Wearily she slid from the saddle and retrieved two hefty portions of deer meat, displaying them in front of the warg. Satisfied that the animals hunger would not draw it away in the orcess’s absence she tied the animals reins about the handle of the stables door. She took on a guarded stride as she wandered towards the entranceway of the tavern.
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Irid alMenie
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Elf, Quaelhoirhim

« Reply #7 on: May 07, 2008, 03:16:04 PM »

I am very happy to say that both Merýsa and Blyxx have been accepted into the story. Go ahead and post your CD and contact information in the right thread, and then you can post your entrance posts in the IC thread! Welcome, both of you!

*ish curious to see the interaction between a knight and an orc* LOL

Stat rosa pristina nomine, nomina nuda tenemus.
Irid al'Menie
Irid alMenie
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Elf, Quaelhoirhim

« Reply #8 on: May 07, 2008, 04:36:40 PM »

Alright, if you haven't applied yet: we still have three places left!

Stat rosa pristina nomine, nomina nuda tenemus.
Irid al'Menie
Menweh Reolláolásh’miés
Wind Caller
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Elf, Ylfferhim

« Reply #9 on: May 08, 2008, 01:28:45 AM »

The bell rung out the hour, it was Darkreign by the time Menweh had finally reached the city of New Santhala. She had added a dark green cloak to her wardrobe, which shielded her from the chill of the darkest part of the night. Her leg had begun to pain her, so she lifted her waterskin to her lips and sipped some of the tincture she had brought with her. She knew she shouldn’t have searched around King’s Hallow for an herb shop. Menweh had found what she needed. Two herbs that would help her ease the pain in her leg, and since she was low on the tincture she bought some to brew the tincture. But to do that she needed hot water and the closed gate stood between her and an inn.

“Excuse me? Guard? Would yea be so kind as to open the gate? I’ve been traveling for a lengthy time, and I need rest.” Menweh called up to the guard. She was very tired and the trip down from Ximax was thankfully uneventful.

“Nah can’t open it till Daybreak, Sorry,” The guard yelled in return.

“Please? Sir? I need to get in to brew my tincture. Other wise I will pass the night in pain,” She cringed as the last of the pain subsided. So it was a bit of a lie, she’d last with out pain until the next Darkreign. Still this was very annoying.
“Sorry Miss, I got my orders,” The guard said with a sort of finality as he walked away.

She walked up to the gate muttering,”Ésh-valtúrtás qué jhé iú.’’

   Menweh fished around in her spell pouch and drew out a clear crystal. She then looked over the entirety of the gate and found what she was looking for, the guard’s door. The elf walked over to it and touched the crystal to the door; she focused on the wind ounía and strengthened them.
“Ág’rrán só avásh,“ She breathed as the door became more and more transparent. This was so annoying, to have to magic when he could have just opened the gate! As the door became the next victim of her Vanish spell, she walked through it, making very sure that it did not materialize as she was passing though it. The mage shook her head as she then let the wind ounía go down to its normal strength. Now that Menweh was inside the city she had the task of hiding herself from the gaurds who still thought her outside the gates. This would be harder. She’d spent the last twelve years on what was considered to be level one spells by the Magical academy of Ximax. It was only about the last four years that she’d been working on level two spells. The elfess shook her head and repeated the longer verson of the Vanish spell, “Ág’rrán só avásh ác sá áel.“

Again she focused on wind ounía but this time within Menweh’s own Cár’áll this time. She strengthend the ounía that influenced the invisibly aspect of wind.

She waited as the spell took over her entire body, the wizard could afford no slip ups, no day dreaming either. As she felt her toes finally disappear like the rest of her she walked down the street. Menweh felt like a thief or a rogue of some sort, sneaking up on an unsuspecting victim. She smiled as she drew out her ceremonial dagger from its sheath, and hunched over. The pain in her leg was now only a dull ache, she could handle that. She crept toward the spot where her imagined quarry stood, selling his tomatoes to the crowds.

The elf made sure that every foot fall was as quite as she could possibility make it, sticking close to the shadows in her imagined scene. She closed in on him smiling as she readied her self. She made a slitting motion where she imagined the coin purse being, and Menweh opened her own to accept the falling imagined coins. Successful! She smirked to herself, he never saw it coming.

Menweh looked down into her imagined bag and saw it. Dread filled her, she saw it as well as her hands and her arms! She was visible! When did her spell wear off? She whirled around to see what the guards where doing. She saw no one.

The wizard breathed a sigh of relief, she even heard them singing to pass the hours. Menweh was safe! The elf chuckled to herself, it had been too easy. She trotted off to find an inn, if her memory served there should be one around this street unless the city had be razed and rebuilt since the very detailed map of New Santhala was drawn. Menweh had had to copy that cursed thing twice, she had messed up on a portion of the map as she had been daydreaming. She shook her head again as she turned a corner.  At least she was here, and when she found an inn she’d be safe. The thrill of finding the inn too over Menweh as she walked down the lain and into the night.

Unbound Rogue
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Human, Eyelian

« Reply #10 on: May 08, 2008, 08:14:23 AM »

Alrighty! Welcome, Menweh, to the story. Go ahead and post your CD and contact information in the right thread, and then you can post your entrance posts in the IC thread! :)

..tell me your heart doesn't race for a hurricane or a burning building. -asw
Your pal, Khel
Lyon Ridgebane
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Human, Kanapan - Sildereo

« Reply #11 on: May 08, 2008, 11:24:39 AM »

New-Santhala. He’d been here before. He remembered the smell. He found his way here easily enough this time; a caravan of some sort had lead the way. It was easy for him to keep up even without a horse, occasionally jogging but mostly keeping distance enough to know which direction to turn. The caravan was slow, rambling, and the people extremely friendly. As soon as the mountain range loomed around him, Lyon knew where he was. The winds through the crevasses and valleys were not hard to mistake. It was far south from his homeplace, but an area he’d roamed for some time now. If it wasn’t the mountains, it was the forests that provoked memories—the smells of the trees and the rustling of leaves. A broad grin has spread across his face as he slowed, letting the caravan amble away from him down the road.

Walking lightly now, the blind man kept his staff firmly in hand. His pack carried light objects: some bread, parchment, ink and quills. In all black, the man may have looked rather suspicious but he himself would never notice. Long, nor’sidion hair trailed down the back of his legs; it swayed there with the pride of his Kanapan people. Breathing deeply, there was no mistake where he was. Near Rimmerin’s Ring. He’d have to find a kind stranger to read his entry on it later—his first experience within these mountains was worth documenting. The forests teemed with life and energy; an aura Lyon could feel within his bones. Having been here before, the man was relaxed, strolling easily towards the capitol city.

Most were wary of the man, his eyes so obviously covered to pinpoint him as blind at first glance. But even the guard at the gate chuckled in response to his kindness and assurance that he knew his way around. If pointed in the right direction, his nose and ears would lead him there eventually. If not his keen senses, then his optimism would get the job done. Of course, he wasn’t without his mishaps. A regular stumble could be found in his step. Due to perseverance and agility from years of physical training, however, Lyon rarely made a lasting tumble.

Agile as a cat, the man’s reflexes proved themselves handy even upon entering the familiar city. Upon hearing a low rumble to his left, the Kanapan tensed, crouched, and brought his staff to arms before thinking. His form was steady and his movements sure. Scratching on the street and the prolonged growl resonated within his body. Only a few moments before understanding came to him. ”Oh, shoo.” He said lightly, his deep voice directed at the creature. Standing straight again the man brushed it off. Only a mongrel.. He thought, shaking his head. Turning to his right to continue into the city, on a second thought he glanced back. ”You’re not fooling anyone, you stink.” He added matter-of-factly. 

Brushing off the encounter, the man thought of his earlier traveling days. Days when the slightest movement would send him into flight. He’d grown and matured; become more aware of his body and senses since then. His staff was his greatest ally, thick and serving as an aid and a weapon where needed. He had not forgotten his writing, but merely enjoyed the newfound freedom of familiarity. After years of new discovery after new discovery his mind became weary, begging for a break. It was then he’d decided to return to a familiar area. Maps of sorts were etched in his mind—here he was comfortable and free to experience life without fear.

Rounding a corner, Lyon held out his staff. Bumping against the side of a building, white teeth shone in a smile. The tavern. Right where he’d remembered it, and the aroma coming from it delectable. Steeling himself for only a moment, the blind man pulled open the door and stepped inside.

I am not alone, I am not afraid, I am not unhappy. Lyon.
Irid alMenie
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Elf, Quaelhoirhim

« Reply #12 on: May 08, 2008, 04:53:42 PM »

Welcome, Lyon ^.^ Go ahead and post your information, and then you can enter the story.

Alrighty people, two places left! If you're wondering about the number: I reserved places for the moderators, outside of the total number of 6 adventurers. We're still in need of a few guys here, you wouldn't want poor Lyon to be thrown to the lions (sorry, bad pun LOL ) here, do you, in a group of all women?

Stat rosa pristina nomine, nomina nuda tenemus.
Irid al'Menie
The Illiana Twins
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« Reply #13 on: May 11, 2008, 03:19:27 AM »

"Xan, brother. When I say 'Get me a fat pig', I don't mean 'Get me something that looks like a pig but is actually a skeleton with skin on top'," Xanth said patiently to her brother. Beside her, leaning against the sturdy trunk of a large tree, Xander gave her a smile. "Xanth, it was the best I could do. The game isn't good here, and Lilith is napping. I can hunt fairly well on my own, but you know Lilith helps me loads."

Above them, Injera peered through the leaves that adorned the tree the twins were under, casting small shadows on the two. They were outside new Santhala, where they had stopped for a few days. The two were road weary, and they needed rest as well as coin. Now, the duo was outside the city's walls, trying as best as they could to get potentially delicious meats to make delicious meals. But looking at the poor excuse for game Xander had dredged up, Xanth was starting to feel little pricks of worry. How exactly could she do her cooking magic when the only meat she had looked and smelt like a undead messenger from Queprur?

"Please. Unless you want me to make a salad with nothing but muscle and... and... " Xanth's sentence trailed off as she spotted a flash of coarse hair in the undergrowth. The elf clutched at her brother's hand, waving frantically at the bush. Xander, already alert, shook off his sister's desperate motions and swiftly scaled the great oak. A minute later, Xanth heard a soft twang, and a high pitched squeal. The something in the bush started to thrash around frantically, flattening the foliage around it. She started to move towards the poor animal, but was stopped by a sharp whisper from above.

"Don't move. I'm fairly sure I shot its neck, but it can still rush you." Xander's voice bobbed down as he made his way to the ground. He cocked another arrow, aiming at the steadily weakening movements of the boar. Just to be safe. The next arrow whistled through the air, burying itself firmly into the boar's side, sending it none too quietly into the afterlife. A satisfied smile was plastered over Xander's face as he grinned at his sister. "There you go. Your meat."

"Better late than never. Get it back to the inn. After the steak I whipped up for him, that innkeeper said that I could use his kitchen. Plus he said that if I made the same tonight, he'd pay me." Slinging his bow behind him, Xander proceeded to drag it onto the cart they had rented. When they got back, he'd skin it, and then his sister should be able to cook it in time for dinner. If Lady Luck allowed, the innkeeper would enjoy the meal, and they'd have paid for their lodging and maybe a little on the top. Perhaps they'd get through the next day.

Egad. Xander lifted his eyes up into the heavens. We need a job.
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The light of the fire slowly diminished.  Mannix rolled over and stared at the dying embers.  His throat has parched and his stomach growling.  He felt a movement beside him.  “Hey there little guy, d’you have a good sleep?”  Fenyx peeped his reply and scampered to Mannix and licked his nose.  “Awh, your breath stinks, we’ll have to something about that.  Come on off we go.”  He rose, packed up his bedroll and banked the fire.  With Fenyx on his shoulder he strode from his camp and towards the city.  He could not help but admire its beauty.  Of course it is nothing like Thaelon.   It had been a tiresome journey and now he looked forwards to sleeping in a bed.  Though he loved his forest, he enjoyed not having to hunt or cook and having a comfortable bed. The gate of the city loomed ahead of him.  Here I go.  He kept his hood up, his head down and walked through the gates.  A faint smell hit his nose, the smell of people. But above all, the sound was what struck him.
   Mannix came to a crossroad.  He looked left, then right.  Where do I go, I wonder?   A man walked past Mannix without even a glance.  “‘Scuse me sir, do you know of a place to wet my parched throat?”  The man looked at Mannix with a peculiar look.  “Ye mean the tavern?”  Mannix nodded.  “Aye, that be to the left.”  And he turned on his heel and strode off before Mannix could say another word.  “He’s a odd fellow,” Mannix said to nobody in particular.  So Mannix turned left and walked to what he hoped tavern, his quiver swing gently as he did.
   On the right side of the street stood a building with a dirty swinging sign, on which the words could no longer be read. The glow of a fire through the windows.  “This must be it, Fenyx.”  He opened the door and walked in.
   Inside a fire burned brightly in the hearth, even though it was sun blaze.  Mannix pulled down his hood, his beautiful elven features became apparent, and accidentally buried Fenyx.  He squeaked with displeasure.  “Oh, sorry boy,” and he lift Fenyx from beneath the hood.  The barkeep stood by his bar, with a feint smile on his face.  He looked towards Mannix and a look of despair cross his face for a brief moment, to be covered quickly with that same smile.  Mannix walked over to him.  “How may I be of a help to ya, sir?”  The barkeep said but keeping the smile.  “Would you have a bed for me t’sleep tonight, and a drink to wet me throat?”  The barkeep could not manage to cover his displeasure.  “Err, aye we do sire.”  Suddenly the barkeeps look changed as an idea sprang to mind.  “But first, have you heard of the druid of these parts.”  Mannix’s interest was evident.  “Tell me more, if you would, kind sir.”

Friendship is like peeing on yourself: everyone can see it, but only you get the warm feeling that it brings.
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