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Author Topic: Bardavos ~ Character Descriptions / Contact Info  (Read 6585 times)
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Lyrién Raohalniraél
Enchanting Bard
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Elf, Injerín

« Reply #15 on: July 28, 2008, 05:18:05 AM »

Lyrién Raohalniraél is the epitome of an Inrerín elf: Tall and slender, almost skinny, with long blond hairs with a single flowery twig in it. His long face is dominated by high cheek bones which always seem to show a blush and two large amber eyes. He wears simple, purple and brown clothes to show his occupation(s): A bard, as well as a level III Wind mage. His Tharian is very good but a slight accent tells that he has learned it rather recently. He is peace-loving, indeed believing that Avá wants him to spread her peaceful words through his absolutely enchanting voice and his harp which is the only possession of modest value he owns.

Lyrién is friendly, only slightly arrogant towards (short-living) humans, utterly pacifistic and will start singing as soon as violence breaks out. Whoever wants to find out more about this elf, should just approach him. He/she will not be ignored but welcomed friendly.

CD is in Sig and just PM me since I've almost moved to Santharia..... :)
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Silmarwen Elanessë
Poet of the Áv'jeín
Approved Character
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Gender: Female
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Elf, Athyron

« Reply #16 on: July 28, 2008, 08:38:23 AM »

I'm very sorry, I've been in Bardavos for awhile and never done this! Please Excuse my Delay in Doing so...

Silmarwen is mostly of Elven Arthyron blood, but has one fourth of human in her as well. She is slim and has the average weight for an Arthyron, with very beautiful, misty blue eyes and long, sleek, brown-gold hair, which is usually either held back with a ribbon or hidden by the hood of her cloak. when it is let down it is said to be her most becoming features. She is a very quit and laid back person, who only wishes for a peaceful place for her to do what she excels at: Writing Poetry and Playing her Lyre. She is not a very outgoing person and is easily frightened by any intimidating figure, but her tongue may be loosened a good amount by a friendly and understanding character. She has a dog, named Fley, who is very protective of Silmarwen and she changes mood as Silmarwen does unless she knows danger is near. She has a lovely voice to listen to, which is good, because she often recites her poetry while strumming contentedly on her lyre. She cannot stand closed in or crowded places or very loud noises. She is also trained in the ways of a healer, which is a skill known to only those who have been treated by her.

Sorry it's so long, and that it took me even longer to do this!

"God is Lord; of men, and of angels, and of elves."
"I agree completely with Tolkien."
Silmarwen Elanessë ~ Poet of Áv'jeín
Rejected by Death
Approved Character
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Human, Avennorian

« Reply #17 on: August 06, 2008, 02:16:30 PM »

Riggeir was a gambler, drinker, and fighter. Unfortunately, his older brother, Rett was taking the fall of all his faults. When Rig killed the youngest son of a wealthy merchant, his brother's came after Rett. The older brother had gotten Rig out of the city just hours before and succeeded in getting his father out as well. Unfortunately, Rett didn't get out in time. After months of slow and painful torture, the loss of his profession, and nearly his mind, he gave in and gave the remaining and rather insane brothers a believable lie. They ordered him disposed of, but the young soldier in charge of that made an attempt to save Rett's life. Not that he wanted it saved. Slowly he began to heal and regain strength, surprising everyone with the fact that he enduring. When most of his strength had returned he set out in search of his brother, wanting nothing more to see him alive one last time.

     Email - jordy_3491@yahoo.com
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     IRC - Garret
     PM - Rett or Garret Arroway

'Tis deeds, not blood, which determine the worth of a being.
« Reply #18 on: August 30, 2008, 12:33:10 PM »

Elspeth is a life gone astray. With a vast desire to be an entertainer her family had other plans. They sent her to learn Wind magic from the Academy of Ximax, which she accomplished on par with her classmates. She is a hardworking soul with a joy for life and all the challenges it presents. Many would be hard pressed to find a more determined individual than Beth, she lives life with a passion and faces every obstacle with a heart well beyond her hobbitish size.

She has a love of magic, hard work and takes great pleasure in all things artistic. One is just as likely to find the hobbit lass tending a field as they are to find her singing a merry tune along a pathway. With a sweet tooth and jovial personality it is also not rare to find her wandering about a marketplace 'sampling' the goods for hours on end. Her heart is one filled with a love for everyone and everything, leaving a more friendly persona near impossible to find.

Contact Info: On my Profile, also my full CD can be found in the signature.
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