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Author Topic: Nox Belle / Kasumarii / Freelance Mercenary  (Read 1128 times)
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Nox Belle
Macabre Marionette
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Gender: Female
Posts: 1194

Human, Kasumarii

« on: July 19, 2007, 12:48:43 PM »

Basic Information
Full Name   Nox Belle
Gender   Female
Age   26
Race   Human
Tribe   Kasumarii , The Korenjaan Order

Title   Macabre Marionette

Occupation   One could not really label Nox as an assassin. Which is probably because she isn't one. Not really. Sure, she's stealthy and good with her blades but she finds the lack of variety in the assassination field to be horrendously boring. She's more of a free lance mercenary as she tends to take almost any kind of job that will profit her with a good sum of money. So she's free game for almost any job, bloody or not, that people just aren't willing to muss their hands for, at the cost of a very pretty penny. However, there are rare occasions where she may take a job even if there is no payment for her help, mainly using it as a means of passing the time.

It is to be said right now that Nox looks like a little boy between the ages of twelve and thirteen, and it is pretty much impossible to determine otherwise unless one were to see her naked. Other than the fact that her mother poisoned her until her early teens, thus trapping her in an adolescent's body, she likes to think that she turned out quite well. Making a nice little living out of taking various jobs from various people, she is paid a pretty penny for her services: ranging from keeping someone safe, stealing, or taking care of dirty work that most people simply just aren't willing to soil their hands for. Awkward mood swings, serious lack of empathy for others, spur of the moment actions, brutal honesty, and heavy paranoia all mix together to brew what everyone thinks is a charming young boy.

  • Physical Appearance
    • Height   1 Ped, 1 Fore, 1 Palmspan
    • Weight   1 Pygge
    • Hair   Cyhalloian Snow
    • Eye   Light Cerubell

It is to be said right now that Nox looks like a little boy between the ages of twelve and thirteen, and it is pretty much impossible to determine otherwise unless one were to see her naked. She is nearly the perfect example of what happens when one is poisoned with small doses for extended periods of time. Her growth was stunted by her mother's abuse before she actually got the chance to bloom. Her body, now hanging in a perpetual state of adolescent limbo, holds the hints of a child in the midst of changing into a teenage girl. However, her face is caught in the androgynous stages of a child. Should someone fail to ever see this little Kar'ii woman naked, then they would undoubtedly mistake her for a young boy. And, although she doesn't mind such an occurrence as it has become a common happening, she can find herself rather annoyed should they persist to insist that she is a child when she has stated otherwise. Though, she is unable to prove such unless fully nude.

Her cyhalloian snow white hair is cut in what many view as a rather strange style. Having parted it down the middle, she has cut her hair so that it is short on one side and long on the other. The right side of her hair is mostly about two nailsbreadths in length, though it is cut raggedly in uneven chunks as she tends to cut her hair on her own. The left side of her hair is kept long. She hasn't cut it since the day that she lost her eye and thus, it has grown quite a bit. Thick, sleek white waves cascade down past her shoulders to stop just below her mid back. Oddly, her hair has a silky texture to it and hardly ever tangles. Though, when it does, she merely has to brush her fingers through it to tug the knots out of it.

As a nicety towards others, as she is very much aware that most people see such a scar as grotesque, she tends to wear her hair down in order to conceal the left half of her face. Not to mention that she really doesn't appreciate it when people stare. However, when in the company of those she intends to spend more than a day or two with, traveling on the road, or on a job, Nox will style her hair in order to keep it out of the way. Often she uses a quick fix method for this, using a thin strip of soft leather to tie the long side of her hair in a low tail at the nape of her neck.

Holding fast to the childlike appearance, her face is an oval with soft features. But no matter how young her face had once appeared, her defining feature marks her as otherwise. The ravaged left side of her face shatters her childlike visage in one fell swoop. Her face is separated into two halves. The left is badly marred by a scar, horrible to behold. The right, however, survived the carnage of it's other half untouched.

A cute button-like nose rests in the center of her face, seemingly acting as the dividing line between the two sides of her face. Isolating destruction from perfection. Below her cute little nose is a shallow dimple. It leads down to rest one's attention upon her small mouth which is formed of slightly thin, yet shapely pink lips. Flashing one of her common grins, which remind some more of a wolf than a happy child, would reveal two straight rows of little white teeth. Her single big cerubell blue eye is set into her nearly androgynous face and framed with thick white lashes. One short white brow is precariously perched above the blue orb, twisting expressively.

A mass of white and pink scar tissue ripples, stretches, and twists across the left side of her face, the worst of it mainly on and around her left eye. The eyeball itself is still every much sitting in the socket, though it is completely unknown as to whether or not she still retains the ability to see with it. However, that question doesn't matter much as her eyelid and everything in the general vicinity was so badly damaged during the fight that she can't open her eye anyways. During the healing process her eyelid healed itself shut and she has never had any compelling urge to change that, a downward crescent of periodically interrupted black lashes illustrating that fact. Some of the damage spreads up onto the left side of her nose, but never reaches the middle nor the other side. The scar trails away from the main area of damage in three lines which twist down the unmarred portion of her cheek to her jaw line like vicious tears.

Although she is small, she is still sturdy and strong for her dainty size. Her body is lean and almost completely free of fat as she is very much in good shape. But no matter how strong her small body is, she is still rather weak strictly due to her stature. Composed of wiry muscles built for endurance, she is fine tuned for longterm exertion. Though she doesn't hold much in the sense of brute strength, she can easily spend hours crouched in a tight spot or hiding out in trees. Her pallid skin is stretched smoothly over her petite frame.

A thin, muscled neck, which would have been elegant should she have not been so boyish childlike in appearance, gives way to small shoulders. Strong arms flow down into bony wrists and nimble hands which are lightly calloused due to years of practice with blades. Her torso is lean and toned with small breasts, usually bound with cloth which makes her appear completely flat chested, and a flat, toned stomach. A slender waist flows down and curves ever so slightly outward into slender hips. Her legs are long and rather muscled with thick defined thighs and calves which descend down into dainty ankles and swift feet.

  • Clothing
    The clothing that this little Kar'ii is more commonly seen wearing is a rather simple set that would lead one to think she is a peasant boy rather than a young woman who has blood stained hands. Her daily attire is composed of random bits that she acquired here and there on her travels across the land. She has long since abandoned her old style, which was skintight with clean, crisp lines, for more regularly seen clothing. Sticking out like a sore thumb wasn't something that she particularly thought would be a good idea. Thus, she adapted. A shirt she saw here, sandals she saw there. Some of which were purchased and others which were 'borrowed' from various people she didn't know.

    A long strip of nor'sidian cloth is wrapped tightly around her upper torso, binding down her small breasts and causing her to appear just as flat chested as any boy would. The cloth covers from a good four nailsbreadths below her breasts and up to just a couple nailsbreadths below her collarbone. Draped over narrow shoulders is a very loosely fitted vest, which she generally tends to leave completely open, dyed a dark barsa dusk. Clinging in a desperate attempt to perform the only function and purpose which it had been specifically created to do, a pair of fitted plain deerskin breeches are set low on her hips and end just above her knees. Supple deer hide sandals comfortably adorn this little Kar'ii's dainty feet. The leather sandals are snuggly held to her feet via a strip of leather which laces up to be tied in a knot at her mid shin.

    Nox is a very suspicious person. She has irrational paranoia to plague nearly her every thought and, as such, she tends to usually be "armed to the teeth". She absolutely hates the feeling of being vulnerable, so she tends to keep her blades close to her no matter where she is or what she is doing. Taking away her weapons leaves her feeling naked and prone to attack. As such, she keeps her blades within her reach almost at all times and is almost obsessive in maintaining them, keeping them pristine and clean. There is not a moment in day or night that she is not armed with her beloved throwing knives. The nightooth is her favorite weapon compared to any other that she has seen and she does well to stick by that. On a normal basis, she will carry on her person anywhere up to twenty of her nightooth blades at a time. After all, spares are always good to have within reaching distance. If you listen very, very closely you can sometimes hear clinking when she moves in certain ways.

    In all, she really has eighteen of these blades, usually keeping the five stored in her leather bag. The thirteen blades that are upon her person at nearly all times are attached to her in various ways, in various locations. Four blades, situated diagonally across her chest from her left shoulder to her right hip, upon a bandoleer that makes a large X across the front and back of her torso, from her shoulders to her hips. Two more blades are attached to the back of the bandoleer, against her shoulder blades for an over-shoulder draw. One more blade is attached to the bandoleer at her left hip. Six blades are hidden up the legs of her shorts, three fastened to either thigh via leather straps, hilts pointing down at her knees. Sure, all of this may be a bit excessive, but she likes to feel safe. To her, there is nothing worse than feeling unsafe. Of course, some of these blades are removed when she sleeps so that she doesn't hurt herself.

    Should she begin to feel cool, which practically never happens, or uncomfortable, she has a 'borrowed' nor'sidian hooded cloak. Made of cotton, it sweeps down to end at her ankles, just short of dragging on the ground. The hood is a slight bit too big for her, but she makes do. Often, when sleeping outdoors, she will use it as a blanket or, if the night is hot, a pillow.

    An outfit that she uses, perhaps once every other month is stowed away in her beat up leather bag. A set of clothing that she had been wearing when she left the snow blanketed land of Guldor. The clothing is tight, a second skin made solely for the art of stealth. Both the long sleeved shirt and pants are made of a thin, breathable material which clings to her form. Since arriving on the shore of Sarvonia she has acquired two more items to add onto this ensemble. A cloth hat is the first item, used to hide her sheer white hair from sight. A pair of little cloth slippers is the second item, the padded soles effectively muffling her footsteps. However, since she does not find it necessary to wear this on a regular basis, she keeps it tightly tucked away at the bottom of her bag until she is presented with a job that requires such attire.

Nox is known to be a rather clumsy person; physically, mentally, and emotionally. She fumbles over actions, seemingly unsteady on her own feet as she sometimes thoughtlessly spurs into motion. Her mind makes precarious and often reckless decisions, sometimes before she even gets the chance to think it over. She finds that, on a daily basis, she will end up saying things that she doesn't mean to say when she doesn't even have any intention of speaking at all. And her emotions are nigh unpredictable in her scarred state.

Every now and then she finds that she may fall into infatuation with the most unlikely characters, no matter what they may act or look like. Though, these occurrences are often very short lived. On a regular basis she tends to keep most people at an emotional distance, preferring not to get too involved with them. However, the longer she spends with someone the less she feels inclined to leave up the emotional barriers that previously kept them at a distance. Periodically she will trust people for no reason at all other than the fact that she simply does. And the consequences of someone betraying her trust are of dire proportions as, once she loses her temper, she tends to act rashly and without thought. Her initial reaction to discovering such would be violence, that she will hardly regret later whether or not she kills or hurts the person in question.

In truth, she really holds no discrimination against whom, exactly, she might be killing. Money is money and if she gets paid to kill your father/brother/lover/sister/mother, though you may hold him/her/them dear to your heart, then that is exactly who she will be killing tonight. In a sense, she has an immensely warped kind of childlike innocence. Taking a life isn't viewed as evil to her, though she doesn't tend to kill without money or survival as her motivation. She doesn't see the harm in it and hardly sees it as wrong. Killing is merely another way to gaining good amounts of pocket change when she needs it in order to stay alive.

Though, regardless of her chosen profession, she is very much adept at being aware of the environment that she is in and what the society around her finds acceptable and what they do not. Not one to miss a beat, she is excruciatingly observant of her surroundings. She watches people closely and is very careful not to leave herself vulnerable for any type of normal attack that she wouldn't see coming. Thus, she conforms to keep herself out of unpleasant dungeons that she otherwise might be trapped in for extended periods of time. And since she simply outright hates lying, she is rather adept at avoiding answering questions about her profession or phrasing certain things in ways that one most likely wouldn't understand. Avoiding the question wasn't lying, after all- it was simply avoiding the question.

Honesty is one of Nox's strong points, though it is often considered a bad thing. She, truthfully, has no tact when it comes to things, being horribly blunt. Sugar coating her words isn't something that she is particularly familiar with. People may consider her as rude as she doesn't bother with 'beating around the bush'. Though she may hold nothing but good intentions, when she tries to explain something to someone it can tend to come out harshly or completely wrong. The term "foot in mouth" comes into use when describing her verbal endeavors. Occasionally she can be rather short tempered in her dealings with people as she can sometimes become frustrated easily.

A hard life has made her a hardcore realist and sometimes even pessimistic. And she doesn't often let people retain any delusions about bad situations when she finds herself in them. The knowledge of how harsh the world can be and experiencing how cruel even one's own mother can be towards her own spawn has toughened her into how she is now. She has a bad habit of expecting the very worst of practically every situation. When something good happens to her she finds it rather difficult to just enjoy it as she believes that nothing good comes without a price. Always expecting things to go wrong, she never finds herself relieved when they go well and/or according to plan for she knows... or, rather, thinks that she knows everything will take a turn for the worst. She lives with the firm belief that things can always get worse, no matter how bad they already are.

Suspicion is a driving force in Nox's personality. She has a small voice in the back of her head that literally whispers all the horrible things that people can and will do to her. This draws her to the ridiculous assumption that nearly everyone is trying to hurt her in some way or another, whether it be from poisoning or other means. However, over the years she has learned to ignore most of this little voice's whisperings, thus absurd accusations come and go at a moment's notice; a mere thought of monumental suspicion fluttering through her mind which disperses just as quickly as it comes. Because of this she finds it hard to trust most people- and when she does trust someone it still hinders most possibilities of any romance in her life as she finds herself suspecting her interest of any number of wicked deeds that they commit to hurt her either emotionally or physically.

Despite all of this, overall Nox tends to be a rather sociable and sometimes even kind person. She can't stand it when people cry, finding that she would do anything to make them feel better short of lying to them. Horribly social and kind to people when she least expects it, most of the time she makes for rather nice company. In the public eye she will converse freely, laugh softly, and have a generally good time. She can be rather friendly, even to those whom she doesn't really know on a personal level. Although, put her with a person that she considers not to her liking in the least and she will become snide and rudely sarcastic. She sometimes can remain civil with those she does not find to her liking and, though she is being polite, if you listen closely you can hear the venom behind her niceties. However, when she gains a friend, though the occurrence is rather rare, she is fiercely loyal and protective of them. This includes even killing someone for the sake of one of her friends, though friends are very few and far between.

Like all people, Nox sometimes falls into a depression that she periodically finds it hard to climb out of. Being what many would consider a 'murderess' doesn't exhume her of these very human sentiments. During these times of depression she will often isolate herself from public view and sometimes even drink to while the time away. Clawing at the back of her mind are horribly morbid thoughts, though she gives them no attention. If she should find herself in the company of others during a bout of depression she will unconsciously make herself the 'odd one out'- refusing to speak to anyone or take any actions beyond the mandatory acts of living unless completely necessary. Sometimes, though not often, when she is in this state she may warp depression into anger and thus will be prone to seeming snippish and extraordinarily grumpy.

  • Strengths
    • Energizer Kar'ii, Just Keeps Going and Going!   Perhaps one of the best qualities about this little Kar'ii woman is her sheer capacity for endurance. Whereas she doesn't have very much standing in the area of brute strength, her ability to simply keep going and going for long stretches of time almost makes up for it. Almost. Nothing but will power and a considerable amount of training in what most would consider a very trying environment provides her with this hard earned skill. Sitting in tight spots for extended periods of time, just waiting for a mark to show is not nearly as easy as some would think. And should she find herself in a physical fight of any kind with almost any adult being she would have nearly no chance of surviving, much less winning if it weren't for her ability to simply out last her opponent, assuming that she could keep herself out of the enemy's grasp.

    • Sneaky Sneaky!   Stealth being one of the main abilities that this little woman depends upon, she just so happens to be rather good at it when she sets her mind to it. Light footed, her foot steps are barely a soft whispering of cloth upon the ground, as loud as the sigh of dust settling. Her size alone aids her in any stealth endeavor, thus giving her the ability to remain unheard and even unseen whenever such lighting should favor her. The shadows are her friends and, though she may not be able to wrap them around herself to be truly hidden from sight, she does just as fine of a job of it her all on her own.

    • Playing With Sharp Objects   Nox spent a good bit of her life while she was still living in Guldor training with weapons, however she only ever really took a real interest in one blade. Though she was trained a little in the use of a MoonBlade, she had quickly dropped those lessons so that she could better excel in her teachings of throwing knives. A knife the size of a dragon's tooth, the Nightooth, was discovered by her early on, barely half a year into her training with her sword, and it has ever since been her favored weapon. She found that the blades are quite useful in all sorts of situations. Not to mention that they make her feel safe, which is important to her. Her skill with this weapon is exceptional, nearly that of a master as she had devoted almost every waking moment to training with them between the time she picked one up and the time that she left Guldor. Her accuracy with this weapon is a exceptional and she is easily good for throwing off the average ten per minute, and sometimes more when she finds herself in a bind.

    • I Play Nice   This little, boyish Kar'ii woman is very much a sociable person, though often clumsily so. Her confident and outspoken disposition often attracts many different kinds of people. Friendly in public, she is a bit of a social butterfly, though she would never admit it, and she usually gets along with others easily. Able to converse freely and laugh in public, as though she is without a care in the world, she is generally easy going when it comes to human relations. However, she doesn't befriend others easily- despite being friendly- as she simply has far too many trust issues. She finds it extremely hard to take offense to anything that anyone might say to her. Never the one to contribute to anything that might start a brawl, she has become very adept at brushing off insults and threats as if they were merely teasing her in friendly jest.

  • Weaknesses
    • One Eyed Monster   Early in Nox's life she lost half of one of her crucial senses from a physical fight with her Echiliiani lover. Not the smartest thing to do, and she paid in full for her decision by having her left eye ravaged to shreds. Instead of the clear, smooth skin that she has upon the right side of her face, there is a large, ugly scar marring her flesh. Having such a horrible scar is something that she has slowly grown accustomed to over the years and she is, most of the time, able to work with her limited vision. However, only retaining the ability to see out of one eye, her depth perception is often very much askew and, as a side effect of such, she will sometimes think that things are farther away than they actually are and vice versa. Speaking sometimes causes her to feel small painful pinches on the left side of her face as it moves and pulls at the scarred skin. Periodically, should she stay awake for too long, her left eye will begin to ache and, as such, she can be subjected to migraines.

    • Itty Bitty Girl   Nox's abilities rely almost completely on her skills in stealth and quick kills. Being as petite as she is, she is a bit on the weak side despite that she has such great endurance. Being stronger than she looks, as she keeps herself in good shape, isn't of much use to her. It doesn't disregard the fact that she is, in fact, very small. Getting into any physical confrontation is simply out of the question and, as such, she avoids doing just that as much as she possibly can. A physical fight between herself and anyone else, unless it's a child about the same size as herself, and she is more than likely to lose. Though she can be fierce, this dainty girl simply doesn't have a lot of weight to put behind her punch.

    • Oh, The Wicked Plots in Your Head   Even though Nox can be a very amiable person to be around, easy going and friendly, she still can't bring herself to really trust anyone. This problem is so deeply rooted that she not only distrusts most everyone, but she also suspects them being of cruel intent towards her and/or her hound. No one is to be trusted, is what she would say. It sometimes causes issues when she is dealing with people when she can't keep her suspicions at bay, no matter how absurd they may be. Paranoia is a constant little nagging voice in the back of her head telling her how much the world all around her wants to hurt her. It's the itching, burning on the back of her neck whispering to her that someone is watching her, someone is following her, someone is trying to hurt her. Periodically, when she can't seem to beat back the irrational panicky voice of paranoia in her mind, she will even go so far as to make absurd accusations of those around her, especially when they're just trying to be her friend. Rational thought has nothing to do with this, as this little Kar'ii woman is an extremely rational and logical person. But being poisoned by her mother for the majority of her early childhood probably hadn't helped matters any and is most likely the root of this one weakness. One of her small solutions that help her deal with this problem is simply being "armed to the teeth" almost at all times, the weapons making her feel safe and keeping her calm.

    • It's Getting Hot In Here!   Accustomed to the freezing tundra of Guldor island, she often finds herself being weighed down by the heat of the day. However, she helps to fix this problem by wearing thinner clothing as to provide for better air flow. Despite this she finds that the warm temperatures are sometimes almost too much for her to bare. The heat strikes up her fatigue level, dragging her down and slowing her reaction time. Her vast amount of endurance can easily be cut in half at times by the heat of the day. Uncomfortable in humid and/or hot places, she may be prone to feeling claustrophobic and irritable when in warmer climates. As such, she is prone to getting dehydrated quickly and even heatstroke.

    • Foot In Mouth Syndrome   Although she is sociable and honest, she has a bad tendency to be completely tactless in her endeavors. Wording things wrong is one of her bigger faults in this area, as she tends to be a bit brutal when it comes to telling the truth. Clumsy in what she is trying to say, sometimes she stutters or even forgets what she was going to say at all. Though, the problem being that the majority of the time she simply doesn't think about what she's saying, the words falling from her lips as though they were someone else's thoughts being conveyed via her mouth. But, despite that Nox is a honest person, and that is usually considered a rather good quality to have in a person, it is often the way that she delivers the truth that has sometimes marked her honesty as simply being rude. Periodically, she is accused of being crude and unnecessarily harsh, but she doesn't know how else to be honest other than her blunt ways.

    • Her Sweet Angel   Though it has been said earlier that this little Kar'ii woman is nearly impossible to offend or to rile up, it is to be mentioned that she does have a breaking point for such things. Whereas threats involving herself are hardly to affect her in any way as she believes that she can take care of herself and others directed at innocent bystanders, even children won't do to send even a rather soft breeze to stir the fallen leaves somewhere in the vicinity of her heart. But should one place a threat upon her most beloved friend and companion she can be a bit fast to jump headlong into action as to stay the taunter's vile tongue permanently. Nothing pulls at Nox's heartstrings like intending harm upon her hound, Angel. Despite often considering the cowardly dog to be a waste of space and air when in sticky situations where she could use a helping hand, she loves the hound to no end and simply won't tolerate others who even jokingly speak ill words or intentions towards the dog.

  • In a medium-sized beat up leather pack that she carries:
    • One change of clothing.
    • The extra set of clothing described in the clothing section.
    • A slightly tattered cloak.
    • Five Nightooth.
    • Three days rations of meat jerky and bread.
    • An undisclosed amount of money.
    • A small wooden box containing flint and tinder.
    • Bandages, needle, and thread.
    • Some medicinal herbs.
    • Icemilk scented soap and some Icemilk leaves.
    • A handful of Tooth Cabbage.

  • Hanging from a leather belt:
    • A leather canteen.
    • A compass.
    • A small leather belt pouch used to carry half of her currency.
    • A small hunting knife.
    • A black cloth used for cleaning her weapons.

  • Weapons
    • Nightooth   In all, eighteen of these sleek, deadly throwing blades are in Nox's possession. She keeps thirteen of strapped to her person nearly at all times, whereas the other five of these sit peacefully in her bag, waiting to be used. She keeps these blades in prime conditions, often seen cleaning what seems to be a random one from her belt when she's not busy jabbing the pointy end at someone.

  • Basic Information
    • Name   Angel
    • Gende   Female
    • Age   Approximately 3 years old
    • Species   Canine
    • Breed   Zeiphyrian Hunting Hound

    • Title   Cowardly Mutt

    • Occupation   Providing company, napping, sniffing, and generally doing as she pleases.

  • Description
    • Height   2 Fores, 5 Nailsbreadths
    • Weight   Approximately 1 Hafeb, 3 Ods, 1 Mut
    • Eyes   Cinnabrown
    • Fur   Nor'sidian

    Large cinnabrown eyes are framed with thick, short lashes are set into a cute little furry face. A little wet nose is perched almost precariously at the end of her slender, pointed snout which also contains a set of cared for (by Nox) teeth. Two perfectly triangular ears swivel curiously atop her head, the ends of which flop down slightly, the right more so than the left. Her neck and body are both lean, muscles built for endurance flex and stretch beneath the hound's slick nor'sidian fur. Four long, slender legs supply a long reach and retain enough muscle power to provide for a quick get away. Her tail, covered with a slightly fluffy layer of fur, is long and thin and curls upwards toward her hindquarters. A splotch of white fur covers her belly and chest, her paws also are tipped with white, as if someone had dipped the ends of her toes in paint.

  • Personality
    A playful and high spirited little pooch, when in the company of people that she is comfortable with Angel can be extremely hyper and somewhat impressionable. When surrounded by a newfound group of people, she will frequently leave Nox's side and avoids interaction with people that she is unfamiliar with. Though, should you add another animal into the equation, she would have no hesitation in an attempt to inspect the animal- whatever it may be. She is highly curious, but horribly weary of other humans. Though, should she think that her owner, Nox, is getting along splendidly with her human counterparts then she will periodically attempt to interact with them.

    Periodically, Nox suspects her hound of thinking that she is human. The dog has been caught on several occasions attempting to perform tasks that usually only humanoids perform. Tasks such as opening and closing doors behind herself and attempting to pick up smaller objects with her paws.

    Angel tends to be a bit on the useless side in a fight. Sure, she'll be quick to raise her hackles, have her fur stand on end, and bare some pretty pointy teeth at someone whom seems to be threatening to Nox, but should a fight breakout she tends to stay out of the way. Simply put, Angel has a tendency to be all bark and no bite.

    • Strengths
      • Pointy Pointy!   Sharp, pointy teeth. Yes. Pretty much all canines are blessed with a good set of these, which prove to be rather useful for multiple things. Angel has these nifty sharp teeth which she uses to her advantage for such things as eating and baring them threateningly at strangers. She will defend herself whenever she should feel so inclined, but that inclination is not often. She uses this mostly for intimidation rather than actual weapons. Unless in a situation that she cannot escape it, she tends not to attack humans or anything else for that matter.

      • I'm a Sprinter!   Angel is a fast little bugger. Her long, slender legs provide for a good reach and she has relatively good balance which, you know, tends to help. Running happens to be one of this hound's favorite pastimes and she excels at it. She is great at making a clean break and a speedy get away.

    • Weaknesses
      • All Bark, No Bite   Angel was not raised to be a fighter dog. She cowers at the sight or sound of a fight. Loud, harsh voices frighten the hound. While she may be a bit quick to raise her hackles and growl at what she may think of as a threat, the moment she gets even the slightest inkling that the threat may actually attack her, she's off to hide somewhere safe. Frankly, Angel makes a horrible guard dog- which is okay because that isn't the reason why Nox keeps her around.

  • Background
    • Approx. D.o.B.    Month of Efr'ypher
    • Place of Birth    Zephyrian Forest
    • Time Owned   3 years

    Born and presumably abandoned early in her life by her mother, Angel was lost and very much alone wandering around the Zeiphyrian Forest. The hungry pup stumbled upon Nox while she was resting at the foot of a tree. So, she decided to give the unfortunate pup a little bit of meat jerky. Since then the hound, which Nox eventually named Angel, has followed her owner wherever the crazy woman may go. They both provide each other with love and loyalty and coming between the two is something that is not recommended. Often, when on the road, Nox can be seen carrying Angel piggyback style in the evenings.

  • Day of Birth   18th day of Sml'evathn
  • Place of Birth   The Island of Guldor

  • History
Living alone with a Greendeath, her hostile mother, upon the frozen tundras of the island of Guldor wasn't the most pleasant parts of her life, to tell the truth. The angry woman was a plump thing, though how she managed to be plump with their way of living, Nox could never figure out. It was, in her opinion, quite a feat. She was never quite able to bring herself to call the woman "mother". Not after she realized how horribly wrong all of the things that she did to her really were. Her father had left them completely so early on that Nox couldn't remember what he looked like if she wanted to. Not that it bothered her. Though, her mother had told her that he was a Stormson and she figured that it was out at sea where she would find him, should she actually look. The idea never really appealed to her even though her mother assured her that she looked just like him.

Between the time the little Kar'ii child was born and her fourth birthday there was, to anyone looking on, a noticeable decline in the quality of care that her mother provided her only daughter. Her tendencies were ebbing on the skirts of neglect, often times not feeding her among other things, not that the woman's progeny ever noticed it. After all, she foolishly and blindly placed all her love and trust into the plump motherly figure. Her loyalty to her mother was unfaltering. It was the very next year that her mother decidedly began to show an actual interest in her daughter once again. Before her fifth birthday she was bedridden.

For years she lived with the woman under the delusion that the relationship that they had was completely normal. For years she remained under the delusion that she was simply sick. She was a very, very sick girl, her mother would tell her. And the woman's methods of 'curing' her 'ailments' was sometimes, for lack of a better word, barbaric. More often than not it involved the ingestion of tiny doses of different types of poisons, that, if taken in any higher of a dosage, could be potentially deadly, along with physical exercises that would strain her petite body right to it's limit and sometimes beyond.

These brutal rituals lasted the length of her childhood with her mother. Sometimes she would even be able to bring herself to hate the woman, but it never lasted very long and immediately after she would be nearly ridden with sheer guilt of thinking so horribly about someone that supposedly loved her. She truly believed that her mother was just trying to help her. That her mother was just trying to cure the seemingly incurable illness that infected her body and mind. It was what her mother had brought her to believe through the years. It was the lie that she thought she knew was fact. Cruel. Twisted. And Nox loved her mother as much as one could love their own mother.

It wasn't until after she left for training in the Korenjaan Order- sometime between her thirteenth and fourteenth birthdays- did she realize that the things her mother did to her were inherently wrong. That her mother was an evil, horrible person.

It had taken a lot of silver tongued persuasion and her trust in her newly acquired friend, Kaelian, the first she'd ever had, to convince Nox of such things. Of the actual truth. She learned that no mother treated their child in such a horrible way. She learned that all the things that she had been going through was abuse in the worse sense. More importantly, she learned that she wasn't sick at all. She hadn't one ill bone in her dainty body. And not once after she joined the Order did she speak to her mother, much less see the woman or recognize the pudgy Greendeath as her mother at all.

Of course, the abuse that her mother bestowed upon her daughter didn't just result in the little Kar'ii's hatred. No. Once the damage was done, Nox's growth was stunted before she ever completed her 'blooming years'. She was now a flower trapped in a physical perpetual limbo betwixt being a girl and a woman, though her mind continued to mature with her age. A flower frozen in the midst of blooming. Her face still held the childlike features it had before and her hips never widened, her legs didn't grow longer, and her breasts were that of an adolescent's. But despite being trapped in the state that she was, she was still considerably attractive. And she found that despite her small frame, one that would never finish it's transformation into a lady, she could still develop healthy and strong muscles. Though petite, she could be very sturdy.

Having essentially disowned the only family she had ever known, Kaelian became her best friend and her entire world. She was a beautiful woman. Tall, regal. Mostly Kasumarii with something.. darker in her blood. All long white hair with light brown eyes. It was a silly thing to do, to tie oneself to a person so closely that they are willing to believe anything that person says. She had done it once before and, without a second thought, she did it again. Her friend became her family and then, eventually, became her lover as well.

The couple went through initial training together, though they soon parted ways when they decided which Orders they were going to join. The little Kar'ii's lover had decided to join the Echiliian's Order while she found herself more fitted to be among the Korejaans. And the simple fact that they were in different orders did not change how often they tried to see each other. But the longer that they stayed together, the more possessive and controlling Kaelian became. Nox had plans to eventually leave the frostbitten island of Guldor, while her lover simply did not.

They spent weeks arguing about it until Nox simply gave up and had decided that she would leave regardless of whether or not Kaelian came with her. It didn't sit well with her lover, being the possessive and controlling Echiliiani that she was. In her eyes, Nox belonged to her and leaving was out of the question. Oh, and how absolutely out of the question it was. Lashing out verbally hadn't gotten her anywhere, so she kept a close eye on her childlike Korejaan lover.

A few days after Nox's twentieth year, Kaelian accused her of cheating with a man that she had seen the petite Kar'ii looking at.

Snow sighed, she could hear the footsteps before the beautiful feminine hand shoved her forward, sending her to her knees on the icy ground. She twisted around so that she was on her back, looking up at the obviously enraged Echiliian with bright cerubelle eyes. The upturned face was the perfect image of a frightened child, the child that her body had failed to bloom past.

"You bitch!" Harsh words spilled forth from pouted lips, her voice arguably colder than the snowy ground that she had just shoved her lover down upon. "You cheating whore!"

The small Korejaan was vaguely aware that the rump of her pants were slowly soaking from the snow. "Kaelian?" she said, her voice a cautiously soft whisper, as if she were to speak too loud the vibrations of her voice would cause the air to shatter into jagged shards around them. "What are you talking about?"

"I saw you!" The woman snapped, her beautiful face twisted into a mask of sheer rage, "I saw you looking at him!"

"You're not making sense," Nox quietly insisted as she slowly and carefully got to her feet. She felt that dealing with an enraged Echiliian was like dealing with a hungry wild animal. No sudden movements. "Looking at who? Kastin?"

"Is that the name of that boy?" She said, in an almost offhand manner. Lifting her narrow shoulders in a small shrug, she continued, "Doesn't matter, Nox, I'm not letting you go. You're staying with me. You're mine."

The little Kar'ii took half a step back, her thoughts inanely falling from her mouth. "What?" she said, "What?"

Then Kaelian was upon her and she instinctively attempted to shove her away. Of course, the woman was nearly two peds tall, whereas Nox was barely over half that height. The obvious victor of a hand-to-hand fight was, of course, going to be Kaelian. Before she knew it, their backwards shuffle tilted and she found herself on her back with the insane Echiliiani ontop of her. There was nothing that the small Korejaan could do to defend herself- not really. Slapping and punching wasn't doing enough damage for Kaelian, so she began tearing at the small woman's face.

Nox screamed as her lover's nails tore into her flesh, scrambling at her left eye. Faintly she realized that the woman was saying something, over and over again. Desperately, she threw her small hands up in front of herself as if it would protect her. The motion proved to be useless and she turned her head, burying the right side of her face against the snow. Blood was smeared across her face, down her neck. It stained the front of her white shirt. The snow was melting against her back and soaking her in icy water.

"Kaelian!" the name came out in as a hoarse shriek, helplessly trying to stop the larger woman from attacking her. "Stop! Stop!"

Bony feminine hands wrapped about her thin neck and squeezed. She could feel her face tense, her heartbeat thumping in her head. It resounded in her ears, muffling the sounds of her lover yelling at her, of her own gasping pleas. Her small hands pulled uselessly at Kaelian's wrists and hands, making futile attempts at relieving the pressure from her neck. Moving her feet so that they were flat on the icy ground, her knees bent on either side of Kaelian, she attempted to push herself upward to somehow squirm from beneath the woman. But a sharp pain in her upper right thigh stopped her in her tracks.

In the struggle, her belt of throwing knives had shifted and lifting her leg with Kaelian's weight to keep it in place was all that it took to press the point of the knife into her leg. It was as though, in the panic, she had completely forgotten about her throwing knives. Her left hand still pulling at her lover's hands, her right scrambled at the nightooth and pulled it from her thigh. Turning the pointed towards her lover and sank the blade into flesh with as much force as she could muster.

Kaelian screamed, though she didn't bother to pull away. Blackness was threatening to consume her already blurry vision and the pounding in her ears was growing louder. Chockfull of adrenaline, she could barely feel the searing pain in her face or the pinch in her thigh were her blade had punctured her. It was almost as if time itself had slowed down. A shadow covered the bloody couple, a strong arm snaking around the Echiliiani's waist. In the man's arms, she twisted around and attacked him. But he was easily stronger and threw her to the snow behind him.

The little woman was left in the snow gasping for air. Oh, sweet air. She could feel the blood trickling down the left side of her face and her neck. Lifting her right hand, nightooth still clutched in it, she tossed the blade in Kaelian's direction and missed, nearly hitting who she could only hope was going to be her savior.

"Oy!" He snapped and picked up the blade that had almost lodged itself in his side. Thin, muscled arms as pale as the snow wrapped themselves around his neck. Kaelian was on his back, trying to take him down to the ground with her.

Shivering and wet and covered in blood, Nox pushed herself to her feet and stumbled away from the wrestling couple. Vaguely, she registered that she couldn't really see out of her left eye. But that didn't seem important to her at the moment. All she wanted was to get back to the camp that they had set up not too far away. Nothing seemed better than the prospect of laying down in the her carry home.

The adrenaline was wearing off and her face was in such immense amounts of pain that she was finding it hard to breathe. Darkness was consuming her vision and she barely took three steps before the ground seemed to be getting ever closer, looming larger in her dimming eyesight. And then everything disappeared. Somewhere in the back of her conscious she was aware that she was cold. Very, very cold...

It was the next day that Kastin told her himself that he had killed Kaelian. However, Nox found herself completely uninterested in grieving for her lost lover. Within a week she was fine enough to start training again. Though she found that during the healing process her left eye was swollen shut and, thus, it had healed shut as well. Not interested in finding out if her eye still worked by cutting it open at the moment, she picked back up on her training with her nightooth. And, despite being the one who killed her ex-lover, she became friends with Kastin.

Together they trained almost constantly. She became so concentrated on training and nothing else that she sometimes would forget to eat. However, with Kastin there, she always was sure to get at least two meals a day. Practically obsessed with training, she only stopped for absolutely necessary things. Training was hard and they worked themselves to the point of exhaustion and under intense amounts of stress, and then some. Each day became routine. Wake up, eat, train, eat, sleep, start over.

However, on her twenty-fourth birthday, Nox left on a ship for the mainland. She wasn't quite sure where she would go, not that she really cared. Her only goal was to get off that island and away from the frosty tundras of Guldor. As a parting present, Kastin gave her a pouch heavy with coin.

"Can't have you going off poor-as-dirt, now can I?" He had said.

And, though, despite their four long years together of being close friends and rigorous training, she had always kept him emotionally at least an arms' length away. No need to let him in when she was just going to leave? When the ship left the dock she didn't look back to see if he was still there, she knew that he would be. And if he wasn't, she didn't want to know. Though she would never admit it to herself, she had grown rather fond of him. Perhaps it was better that she left now after all...

Months at sea and then she found herself at the Port City of Marduran. It was a nice enough city, but she found herself uninterested in staying within it's limits for more than one night. Thus, she began to wander. She stopped in various towns and cities to restock her provisions and for small jobs before moving on to travel around aimlessly some more. From the moment that she had gotten off the ship until she had a full set of clothing, she had been 'borrowing' and buying articles of clothing to better blend in.

Her second year in Southern Sarvonia found her in the Zeiphyrian Forests. It was there that, resting with her back pressed to a tree, she found a pup. It's snuffling at her feet had woken her, along with it's high pitched whine. Though it was small and black, it's fur glistened with what she discovered was blood. She gave it a bit of meat jerky and went on her way. However, the pup had decidedly followed her clumsily through the forest. She never really kept the Zeiphyrian hound as a pet. But it followed her around faithfully and a bond began to grow between them. Though, who is the master and who is the pet is often a question.

Together, they spent the next years just aimlessly wandering across Sarvonia looking for various jobs on occasion.
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Cleared up you CD, as requested :)
Pikel Thunderstone
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Since you took out the scars, and the dog being alone is explained, All my worries are incorporated and here is your first approval. :)
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Well Noxxie everything looks pretty good to me, other than the amount of Nightooths she is hauling about. These are in fact the size of daggers and not so much knives. Carrying upwards of twenty on your person needs to be explained a good bit as to where and how so many are strapped to her. With forty of them in her possession as she travels, you are looking at 20ishLbs. in these weapons alone, minus any other supplies. That is in the range of carrying 6-7 longswords on her as she travels. This just seems highly excessive especially for someone that clearly states they are not physically powerful.
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I second that motion.

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~Second Approval~ And rearchived.

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