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Author Topic: Jenlın LeBlanc/ Remusian/ Sellsword  (Read 238 times)
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Jenlın LeBlanc
Warfare’s Whisperer
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Human, Remusian

« on: May 21, 2008, 09:27:59 AM »

Name: Jenlın Marie LeBlanc

Nicknames: Jenlın The Arm

Occupation: Sellsword

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Tribe: Remusian

Age: 29

Age by Appearance: Slightly younger than true age, apparently mid-twenties.

Skills and Training: Trained in youth by father/brother, now within the Bouncers of the Swiftsword mercenary group, rank of The Arm.

Eye Color: Stormy Gray

Hair Color: Nor'sidian with burgundy highlights

Height: Just over 1 Ped, 2 Fores. (5'5")

Weight: 130 od

Title: Warfare’s Whisperer
Jenlın’s facade seems eccentrically accurate for her tribe, who are known for having lighter colorations. Extensive nor'sidian tresses resonate the sophistication of a starless night, falling in delicate cascades over her powerful shoulders, ending mid-back. She often wears it up, most frequently in an uncomplicated ponytail at the back of her head, with minuscule strands falling out from the restraints. The raven locks frequently frame her rounded features, which give the sense to hold something of suppleness, detracting from the severity of the time-honored Remusian countenance. Tender gray eyes are in faultless ratio with the rest of her face: a precise, curved, rather stubborn chin, and her petite nose. The warrior’s willowy eyebrows curve gracefully over her eyes. Jen’s sensual lips maintain a fragile rose-tinted hue that naturally softens her stridently angular profile.

 Jenlın’s eyes, conceivably one of her most dazzling features, shimmer in shades reminiscent of blued metal, culminating into orbs that enclose eternal intensity and significance. Unfathomable passion and philosophical thoughts, obscured behind scintillating opaque surfaces, appear to radiate from within. Occasionally, the warrior’s eyes transmit her thoughts, but countless times, they shroud from the world what disturbs her heart. Eloquent flowing eyelashes are pleasing to the eye, though are not exceptionally lengthy.

 Jen's neck is graceful and slight as it leads into her slender yet impressively toned shoulders, which angle down in a poised nature. Even in times of enormous anxiety or tension, she will endeavor to preserve the façade of an unperturbed and serene disposition. Although there are times when she is forced to drop this well disciplined demeanor. The mercenary’s arms are also graceful, lean, yet overlaid in sinewy muscles like corded steel. Though generally slight she is quite physically powerful, and such is apparent for any that seek to test her. Jenlın's calloused digits are also elongated and heavily scarred; giving visual confirmation to the years of rigorous conflicts she has endured. They have the latent potential to convey destruction, but can also bring an enormous deal of reassurance to those in despair. Trimmed fingernails are hygienic and clear, frequently with a cultured sparkle.

 Her torso is trim, petite as her body yet gifted with womanly curves that makes the warrior's form aesthetically alluring. One might think the Remusian would look exquisite in some stately dress hugging close to her, but she has never sanctioned the utilization of these features. And habitually keeps them hidden behind tunics and various forms of battle regalia. Jen’s waist accentuates this slimness, being rather diminutive, with hips just a smidgen larger. Jenlın’s long legs frequently remain out of view, but are nonetheless lean and supple, with well-shaped thighs and calves. With a lifetime of far-reaching exercise, her feminine qualities enable her to maintain a balanced and elegant figure.

 The supple skin covering her body is silky and immaculate, yet heavily scarred; mostly due to her dedication to combative studies and a habitual inclination too stay in physical confrontations. Its hue is radiant, but not necessarily pallid, lightly tanned due to her extensive travels and outdoors training. Definitely a bit darker than the peachy tint of other Remusians though more inclined to burn in harsh climes than to tan. Collectively, Jenlın reaches a height of only one ped and two fores making her relatively undersized for a warrior, though it does not detract from her self-assured personality. Weighing less than a pygge and a half makes her extremely light for her chosen profession, though every grain of her is an overlay of corded, wiry muscle.

 No attractive jewelry adorns the warrioress as over the course of her life she has sold such things to procure more adequate armaments. Although her supple ears show the markings of having been pierced, the holes now remain forgotten. The price of outfitting herself within the Swiftswords has left the entirety of her worldly possessions to be artifacts of conflict. Even now if she were to garner such gifts from a possible suitor they would find their way to an auction block. With the warrior’s preference for Erpheronian regalia the cost is high but one Jen has spent her adult life acquiring the best of.

Battle Regalia
Jen wears a full cuirass that extends from just below her ribcage, over her ample bosom, ending at the base of her neckline. Forged from iron mined in the Troll Mountains and smelted with vernik, the alloy is rumored to be unbreakable. It is completely glossed over with a supple fyrite pink glazing and aurium is used as filigree about the edges of the entire cuirass. A gorget is worn about Jenlın's neck of the same design and alloy as her breastplate. Leaving the warrioress with minute concern that a blade could penetrate such a vital area.

 Attached to the cuirass are the epauliere, shoulder guards and the pallette, one of the rounded armor plates at the armpits. These are also forged from iron mined in the Troll Mountains and smelted with vernik making them extremely impenetrable. These are also completely glossed over with a supple fyrite pink glazing and uses aurium as filigree about the edges of the epauliere and pallete. Continuing down the arms into the rerebraces, the long cylinders that cover the bicep region to the elbow. Which interlock at the cubitiere upon both elbows and lead into the vembraces extending down the length of each forearm. All of these arm plates are of the aforementioned alloy and fyrite tint.

 About the warrior’s supple waist hangs a skirt of tassets, armored bands that hang to near mid-thigh. The entire skirt is also forged from iron mined in the Troll Mountains and smelted with vernik making it practically indestructible. This skirt is also completely glossed over with a supple fyrite pink glazing and uses aurium as filigree about Jenlın's alluring waistline. Greaves cover Jen’s lithe legs from the knee to the top of her feet, constructed of the same material and design as the rest of her armor. Over her norsidian boots a metal plate, sabaton, protects the upper side of her tiny feet.

 Although she lacks the fauld and leggings to this platemail suit she continually saves trying to complete the set. Where the fauld should protect the warrioress she wears a black leather jerkin to grant mobility and for light protection. In the places that her leggings should be she wears black leather breeches keeping the maiden's supple thighs covered in a foray.

 Jenlın’s Remusian Warsword is a powerful slashing weapon with the ability to pierce. Standing at around 107 nailsbreadths in length, the Warsword is perfect as an arming sword for any warrior. The grip length is specifically designed to be two palmspans in length, designating the weapon as clearly a one-handed or two-handed weapon. This duality is a feature that Jen had specifically designed into the blade. Granting the warrioress the free form option of using both hands under circumstances befitting of such practices.

 The blade features a spacious fuller, equally to preserve materials and lighten the weapon, which runs about three-quarters of the blade's span. The sword has a distinct taper, which runs cunningly until the end of the fuller, at which point it begins to amplify the taper pace to the point. The fuller and taper allow the sword to be both quick and powerful with its cuts. The guard is straight with an octogonal cross-section and a waisted appearance. The pommel is irregularly ornate for an official Remusian Warsword, with four tines grasping a hoarfrost blue crystal. In this formation, the Warsword executes marvelously in both the offense and defense.

 It is light and nimble enough to convalesce from a slash, enabling Jenlın wielding it to block any reprisal, but well built enough to bite through light mail with both cuts and thrusts. Against heavier mail armor, the maiden would likely maneuver her opponent into an opening where the Remusian could thrust the Warsword through the heavy mail, ending the fight. Forged from iron mined in the Troll Mountains and smelted with vernik, the alloy of this weapon is rumored to be unbreakable.

Jenlın’s behavior is overflowing with flightiness and a very bubbly nature lending most to perceive her as dumb. In truth, she is naïve and downright stupid when it comes to many things, but her spriteful smile and kindly words are always genuine. Jen loves practical jokes, which she tries to accomplish on her own but this does not diminish the extensive giggles that flow from the Remusian when others perform the same. Her lack of extensive personal relationships only enhances the shroud of gullibility and ignorance she exudes.

 A tendency for the melodramatic really enhances these shallow perceptions for most anyone she meets. Even those directly stating their displeasure about such things will bring an incredulous grin from the tiny Remusian. With an abundantly loquacious, bubbly demeanor the adorable maiden has frequently been misjudged as highly flirtatious amongst her fellow mercenaries. This was both a curse and blessing in her younger years. Jenlın absolutely adores being with friends and she easily misconstrued the flocking men as such, placing the girl in some unsavory situations from those expecting more.

 Since she left home these manners have endeared her quickly to many people as most of them held preconceived ideas of what a warrior maiden should be like. Many of them were humored if not befriended quickly with Jenlın’s giddy nature and fun loving attitude. Since joining the Swiftswords Jen’s usually scatterbrained nature still remains but is sometimes veiled behind a warrior farce that she earnestly believes to be her destiny.   

 Whenever the Remusian gets interested in a conversation her nimble hands quickly begin to play their part. As she tries to explain her viewpoints, the maiden’s hands move about as if constructing the idea into a physical form, their motion is purely habitual. Now it is a scarcity for Jenlın to speak in-depth on any material without these waving appendages engaging to assist in the narrative. If one were to tie the lass’s hands while in such an endeavor, they would find one of the very few things that irritate her. It would be a sure fire way of bringing a grimace over the girl’s usually beaming visage.

 With all this said about Jen’s bubbly nature, there is one thing that rings above such shallow perceptions of her. The Remusian is a brilliant tactician, a factor that has gained her the renown she now holds within the Swiftswords. In the course of her fealty to the group she has accomplished missions solo and been left in charge of groups numbering several score. Not once has she brought less than marvelous results and admiration to her brethren. Those that would dare to question her authority in the carrying out of a contract would soon find her lighthearted nature to have a razor-sharp edge.

Credo Of Swiftswords
Our blades are for sale.
But our honor is not.
We protect the unprotected.
We vanquish the unjust.
We tread on the evil.
We do not kill lightly.
Nor are we merciless.
We welcome those who are honorable.
We pity those who are not.

Guild Rules
•   Membership dues and cuts will be paid on time and in full.
•   Members will not undertake any action that will bring negative attention to the guild. This includes action such as: thievery (unless called for by a contract), con artistry, scandals.
•   Members will not take on jobs without guild approval.
•   Members will be on constant lookout for people pretending to be a member of the guild and will bring said pretenders to the Toroc for justice using whatever non-lethal force necessary.
•   Personal vendettas will not be pursued during a contract.
•   Members will not take sides in a conflict outside of a contract.
•   Members will do what they are hired to do. Nothing more or less.
•   All hiring application will be delivered with all due haste. If a member is in the middle of a contract when presented with an application either defer it to an nonobligatory member, or deliver it to one at the earliest possible moment.
•   All former affiliations and enemies held by that affiliation held before becoming a member will be forgotten, and solely replaced by the guilds.
•   Men will stay out of the woman's barracks unless invited, and vice versa.

Mistress of the Remusian Warsword: Although more often than not she played the practice dummy for her brother’s training, Jenlın had the sword in hand from around the age of ten. This continued until she was fifteen years old and the maiden was becoming quite adept with it. When the orc army besieged the city of Remusiat her mother was killed in the initial wave. Along with Jen’s father and brother the trio fled to the confines of the city. This is where both men perished in the defense of the capital, leaving Jen alone on the streets.

Jenlın’s heroic struggle for survival during the war caught the attentions of a low ranking Swiftsword member, whom promptly sponsored her in to the mercenary group. Sailing the young lass into Southern Sarvonia for proper initiation into the band. With a scavenged sword from the carnage of the war, Jen’s training started in earnest. For the next thirteen years she endured rigorous training with the weapon, day in and day out. Sometimes it was on the field of battle but daily in spars against the other trainees. Until at last there were few if any that could best the Remusian, her knowledge unequaled with the weapon amongst her peers. The pupil was now a teacher in the ways of swordplay where once she was considered a jest amongst her fellows. 

Brilliant Tactician: Over the course of Jenlın’s service to the Swiftswords she has excelled in many forms of field combat. This ranges from small hit and run groups to large companies numbering in the scores for direct assaults and defending fortified positions. None of her brethren would question The Arm’s commands under the heat of mêlée as she has lead more than a few of them, to victory, in situations that seemed hopeless. They also know she would throw herself into most any incursion to preserve their lives and those of the contract. Even to this day Jen can be found pouring over documents containing some of the most famous battles in Southern Sarvonian history, critiquing and learning.

Middling Bow Proficiency: As a youngster on the Heaths, Jenlın had some light practice with a longbow. Yet after joining the Swiftswords it became part of her regiment to put in some time with the weapon. Though she is by far not a master of the weapon, she is a reasonable shot, well enough to hit a target with some consistency. Jen is definitely not winning any contests of skill with the longbow yet she could bring down a deer, for a meal, with enough patience.

Horsemanship: Jenlın has been on horseback since she was an adolescent. Weather it was for entertainment or running errands for the family across the Heaths. Her time amongst her fellow mercenaries has required it for the carrying out of contracts or the commanding of hordes upon a battlefield. To say she is at home upon a steed is an immeasurable understatement, as the maiden can perform equally as well in most any confrontation while in the saddle. On a steed of decent breeding, Jen could keep it under control with little conscious effort.

Friendly Nature: Without question Jen’s bubbly nature endears her quickly to others. Though most perceive this as some level of stupidity. It is really her personality, which is combined with a yearning to create true friendships. Jenlın loves idle chatter and can be a fantastic source for local gossip, real or imagined. Want to talk about the cute bartender? Yep she is all in. Did you hear about the sordid love affair between that farm girl and the captain? Here comes a torrent of rhetoric about the entire chain of events.

Reading and Writing: "Like you know! Words and stuffs, I can read books but blah! So last summer, you know. Like I can, write my name and stuff, so bad on the nails."

Powerhouse: Though her might is not on par with many of the larger brutish men commonly found in her line of work, Jenlın is a powerhouse for her size. Every grain of her physical form is a revelation of hard training; wiry muscles ripple beneath her supple heavily scarred flesh. Not a single grain of fat can be detected over her entire physique and she is quite possibly the epitome of strength for a petite woman of her stature.

Hey Baby: The Remusian may have been a remarkable thing of beauty if her life had not taken such a drastic turn so long ago. For sure she has all the proper curves to attract the attention of perspective suitors and even the eyes of passing gents. Yet, Jen’s seemingly lack of concern for all things feminine has done much to detract from her natural gifts. Even now the wear and tear of a warrior’s life has left her supple skin permanently scarred. With the regalia of a battle hardened veteran covering her eloquently lithe form, most strain to see the hints of sensual attractiveness beneath. 

Living up to Daddy’s Name: Jen knows her father dreamt of his son being a prestigious member of the Remusian cavalry. Her brother’s life was a constant struggle to make their father’s aspirations come true. Jenlın ‘knows’ that her father’s spirit is forever watching the warrioress’s every action. Each endeavor she undertakes to the point of fanaticism, trying to be that which is no more. No matter her accomplishments, she knows that her father looks down upon her with scorn, a woman living the life of a man. This frequently leaves the Remusian with fitful nights of sleep and drives her to partake in dangerous situations, many might find to be insanity incarnate.   

Poor: With a flourishing career in the Swiftswords many would think such a high-ranking member would have stores of wealth. Yet for Jen this is not the case, as every san she has ever earned has went into buying the best armor and weapons the Erpheronians can muster. Even now the Remusian continues to save each and every commission to obtain the final pieces of her plate armor. True she is provided with shelter and food while encamped with her brethren, Jenlın has minuscule wealth if she were to set out on her own.

Screams of the dead: Death has surrounded Jen since her early teens and she has lost more than a few friends over the years. Many might say that comes with her chosen profession and say merely deal with it. The Remusian’s caring nature has never let her forget the echoes of her dieing brethren and at times they resonate within her mind as clearly as the moment she first heard them. Frequently this leaves her unable to sleep for days or concentrate on matters at hand. These episodes of melancholy can visually be seen as dark circles about her usually lustrous eyes. When they truly set in the maiden’s hands can be seen quivering under even the most serene of settings.   

Romantically Naïve: Although the reality that Jen is occasionally alluring and flirtatious, she really knows very little about men. Yet she's spent much time with men in friendly groups both socially and on missions. She has not been alone with a man in any atmosphere since childhood, unless one counts the various contracts she has carried out. Yet these times have always been purely business as that is the way of the Swiftswords. This has left the Remusian with simply vague ideas of what an intimate relationship with a man might entail. Outside of her structured lifestyle, it would most likely not be hard for a charming man of less than savory intent to weasel their way into her heart.

Renown: The Swiftswords habitual fulfillment of contracts has left her with dozens of enemies that would like to see her swing from the gallows. Jen’s skill with the blade has also brought many to test the Remusian, just to see if she is really all that stories tell. Though not frequent it is not outside the realm of possibility for her to merely walk into an establishment and come across a bounty hunter with her name on his list. More than once Jenlın has been openly challenged by those seeking to make a name for themselves. This aspect of the maiden’s life leaves her in peril, even when enjoying some rest and relaxation.

Fighting Style
A stylish tempest is a close description of Jen in combat. A naturally intuitive warrior, her graceful movements and powerful strikes would leave most to shy away in trepidation. The Remusian Warsword is akin to an innate extension of her will, every thrust and parry executed with precision. With near two decades of training and genuine combat experience against most any weapon imaginable, the maiden knows the advantages and disadvantages of her weapon under all circumstances. Leaving most at an acute weakness against the fluid and ever-changing techniques she brings to the field.

 Another most surprising tactic that Jenlın brings to the field is the solidity and potency of her armor. Without a need for a shield the warrior could easily deflect a blow with her vembrace, permitting The Remusian to parry with the speed at which she can bring her arm to bare. Frequently this causes an opponent to become stunned momentarily as such a strike should inflict massive damage, leaving many opponents open for a finishing strike. True the force of the weapons impact may cause some minor pain or bruising, that does little for them when the mercenary brushes such a blow aside and counter strikes. 

 Without a weapon her deadliness is not lessened; she has surprising power behind such tiny fists, quite frankly astonishing most with their force. This has permitted Jen to overcome larger enemies in unarmed combat, as most underestimate the lithe Remusian. Jenlın would have troubles with a foe that is powerful, like an orc, yet her blows would not go unheeded and overtime would begin to punish even one of these mighty warriors. She is fleet and potent in her strikes with a smooth fighting style, making Jen’s blows rapid and return blows elusive to land.

1639 A.S.: Born on the Heaths surrounding the city of Remusiat, Jenlın lived much of her early years struggling to survive. Life was hard for her during these times, but it was generally a good life for such a harsh environment. She was the youngest child of a retired cavalry soldier, Dendrik LeBlanc, in early retirement due to a serious injury from a horse accident. While Jen’s mother tanned leathers and raised chickens to vend these items in the markets of the capital. True life may have been all work and very little play it was a good and proper existence in such a harsh clime.

 1647 A.S.: By this time in Jenlın’s life she had already learned to ride her father’s old cavalry horse, using it occasionally to assist her mother to transport trade goods to the city. Also she would frequently use it to tow cartloads of firewood or stones back to the family home. Most of these trips spent with her elder brother, Gtuk, commonly from sun up to sundown as these materials were hard to come by and a necessity on the Heaths. Although the early morning hours would be spent performing these tasks solo, as her brother regularly participated in training sessions with their father.

 1649 A.S.: At this age Jenlın took on a new responsibility, and that was playing practice partner for her brother’s sword training. Jen was closer to her brother’s size and she exhibited a huge deal of power for such a petite figure. Though not on par with her sibling as he had more years of training, the small Remusian caught on quickly and it was not long before she became a challenge for Gtuk. It was a short time before Jen soon began to hold her own and occasionally to best her brother with a level of frequency. Quickly she was astounding her father but no more-so than she had already done with her brother.

 1653 A.S.: More of Jenlın’s time began to be spent in the capital metropolis, assisting her mother throughout the spring and early fall months. Overtime she started to become interested in harbor guard by the name of Jami. True the guardsman only stopped to inquire about the safety the ladies felt in the harbor area, Jen would talk his ear off for as long as the guard would permit her. Having had only rare friends on the open expanses of her homeland the handsome boy garnered every moment of the young maidens attention. For two summers she swooned  with the passing of Jami, regularly watching him make his rounds along the docks, just begging for him to find a few moments to visit.

 1655 A.S.: Summer came and the market became a bustling place of business, so Jenlın spent her early mornings still training with her brother while afternoons were spent in Remusiat. The harsh life in the Heaths and Jen’s consistent transporting of goods back and forth to the city made the young maiden the picture of health. Her womanly virtues were in full bloom and Jami’s attentions more frequent and welcomed. Often the two would share afternoons visiting cozy inns over light meals their meager incomes could afford. Still these stints were short owing to the guard’s responsibilities the maiden enjoyed each moment of them.

After the duos customary afternoon of supply gathering Jenlın and her brother had returned to their home, only to find an orc horde laying waste to it. Indeed the pair had taken longbows along with them, as any opportunity for provisions was a welcomed chance they habitually would not neglect. Unfettering their horse from the cart the siblings set off towards the capital as swiftly as the elderly warhorse could take them.  Immediately upon entering the city the pair sought out Jami pouring out all that they had seen, whereas Gtuk was immediately taken to the cavalry stables to speak with Altario, the commander of that elite force.

Jen sought refuge with many of the other stragglers that had wandered in from the surrounding countryside. Fear loomed over many of the refugee camp, as supplies were left behind in the haste of flight for many of them. Food was rationed out in meager commodities and the waiting for the horrors of what was to come were being whispered in every corner. Jenlın knew she was equivalent to or possibly superior than her brother with a blade, but the maiden realized none of the commanders would enlist her aid under such dire circumstances. If her death were to come along with her families she was ready to face it with the honor all of them had.

With little hesitation she took her longbow from the elderly horse and mounted the beast. She had two quivers of arrows and the Remusian would be damned if death would come to her cowering amongst the elderly and children. The orc attack came, no surprise there, and the city held well. Yet Jenlın had found her way to a massive breach of the city wall and from the height of a large building she rained down arrow fire in the protection of her people. Though not a vast influence in the outcome of things, her skills had brought the attention of a contracted member of the Swiftswords. The man, Styg, was under the employment of a woman by the name Nelique.

In the aftermath of the war the Remusian maiden had come to learn that her father and brother had perished in the onslaught as well. In the wreckage she was approached by the Swiftsword and offered a new life in the southlands. With little else to hold her to these lands she gladly accepted, taking along only the clothes upon her back, a longbow and the cast aside Remusian Warsword that would become her closest friend in the years to come.

 1656 A.S: The young maiden arrived in the port city of Lorehaven, where her immediate review for acceptance went into full-force. In the vicinity of three months she was under examination for approval the entirety of these long months spent under the direct guidance of her sponsor. Indeed going directly from her family life into an environment of rigorous daily combat training, with afternoons spent learning to read and write Tharian. Jenlın’s impressive skill with the blade and the astonishing rate at which she was learning her other studies brought down a resounding unanimous vote in favor of the young warrioress.

 1657 A.S.: Jenlın’s hardest tests came in the accomplishing of her first five contracts, a standard initiation test for all new recruits. In truth it took seven contracts for her to surpass this level of training. Two of the contracts went without occurrences and were measured undeserving to tally amongst the total. Yet another had turned into an ambush, where Jen’s tactical choices under the heat of battle saved the lives of her brethren and the merchant they were hired to protect. Still another was an organized defense of a merchant vessel against a pirate ship; standing alongside her other Swiftsword brothers and sisters she repealed the boarders. Yet another of her successes came on a contractual hunting of a group of highway men.

The two most difficult tasks she was contracted for was a massive contract to recapture a large band of escaped convicts from the city of Ciosa. Many of her fellow warriors never returned from the campaign and to this day she calls it as some of the bitterest moments of her life. Contracted to hunt down and destroy a marauding Ban-Yak ogre in the Tandala Highlands was an excursion the maiden would never undertake again without more men. The beast had actually caught the Swiftswords relatively unprepared under the cover of darkness. Jenlın still questions if they had been the hunters or the hunted, after losing near half her brethren the foul beast was slain by the heroics of the last remaining members, Jen included. 

 1658 A.S.: The spring fell on the southlands and Jenlın was brought before her brethren for her newest test, The Hit and Run. In essence the young maiden was placed into a pit against a trainer; while both combatants are give wooden weapons and shields. While the perimeter of the pit if surrounded with archers, whom fire onto the battlefield using volleys of arrows to distract the opponent s. Sometimes with intentionally close shots and even sporadic shots meant to wound the warriors. Although Jen overcame the trainer she had not left the test unscathed, two arrows had grazed the warrioress and one had pierced her thigh. Indeed she was laid up for near a month before the next test was brought upon her.

“The Encounter” is a test that Jen still refuses to speak of, as it is a magical examination of her personality. The horrors she endured during this trial still seem to play upon her psyche as she looks back on it. Mages are chosen that are neutral to the outcome of the trial and everything from honor, intelligence, cunning and reliability are tested. Any questions relating to this test are frequently met with a lighthearted giggle from Jenlın though the look in her eyes habitually relays that she found no humor in the events. Upon completion of these tests she was immediately promoted to the standing of The Axe. This position is a rare advancement amongst the Swiftswords, especially for such a young full-fledged member.

 1668 A.S.: Immediately after becoming a full member Jen hastily joined the faction of “The bouncers”, a position she was designed to fill. For an entire decade she has never taken a leave of absence from the Swiftswords, everyday spent training upon the field of battle. In the course of her career she has accomplished no less than thirty successful contracts, both as commanding and as a subordinate. Jenlın has brought no less than a dozen fellow mercenaries into the ranks of the Swiftswords, killing two of them herself for failure to comply with the guilds creed. Swiftly this propelled the driven Remusian into the higher ranks of the mercenary group, “The Arm”, bringing her to be a teacher in the ways of swordsmanship.

At long last, after a decade and a half the warrior maiden put in for a leave, to the chagrin of her brothers and sisters. The request was granted without question and she wandered from the Toroc on the back of her Sarvonian Heavy Horse, Gorgoth.

Gorgoth is a northern Sarvonian draught horse of fairly impressive size. The breed are descendants of the renowned Kev’lor and Tarpin horses, though less aggressive than the Kev’lor they are more fleet of hoof than the Tarpin. Gorgoth weighs in the range of two hundred and twenty-five Heb while standing five fore and one palmspan at the shoulder. He is dark gray in color with white ‘feathering’ about the hooves; his mane and tail are of the same Cyhalloi Snow hue, quite thick and heavy.

 Although less aggressive than his northern ancestors Gorgoth is well trained under battle situations. His less hostile nature allows Jen to keep amazing control of him under the most dire of circumstances. The steed’s powerful stature allows him to carry his armored companion with comparative effortlessness, even with the weight of his chain barding.

·   One change of clothing, fyrite pink blouse and deerskin leather breeches.
·   A heavy cloak made from wolf skin.
·   One week worth of rations, meat jerky and waybread, with an equal supply of grain for Gorgoth.
·   A miniscule amount of small currency in a pouch upon her hip.
·   A small wooden box containing flint, striking stone and tinder.
·   A large waterskin hung on the side of Gorgoth.
·   Icemilk scented soap and some Icemilk leaves.
·   A small pouch filled with tooth cabbage.
·   A small skinning knife.
·   A thick heavy belt holding the sheath for her Remusian Warsword and the aforementioned pouches.
·   A quiver of arrows and a well made longbow slung over her shoulder. 
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Great spirits have always encountered violent
opposition from mediocre minds.
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Well, Jen, we both know you deserve an approval, but in the mean time here are some nitpicky comments. All in my lovely realm of grammar. devilish

And habitually keeps them hidden behind tunics and various forms of battle regalia. Jen’s waist accentuates this slimness, being rather diminutive, with hips just a smidgen larger. Jenlın’s long legs habitually remain out of view, but are nonetheless lean and supple, with well-shaped thighs and calves.

Just thought you used the word habitually twice too close here. ;)

With an abundant loquacious, bubbly demeanor the adorable maiden has frequently been misjudged as highly flirtatious amongst her fellow mercenaries.

I would make this either 'abundant, loquacious, and bubbly demeanor' or 'abundantly loquacious, bubbly demeanor.'

Jenlın’s heroic struggle for survival during the war caught the attentions of a low ranking Swiftsword member, whom promptly sponsored her in to the mercenary group.

*Technically,* it should be into, rather than in to. :D

Yet(comma) Jen’s seemingly lack of concern for all things feminine has done much to detract from her natural gifts.

She was the youngest child of a retired cavalry soldier, Dendrik, LeBlanc.<--I'd remove that period :) , in early retirement due to a serious injury from a horse accident.

Though not on par with her sibling as he had more years of training, the small Remusian caught on quickly and it was not long before she became a challenge for Gtuk. Yet it was not long before Jen soon began to hold her own and occasionally to best her brother with a level of frequency.

You might want to change the second 'it was not long' to 'Yet, it was a short time before Jen...' or something like that. ;)

More of Jenlın’s time began to be spent in the capital metropolis(comma) assisting her mother throughout the spring and early fall months.

Alright, hun, you were right. I brought down the axe on some strict points, but you were asking for it in the IRC. We both know you're ready for an approval, and I'm just being nitpicky in the mean time. ^.^

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All fixed :) ! Thanks for the comments Eleyr.

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Since you fixed my few issues, first approval given

**DISCLAIMER** I apologize to anyone I may have offended in the above post. I would like to assure you that was (most likely) not my goal. I would also like to assure you that the above post (again, most likely) in no way reflects the views of the Santharian RP boards or their Administrators, Kalína Mërénwèn and Twén Aråerwén.

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Human, Remusian

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If anyone is interested, the Remusian gives his approval, though, I'm not sure about chickens.  I have yet to see them described as part of the fauna there.  (Though I have yet to see that they don't, atleast not until I'm done my rewrite)

As well, though I hesitate at the thought of a female Remusian warrior, I have thought hard on this one.  Because you have stated that Jen was used more as a practice dummy for her brother's training, and have stated that she knows her father would now be shamed at her choice of profession, I think that you have deftly skirted around the whole gender bias that the Remusian's tend to enjoy.

One last nit pick;  Jami and Gtuk..... two non Remusian sounding names (yes, I know Jami is an NPC in the RPG), though since my laziness and lack of time has stopped me from finishing my Nomenclature, this really isn't too big a deal.  I do like the Jenlyn and Dendrik names though.

One last detail, you mention the heaths often, which I assume are the Heaths of Wilderon?  In this case, they are south of the Gathorn Mountains which are south of Remusiat.  You make mention of traveling back and forth between the heaths and Remusiat, which would not be an easy task, nor an afternoon jaunt.  If you just meant that she comes from the area around Remusiat, then this is fine, but the area is more of a frozen plain than heaths.

One last thing, any CD that mentions Altario by name has GOT to be a winner, and I welcome you into the ranks of the few, the proud, the Remusians.

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Ok, you have my approval as well ^.^

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And titled! Very nice, hun.

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