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Author Topic: Character Descriptions  (Read 3963 times)
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New Santharian

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« on: January 21, 2003, 07:35:22 AM »

I hope you dont mind me making this thread. I just thought that it would be easier to find each others Descriptions if they were in a thread with the story.

Mine is below:

Name: Jamalian
Race: Elf
Age: 237
Sex: Male
Height: 1.6 peds
Weight: 1.47 pygges
Title: Assassin (Male Elf)

Tribe: Tethinrhim
Homeland: Auturian Forest

He is very short for a fully grown Elven male, but shares the race's slim figure. He has a well toned physique and a very strong, muscular upper body.
His facial features are young and dashing. He has quite high cheek bones and small dimples that deepen as he smiles and laughs. He has black shoulder length hair which flutters gently in the wind and emerald green eyes which shine brightly in the sunlight and sparkle in the moonlit night sky. His hair is naturally a reddish brown, but as he no longer wants to have anything to do with the Tethinrhim tribe, he dyes it black very often to hide the colour.
He wears very tight fitting, black clothing to keep him conceiled in the night and also to prevent him being snagged on a tree branch or bush while trying to complete a job.
These clothes also hide 2 tattoos which were given to him by his tribe at birth. One is the Eye of Ava and the other is the shield that the Tethinrhim hold as their symbol. He purposely hides these because he no longer wants anything to do with either of them.

He is a very unusual character. In a way he is a stereotypical assassin, but in another way, he is just like most other men.
Generally, he is very charming, suave and a little bit cocky, but he is still protective of his friends and a lover of adventure as long as there is something in it for him.
He is a lover of death as long as he isnt the one who ends up dead. It gives him a buzz inside and the fact that he has killed makes him feel big and more confident. It may be that very feeling that makes him cocky and arrogant. He loves to kill and will do just that for a price or if his life is put in danger.
He is very temperamental and chaotic and some of the slightest things can set him off in a rage. He has learnt to control this over time and normally manages to walk away from tormenting situations, but there are times when he will turn to violence and fighting, the 2 things he loves most and does best.

- He has a knack for throwing weapons like knives and axes. He is very skilled at this and can propel his specially made weapons with great power and accuracy.
- He loves killing and the feeling of danger, so he rarely gets scared does his job very well.
- As he has a powerful upper body, he can match most for strength and isnt completely helpless without his long range weapons.
- He is quick, agile and silent, so his job as an assassin is very simple for him.

- Although he carries short range weapons with him, he isnt very skilled with them and would be outmatched in a swordfight.
- He has quite strong arms, but isnt much of a melee fighter, so he would be overpowered by any good fighter.
- He has many weapons with him, and although his sheathes stop them from making noise, they can get a little heavy if he is walking around with them all day.
- He is quite careless when it comes to keeping friends because of his temper, so he finds that he often gets on the bad side of people.

- Black leather outfit which was made specially for a tight fit.
- Black leather boots. The leather is soft, so they are comfortable to wear.
- Black leather belt with many clips and sheathes on it. He carries his long distance weapons on here so it can get quite heavy.
- 10 mithril throwing knives.
- 4 steel throwing axes with wooden handles and a mithril blade tip for extra strength against strong materials.
- A small steel knife/dagger which he keeps in his right boot.
- A steel short sword which is held in a sheathe on his belt.
- A circular cutting disc with s large hole in the middle so it can be held, thrown and caught easily. It isnt all that thin, so it wont cut to hold, but when propelled at high speed it is deadly. It is made from mithril and has a gold trim around the inside. He believes it to be enchanted because when the blade hits an object, it deflects, even if this object is something soft like flesh. He also believes that it cannot be broken, but that is yet to be proven. It is his most valuable possession.
- A small black draw-string bag for holding money. It is normally filled with gold coins.

Jamalian was the only son of two Kaierian Warriors who were both very loving parents, but who wished to have no childen until they had advanced further. One day, they did have a child. He was a mistake but they would treat him with as much love as they would if he was born in 20 years later.
Without realising it, they neglected him as a child by spending too much time training and trying their hardest to become the best warriors they possibly could. Most of the time they forgot all about him and didnt pay him much attention. They had a big decision to make. Look after their son or train and unfortunately for Jamalian, they chose to improve their fighting skills. Jamalian got more attention from his friends parents than from his own and being an emotional young child, he couldnt bear it.
When he was just 32, they openly admitted that he was a mistake and that they wouldnt have had a child by will for at least another 30 years. They barely had time to be with him and it wasnt right. They meant no harm, but they thought he should know why they didnt spend that much time with him and why he wasnt being treated like some other children of the tribe. He ran away that day, feeling hurt and angry that they could tell him such heart breaking things. He didnt realise that they loved him and were trying their hardest to keep him happy.

He couldnt fend for himself out on his own, but he was taken in by a rogue Elven assassin named Goldor who had no family or friends and wanted some company. He hid out in the forest far from Jamalians home and came across the young boy one day when hunting for a food which would tide him oer until he next got paid. He was a kind assassin with a warm heart who didnt enjoy the profession he was in, but had no other choice if he was to bring in enough money to stay alive. The man was growing old and he hated the thought that he might soon begin to lose his skill as he grew weaker. Jamalian was still only young and he wouldnt survive long unless he could defend himself, so he would be trained.

While he lived with this man, his parents and many from his tribe sent out a search party to help find him and bring him back home. They never found him because he was so far from his homeland.

For years he was trained by this man. His arms grew strong as he practiced throwing long distance weapons and all he needed was to practice the technique over and over until he mastered it. He didnt realise how long it would take, but his mentor was dead by the time he had completed his training. 27 years of work and a good mans death just to make sure he could survive.

Life was treating him badly and also those who were kind to him and he was sick of it. He decided it was time to show the world that he wasnt going to take it anymore. He would become an assassin himself and earn his own living through killing whoever he was asked to kill.

Before leaving the place where he had been taught he gathered some belongings that he would need. While searching, he found a small note underneath a beautifully crafted weapon. The note told him that he was to take the weapon and look after it. It was his now.

He did as was asked and took the weapon as well as many others that he had been trained with.
Over time those weapons were lost and new ones were bought with his well earned money, but his cutting disc has stayed with him all of his life as an assassin. It always just seemed to come back.

Since then he has moved on to become a deadly assassin and a very brave man who accepts any task that lies ahead. He travels the world in search of jobs and quests that will bring him great riches, killing those who cross him along him away.

New Santharian

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« Reply #1 on: January 21, 2003, 04:00:22 PM »

Name: Muargath

Title: Wanderer

Race: Human

Tribe: Helcrani

Age: 19

Height: 1.75 peds

Build: Slim

Hair: White-blonde, long and straight

Eyes: Dark gray

Skin: Pale

Markings: None

Clothing: Whatever is appropriate for the occasion, usually in natural colors. She almost never wears black, pure white or anything richly or brightly dyed.
When traveling she dons clothing made of woven materials of wool, cotton or silk. A simple peasant’s blouse, over tunic and breeches accessorized with a low-slung leather belt. High, soft leather boots are worn over woolen stockings to protect her feet. She wears very little jewelry, tending not to hold on to any type of wealth too long. In inclement weather she will wear a long cloak; fur-lined during the coldest months.

Personality: Muargath’s personality changes as the wind changes direction, as the year rotates through the seasons and as the situation presents itself. Her disposition is as varied as those of the company she keeps. She blends well in crowds, in spite of the bright hair color she was born with. She is a chameleon of the heart and mind, a true enigma, and a miniature bit of chaos in any social order. Her outlook on life is “anything goes” and she usually lives life on the edge. Muargath is best described as a free spirit.

Muargath has a firm belief that no one really owns anything, because she grew up so poor that she never had anything worth keeping. Later when she started stealing to survive, she had an epiphany- that no one can really own anything because someone can always take it away. Even land, which cannot be carried, can be taken away. Also, it is her way of justifying stealing that which doesn't belong to her and it keeps her self image pure.

Likes: Traveling the world; meeting new people; trying new food and drink; living new experiences; being in love; and generally searching for excitement and adventure.

Dislikes: Cages; rules; law-ridden societies; being overburdened with wealth; being forced to do anything; responsibility; and boredom.

Fears: Spiders, extremely enclosed places, and the return of Kapernicus Grey (see background)

Strength of will
Full of energy
A natural hunter/seeker, she has a knack for hiding things, too

Physically weak
Speaks her mind
Borrows things without permission
Far too curious

Possessions: She carries very little, replacing whatever she needs whenever it is necessary. Everything she owns has been recently acquired. Beyond her typical attire, she usually carries a small dagger, and a pouch on her belt for whatever treasure she has borrowed recently (which is usually gone very fast).

Animals/pets: None. An Animal equals responsibility, something that Muargath abhors.

"There is serenity in Chaos.
Seek ye the Eye of the Hurricane."
- so says the Principia Discordia

Wind Waker
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Elf, Ylfferhim

« Reply #2 on: January 21, 2003, 07:05:22 PM »

Note: This CD will be undergoing a major face lift soon.  Also not all of it might concern it...I will have a CD at the time I do face-lift for this particular story.  Don't have the time to take the fine toothed brush through it and figure it out tonight.  So be warned.

Name: Gararion

Race: Elf

Title: Elven Magi

Tribe: The Ylfferhim Tribe

Age 532


- Eyes: Blue
- Hair: Silver
- Skin: Tan
- Markings: Scar across the neck, Missing left ear
- Clothing: Clothing from Ximax; Plain Black Cloak

Gararion’s eyes seem to be a mysterious blue color.  They seem to have a different mixture of
blue in them every time one looks into them.  They go from a light blue to a rich dark blue.
Gararion only bears to scars, one in which is hidden from most people.  The on that is visible is
the scar that runs across his neck.  The one that is hidden is the missing left ear.  Gararion wears
a black silky robe that seems to be metallic in appearance as it glistens with the same glisten as
shiny metal.  This rob has a hood that is made of the same material that he always wears.  This is
the hood that hides his missing ear from view. Both the robe and hood are trimmed in a delicate
silver fabric.  On top of this robe he wears a article the hangs over his shoulders.  It is made from
the exquisite golden material that seems to shimmer during even the darkest nights.  He received
these articles of clothing from Ximax.  The robe tells that he is a teacher and the golden shoulder
piece is the symbol that he is a apprentice to one of the Archmagi of Ximax.  During travels he
wear a plain black cloak covering the wardrobe underneath.  Tis makes himself get warmer than
most but he counters this effect by creating the occasional cool breeze about himself which cools
himself down.


From all of his experiences, Gararion wishes to be left along on the majority. Although he does
enjoy the company of a few people while he is not busy studying the art of magic, while in his
deep concentration while studying the disturbance of one can put him in a grumpy mood for a
few days. When he talking to a few people he like the groups to be small, no more than he talking
to a few people five like the groups to be small, no more than five.

With his experiences in the world of love, he has vowed never to fall in love again. He believes
that he can not take the despair of his loved one dying in his arms ever again. So when it seems
that he gets to close to someone he seems to disappear from an sight or at least avoiding that
person long enough that he believes that she has lost interest in him. Only then will he return to
the area or show himself to her again.


-Magic School: Wind
-Level 10


Known only as Gararion, he is self-made man. He was born within the Ylfferhim Tribe but he
fought to find his place in this world as he left the tribe at the age of 135. He was born with the
natural talent of magic, which he trained to a fine art. He has tried to gain as much knowledge in
this magic mystery as possible. His fierce drive to win allowed him little time for a social life.
Eventually he came to the realization that he hated the attention of others.

His life as a Ylfferhim elf let him learn many things about the world of magic. He has had the
luck of being one of the many Elven people of his tribe to be born with the natural ability to
sense Oh'mód'hál. When he reached the age of 135, he decided to leave the tribe that he was born
in and travel to see the world and to learn more about the magic world.  He just didn't believe
that he could learn all that would be needed to master the magic arts within his home tribe.

While traveling the world, Gararion encountered the love of his life. She was a human and went
be the name of Sara. They spent 57 years with each other loving each other to the ends of the
earth. Gararion for once was happy and eased on his magic studies for he spent most of his time
with his love. Nevertheless, Gararion outlived his human love life span. Sara died at the age of
77, while Gararion held her within his arms. He vowed never to fall in love or to let his emotions
to get to the best of him for it took to much time from his studies.  He began to resent ever falling
in love with another. He once again began his studies with even more intensity then he had ever
had before.  For this time he had no distractions that would arise from his life, like the love that
he had for Sara.

After the death of his love, Gararion decided that he had to catch up on the 57 years that he
missed in his studies.  He decided to go and learn what he could from the teachers at "The
Magical Academy of Ximax".  He choose to further his knowledge in the school of Wind for he
felt that this school had the closest attachment to himself and the deep energy within his heart for
learning.  He spent 30 years studying at Ximax as a student learning as much as he could from
the great mages that taught there.  He had always wished that he would someday be as good as
them and be able to spread his knowledge in the area.  After graduating from the school he
decided to stay there another 300 years after his graduation for this place he felt, would be the
only place that he would not be disturbed.  During this time he had finally came to relise his skill,
as well did the archmagi of Ximax as well.  The archmagi of "The Tower of the Skies"
confronted Gararion one morning.  Gararion puzzled and troubled by this appearance stood still
and waited for what would happen as the Archmagi seldom came to the lesser beings of the
people of Ximax.

"Young Gararion, I come here as a spoke person to announce the voices of the other Archmagi
of Ximax.  We have sensed great skill in you young Gararion.  We know that there are few with
your drive to learn and thirst for knowledge and this makes you very gifted Gararion."

"I am honored sir by this vist and this news."

"We, the Archmagi as a whole, have seen this and want to se your skills grow.  Thus we would
like you to learn what only can be learned through teachings.  Thus we ask you if you wish to
help myself and the other teachers teach the students of Ximax  in the school of the wind

"I would be honored sir to help you in any manner possiable."

"I am glad to hear that Gararion as I am sure our paths will cross again in time.  I will entrust that
you will have a great influance on the future students of Ximax."

As the Archmagi had said this he walked away to whereever he was to be, Gararion did not care.
He had finally had a chance to teach at Ximax.  What a honor would that be.  He taught the
students of Ximax for years leased that he had had the chance to do so.  He always wondered
why the Archmagi of the Great Towers would be interested in him, only time would tell.  During
his life within Ximax Gararion always felt a strange presence around him at all times.  Almost as
if someone had been watching him.  There was someone watching him, as the Archmagi that
came to him and offered him the job at Ximax watched him closely.  He was truely interested in
Gararion and his skill.

The Archmagi watched Gararion close and found it fit to confront him once more to adress him.
Gararion sensed his coming and prepaid himself as usual.  He tidied up his paper from the
following class and waited for the Archmagi to enter.  The doors opened slowly with a slight
breeze entering, turning the corners of the paper up.

"Welcome sir.  What brings me the honor of your visit?"

"I have been pleased with your efforts young Gararion and wish to offer you a proposal."


"As my current apprentice has come ill lately I am in the need for a apprentice till his return.  I
come to you Gararion as you skills seem to be growing and I wish to help them."

"I am honored sir.  Does this mean that I no longer will have the privaldge of teaching the

"If you wish you can continue but when I am in the need of your services I will demand your full
attention.  Is that understood?"

"Yes sir, I understand fully as when ones mind is distrated it leads him astray from his purose."

"I am glad that you agree to these terms.  I am sure that my need for you will be small as these
times are quite calm but who knows what lies in the future."

"Yes sir."

As they finished their conversation the Archmagi had left him in a slow pace toward the door.
Gararion was quite pleased with the efforts that he had shown and the results that he obtained
from them.  He had now only began to relize what he was capable of.

After many years teaching at Ximax and helping the Archmagi when his aide was needed
Gararion was begining to have strange feelings that he had never had before.  Gararion felt a
strange urge to leave his home within Ximax for a short time.  He felt a pull towards the outside
world, as if something wanted him to leave.  Not sure of this Gararion packed his stuff ready to
leave.  He did not know how to announce his departure to the Archmagus of Ximax.  But like it
had alwas been the the Archmagi of "The Tower of the Skies" came to him.  As if he knew what
he was doing along.  Gararion felt the pwoer of the Archmagi coming closer.  He yerned that
someday he would ave power like that of the Archmagi.

"Gararion I understand, there is no need for worry.  I alos have felt a strange presence about
you, though I nor can the other Archmagi tell what it is.  I now that you are puzzled by this
presence as I am also.  I understand that you must go out and see where this pressence takes

"You have felt it also...there is nothing that you can tell me that might help me in my journeys?"

"I am affraid that there isn't Gararion.  This pressence has brought great worries to the Archmagi
of the Towers.  I can only ask you to folow this pressence and see what it desires.  I hope that
some day you will return to Ximax and tell us about your journeys and your findings."

"I will....  But where do I go friend?  Do you have any word of knowedge that will hel me on my
journeys.  This would be the first time I have truely left to explore Sorren.  Where should I

"All that I can tell you is to follow the pressence from within yourself.  That shall be your
compass.  Listen to it carefully Gararion."

"Farewell trusted friend.  I will return to Ximax with news of my findings when I find

Gararion picked up the few belongings that he had and headed out on his own.  He left his home
and Ximax both at the same time.  He only knew that he would follow the pressence in what ever
direction it may take him.  Thus his journey began.

After the hundred years of study, learning and teaching, he finally set out again to see what the
world had to offer.  Although he continually travels back to a keep that he had built for him near
the Academy, to have the chance of learning more without being disturbed by fellow mortals.
During these trips he tells the Archmagi of what he has found out.  He yerns the day when his
journey is complete and he is able to return to the side of the Archmagi in his study.

Gararion had set out.  He did not know where to go so he travelled southeast.  Not having any
sort of direction form the pressence from within.  He continued to walk without stopping long
withi a city to meet anyone new or anything.  He waited for a sign or something that would help
him in his cause.  He recieved what he thought to be his first sign within Santhala.

He had stopped within a Tavern to rest frm a long walk.  He had sat by the fire eating a warm
bowl of soup when a man confranted him.

"Sir I noticed that you carry a staff that seems to burn with a blue fire.  Puzzeled by this I
looked closer and it seems to not harm the wooden staff.  How can this be?"

"Magic has many possibilities..."

"So it is magical....does that mean you are a mage?"

"You assume correct."

"I have never seen a mage before.  It is a pleasure to have finally seen one and of one of such
power I presume..."

"Power is only what one desires...strength is what one has."

"Correct you are....I have been looking for a man for my boss.  He is a wealthy person and wants
to use of a powerfu.....strong person.  I wish to take you to meet him as he would be quite pleased
with you I assure."

"I have no use of him nor do I have the need for wealth.  I am on my wn journey that must not be

All of a sudden Gararion saw a strange glow about the man.  It seemed that noone else within the
Tavern had seen it nor did the man which this glow surronded.  Gararion puzzeled by this
remembered what the Archmagi had said.  He decided that this was the doing of the pressence
within himself wanting him to follow this man.

"I am sorry that I bothered you then sir.  I must be on my way then.  I need to find a man by
night fall."

"Wait....I might need money afterall on my journeys.  I will go with you to this man and see what
he has to offer."

"Change of mind I see.  Well meet me here at this table tommorrow morn and we will head out.
It is way to late to bother him tonight."

Gararion watched the man leave from the tavern.  He aksed the Tavern owner where he could get
a room for the night.  He had said that he has a spare room that he would rent to the man.
Gararin gave the man the correct coin, 5 sans, and took his key.  He walked up the stairs to his
room and placed the book that he carried under his cloak on the table beside the bed and placed
the staff that he carried leaning against the same table.  The blue flame that burned on the staff
seemed to affect the wooden table at all.  Gararion laid in his bed wondering what the glow that
he saw about the man meant.  Was it truely a sign from the pressence within himself or was it of
some other means about the mysterious man.  He assumed that it was a sign from the pressence
as he had never seen anyone glow like that man had nor he had not sensed any magic about the
man.  He lay in his bed for many hours thinking about this which he had finally grew tired from
his travells and fell to sleep.

He awoke in the early morning ready to return the key and set out on his journeys once again
when he remembered what had happened to him the following day.  He went down stairs and
returned the key to the Tavern Keeper and ordered a breakfast.  He then sat at the same table with
his breakfast and began to eat it waiting for the man from yesterday to come and meet him as he
said he would the following day.

Then man had come as he said he would.  He came and waited for Gararion to finish his meal
and then they left for where ever they were to go.....Gararion did not know as the man wished not
to say anything further about what would take place that day.  They walked accross the town of
Santhala and stopped infront of a large estate.  It was the largest estate that he had ever seen.  It
stood high over the rest of the city.  The man lead him past the gates guards, it seemed that htey
expected him or knew him for they offered no resistance to his enterance and only quickly
opened the gates for his arrival.  The man lead Gararion to the front door of the estate and then
whispered something to a servant who stood in front of it.  The servant handed him a small
pouch and the man walked off after speaking to Gararion.

"This man will take the rest of they way.  I bid you fairwell."

Gararion puzzelled, his gaze following the man till he was out of site.  Then his gaze turned
toward the servant who would take care of him as it seemed to be.

"Then shall we continue?"

"Yes we shall Lord."

Gararion followed the servant inside wondering why he had called him "Lord".  Was this estate
so formal that everyone was called lord or was there a purpose behind this title.

The servant took Gararion deep within the estate and they eneded up stopping infront of two big
wooden doors.The servant knocked on the doors and waited.

"Yes, you may come in."

A doors opened slowly as one of the many servants walked in.

"My Lord, the man who you asked for has arrived. Shall I let him in, my Lord."

"Yes let him in, I wish to speak to with him."

As the man walked in Delnar looked him over. Yes it seemed this was the man he had asked for,
though he wished he would've been less suspicious. He wanted someone who could blend in with
a crowd but that would be impossiable. That staff and book he carried stood out. It seemed to
burn with a blue fire. What was this he wondered. Delnar signaled the man to take a seat. The
The figure walked infront of his desk and stood. He looked at the what the office had to offer. He
then took his seat infront of the desk and sat waiting for the man who forced him to meet him.

"You are probably wondering why I insisted for you to meet me. You see, I am training a new
group of men to run one of my trade routes for me. I want to make sure that this group has what
it takes to handle the hardships of this life. This is here you come in my friend. You see, it isn't
always that a trade route runs into trouble. There is a good chance that they might not come
accross any troubles on their jorneys. This I don't want to happen, you see if they don't run into
trouble than how will I know if they can handle it. So to get to the point, I need you to tag along
with the journey and if things seem to easy for them, then make some difficulties for them. I
don't care how you do it, cost is not a problem. So will you do this for me. I will pay you as

Delnar waited for the mans answer.

Gararion straightened up in his chair and then leaned foward toward Delnar.

"So let me see here. You wish for me to make there journeys hard enough so that you can tell
that they can handle all the hardships that they might face in the future. Well I don't see why this
would be a problem...but there is this one thing...I won't do it.  I do not prefornm tasks for
anyone unless there is something that I get in reurn that truely interests me, money is not
something that can hold my attention."

"Than may I ask you what does interest you. I can offer you anything that may be of interest to
you I assure you. Just name it and I will abide. I truely need your help, it will be hard to find a
replacement on this short of time."

"What I need is to quench my thirst for knowledge. And this is not just any ordinary knowledge,
for it is a thirst for magical knowledge. This is the only thing that matters to me. If you can
quench my thirst during the time that I spend here doing your bidings then I will be interested in
helping you with your task."

"Well let me see here. This is a something new. Usually someone asks for money, property or
power but you ask for knowledge. Or are you asking for power my friend. Do you hope to gain
more power in the magical arts than most. Is this what you..."

"MY INTENTIONS ARE NOT YOUR BUSINESS HUMAN!!! I do not need to explain myself
to a human who cannot comprehend the paths that I have taken. If you wish my services then
don't ever challenge me again. Though you might be able to sway the public with the snap of
your fingers you cannot control my own actions. I do not need to listen to this."

"Woa my companion, I did not mean to challenge you. I simply wanted to understand what you
wanted from me. It is not my intentions to challenge you, for I know that I have no control over
the likes of you like I have over most people that I meet.

But lets leave this touchy topic alone. Well let me see, maybe I can interest you. My family has
kept a fairly large libary of ancient tome and other books. I will get my servant here to take you
to it and let you search the libary to see if anything interests you. I don't have a clue what is in
that libary for I haven't the taste for reading. But maybe you can find something that will interest

"Did you say ancient. We will see what I can find here. Maybe I can find something that may
quench my thirst for the duration of the quest."

"Hopefully you can, for I will be greatful for your services. Kevin, please take this man to the
Keeps Libary. Let him be alone for he is our guest and I want him to be comfortable. Stay
outside the door and serve him in what ever way he desires."

Gararion began his search of the libary for many hours.  Gararion continued his search within the
library of te keep. He had not seen anything that interested him to much that would make him
sign on to such a quest. It was turning out not to be worth while endeavure for himself.

The door to the library opened as the servant in which Delnar whispered to earlier came through.

"My Lord...."

"Yes what is it?"

"....Lord Delnar has asked me to tell you that dinner has been served. He has asked if you will
join them Lord."

"Join them? Why I see nothing worth staying here for as my search for anything useful has
failed. Why should I stay for a dinner. I must be on my way."

"My Lord?"

Gararion looked about the large library once again. Indeed there was a large collection on texts,
but still nothing of use to him.

"Show me the door!"

Just as he turned his head to the direction of the door out of the library his eye caught something.
It was area where the light of the library seemed not to reach. He looked in the direction of this
this area cloaked in dakness. His eyes strained to see if he could see through the darkness. He
walked closer to the darkness. Even though he was closer he still couldn't see through the
darkness. He walked right into the darkness disapeared from sight of the servant. The sevant had
never seen this darkness before. It seemed to have just came from out of no where.

"My Lord.......Lord...."

Gararion was now within the darkness. He still couldn't see anything. He began to feel around
within the darkness. After a while of walking within this darkness that seemed not to end he
reached something that felt like a wall. He slid his hands up and down the surface of this wall.
He felt something protruding from the wall. It felt like a door nob. He placed his hand around the
handle and tried to turn it. With a little effort it turned and Gararion pushed the door open.

There was a light within but it seemed not to have broken the darkness as he turned around and
only saw the same never ending darkness that he had travelled through. He had never seen such a
thing. What could this be. This was a true darkness, one that he thought would not have been
possible. He had only one choice for his thirst for knowledge got the better of him.

He walked within the light and was hit with a even brighter more powerful light. This light hit
him with a powerful force which blinded him. He could feel the energy of the bright light but all
he could see was the deep darkness that he just came out of. But he could sense that he wasn't
alone. There were other being, being more powerful than he was. Beings with a greater
knowledge that he had. He could not tell how many there was but only that they were there. He
looked about rubbing his eyes trying to get his vision back.

"There is no use in trying to recover your vision for we have taken it to protect you...."
spoke a deep magical voice.

Gararion turned around quickly trying to see the figure that the voice came from.

"Who are you!?"

"In time Gararion.....for now other matters are of importance..."[/i]

Gararion turned around again as the voice had became even deeper voice spoke to him from
another location.

"Why have you taken my sight? What are protecting me from!?"

A new came from another direction. This voice was a female voice.
"This is not the time for question Gararion....please listen to what we have to say...."

"I will..."

"We will visit you often...you will recognize us as the same darkness as before...only you will be
able to enter this place as it is a place conjured from your mind..."

A new voice spoke. This one had a voice that seemed to sense that he was the oldest amoung

"...a great evil will soon rise from the forgotten past...this evil must be stopped...but alone you
will not be able to stop this evil........you will have to complete journey that will take you to
places that you have never been to....we will offer our help as we see fit....but mans future rests
on the hands of you Gararion......we will return soon to complete your knowledge for this is only
a preperation for the future that you have been destined to complete.....fairwell..."

"Wait!!!! What is this evil that you speak of? I need to know more!!!!"

But as he said this he felt the power of the light slowly vanish. As it vanished his site returned.
He was no longer within the darkness but once again within the library. He was facing a

"My Lord? May I ask what happened?"

"Take me to Delnar......"

"Yes My Lord..."

The servant lead Gararion to Delnar and and Gararion entered the dinning hall.  Still shooken ny
what had happened he sat down in a chair and remainedmotionless.  Delnar asked him what was
wrong but Gararion did not answer him.  He waited for a moment then stood and left the Dinning
hall withut eating or drinking anything.

Delnar ascussed himself from the table leaving the others to themselves for a short time.  He
went after Gararion.  After a while searching for him he found him on the topmost floor standing
by a window looking out it still motionless.

He asked if he had had his services.  Gararion sure that this was one of the largests signs that he
had ever recieved told Delnar that he had earned his services for this one quest.  After that he
must be on his way.  Delnar agreed hoping that he could presay him after to stay longer.  Delnar
then returned to the dinning hall and left Gararion there staring out toward the window.
Unknown to Delanr he was staring out in the Direction of Ximax.  He wanted to go back to
Ximax and tell the Archmagi what had happened but felt it was more important to follow this
pressence to see what else he could find out.

The stuff in between the line two lines that follow, is just a rough outline of things as
things within stories still need to brought out and I wish not to bring them out at the moment.
Thus it will be a little empty but as the stories progress the CD will be expanded.

Much happened during this voyage (to be mentioned after the story has been completed or the
stuff has taken place)
.  After the quest Gararion returned to Ximax and told the all Archmagi
of the great towers of what had happened.  Worried about the near future they thought it would
be best if they could prepare him in some way to protect the future of Sorren.  They would have
decided to do this themselves but it seemed that this pressence had picked Gararion to carry out
this quest.  Thus they thought of some way that they could protect and prepare the mage for what
would lay ahead of him.  They thought together for days and finally came to the decision that
they must raise his magical powers faster than they themselves could do by just mere teaching
him.  The Archmagiof "The Tower of the Skies" came to his apprentice to bring him the news of
their decision.

"Gararion we have come to a decision.  As this pressence has seemed to pick you as its
gateway and protector we see it fit to let it remain so.  But we feel it is our job to portect and
prepare you in any way we can do so.  Thus we have come to the decision to bring you withing
the Tear of Avá, the Uarná'ésh-dél or what ever you wish to call it as I like to call it simply the
Uarná'ésh-dél.  We will allow you only a short time within the Uarná'ésh-dél to allow your
powers to grow.  
Although your powers will grow you will still need to learn how to harness them correctly.  Thus
we ask to travel to Aeruillin to meet the Archmagi there, who we hope will help you as well in
your control of these new powers as well in providing any knowledge that he can to help you on
your quest."

Gararion agreed to these terms and went along with the ritual of the Archmagi.  After the ritual
had compeleted Gararion could sense the great power that he was given.  Though still not as
great as the Archmagi of Ximax but greater than any he had ever felt within himself.  Bidding his
fairwells to the Archmagi of Ximax he once again set out south, toward Aeruillin to meet the
Archmagi there.

He had traveled for days wondering the the lands of Sorren.  He had not had another signs since
the last one during his time serving for Delnar.  He wondered if he was going in the right

He was heading toward Strata to board a ship to Areuillin but stopped off at a Tavern just outside
of Strata.  Within this Tavern his story begins......

Other Historic Stuff

Through out his life Gararion has the misfortune of getting in a few fights in his early years of
his magic studies. Unable to cast the powerful spells that are needed to help defend him as he can
now cast, he has had the misfortune of a few scars here and there. One of these scars that are
most noticeable is a scar across his neck. He received this scar while he was in a Tavern with his
wife Sara. While drinking a few cups a fine wine celebrating their twenty-fifth anniversary a
stranger entered the Tavern in rampage manner. Gararion wanting the stranger to quite down
asked him to please take a seat and settle down. Before he knew it the stranger had a small
dagger across his neck applying increasing pressure with the sharp edge of the blade. With blood
drizzling from the open wound the blade inflicted, Gararion only could stand there and watch the
look of terror that Sara had as she watch the pain that her husband was going through. A friend of
Sara's saw what was going on and came over to interfere. He grabbed the dagger out of the hand
of the stranger's and tossed him out of the Tavern. The friend followed the stranger outside and
after a few minutes came back in with a grin on his face. Helping Gararion walk to the towns
healer the stranger left to go home after making sure Sara was alright and ensuring her that
Gararion would be alright. He told her that he has seen Elves recover from worse wounds than
the one Gararion had suffered. Nevertheless, Gararion did recover quickly but retained a scar that
ran at least 5 inches across his neck.

Another of these scars that Gararion has in a missing ear. Before he met his wife and was
traveling, he traveled through a forest; he cannot remember the name of the forest for he does not
want to remember the pain that he suffered during his stay. While venturing through the forest
strange creatures attacked him by surprise and held him captive. While he was held captive, his
torturers tortured him while seeming to remain in darkness. Hours and hours of pain upon pain
did the elf endure before they finally freed him. However, before freeing the elf they cut the left
ear off as kept it as a trophy. The elf now hides this deformity from others as he position hi hair
in such a way that it seems that he still has he ear. He has only shown this to his wife Sara as he
tries to avoid conflict that may result in the discovery of his missing ear.

The one thing that makes Gararion stand out from a crowd is his Staff and Spell Book. They both
seem to burn with a strange Blue Fire that does no harm to the Book or Staff, nor any other
things that has not done any harm to Gararion himself as long as he is in the area. This fire
prevents anyone other than Gararion to touch them for it inflicts a burning feeling deep within
the body that only Gararion can heal. Gararion being a peaceful person often relieves this pain
from it victims under the condition that they be careful around his stuff. Anyway he cannot be
bothered by someone continually bothering him to remove the pain, he hates the attention. The
story of how Gararion acquired these items begins before he entered the Academy. A human
traveling through the Quallian Forest found himself lost within the forest. Gararion was out on a
stroll when he met the Human. The human had been lost for several days now and was desperate
to get out of the forest. Gararion asking no questions lead him out of the forest. The human
vowed that sometime in the future he would pay the Elf back in some manner. While studying at
Ximax, Gararion once again met the human. Although Gararion cold not remember where he met
this strange man before, the man insisted that he would do something for what he had done
before in the forest. Not sure what to expect Gararion agreed to his terms but did not know what
the human could do for him. The man insisted in testing his magic on the Elf's personal
belongings. He said that this magic that he would imbue in his Spell Book and Staff would
protect them from theft. Thus Gararion received his enchanted items.


Remembering his past life will often send many into a moment of reflect. However, of Gararion
case this will often make him lose some of his great concentration and will power. However, if
someone mention his the name of his wife, Sara, he will lose all of his will power and
concentration for a long period, an hour to be precise. During this period, he will try to retreat
from the situation and recover from the bad memories.

From years of training though, he has learned to avoid any sort of emotion for he feels that
emotion is the weakness of ones soul. So forth it is almost impossible for anyone to bring any
sort of emotion to this man's face or being in matter of fact.

Although he can talk to people once in awhile he does not enjoy long conversations for they take
to much time from his studies. On top of that, he does not want to let any bit of information pass
that will effect him the future.

Gararion has a hard time hearing from the left ear when it comes to direct noise.  He can hear the
quite noises from nature but cannot hear someone when he whispers or speaks into the left ear


His control of his own will is his greatest accomplishment in his eyes. He has trained years to
master his own will. With only a few and rare moments that he loses this control he is known
around the world for his control.

He has learned how to keep his past secret from others quite well. For if he didn't he might be
weakened to such a degree that he might as well stay indoors for the rest of his life for the fear of
what will happen.

He has the ability to learn things very quickly and with great results. The intensity he puts forth
in learning something helps him in this area. While learning something he only takes time off to
eat and sleep though he gets very little of either. After learning the desired thing, that was the
object of his study, he will have to spend a few days to help restore his health to its original state
for he suffers from lack of sleep and lack of nutrition.


- Staff
-Spell Book
-Spell Pouch - containing needed reagents for casting spell and the such.
-Small Carry Pouch - containing a few healing potion and herbs.
-Leather Water Bottle
-Clothing from Ximax
-plain black cloak


Alnac Kreb
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- Alnac Kreb
-  ½ Human ½ Elf
- Human: Shendar
- Elf: Meaverhrim
- 28
- Dreamthief (Male Human)

- He had startlingly handsome features with dark humorous eyes in his gleaming black flesh. His ears were slightly pointed, making him appear somewhat like an elf. On his short curly black hair he wore a mithril skull cap decorated with peacock feathers and his jacket and breeches were of black velvet stiched with gold thread, over which was thrown a pale-colored hooded cloak of a common desert pattern. At his side was a small curved wand. Concealed under his jacket was a mithril chain shirt, which could protect him from even the most harsh physical abuse.

- Level 7 Mentalism
- Level 3 Enchantment


Prologue: Training, and a study of the South.

- Alnac has never known his parents, or where he was born, save that it was in the Rahaz-dath. His earliest memories are of a burning tent and light-skinned men with horses. When he was 6, he was found by an extremely rich merchant, and brought into the city of Bardavos. The man treated him like a son, and when he was 14, gave him a fine Eilenachian whirlwind sword he had obtained from a group of Remusian nobles, and sent him to the city of Ximax to train as a mage. When he reached Ximax, he enrolled in enchantment. When this became too difficult, he switched to mentalism, which he found both far easier, and far more natural to him. During his training, he acquired a companion, a light blue Ximax cat he named Alesham. By the age of 24, he had graduated in the field of Mentalism (though still remembered much of his enchantment training) and returned to Bardavos. He really didn't know what to do with his new abilities and understanding, so after a great deal of confusion and arguing, he joined the little known Dreamthiefs guild.

His trainer was the famous (not for his dreamthief skills but for his days as a warrior) Chamog Borm, the great champion of the desert. Over three years, he learned the craft from Chamog, his best friend ad fellow student was the Lady Oone. She never told him of her homeland, but they became as brother and sister. Upon the completion of his training, he left for Strata. He made the journey without incident, but there was little work for him there, and he decided to return home yet again. He did not realize that he had forgotten to acquire new supplies before setting of into the desert.

It was in lonely Thalambath, destination of many caravans but terminus of few, that Alnac lay ready for death. Once, a great city, ruled by a un-named sorcerer stood on the land now inhabited by Thalambath. The city had ruled a land of rivers and lovely valleys, it’s forests verdant, it’s plains abundant with crops, but all that had been before the casting of certain incautious spells in The War of the Chosen more than 8,000 years earlier. In an attempt to destroy an invading army and to build a bulwark of sand around their empire, the sorcerer-emperor of Thalambath had mistakenly created the Rahaz-Dath desert, and destroyed their entire empire. Flooding it with sand. Fourteen times during the war did foreign armies attempt to conquer the city, and fourteen times did the desert itself defeat them. Only many years after did 7 men, led by the wizard Thalambath destroy that city, and built a great black keep on its ruins. This was the origin of the modern city.

Thalambath’s seven companions took rule of the city after his disappearance. Since then, the city’s chief obsessions (some would say chief industries) were the elaborate intrigues amongst her rulers. A republic, albeit in name only, and hub of a vast inland empire, albeit entirely covered by sand, Thalambath was ruled by her council of seven, whimsically known as  “The Six and one other”, who controlled the greater part of the city’s wealth and most of her affairs. Certain other potent men and women, who chose not to (or were not able to) serve in the septocracy, wielded considerable influence, while displaying none of the trappings of power. Most of the power of the council wielded was infact unknown to the general populace. The capitol of Strata was simply a puppet of the council and their agents...

Part One: The Blood Moon rises over the Bronze Tent.

It was to this city that Alnac awoke, without any knowledge of how he had reached the city. His last memory being leaving “The Thirsty Herald” tavern north of Strata, and entering the desert, which he was now on the opposite side of. His lodgings were by now means as spectacular as the city’s elaborate politics, nor her magnificent architecture. They consisted of a truckle bed, single high window, a plain earthenware jug and a basin containing a little brackish water, which had cost him his last emerald. Water permits were unavailable to foreigners and the only freshwater on general sale were the city’s most precious commodity. Alnac’s water was almost certainly stolen from a public fountain. The statutory penalties for such theft were rarely discussed. Even in private.

Alnac had lay there for over three days, with no food, and only the vile aforementioned water. Feeling something suddenly cool upon his cracked lips, he jerked his head away and tried to reach for his exotic Eilenachian whirlwind sword, for he feared that steel was being positioned against him, perhaps to cut his throat.


Alnac’s voice was feeble and his hand was to too weak to leave his side, much less grip his blade. He coughed and realized that liquid was being poured into his mouth. It was not the filthy stuff he had bought but something flesh and clean. He drank, trying hard to focus his eyes. Immediately before him were an ornamental silver flask, a golden, soft hand, an arm clothed in exquisitely delicate brocade, a humorous face which he did not recognize. He coughed again. The liquid was more than ordinary water, was this some sympathetic apothecary? Alnac drew a ragged, grateful breath and stared in wary curiosity at the man who had resurrected him, however briefly. Smiling, his temporary savior moved with studied elegance in his heavy, unseasonable robes.

“Good morning to you Sir Thief. I trust I’m not insulting you. You are from the far away lands of Yamalquain are you not? Where all kinds of sorcery are practiced with pride?”

Alnac was briefly mystified, then his eyes darted to his sword. He thought it best not to contradict the man, he nodded slowly. His bones still ached.  The tall clean-shaven man put a stopper in his flask. “I have been told to inform you that the Blood Moon will soon rise over the Bronze Tent.”

“I see” Alnac pretended to be impressed by what to him was gibberish. “Then we must move quickly I suppose.”

“So my master believes. The words mean nothing to me, but they have significance to you. I was told to offer you a second draft if you appeared to respond positively to that knowledge. Here.” And smiling more broadly he held out the flask, which Alnac accepted, drinking sparingly and feeling still more strength return, his aches gradually dissipating.

“Your master would commission a thief? What does he wish stolen that the thieves of Thalambath cannot steal  for him?”

“Aha sir, you affect a literal-mindedness I cannot believe in now.” He took back the flask. “I am Raafi as-Keeme, and I serve a great man of this city. He has, I believe a commission for you. We have heard much of the Eilenachian skills and for some time we have been hoping for one of your folk to wander this way. Did you plan to steal from us? None is ever successful. Better to steal for us, I think.”

“Wise advice, I would guess.” Alnac rose from his bed and put his feet upon the flagging. Already the liquid’s strength was ebbing. He gathered his items and made for the door. Raafi as-Keeme spoke up at this action.

“Would you first accompany me to a certain palace?”

“Lead on lord As-Keeme. I must admit I am curious to discover what considerable risks  I am to take that would make one of your own thieves refuse the kind of rewards a lord of Thalambath has to offer.” Alnac smirked, he knew that the agents of Thalambath, the so-called “Sorcerer Adventurers” were famous fore their stealth and cunning.

“They did not refuse Sir thief, they died in the attempt.”

Part Two: The Pearl at the Heart of the World

In a room through which mellow sunlight slanted in dusty bands from a massive grille set deep into the ornately painted roof of a place called Goshasiz whose complicated architecture was stained by something more sinister than time, Lord Gho Fhaazi entertained his guest to further drafts of the mysterious elixir.

Lord Gho was modishly coifed and clad. His black hair and beard were teased into symmetrical ringlets, the long mustachios were waxed and pointed, the heavy brows bleached blond above his pale green eyes and his skin artificially whitened until it resembled that of an albino. His lips were painted a vivid red. He sat at the end of a table, which slanted down subtly towards his guest, his back to the light so that he almost resembled a magistrate sitting judgment over a felon.

Alnac recognized the deliberateness of the arrangement and was not put out by it. Lord Gho was only slightly older than him, in his early thirties, and had a pleasant, slightly high-pitched voice. He waved plump fingers at the plates of figs and dates in mint leaves, of honeyed locusts, which lay between them. He pushed the silver flask of elixir in an awkward display of hospitality, his movements revealing that he performed tasks that would usually be reserved for his servants.

“My dear fellow. More. Have more.” He was unsure of Alnac, almost wary of him, and it grew clear to the Shendar dreamthief that there was some urgency involved in the matter, which Lord Gho had not proposed, nor revealed through the courier he had sent to the hovel.

“My servant tells me you understood his references,” Lord Gho said, drying himself with a gauzy towel. Again it was clear he usually employed slaves for this task, but had chosen to dine alone with Alnac, perhaps for fear of his secrets being overheard. “The actual words of the prophecy are a little different. You know them?”

“No,” said Alnac with immediate frankness. He wondered what would happen if Lord Gho realized he was here under false pretences.

“When the Blood Moon makes fire over the Bronze Tent , then the Path to the Pearl will be opened.”

“Aha,” said Alnac. “Just so.”

“And the nomads tell us that the Blood Moon will appear over the mountains in a little less than a week. And will shine on the waters of the Pearl.”

“Exactly,” said Alnac.

“And so the path to the Fortress shall, of course, be revealed.”

Alnac nodded with a gravity and as if in confirmation. “And where is this Bronze Tent?”

“I had thought such things within your sphere, Sir Thief. You must go of course, to the Oasis of Nirmenith. It is the time when the Nomads hold one of their gatherings. Some significance, no doubt, concerning the Blood Moon. It is likely that it is at the Oasis that the path will be opened to you. You have heard of the Oasis, naturally.”

“Naturally. But, I have no map, I fear.”

“That will be provided. There is a secret road that leads from here to the Oasis, and even farther north to where we trade with the nomads. Have you never traveled the Red Road?”

“As I said, I am a stranger to this city, and to this whole region of the desert, Lord Gho.”

“Yes, you did mention something of that did you not. We will provide you with a map. But he Red Road is easily enough to follow since it leads from here to the oasis and beyond are only the mountains. They’re of no interest to you, I think.”

“And a steed, I hope. You’ll give me a mount.”

“A Havach Ox. Used commonly by the dwarves of Nybelmar, but a rarity here. They are living battle platforms, and would help in your defense while walking the Red Road.”

“You have said little about the nature of my fee.” Alnac drained the goblet and Lord Gho filled it a little clumsily.

“What would you usually ask?”

“Well, this is an unusual commission.” Alnac grew amused at the situation. “You understand there are few of my skill in Eilenach, and even fewer here in Thalambath.”

“If you bring me that specific pearl, Sir thief, you will have all manner of wealth. Anything you ask, clothes, jewels, a palace, slaves, an entire noblemen’s household. Or if you wish to continue your travels, I could provide you with a caravan capable of buying an entire city in Santharia or Nybelmar. You could become a prince, possibly even a king!”

“Aye Generous no doubt.” Alnac frowned, glancing around the great room at its hangings, it’s rich gem work, it’s mosaics of precious stones, and it’s elaborately ornamental cornices and pillars. He had it in his mind to bargain further, because he guessed it was expected of him. “But if I have a notion of the pearls worth to you, Lord Gho-what it will purchase for you here-you’ll admit that the price you offer is not necessarily a large one.”

Lord Gho Fhaazi grew amused in turn. “The Pearl will buy me a place on the council of six which will shortly be vacated. The nameless seventh has given the pearl as her price. I have promised her this. There are rivals, but none who promise so much.”

“And do these rivals know of your offer?”

“Doubtless there are rumors. But I would warn you to keep silent on the nature of your task…”

“You do not fear that I could look for a better bargain elsewhere in your city?”

“Oh there will be those that will offer you more, but none could offer what I offer, Sir Thief.” And Lord Gho Fhaazi let his red mouth form a terrible grin.

“Why so?” Alnac had the urge to reach for his sword.

“They do not posses it.” Lord Gho pushed the flask towards the dreamthief and Alnac was a little surprised to see that he had already drunk another goblet of the Elixir. He filled the goblet once more and began to drink thoughtfully. Some of the truth was beginning to come to him and he feared it. “You understand I think.” Lord Gho smiled again.

“Aye.” Alnac felt his sprits drop and he knew a frisson of deep terror mixed with a growing anger. “The Elixir, I suppose.”

“It is easy enough to make. It is of course, a poison-a drug, which feeds off its user, giving him only the appearance of vitality. Eventually there is nothing left for the drug to feed upon and the death, which results, is almost always unpleasant. What a wretch the stuff makes of men and women who only a week earlier thought themselves powerful enough to rule the world!” Lord Gho began to laugh, his little ringlets bobbing at his face and on his head. “Yet, dying, they will beg and beg for the very thing which has killed them. Is that not an Irony, Sir Thief?”

“So I am dying. Why then should I serve you?”

“Because there is, of course an antidote. Something which replaces everything the other drug steals, which does not cause a craving in the one who drinks it, which restores the user to full health in a matter of days and drives out the need for the original drug. So you see, Sir Thief, my offer to you was by no means an empty one. I can give you enough Elixir to let you complete your task and, so long as you return here in good time, I can give you the antidote. You’ll have gained much eh?”

Alnac’s hatred for the man, whom he had originally only disliked, threatened to consume him. But through great effort, he calmed himself, but a new, colder mood took him, as he slowly regained control of his own emotions.

“So you are saying I am your slave, Lord Gho.”

“If you wish to put it so, At least until you bring me the Pearl.”

“And should I find this Pearl for you, how do I know you will supply me with the poison’s antidote?”

Lord Gho shrugged. “That is for you to determine. You are intelligent Elf. Even for those warlike Eilenachians, and have survived this long, no-doubt on your wits. But make no mistake. This potion is brewed for me alone and you’ll not find the identical recipe anywhere else. Best hold to our bargain, Sir Thief, and depart from here an ultimately rich man. I did not lie about the other rewards for this quest, the elixir is merely… insurance. Come. I’ll supply you with all you will need to find the Fortress of the Pearl.”

Part Three: On the Red Road.

So it was the next morning that Alnac Kreb left ancient Thalambath not knowing what he sought or where to find it; knowing only that he must take the Red Road to the Oasis of Nirmenith and there find the Bronze tent where he would learn how he might continue on the Path to the Pearl at the Heart of the World. And if he failed in this numinous quest, his own life would be forfeit.

He wandered the desert, until reaching home at Bardavos, and then began travelling north, deciding he would gather some information before beginning his quest for the Pearl...

- Is at best a novice dreamthief.
- Cannot aim a bow for his life.
- Knows enough swordsmanship to hold back some opponents, but is by no means a master.
- Even being a novice at his craft is an impressive accomplishment.
- Can work well with a crossbow.
- Knows enough swordsmanship to hold back some opponents, but is by no means a master.
- A decent replica of an Eilenachian Whirlwind Sword.
- His Dreamthief’s wand.
- A large flask of Lord Gho’s Elixir.
Animals / Familiars
- A male Ximax cat named Alesham.
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Elf, Quaelhoirhim

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This is a temporary. I can't seem to find my original. *shrugs* was going to update it quite a bit anyways. Guess I'll have to now.

Name: Sinen Darkchild

Race: Elf (Unknown Tribe)

Age: Somewhere in between 120 and 180

Description:  Sinen tends to dress in all green. He carries a sword with magical properties and a ring to match. His hair is a sandy blonde color and his eyes are an emerald green.  

 Fools rush into battle blindly, but who is really the fool? The fool or the fool who follows him.

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Fools rush into battle blindly, but who is really the fool? The fool or the fool who follows him?

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Dray Ducroix
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Name: Dray Ducroix Age:23 years Height: 2 peds Weight: 225 lbs Race:Human Class:Mage Knight Appearance: Dray wears a long night blue colored cloak around his chain main armor, which is colored green in order to help hide in the forest. His eyes are a steel blue color and his hair has streaks of white flowing through the black making some people think he is older than he actually is. He wears leather boots on his feet and shin guards cover his lower legs also colored a forest green. On his head is a headband with the head of a white dragon front and center, which can only be seen somtimes when he moves his head when his hair uncovers the symbol. One eye seems to have a scar or birthmark around it. It is white in contrast to his tan skin and is shaped like a 8 pointed star with the 4 points to the top, bottom and sides the longest and hte in between lines being smaller. This makes him fairly easy to spot in a crowd when looking for his face, as long as his cloak hood is not covering his head. He has a long bow on his back along with a quiver of arrows. He has a long sword and a short sword attached to his belt that hang at his sides. He appears stand offish at first, but can be a very socialble person once you get to know him. He will never kill unless it is absolutly necessary, and will find other ways to deal with things such as trapping, or just knocking unconscious. Dray was born on the coast of the Dark Sea in a remote village in Centorauria. He lived out most of his life there, and was a very smart boy. He was taught how to wrestle and use a sword by his father at a young age. Dray never saw a reason for it when he was only 8 years old, but one day a band of raiders rode through town and his father stood up to them and fought valiantly and with the help of the other townspeople forced the raiders to retreat, but the damage had been down, the raiders had delt Dray's father many wounds in the fray and even the local wizard's magic was not enough to save him. From then on Dray praticed his sword skills in order to be like his father and someday find the raiders and avenge his father. He know full well that those raiders may have died long ago, and now he fights for all those who cannot fight for themselves. After his father's death Dray also took an intrest in the works of magic. The mage who lived in the village was happy to teach Dray how to weild the mystical powers, but told him he could never fully master the mystical arts if he kept up with his sword play. Dray accepted this, but still kept training himself with a sword in order to be able to protect people like his father. Dray seemed to have an innate ability with magic, mostly air, and wood magics. He learned the basics of the others, but not as easily. When Dray reached the age of 20 the mage told him there was no more he could teach Dray. He told him the rest was up to him to find and discover on his own. When Dray was leaving the village on his 21st birthday the mage gave his a pouch as he left town. Dray's mother told Dray that this was meant to allow him to unlock a power held deep inside of himself. The mage warned him not to use the power in the sight of others at first and to unlock it somewhere in private where nothing else was around. Dray left town and traveled for a few days before he came upon a clearing. He sat on a huge rock in the middle of the clearing and rememberd the pouch inside was a note written in a language Dray had never seen yet somehow could read. Also in the pouch was a white gem, not a diamond, but just a white gem Dray read the note aloud and it seemed to be some incantation. When he finished Dray suddenly felt different. He realized that he was changing as well. He began to grow and he looked at himself and realized he had trasformed into a white dragon. He felt the surge of power rush through him, but realized soon that he was getting very weak. As quickly as it had happened, in a flash of white light that would blind anything looking at it for only a few seconds and Dray was laying in the grass next to the rock sleeping. Dray awoke the next morning and remembered what had happened. He thought to himself it must be a magic of the old mage, but as he looked in the pouch again, the note was still there, but there was another one he had missed in the bottom. He opened it and read about how he was special. They had moved to the remote village and lived there because of it. He had to ability to morph into a dragon for a short period of time. And as he realized it left him very weakened, also there were some conditions under which he could not morph at all, but there were unsure what those were. From there Dray gas been traveling across the Sarvonian continent. Weaknesses: Afriad of failure, he fears that he may one day find the same end his father did, and while it would be a heroic death, he sees it as not being skilled enough to defend the weak and failing to do so Dray tends to have a habit of pacing

<font color=blue>The difference between a brave man and a coward....is facing your fear instead of running away</font>-<font color=green>Dray Ducroix </font>

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Name: Junas Goloniel
Race: Human
Age: 23
Tribe: Helcrani
Title: Noble Knight
Race: Human

Junas is a very well dressed man. He is very clean; his blonde hair is parted in the centre and drops to just above his ears. His magnificent blue eyes shine wonderfully, his eyes have been known to persuade others into making decisions that he wishes them to make. He is very muscular, both his arms and his legs. He stands roughly the average height of a human at 2 peds and weighs roughly 1.6 Pygges.

Junas usually wears normal black pants and shirt, his shirt goes right to his wrist. Over that he wears a shirt of mithril given to him by his father just before he died. Then he wears a loose black shirt. He also has a black cloak as well that nearly touches the ground; it has a hood that Junas rarely wears but keeps it attached in case it ever is needed.

His father brought Junas up to be a hardened warrior. Although his father prayed that Junas would never have to face the agony of war he prepared his son and made him very mature and taught Junas to accept death. Junas is hardened like his father intended, he is also very caring and extremely loves women. He constantly attempts to flirt with girls he meets but tells himself that he will not commit himself until he knows it is time. He is very open with women but rarely speaks out in matters that are very serious, he is trying to develop the courage to say his thoughts but he finds it difficult. However when it comes to battle Junas is ready to do his job and is not at all shy on the battlefield.

He had always been fascinated with the magics but never showed any signs of being gifted in that area, he feels some power deep inside himself waiting to be released. Junas often wonders whether this power is magical or if it is some other unknown power that Junas impatiently waits for.

Junas was born in Caelum within the borders of the Helcrani kingdom. He was born into the nobility, his parents Almeros (his father) and Lelina (mother) unlike other noble parents (who spoil their children) Junas was brought up very strictly. His parents loved him dearly and couldn’t help giving him most things he desired, but they never handed him anything.

A good example of this...
Junas was 7 years old and wanted to practice sword fighting. Almeros (a fighter himself) smiled at his son and said, “Wonderful Junas, you are very good with your wooden sword. Maybe it is time for you to practice with a blunted metal one.”
Junas smiled at his father and danced around happily.
“Thank you father, I will be the best swordsman in all of Helcra. Maybe even Sarvonia... or even Sorren.” Almeros laughed at his son, “Maybe, but first you will need a blunted sword. It will not come free of course; you must perform these chores for a week.” Almeros read off the chores that he wanted Junas to accomplish. Junas nodded and ran off to begin his chores that Almeros had designated for him to do.
The following day Junas approached his father with a large grin on his face. “I have completed my task Sir.”
Almeros smiled at his little soldier. “Very good, very good. Now let’s get you started sword fighting.”

Almeros was in the Helcranian army, he was the Lieutenant in one of the strongest squads Helcra had to offer. He taught Junas the rules of war but informed him that some do not follow the rules. He told his son, “You shall never break them but always think that your opponent will, be ready for your opponent to cheat. Remember it is life or death out their on the battlefield.” Those words have stayed in Junas’s mind until now and they will for the remainder of his life.

When Junas was only four his father left for war, he missed him dearly. He did not return until Junas was seven and Junas became a lot closer to his mother during this time and learned how to cook. (a very useful skill) He learned to read and write as well during the three years his father was absent, nearing the age of six Junas insisted on reading the current reports on how the war was going. He received a new report every week. He worried about his father, as did his mother, when his father returned his had countless scars. He had been stabbed once in his leg and nearly had his arm cut off.

Armeros quickly recovered after a few weeks of rest and proceeded again with Junas’s training. Junas was learning the skills at an astounding rate, Almeros was amazed by this and taught Junas a routine that he would present before the general of the Helcranian army and the king of Helcra himself. The general was left bewildered as he watch the seven year old perform things that even some of the soldiers in his army had trouble performing. The king applauded at the end of Junas’s demonstration which boosted Junas’s confidence even more.

Almeros continued the training until he became extremely ill when Junas was only ten years old. Junas stayed at his father’s bed side until the moment he died. Almeros’s dieing wish was for Junas to never stop his training and to pursue his dreams of becoming the greatest swordsman that Sorren has ever seen. Before he died Almeros gave Junas his shirt of mithril armor and his specially crafted long sword(see possessions for description). Junas promised this to his father and continued his training, always with the last words of his father repeating in his head. This drove him to accomplish the task and enrolled in the Helcranian army at the age of sixteen. He fought only one battle, it was very small and was not worth recording in history. He watched his companions die around him, enraging him deep inside he killed many opponents and felt no remorse for their deaths. They had killed his friends, they deserved their fate he thought.

He quit the army when he was eighteen and left his home with his mother in search of something new in life. He traveled north and planned to visit Ximax, he heard that it contained the greatest school of magic in all of Sorren. He traveled around the Shivering Wood, because of what he heard. Everyone said it was dangerous, some even told Junas that it was haunted. He had no intention on testing whether his sources were lying or not. He stayed in Horth for roughly a week and met two others who agreed to accompany him to Ximax. Maeva, a female elf from Bolder. She was part of the Aellenrhim tribe, she was about 1.8 Peds tall and had green eyes and light brown hair. She was the most beautiful woman that Junas had ever seen. The other was a male elf named Narmohim, he was about 2 peds tall like Junas. He had blonde hair and blue eyes and was also of the Aellenrhim tribe. Junas became very depressed as the three proceeded towards Ximax. It appeared that Narmohim and Maeya were ‘in love’. Suddenly while they were making their way through the Zurkumire Mountains things began to looking brighter for Junas. Narmonhim and Maeya argued constantly for a day and then Narmonhim turned back and went the way they had came. Now it was just the two of them.

Junas began to ‘flirt’ with Maeya and it appeared that she had feelings for the young human. Junas’s life was getting brighter everyday that passed. One night when they sat on a peak overlooking Ximax Maeya confessed her love for Junas. Junas admitted that he had loved her from the moment he had laid his eyes on her. The following day they travelled into Ximax, they approached the inner city walls and were not allowed entry. They sighed and went off exploring ‘new Ximax’ they met a wizard that was currently residing at the magical school of Ximax.(I would like to apologize, I know very little about Ximax. Please tell me how to correct all this) They brought Junas and Maeya into the inner city and they were taken back by the difference between the two. The mage began to sense a magical presence inside one of them, Junas’s heart began to rise, maybe he had magic after all. It turned out Maeya was gifted like many elves in magic. She was invited to learn at Ximax, she talked to Junas and he insisted that she learn all that she can at this magnificent city of magic. She kissed him and gave him two daggers(described in possessions) after that she left, Junas however vowed to return to her, they would meet again.

Junas was nineteen now, he made his way back through the Zurkumire Mountains and was ambushed by Narmonhim. He wielded a broad sword, he now was intending to kill Junas. Junas dodged the angry elf’s attacks. The fight lasted for several minutes before Junas finally decided to attack after Narmonhim began verbally attacking Maeya. Junas attacked with anger and killed Narmonhim. He now made h is way through Horth and then north again and travelled into Thyslan. He found a group of travellers that were making their way into Voldar. Junas had heard very little about Voldar but decided to accompany the travellers.

Junas is now 23 years old and is still developing his sword skills. He is presently still in Voldar deciding what his next move will be in his long journey to discover his hidden power within.

-Junas’s love fore women(Maeya in particular) sometimes interferes with his emotions during battle, the love for someone can be a severe disadvantage
-Juna is still young and in-experienced in battle, he has the skills but doesn’t know how to use them yet, this shows a small weakness
-has never really been able to ride a horse, he has also never learned how to counter attacks from men on horseback

-he is very strong, both arms and legs
-because of his leg strength he has developed great speed when running
-he is said to be one of the greatest swordsmen in all of Sorren
-he has an urge for knowledge and skill, always trying to improve himself or learn new things

-long sword given to him by Almeros, it is a typical long sword, near the hilt on the blade is a fire dragon; the handle is made of metal with swirling ridges, it is covered in black leather to make it easier to grip
-one tight black shirt and baggy black pants, also another loose black shirt
-a mithril shirt that goes over his tight black shirt then under his loose black shirt
-a large black cloak that covers everything, it has a black hood as well
-two identical daggers given to him by Maeya, they are curved slightly, the handle is painted gold and made out of wood, it has swirling red lines on one side of the dagger
-black leather boots
-black gloves, he had them made after his fathers death, they have the fire dragon on the back of the right hand

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Name: Gashnum Invraldi

Race: Human

Tribe: Remusian

Age: 38

Gashnum stands at nearly two peds, perhaps a bit under. He has never had his weight formally checked. He is a bit over-weight being unable to physically exert himself for too long a time, due to his injury.

Gashnum has sunken eyes that are colored a deep chestnut. His hair is deep red and ear length. He keeps it tidy and clean. He also wears a beard, which is kept clean as well. Gashnum's skin is tough and weathered, its color a fair white. His hands are dexterous, strong, and calloused from a life of hard work. His body has only one curious marking which is a large and hideous scar, which mangles his left thigh. A war wound from his days in the Remusiat military.
Gashnum prefers to wear a hooded green cloak over his clothing. Which is normally a sturdy linen vest and trousers. He also wears a pair of soft white whale skin boots.

One thing Gashnum likes the most is a hearty meal, his favorite being a large wooly boar steak (rare). Gashnum has been known to regale his friends with hair-raising tales of his adventures on the northern trade routes, and he considers storytelling his favorite past time (next to archery). Gashnum has been known to enjoy friendly bouts of singing, which he can't do. And the occasional drinking contest with friendly dwarves. Being that he will almost always rise to a challenge (though he has never really beaten a dwarf he has claimed to have won several times)

Gashnum is a very friendly person, and gets on well with all types of people. He attributes this ability to his skill in trading, and his openness to different cultures and beliefs.

He dislikes anyone who isn't truthful or speaks without a proper hold on his tongue, and has been known to act with violence to anyone who insults him, or worse, his family.

Gashnum Invraldi was born on the twenty-second day in méh'avashín under the sign of Grothar, the weather god, in the Remusian capital city of Remusiat. He was the first and only son of a lower class hunter. Gashnum was raised on the dry, icy tundra of his homeland, learning the ways of the hunter from his father, Gashnar, and his uncle Ghasnet. (Who was never married and lived with Gashnum and his father, his uncle was a hunter as well).

Gashnum never knew his mother, as she died while giving birth to her child(as this is fairly common in the icy northern plains). This never bothered Gashnum much, as he was contented to live with his father and uncle, who guided him on the path of honor and respectability. His father also taught him to always honor his word, because ultimately his father had said that all a man would have was his word. Gashnum took this lesson to heart.

During his teen years Gashnum attended the basic schools with the rest of his generation. Learning how to care for domestic animals, how to survive out on the tundra and how to make a camp from snow, among other things. The school also taught him how to read. A little. During this time Gashnum never had very many friends, he was always withdrawn from the other children, later in life he decided to come out of his shell.

Upon reaching the age of eighteen, the young Gashnum joined the wall guard of the fortified city. (Much to the disappointment of his father who wished that he would follow in his footsteps.) He was trained in the ways of the warrior. During this time Gashnum became distant with his father, who was constantly depressed (Gashnum thought this was because of his career choice, but in reality it was because of his mothers death) soon he became sick and was bedridden. Gashnum's father died from an infection of the lungs when he was twenty-three.

Gashnum stayed in the guard until he was twenty-five, when he became involved in a small skirmish with a violent orc hunting party. During the engagement he was wounded while defending the captain of the detachment who was killed. Gashnum was one of only three survivors. He was wounded so badly in the leg that he could no longer continue service and was honorably dismissed from service. Gashnum was now free to roam; he chose to become a trader.

Gashnum spent his meager savings to buy a packhorse and received his first contract hauling Wean Grass. Gashnum worked this contract for nearly ten years, content to travel and enjoy the journey. He later developed an urge to see the world and has set out on his odyssey, and hasn't returned home since.

One thing that can bring Gashnum down is his pride. If anyone were to insult him, or worse his family, He would act with swift violence. He holds his ancestors in the highest regard and will protect their honor. Gashnum has been known to break jaws, and teeth for anyone insulting him.

One thing Gashnum can't do is run; his old wound keeps him to a slow limp, but doesn't keep him from adventuring and traveling extensively. But he is very reserved and embarrassed about his injury and he will go to great lengths to keep it a secret from prying minds. Another thing Gashnum can't do is settle down, he has tried on several occasions but finds that he is plagued by a curious wanderlust. Even if he stays put for a few days he begins to itch for the road and will set out again.

Gashnum is not good at riding on horseback. Though he himself owns a horse, he will not ride it. To anyone that inquires as to why, he will only say that he wishes not to burden the horse with the weight of his possessions and his body. He is embarrassed at not being able to ride and plans on teaching himself one-day.

Gashnum excels in the practice of archery( like all respectable Remusians). He has been known to impress crowds with his ability to skewer a coin from seventy paces, even a light wind. Gashnum is also an expert at combat with his barbed spear and can handle it with practices ease.

One thing Gashnum prides himself on being able to do better than most is trade. He has been known to boast about being able to convince even the most tight-fisted of dwarves to give up a good sum of their treasure for a tiny (and sometimes worthless) knick-knack that he has acquired on his long journey.

Gashnum has only three possessions that he prizes above all others. The first being his spear, adorned with the banner of his family, he keeps it with him at all times, usually carrying it over one shoulder, the pennant flapping proudly in the breeze.

The second is a simple golden chain that his uncle gave him upon his departure. He wears it all the time and keeps it as a reminder of his past, and his childhood.

The third and final valuable possession he keeps is his longbow. He is an expert shot and earns a fine bit of money from the large amount of pelts he can gather on his outings.

Gashnum bought an Eophyrhim Hunting Hound pup on a leg of journey two years ago. And has raised it into adult-hood. He keeps it as a companion and a hunting dog, having thought it the tricky art of sneaking up behind a Tarep. And Gashnum has developed quite a taste for the small rabbit-like rodent.

Gashnum also owns a horse; he bought this while living in Remusiat and it is a sturdy northern breed with long and coarse hair. Its legs are also shorter to prevent heat loss in cold climates

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Name: Elende Io’Nor
Race: Elf
Gender: Male
Tribe: ½ Eophyrhim & ½ Tethinrhim
Age: 123
Height: 2 peds
Weight: 1 pygee , 5 hebs (around 75 kg)
Hair: Blood red
Eyes: Golden green
Class/Title: Shadowhunter

Strong and slender with exaggerated aesthetic features and a speed and agility unmatched by any humanoid of the same size. His mixed background is apparent in his appearance. His hair is long, reaching the middle of his back and unbound. The golden-red (of the Tethinhrim) combined with the darker colourations of the Eophyrhim gave a deep dark blood red colour for his hair. His drow heritage is also apparent in his pale, yet smooth, skin. He usually uses paint on the eyes, a practice not uncommon among Drow Elves. This is done to give a more mystic or even wilder look. During the daytime, he rarely pulls down the hood of his cloak as the bright light hurts his eyes.

He has extensive tattoos starting with the sign the Eophyrhim tribe at the center of his back. The tattoo then, as extensions from the Tree (part of the sign) run up his spine and around the neck. They extend along the shoulders and run down the full length of his arms. The design is such that exaggerates his muscles and gives him a more aggressive wild look. Apart from the tattoos he has 6 earing three on each ear, made of silver.

His clothes are such that allow stealthy movement in most environments and in combat allow a greater freedom of movement. Colours used are dark greens and black. He wears a vest made of fine hard leather that is used as protection from light attacks. His arm are naked to allow greater freedom of movement. He also wears two pairs of bracers made of silver. One pair is worn around his wrists and another one (a bit longer) around his arms. They do not offer much (if any) protection, they are simply decorative. He also wears a long hooded cloak and he rarely pulls down the hood. All his clothes are of Eophyrhim make which translates in excellent craftsmanship (elegant but yet sturdy and strong) made from the finest textiles and leathers.

During the daytime, he rarely pulls down the hood of his cloak as the bright light hurts his eyes.

Clothing as described above. He also has a pair of leather boots of dark green color, also of Eophyrhim make. He keeps most of equipment in small back pack. That contains the following: a thicker warmer cloak, a change of clothes, 20 peds of rope, flint and steel, sheets of paper, ink, a couple of pens, an empty sack, a small bag of caltrops, a flask with water (holding approximately 2 mugs), ), herbs and balms for healing and tending of wounds, 2 daggers hidden in his boots. Attached to the back-pack is a hunting longbow and a quiver containing 30 arrows, 2 daggers hidden in his boots.

His favorite weapons are two scimitars with black blades. These has undergone the typical Eophyrhim treatments. Curved blades and thinner edges for better aerodynamics and hollow shaft for weight reduction. However his blades are not coated with poison (as it customary in his tribe).

Elende has learnt to love and value freedom above everything. He will gladly put himself into danger in order to protect other people’s freedom as well as his own.. He is more often amused than excited, but can be extremely focus and relentless when pursuing an adventure or learning/improving a skill or art.

He is slow to make friends or even enemies and even slower to forget. He retains a stoic sometimes cynic attitude towards life. He speaks little and even less of his past. When he does his is rather terse, at times cynic. He is not fair-spoken, on the contrary, he is rather caustic tongued and bitter. He tends to be very hard on himself but this harsh criticism is not extend to others. He expects very little, if anything at all, from others.

He describes himself as the ‘fallen’ or ‘unforgiven’. He has tread the path of the Shadow and it is something he cannot forgive himself for. His attitude reflects this as he endures all misfortunes stoically and considers them a result from his dark days. Offering his self to others in need is only a way to redeem himself.

Although he feels pleased when in the company of others, he rarely (if ever) shares his feelings and, often dark, thoughts. This is not becaus e he doesn't want people to understand him but because he fears his dark past might push away anyone that shows any onterest in him. For this very reason he is dark and distant in the dealings with others and his prefers to trust none but himself. Although he craves for acceptance from others his behaviour is such that quarantees the exact opposite.

Fighting Style:
Elende prefers stealth and agility than brutal strength. He will not engage an enemy unless absolutely necessary or certain that we would be the winner. He carefully examines his enemy and devises an appropriate strategy before engage him, using whatever advantage he can which is usually the element of surprise.

He fights with two swords in a style with elaborate parries, fients, counter attacks that is based more on precision, speed, and agility rather than strength. He views this style not simply as a fighting method but as an elaborate, elegant, and exciting dance, the dance of doom, the dance of death. The cresento, the highest moment in this dance is the moment of the kill. When a few serious hits have been scored, enough to render the opponent ‘harmless’, the dance becomes more intricate, almost turns into a ritual, as the helpless victim watches the ‘dancer’ spelling its doom.

It is to him another form of art and fights with the passion of an artist. It is the art of death, an art resembling a finely crafted piece of music starting slowly and building up to a magnificent climax. He seeks perfection of his art and every battle is an opportunity to reach this perfection. Eophyrhim are famous for taking death into a whole new level, Elende is one the most best examples of this attitude, although he does not share the bloodthirsty nature usually associated with the drow.


Elende was born to a Tethinhrim mother, Lafilihn, and an Eophyrhim father, Tahl’ral’vann. Lafilihn was a Kaierian Warrior, in fact she has achieved the rank of “Second Traveling Warrior. This ment that she had to go out in journey of self-learning. Her journey brought her south of the Paelelon forest, somewhere between the Paelelon and the Almatrar forest, a little outside of Hog. Tahl’ral’vann was an Eophyrhim hunter and as such he usually traveled to nearby town in order to buy or sell goods. Destiny caused the two to meet, just outside Hog. The drow fell deeply in love (although most scholars would argue that dark elves are incapable of such noble feelings), or in whatever state a drow finds himself in such occasions. He seems to have been enchanted by the beauty of the Tethinhrim Elf.

So strongly captivated Tahl’ral’vann was that he even decided to leave behind his tribe and his forest and follow Lafilihn back in the Auturian forest. Elende was born a few years after the pair had settled in the Auturian forest. His mother, a highly trained warrior, and his father, a skillful hunter, bith took on the task of training their son their trades. As the attention of Lafilihn was now turned to Elende, Tahl’ral’vann now seemed to awake from whatever enchantment the Elf woman had put on him.

Tahl’ral’vann slowly realized that he was a drow that had almost forasaken Cosr and embraced Ava instead…almost. This fired up his anger and hatred for the ‘good’ elves. Now every action had to be careful and calculated if he was to reclaim what was rightly him.

Elende was admitted in the Kaierian Warriors and from a very early stage he showed great prowess not just in the fighting skill, but also in the ranger skills. His fighting methods resembled most those of his father, preferring to fight with two swords than the way of the bow, which was his mother’s favourite type of warfare. His father’s plan by that time had already been put into action. His secretly lectured Elende of the proud, noble and honourable ways of the drow and particularly the Eophyrhim. Of the wickedness of the other elves, of how their pleasant and innocent appearance was only a deception, of how they persecuted the Eophyrhim and kept them in the darkness feared of their rightful claims.

The strict ways of the Kaierians only worsen this as Tahl’ral’vann used their methods to further support his teaching to his son. The innocent Elende was finally convinced by the words of his father but under his instructions he did his best to hide the feeling that Tahl’ral’vann had imbued into him.

Elende was close in becoming a “Traveling Warrior”. At this point a Kaierian Warrior makes a journey for putting his skills into use and to better understand himself. This was the moment that Tahl’ral’vann was waiting. Before his son was to advance to this rank, he left the Auturian forest. The reason was that he wanted to travel to the places he used to trade and get two fine blades for his son, to present them as gifts for his advancement and to help him in his journey.

Tahl’ral’vann, however, deliberately delayed his return. Lafilihn was saddened that her partner was not back in time to see his son off and to present him his special gift. The two, though, had planned to meet outside the Auturian forest, near Chondra. When the two met, Elende could not hide his satisfaction that his father’s plan had worked to perfection. His father presented him two finely crafted shamshirs, which had undergone the typical Eophyrhim treatment. He then took Elende’s old swords and made a cut on Elende’s arm. The blood stained sword he hit several times on some rocks, until it looked as if it was worn and used. The other sword he smashed on some rocks and threw away and he also cut a rough piece of Elende’s cloak covered it in his blood, from his wound, and threw it nearby. Anyone that would come across these items would have though Elende dead. Now that the deception was complete, the pair made their way to the Paelelon forest.

The journey of a Kaierian Warrior usually last for several months even years. This would give the pair enough time before anyone started suspecting something. The unexpected delay of Tahl’ral’vann’s arrival though made Lafilihn suspicious. After a couple of weeks Elende’s swords and a piece of his cloak were found. Although this suggested that Elende might be dead, it left the disappearance of his father unaccounted for. Lafilihn’s suspicions grew and she was now facing two equally terrifying alternatives. The first, that her son was dead and his father discovering this and saddened by the loss of his son decided not to return. The second, that Tahl’ral’vann embraced the darkness again and turned his son to this dark path as well. Lafilihn preferred to believe the first alternative and to forget her sadness and pain return in the ranks of the Kaierian Warriors.

Elende and his father finally settled into Paelelon. Elende, under the guidance and lecturing of his father could not realize that his was turning into darkness. He was falling from grace, turning his back to Ava and falling into Cosr’s dark embrace. At first Elende found it hard to get acclimatized to the ways of the drow.He was not openly accepted and most viewed him with suspicion, after all he was a ‘half-blood’.

At this time Elende got his extensive tattoos. Something to make look more like an Eophyrhim, to distinguish him as a drow, though his red mane made it apparent that he was different. Needless to say, his whole outfit changed accordingly, trousers, leather vest and boots, and cloak, all of Eophyrhim make. And a few earrings to complete the drow-look. His father taught him the basics of poison use and how to create them. However Elende did not share the poison resistance the Eophyrhim are famous for. In fact he was rather sensitive to poisons. He always has flask of poison antidote handy, just in case.

Elende and his father were resided in one the houses highest from ground marking them as a low ranking family. Their hunting and fighting skills however earned them a fair amount of respect for their position. Their knowledge and familiarity (compared to the other drow) of the world outside the Paelelon ment that often they acted as traders. Having to travel to nearby towns to buy and sell goods.

As time passed by, Elende became familiar with the Eophyrhim ways first hand, this time from personal experience and from the fanatical lectures his father gave him. This, combined this the interaction with outlanders, made Elende that something was wrong. Although he tried to hide this emotions, this doubts, he could not escape the fact that the land and people that his father promised, he never met.
Almost ten years had passed since Elende and Tahl’ral’vann had settled in the Paelelon. The Arvins festival was to take place that year. Elende was to participate in the festival. Combining the physique of an Eophyrhim and the superior fighting and ranger skills of a Kaierian Warrior, expectation were high. Only first place would suffice for his father. Many times, Elende has intercepted trespassers in the forest, often he had to fight, sometimes he even had to kill. But now he had to hunt people for no apparent reason. Something felt wrong but he decided to go on with the show.

After a few hours the first victim was spotted. It was a young human, hiding in some thick bushes. Seeing the ‘hunter’ approaching, the young woman froze in fear. Death was imminent. The woman, on her knees sarted crying. Raising her heading she was now eyeing Elende.
“ Why do you do this?..You separated me from my parents…my mother…and now…” Elende stopped for a moment, the woman’s words echoing in his head.
The cries became more desperate, the woman was now almost shouting.
“ So what are you waiting you cursed drow, kill me…that’s all you do, kill. Steal. That’s what you all are. Murderers..all of you …bloody murderers.”

The woman now bowed her head, waiting, accepting her fate. Elende could not find the strength to even move. Elende was now on his knees his face in his hands, tryinf to understand how he ended up like this. The whole world was spinning. Elende felt as if he was waking from a dream,, or more correctly a nightmare. He had tread the path of darkness long enough, seeing the light was now hurting him.

The nois of an arrow piercing soft flesh was heard and the woman was lying dead. A drow appeared, bow at hand, with a large grin across his face.
“ I claim her as my kill”. As the drow approached seeing Elende at such a state he felt disgusted.
“What’s the matter half-blood, can you not handle such excitement?”
Elende could hardly notice the drow’s words at his state. The drow could’t accept being ignored, he continued to insult Elende and then he slapped him at the back of his head.

Elende snapped, he went berserk. Unleashing the deamon within, the drow was surprised and uable to react. Within a few heartbeats the drow was no more. Unfortunately what took place in these few minutes did not go unnoticed by others. He was nomore the hunter, now he was hunted he had just provoked the wrath of the drow with his actions. He would have to hide, to run. But where to?

Another drow spotted him. He was massive and fierce holding falchion he charged Elende Elende was on the defensive. Having lost his focus and concentration He fought hard just to defend himself. The fierce drow found an opening in Elende’s defenses, his elbow hitting him flat in the face. Blood running from his nose, Elende spiralled several feets away from the mighty blow.

This blow brough him back. The massive drow with his falchion high above his head charged. Elende stood up and also charged. The falchion came down diagonally from Elende’s left side. Elende sent his right blade to block the hit, knowing that he could not muster enough strength to delfect the blow. He sidestepped slightly to his left, positioning himself almost below the drow’ sword. While still moving forwards, due to the momentum of the charge, Elende lowered his hand and body in order to absorb the mighty hit and performed a complete rotation around himself, His left sword came out wide and low slashing the drow’s belly. Performing another spin Elende positioned himself safely behind the drow. His swords working fast and in harmony were slashing at the drow’s back wherever they could find a soft spot. In just a few seconds the drow was on his knees holding his many wounds.

Elende disappeared in the foest. He was hiding for several days when at least he managed to get out from the Paelelon. But now where could he go? Maybe south to his former home the Auturian forest. However, he was uncertain if he would be welcome there and even if he was, he was to ashamed to return there. He had to keep moving, staying close to this dark forest was not an option. He had to travel away from this place to find redemption, maybe even salvation.

-        Exceptional speed and agility
-        Exceptional hearing and sight (elven trait)
-        Resistance to some magical influences (elven trait)

-        Sensitive to sudden exposure in bright light
-        Does not trust others
-        Closed and introvert character
-        Rarely speaks
-        Sensitive to poisons

-        Ranger, hunting skills
-        Stealth (move silently, hide, etc,)
-        Acrobatics (climb, balance, tumbling, etc.)
-        Basics of herbal law
-        General survival skills
-        Twin sword style fighting

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« Reply #9 on: January 08, 2004, 12:21:22 PM »

Name: Saekti
Gender: female
Age: 20
Race: human
Tribe: Korweynite
Occupation: she only takes jobs when she runs short of money, usually helping guard caravans or some such
Title: Traveler


Physical Appearance: Saekti is of average build, lithe and sleekly muscled. She reaches 1 ped 2 1/2 fore and weighs approximately 1 pygge 4 heb. Her hair is a dark black-brown cropped short in back with shoulder length bangs that fall in gentle curls. She has a sharp chin and almond shaped eyes that are dark brown in color. Her mouth is small and thin with a smile that is usually described as "mischievous". Over her right eye is a lightning bolt shaped mark that reaches from the middle of her forehead to almost the corner of her mouth.

Clothes: Saekti wears a loose sleeveless tunic (basically an Eben but minus shoulder pads) belted at the waist and loose pants. Her tunic and pants are a pretty uniform shade of khaki, the belt is brown leather. She wears brown boots that come up to just above her ankle with the bottom of her pants tucked inside. Saekti has collected a number of circular metal bracelets that she wears at all times (she enjoys the nose they make). She also has a necklace from which hangs several peices of amber, crystal, and a worn metal disk.

Personality: Saekti is rather eccentric compared to the rest of her family; they being conservative and traditional and she being... almost the exact opposite... Her main goal in life is to see and experience absolutely everything at least once. Her moods can be unpredictable but luckily any foul mood usually is quick to fade into her usual sunny disposition. Nothing keeps her down for long and her exuberant recklessness borders on suicidal. She is likely to plunge head first into any situation and the only thing she's discovered so far that frightens her is worms. (Because worms are just disgusting...)She is also very independant. While not unfriendly she will refuse help 9 times out of 10. She has no fear. She is quick to pick up most things and has a good memory. Saekti doesn't lack courage (some would label it madness), she will never hesitate to do what seems impossible even if her actions are not logical.

History: Saekti's mother, Chinna, was a potter and her father, Sedrib, a merchant. She was born the oldest of four and since her father was often away and her mother busy, she cared for her younger siblings; Mishka, Lael, and K'vyn. From an early age Saekti had already decided that she wanted neither the life of a potter nor the life of a merchant. She wanted to see all the things the travelers that passed through her town spoke of. She had never been outside the town walls and rarely was she able to break away from her siblings and leave the house. The tales of those who had traveled the world entranced her and her greatest joy was to listen to travelers recite tales of their adventures.

Once Saekti's siblings had reached an age where they could take care of themselves Saekti left. She had just passed her 15th birthday. Her sisters and brother were there to bid her farewell, her parents weren't. It didn't matter though, Saekti's parents had never been a large part of her life.

She had not wandered far when she was attacked by theives. She was saved by guards from Kormendale. Realizing that if she did not have some form of self defense she would likely not make it far she spent 6 months with the guards training in the use of a recurve bow, which she proved to be uncannily adept with. Before she left Saekti was given the mark across her eye in recognition of her skills.

Now Saekti's eyes seek the sights of distant lands and her boots carry the dust of many roads, but there are yet more to be traveled.

Strenghts and Weaknesses:

Strengths: Saekti is extrememly skilled at the use of her bow though the use of any blade longer than a dagger escapes her entirely. She has a lot of stamina which helps since her funds don't allow her to purchase a ride most of the time.

Weaknesses: She cannot use a sword, if forced into close combat she will have to use het wits and her fists. She isn't very strong when it comes to sheer brawn. Her strength is more in her stamina than anything else. She can't read all that well... And writing is beyond her.

Weapons: her Recurve bow and a quivver of arrows, a small dagger (mostly used for minor reparations to arrows)

Belongings: her necklace and bracelets. She had a woolen cloak that she only wears in the colder climates

"It is good to have an end to journey towards; but it is the journey that matters in the end." - Ursula Le Guin

 "No pessimist ever discovered the secret of the stars, or sailed to an uncharted land, or opened a new doorway for the human spirit."
-Helen Keller  

Bobbo the Beggar
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This is terribly out-of-date, but it will do for now.

Name: Bobbo the Beggar
Race: Human
Age: 24
Height: 1.8 peds
Weight: 108 lbs.
Occupation: None

Appearance: A dark brown leather tunic and a battered iron helmet mark Bobbo the Beggar. He has black, greasy hair which sticks to his forehead. His dark, brown eyes go well with his slightly tanned skin. The man always wears an expression of sorrow. Looking where his left arm once was, you would guess why.

Personality: Unless he is begging, he hardly speaks. He will, on occasion, speak up when danger strikes. He is not quick to fight, but when he does, he shows clearly that he was once a soldier. The man will find the darkest corner in a tavern or inn.

History: Ever since he was a child, Bobbo has lived in poverty. His hometown is Strata. His father was killed before he was born, and his mother was killed shortly after he was born. His parents were starting a revolution that no one knows about because elves hired secretly by the Strata government exterminated Bobbo's parents. Bobbo was with his mother only for a little while.

His mother knew that she could not support Bobbo and was heading to The Thirsty Herald to ask the barkeep to raise the boy. However, while she was walking through the streets, she was spotted by the group of elves seaching for her. She tried to escape, but she was shot dead by the elf. As she died, she gently lay Bobbo on the street.

After his mother's death, Bobbo was adopted by a thief who raised Bobbo in his trade. The thief found the baby lying on the ground and was filled with sympathy, and he took the child as his own. Bobbo was, however, a pathetic thief, whatever the thief might teach him. The thief, whose name had been Juan, gave the boy whatever he could steal from the shops.

When Bobbo was 15, the thief was caught by the government of Strata. The night of Juan's capture, Bobbo went to the prison and asked for Juan to be released. The law enforcement said that he needed to pay a high price for Juan's release. Bobbo, of course, could not come up with that, so he was left alone with no sustainer. Since Bobbo was a horrid thief, he resorted to begging on the streets to get enough coppers for his evening meal. This did not work often and he was usually slapped across the face.

After a time, the Strata government drafted Bobbo into the military because he was only annoying people on the streets. After a long training course and a period of harsh leadership, Bobbo was released from the military, a trained killer. He did not, however, use his newfound ability and went right back to begging. His return made the citizens even more angry.

The Strata government got angry because people were complaining about his begging and were plotting to rid the city of him (aka killing him). The Strata government banished him for his safety. The reason they cared so much was that he had been in the military. He has wandered the world ever since.

On his adventures, he has been close to death many times. Once in a while, a rich man would become so angry when Bobbo started to beg for coppers, that he would lock the man up. Now, you probably wouldn't do such a thing, but Bobbo refused the answer, "NO!" Of course, Bobbo was released the next morning.

Bobbo once fell into a trap that a hunter had set up. He tried to get out, but the strings that could have kept a deer from escaping bit into his body, especially on his left arm. When the hunter finally found him, his left arm was blue and he had fainted from loss of blood. The hunter immediately took Bobbo to the nearest doctor, where his useless arm was amputated. Bobbo has gone about since then with one arm.
His lost arm has made Bobbo hate himself even more.

Possessions: Bobbo only owns the clothes on his back, an old rusty sword, and a small golden that holds some setimental value to him. He refuses to sell it, however poor he may be.

Bobbo has very low self-confidence, self-concept, and self-esteem. He has yet to discover his purpose in life. Perhaps in future adventures he shall discover himself.

Tell me which is better:  to die defending your country or to live and watch your homeland die?
Ralai, King of Adylius

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Name: Kim Sandrage
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Race: Human
Tribe: Kasumarii
Occupation: Training Dark Priest Assassin
Place of birth: Cyhalloi
Current Location: Santharia
Title: Dark Priestess

Physical Appearance: Kim Sandrage is about 1.75 peds. Her light blonde hair ends with a curl at her chin. Her hard sharp Light Blue eyes take in most detail that many would not see. Her Skin is very pale at times it looks white but she is fairly attractive not especially but at certain times when the sun hits har face her true femine features can be seen. She is a slim build about 1.4 Pygre in weight. She has a few scars over her from her various fights. And a fresh one down the side of her face from the last battle with her godfather.

Clothes: Almost always clothed in black robes. Very rarely seen in any thing else except when training when the clothes she wear are usually white and easier to move around in.And evem more rarely she will wear a long black dress, a good bye present from her godfather, that helps hide what she realy is if needed while she is away from home.

Personality: Kim Sandrage is a cold-hearted Dark Priestess. She shows few feelings to anyone after the way she has been treated in the past. She looks weak but it hides a powerful inside. She will fight anyone who crosses her and often she will use shadowmancy to trick them. She keeps all her feeling belt up inside her and over the years she was let these build up deeper and darker inside her. Also she is afraid to let anyone close to her in case they hurt of leave her like has happened in the past.

Strengths: Kim has the ability with both shaitarai and use with the armoured fan at a level twice her age. It could be because of her intent to better herself and to beat all her enemies or because of her wish to escape her Godfathers cruel ways, to bring herself to a level he would respect and let her free. She also has a natural talent in the art of Shadowmancy enabling her to hide her self away from people when she does not want to be found and to surprise people. However as she is still quite young she is better mixing the fighting skills and shadows together

Weaknesses: Kim Sandrage is quick to fight even if she does not know her opponent she will go in with no planning at all usually using the shadows but occasionally her concentration will falter and she will be seen. She has a weakened part of her thigh, which has haunted her since she was a child. However she has learnt to protect it but occasionally her concentration will fall and it will become a target. She is also weak against magic of light because of the darkness in her soul. Another weakness would be her distrust of people. This could cause her harm one day if some one tries to help but so far she has seen no need to trust anyone, as all they do is try and cause her pain.

Shadowmancy Abilities (Strengh and weaknesses): Kim can manuplate the shadows to enable her to make suprise attacks on people this has become usefull in the respect that if she was trying to hide, very few people would be able to find her.. However as of yet she hasn't the ability to suck the shadows out of someone and use it against them but as she trains more and more even though she isn't with her people she will learn stronger spells that cause more damage.

History: Kim Sandrage is well versed in the practises of shadow magic having been part of the dark priest order for twenty years she still in training but is to continue her training alone now.

Her Parents were all both Dark Priests, had been since they were born.

When Kim Sandrage was 5 her parents were lost when they were all out training at night. She was the only one found The last thing she remembered was her mother screaming and orcs appearing out of the darkness before she was pushed in to hiding by her father.

The only thing she has to remember them by was a necklace that her father had slammed in to her hand before she was pushed in to hiding. It had a miniture coat of arms of the Dark Priests on the pendent. There was something mysterious about this necklace but she didn’t know what. She had kept it hidden from everyone for many years..

Unbeknown to her the necklace is the cause of the darkness in her soul after it was covered in her blood which interacted with the magic inside the pendent. It was created many years ago by the Dark Priests and infused with very potent shadowmagic. It was meant to be used as a tool of control and that was the last that was heard of it. However now it is connected to Kim it can not be used again. It was only for one use, many were expected to be made but only one ever was. Kims mother was given it buy her grandmother who had found it with her grandfather while they were lost in a remote part of Cyhalloi. Knowing it was important they kept it hidden from the rest of the tribe as did Kims mother and as has Kim for the past 20 years.

Kim Sandrage’s Godfather, a Dark Priest, began her training as a Dark Priestess. She was almost always a loner most of the children feared her as she had an air of death about her. After her parents had gone missing this only got worse. Some of her own kind treated her as though she was the reason they went missing she never understood why though and still hasn't been told. Her Godfathers training was rough and brutal, she felt that he blamed her for her parents disappearance and this only lead her deeper in to a world of shadow and hate. She was not allowed to train with a weapon except when she was being taught how to kill someone. When she was trained this she was given an old armoured fan that could not of killed but it taught her how to use it. It was a difficult weapon to learn but with much effort she learnt to use in efficiently and deadly. What she did not know was this talent would come in to use years later. She was also taught the fighting discipline shaitarai which she is more talented in than the armoured fan. This was the hardest part of her training as it called for much skill and concentration on her part more so then using the armoured fan but less than Shadowmancy.

Before she left her godfather gave her an armoured fan which he had scribed her name in to it and it had the Black Priests Coat of Arms on her. He informed her that he had made it for her when she first began training but he only wanted to give it to her once he knew she was ready. The previous evening they had fought putting aside all family ties. The fight was ferocious but Kim just won gaining in the fight a deep cut down her face.

Unbeknown to Kim the reason why her godfather fought her was to see that she was ready to face the out side. Even though the way he treated her made her believe that he despised her he loved her like a daughter but could never let her know this in case it made her weak and susceptible to emotions.

As well as the weapon he gave her a long black dress that was her mothers. It had been kept in prestine condition. It looked as though it had never been worn. Kim felt a sene of sadness in her heart she also felt a hint of somethin for her godfather.... was it love? But as quickly as it appeared it disapeared only to be left with that same feeling of hurt, anger and emptiness.

After she left her godfathers she decided to go away from Cyhalloi and start afresh else where, where no one knew her. That would give her an advantage and ability to learn other peoples ways. Her godfather had suggested Santharia as a place to start.

At the harbour she found a ship that was heading to Carbrand in Northern Sarvonia. There she would be able to make her way to Santharia. Her god father had given her enough Santharia money that he had to enable her to get to Santharia. She made her way across the seas to Carbrand where she changed ships which took her to Santharia.

Never having left her home for her 25 years she was amazed by the country. She found herself a small inn in which she spent a few nights before realising she was running low on money.

Weapon: The Armoured Fan her god father gave her. (see history)

Belongings: Her mothers necklace and a small bag which keeps her spare clothes usually the white training suit and her mothers long black dress that could help hide her true identity if needed and what food and drink she keeps on her person.

Welcome to shadow world far under northern skies
Mountains and raging seas, valleys and icy winds Glory and majesty, triumph and victory
Legends and epic tales born between these dark lakes
For you a new one written with black blood
(Lyrics from Luca Turilli - Magic Horizons

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