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Author Topic: Rajard Gaej'fan / Mutt / Wolf-man  (Read 1746 times)
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« on: August 11, 2008, 03:13:25 PM »

Alright, not completely sure if this idea will work, but hey its worth a try right? Anyways, different format approved (idea was kept to myself grin), though its mostly straight forward and I've got Author's Notes at the bottom for any other information that wasn't specific and addin in well.

Chylikis: Yearly Citizen Log - Year 1648 a.S.
     - Information on Rajard Gaej'fan found on page 75.
          Mother: Garitha Gaej'van, found on page 74.
          Father: Not found.

                                                                                          Page 75
Name: Rajard Gaej'fan
     Gender: Male
     Date of Birth: 7th day of Frozen Rivers; Year 1645 a.S.
     Hair Color: Reddish-brown
     Eye Color: Light grey
     Height: 1 ped and 1 nailsbreadth
     Weight: 3 hebs and 1 od

Heritage: Mixed Blood
     - Mother Tribe - Serphelorian
     - Father Tribe - Trk'matiu, Kuglimz

Guardian's Signature: Garitha Gaej'van

*     *     *     *     *

                                                                                          Page 74
Name: Garitha Gaej'van
     Gender: Female
     Date of Birth: 20th day of Changing Winds; Year 1624 a.S.
     Hair Color: Reddish-brown
     Eye Color: Green
     Height: 2 peds, 2 palmspans, and 4 nailsbreadths
     Weight: 1 pygge, 9 hebs, and 1 hafeb

Heritage: Serphelorian
Additional Information: Married; One child, Rajard Gaej'fan

Signature: Garitha Gaej'van

Last Recorded Sighting of Rajard Gaej'fan
     - Seen by neighbor and mother's best friend, Elszath Ruj'fan.

21st day of Singing Bird; Year 1663 a.S.
     They left of the thirteenth of Awakening Earth when little Rajard was about five years of age. Garitha had told me the day before that they'd be leaving to visit her parents in a small town just north of Chylikis. Ritha, her husband (I always forget his name, but many rumors say that he is a barbarian from the north and he definitely looks the part), and little Jard were heading out of the city that morning.

     The child had grown a lot in five years and was looking to possibly grow to be taller than both his parents, both of them standing over two peds in height. Deep reddish-brown hair grew thickly atop his little head and he leaned toward the darker colorings of his mother than his father. He was a cute little child and his light grey eyes were the exact shade as Ritha's mother. She had lived in the city when Ritha and I were growing up and she watched us all the time.

      Unfortunately, that was the last anyone saw of Ritha, her husband, and the child. I sent a letter to her mother when she hadn't returned after a couple weeks, but her mother said that they had never arrived. A few weeks after that her husbands body was found in a shallow grave on the side of the road to Ritha's mothers, stripped of all his clothes and supplies, with arrowheads still in his body and dried blood surrounding a sword wound through the heart. Other shallow graves around her husband were found as well, though the guards couldn't figure out if they were bandits killed by the adults or other unfortunate travelers.

Reports of a Wolf-man South of Rimmerins Ring
     - Many people have reported sightings of a wild wolf-man in the area and a few had been able to give a detailed description of this creature. Some or all of these reports might be more myth than truth, but these are the most realistic out of the reports collected.

Arton Kaij'van - Report made 1650 a.S.
      I woke in the morning to go check on the taenish as I had heard some odd noises the night before. When I reached the taenish house I found them ripped to pieces with feathers, heads, wings, and legs spread all over the place. There was blood as well, lots of blood all over the place. Wolf tracks could clearly be seen in the blood on the hut floor and in the earth outside the small hut, but there was another set to tracks that worried me. A pair of human footprints could be seen next to those of the wolves, in the blood and going in the same direction in the earth. The footprints were large, but not large enough to be that of a man's and the impression in the ground wasn't deep enough for that of a man. They looked like a youth's prints.

Anonymous - Report made in 1657 a.S.
     I was out hunting on some forested land a few days north of my home. As night fell I prepared to make camp, when I heard the howling of a wolf pack further north. It was far enough in the distance that I didn't worry about it, until a second, single howl, which sounded like it had come from only a few peds to the west of my camp. I grabbed my bow, shouldered my quiver, and picked up a torch from the fire as I hesitantly headed in that direction.

     I arrived in a clearing a few moments later to find a man that appeared to be younger than my twenty-years of age, though it was hard to tell as his dark hair hung around his face, matted with dirt and muck and a thick beard covered his jaw, but their was no mistaking him for a man. When he saw me he stood to full height slowly, standing a palmspan or so over two peds, though he was hunched a bit. He was huge and at first I thought he was a giant. This man wore nothing, but was covered from head to toe in scratches, dirt, and mud. Shadowed eyes looked out at me for a moment, standing completely still, as if I could not see him if he didn't move. Half a heart beat later he ran from the clearing, disappearing into the darkness as he let lose an inhuman howl.

Jilia Rukaj'fan - Reported 1660 a.S.
     I was out in the pasture seeing to the cows when he ran out of the woods a few peds from where I was standing. He was on his own, but I could sense more than one set of eyes watching me at that time. As I watched him, he crouched down, wearing nought but mud and dirt to cover himself. I moved to take a step closer to get a better view of his face and out of pity for his condition, but dirt smudged lips pulled back to reveal unusually sharp teeth and let out a nasty snarl. I kept my distance and watched him as he crouched near the ground.

     Standing at full height I figured he was taller than my husband who stood just under two peds, and two to three times as broad/muscular. Shoulder length, thick reddish-brown hair was badly matted with dirt, almost so bad that the color could not be determined. When he shook his head, his face was exposed, showing a thick beard and mustache of the same color and shape that completely covered his broad jaw. Thick brows nearly covered his eyes of a grey that seemed too light for his bronzed skin. Before his hair fell back into his face, I saw a nasty cut across the bridge of his nose, angling down from the right side, though it appeared to have healed years ago, it still looked like a bad wound. I chanced a step closer, but he just snarled again and turned back, running for the cover of the trees.

Reports submitted to the Library in Chylikis by Kath Vezj'fan
     - Supposedly, this woman has spent a good deal of time with the wolf-man and has learned a good deal about him. The reports were submitted at the beginning of the year. She won't give any information of the beast as he is unwelcome in the province of Sanguia. Some believe the stories to just be fibs, but some nobles have offered a reward for the capture of the beast-man, and guards of most cities have put out an order for the creature to be imprisoned on sight.

4th day of Molten Ice; Year 1667 a.S.
     I stumbled upon this, fascinating creature a few days ago. At first he snarled at me and backed away, but when I pulled food from my pack he grew less wary. Over the last few days I have been feeding him, as he is nothing but skin, bones, and muscle, with less than a mut of fat on him. He eagerly dug into the food as if he hadn't eaten in many days, by his appearance and attitude that appeared to be true. I'd heard the rumors of a wolf-man, but never believed them until this day.

     When the man returned for more food, he brought with him two wolves. I was cautious at first and the wolves stayed at the edge of the clearing my house was built in, but once I brought out some food they followed the man's lead and came closer, but not close enough for me to touch them, though that was alright for me. I watched them as they ate, the man taking the choice selections, but giving enough to the wolves so that they could fill their stomach. I watched the wolves for a time, taking notice of their coats and appearance. One was male and the other female, both having the silvery stripes of a Mithral. They appeared to be about the same age and I guessed they were brother and sister.

     I then turned my attention to the man, who was overseeing the others while they ate, eyes watching his surroundings while he glanced back at the wolves from time to time, snarling and getting in the way if one appeared to greedy. Both of the wolves seemed to shrink when he passed them and from what I'd learned about the wolves in the area, the man played the dominant role, which made things even odder.

20th day of Changing Winds; Year 1667 a.S.
     I believe he finally trusts me. He's been coming around for more than a month now and today was the first day that he came within reach. I was able to push back his long, matted hair to clearly see a scruffy matted beard that completely covered the lower half of his face, from beneath his nose, across to the bottom of his ears and down toward his neck. Wild eyes, light grey in color looked out at me warily. His body was tense and his lip began to curl up, ready to attack if I proved to be harmful instead of helpful.

     When I let his hair fall back he sat by my feet, still tense, but not as much as before. I began to speak to him, just talking to see if he understood, as he hadn't said a word since I had met him. He tilted his head sideways slightly, his hair falling out of his face so that I could see the look of curiosity he gave me. I continued to talk and he continued to listen until it grew dark out and howls in the distance called him home.

13th day of Burning Heavens; Year 1667 a.S.
     I talked him into letting me cut his hair today. I doubt that he understood me as he has made it clear that he doesn't understand any Tharian at all and doesn't seem to be learning any in all these times I have been talking to him, but my talking seemed to calm him. I was able to the bottom of his ears, as he snarled when I when to cut the front shorter. He allowed me to clean up his beard as well, but both beard and hair is slightly uneven as he wouldn't submit to a bath and cutting matted hair didn't work very well.

     Clothing was another step in the right direction. I had tried a couple months ago, but he had ripped it off right away and began rolling in the grass moments later. I've had him try again every week since then and his reaction has been slower and slower. This time he made it till night fall before he tore the clothes off, rolled in the grass, and headed back home. While he seems to have survived the winters here, he can't stay in Sanguia for much longer as he is getting bigger and more reports are coming in. I have no doubt that he is responsible for the deaths of livestock so I must convince him to wear clothes, even the lightest clothing will provide some protection if he moves further north.

2nd day of Falling Leaf; Year 1667 a.S.
     He is between twenty-one and twenty-three years old. I was able to coax him and the two wolves into the river today. While I assume he's been in the water before, he probably hasn't been in it for very long. After a few hours of splashing and wrestling with the wolves he was as clean as I had seen him. The fur of the wolves seemed to have worked as a brush to scrub off most of the caked on dirt and muck. When they got out of the water, his hair and beard were considerably cleaner as well and I was able even out and cut his hair and beard back to a reasonable length.

     He also accepted clothing today and actually left it on when he returned home for the night, though it was ripped and torn in places from his wrestling with the wolves before leaving. He's an interesting person in all. He's a leader and a father/brother figure to the two wolves. They seem to be his whole pack and he balances the roles well. When need be he can be stern and aggressive to show his dominance, but he can also be playful and slip right into the role of older brother easily. I guess that the wolves were a little under a year old when I met them as they have grown and matured.

7th day of Frozen Rivers; Year 1667a.S.
     I brought him and his pack to the borders of the province of Sanguia today. Since he had taken to clothes and succeeds and keeping them on most of the time I provided him with winter clothing, thick enough to keep him warm in the area. During the time I've known him I've tried to teach him as much as I can, but that is very little, so I've given him a set of lighter clothing for when it gets warmer, that he wears beneath the winter clothing. Hopefully, when it starts to warm up he will just shed the winter clothing like a wolf sheds its undercoat, but nothing is for sure. I just hope that I have been able to help and hope that moving them was the right thing to do. I wish him and the wolves a long life and hope they will stay out of Sanguia.

Authors Notes - Information unknown to others and/or Rajard.
     - Information such as strengths and weakness, weapons, belongings, and companions that others could not really know of.

Basic Information (stuff not clearly mentioned)
     Age: 23
     Height: 2 peds, 2 palmspans, 5 nailsbreadths
     Weight: 2 pygges and 3 hebs
     Main Hand: Left

     - Strength: Rajard gets his strength and size from both his parents. It is his only defense as he isn't trained with any type of weapon and is the target of bounty hunters from Sanguia from time to time.

     - Size: His size is a large helps as well. At a little under two peds and a fore in height he cuts an impressive figure, aided by the fact that he is two to three times as broad as the average man. Many believe him to be a giant and the fact that he travels with wolves tends to scare would be attackers away.

     - Wolves: The two wolves that are part of his pack are a great help to him as they will aid him in any fight no matter the odds as they are fiercely loyal to the one that raised them when their parents were taken by a cold winter. They also provide warmth when traveling and the three of them will dig a den for the night so that they can keep warm, since Rajard doesn't have the thick undercoat and over coat like a wolf, but the thick hair that grows on his arms, legs, chest, face, and head keep him warm enough in the early spring in fall.

     - Ruthlessness: He thinks like an animal and he attack with the ruthless abandon that they do, not hesitating to use his only weapons: teeth, nails, and strength. He thinks nothing of going straight for the neck and trying to rip out an attacker's throat as it's is animal instinct that he was raised with kicking in.

     - Tharian: Rajard doesn't speak any language, but communicates with his companions through growls, yips, barks, howls, and body language. This presents a problem if he comes across other humans and provides a barrier. This often makes him the 'bad guy' as he can't request food (not that he would) so he takes what he needs. This also creates a problem when getting into cities or villages, though he usually avoids the former.

     - Wolves: The two wild wolves that follow him make it difficult for him to go some places. While wolves naturally avoid people, and Rajard thinks like a wolf, the time spent with the woman in Sanguia changed that and he has an unnatural curiosity of humans in the eyes of a wolf. The prevent him from going places, even though they appear to be 'tame' when Rajard commands it, because he cannot speak.

     - Bounty: There is a bounty of his head in Sanguia, though they don't really know him. Bounty hunters have caught up with him once before and just because he ripped tore up the throat of one unfortunate man doesn't mean they will stop coming. They track him like they do wolves, wishing to rid the world of a creature they believe to be evil, even though he had only killed humans that have attacked him first.

     - Wolf-man: His filthy appearance often draws a lot of attention that is unwanted. Sometimes he can pass for a beggar, but if anyone were to inspect further they would see that he wasn't completely human. His attitude is wolf like and his wild instincts are difficult to hide when someone looks closer.

     Weapons: The only weapons he has are his teeth, nails, and strength that he uses to his advantage when ever he needs to.

     Belongings: The only belongings he has are the light clothes that he was given back in Sanguia.

     He has two wolves that were part of his pack, one male and one female. When their parents died he adopted them as their own and they formed their own pack. The two wolves are Mithral Wolves and they have the typical coloring of their type. A majority of their body is covered in slate grey fur with a lighter, silvery grey stripe running down their back and then down both of their sides in lines. Both are small for their type at about two fores tall at the shoulder and a ped in length. They are about two years old. 

     They are wild wolves, but they are subordinates and answer to Rajard. His curiosity of humans has rubbed off on them and after being fed every other day or so for nearly a year, they have become used to humans being around them, though they are wary until they know it is safe. In crowded areas they seemed to shrink back and appear smaller than they are, but with Jard at their side they feel a bit safer. While they are overly protective of Jard, they won't attack until he does, but they won't let him be killed either. If things look bad and he isn't fighting back they will jump in to help him. The rest of the time they are like children, playing around with an older brother, though that side is only seen by humans they feel completely comfortable around.
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« Reply #1 on: August 15, 2008, 03:28:52 AM »

I've read, and re-read, and re-read this CD and I honestly cannot find issues with it...seriously I can't. I'm either losing my touch or the author is really that good. Is it possible to have so quick an approval? Unheard of!

Not anymore...! Thumb up

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« Reply #2 on: August 15, 2008, 04:01:24 AM »

Ok, you edited those spelling mistakes I told you about so here's your second approval!

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« Reply #3 on: August 16, 2008, 03:00:54 AM »

Hello Rajard! I would title this for you hun, but I do not see your desired title listed. Once you decide on one, I'll title and archive you.

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« Reply #4 on: August 16, 2008, 03:04:04 AM »

Sorry, put the title in the heading cause didn't know where else it would fit in. Title: Wolf-man

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« Reply #5 on: August 16, 2008, 03:11:23 AM »

I thought that would be it, but wanted to make sure. ;) ~Titled and archived~

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ancient and full of death.
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