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Author Topic: Kann Day I  (Read 16375 times)
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Thorin Broadfist
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Dwarf, Mitharim

« Reply #135 on: July 27, 2009, 11:35:19 AM »

The tavern door stole Thorin's attention for a quick glance, which showed a human. The double take revealed that the human had only one arm! Slightly stunned at seeing someone with such an injury, he almost missed what the leader of the gang said. As the man gave Thorin a rather nasty look, Galkhirril uttered some thanks and then scolded the men standing in front of him.

Suddenly, Dek's voice rose above the noise of the inn "Hey, there! Hoop-la! The Rovers are in town!..." and Galkhirril turned to his two companions and asked them to help get the tavern to join in on the song. Thorin took the moment of peace to walk back toward his table, where he had left his mug, and relax. As he sipped his ale, or rather tried to before realizing he was out, he turned his ear to Dek's voice, climbing easily over the din. Thorin let out a hearty laugh when he heard the words of "Rover Nancy", a tune he had heard more than once on his travels, being sung by the lad. "The Rovers are a carefree lot, they are. But by my beard! A young lad shouldn't know a song like that!"

He chuckled to himself a bit before glancing around the tavern. Noticing that the gamblers seemed quite focused in whatever form of dicing they were doing, those two men chatting with Hragnúr looked a mite suspicious and all too serious for the friendly atmosphere of the tavern they were in. "Now what? They don't seem to be causing any trouble, but you never know with types like that. I'll just have to keep on eye on them. In fact, that other group of men still seem to want to start something..." His thoughts drifted and the ale he had already consumed finally started taking effect. Slowly, ever so slowly, his eyelids dropped and his chin fell on his chest. Soon, he was fast asleep, weary from his journey and drowsy from too much ale.


As he stumbled into the doorway, he wasn't sure which tavern he had finally made it to but that was that last thing on his mind. Well, almost the last thing. He somehow made it to the bar where he stumbled into a man (Ruil) standing there. "Watcsh where you're going! And don't ye try to trip me again!" He grumbled to himself as he shouted for an ale. Stupid humans! Always coming in here and drinking our ale! They shouldn't be serving them here at a good dwarven tavern. Humph!

He grabbed his mug and turned around, running right into the same human and spilling some of his ale on him. "Ye bloody clout! Get out o' my way befor' I gets angry!" Bwarth could feel his anger rising. Oi bet this here human is doing this on purpose! He probably wants me ta spill all of me beer! That lousy no good... as Bwarth kept insulting the man in his head, he reached down to his small belt knife.
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I am a blacksmith, nothing more, nothing less.
-Thorin Broadfist
Jenna Silverbirch
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Hafling, Dogodan

« Reply #136 on: August 08, 2009, 02:41:24 AM »

"That were a fine bit o' string work, and a very fine work o' singing, if I might say so...lad. I was wonderin', how did ya learn to make music so nicely? Ya seems like ta enjoy a good song, have ya played long?"

The tall dwarf’s compliments made Jenna grin, and she rolled her shoulders and flexed her fingers, putting her old lute down, resting against her chair.
“Sir, you’re too kind! This old thing ent been called fine in a long while, though I suppose I can still wrest a decent tune from it, ‘specially if I sing loud enough. You musta bin playing a good long time yourself, t’get such a pretty sound from your own instrument. Moved my soul, did your playing…” Remembering the baroomith’s beautiful melodies, she reached for her pipe and matches, and lit the last scrap of smoke weed still nestled in the bottom of the pipe. Taking a deep puff, she continued “Aye, well, I took up the lute…what were it now?… musta bin sixteen-odd years ago. Before I were thirty-three, certain. I’d been singing long before that though. Mind you, back in the old shire, everyone enjoyed a good sing-song, whether they could sing it well or not. S’pose I just enjoyed it more’n most. There were plenty who played all manner of instruments decent enough in the shire, and one day I simply presented myself at the door of this grouchy gent with all this white hair, like a dandelion clock, and said ‘I’d like t’play the lute’, and he went ‘tch! You’d better come in then, hadn’t ye?’ and that were that. Huh! That were a while ago now…” she puffed at her pipe for a few moments more, lost in recollections of her old home and her youth, not that long ago, but very far away.

“So!” she said suddenly, coming round. “Where’d you learn to play, sir? I expect you come to this tavern often. It’s a right nice place to play a tune or two, I think.”
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The world’s so full of wonder, it’d be a shameful waste to live without seeing as much of it as you could’ve.
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